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The definitions of what Computer-Mediated Communication is the process by which people create, exchange, and perceive information using

text-based interaction to using streaming video as a method of interpersonal communication. As an example, text messaging, e-mail, and with a lot of campuses these days, you can earn your degree strictly with a online class/course. For colleges and universities, Computer-mediated communication is becoming increasingly more popular in the way the teachers are interacting and teach their students either on or off campuses. Ocker, R. J., & Yaverbaum, G. J. (1999) conducted a study on face to face versus Asynchronous computer-mediated communication. In the study, they had found CMC was up on the rise and had mostly positive benefits for both the students and the faculty alike. Results on student learning, quality and satisfaction were than conducted. Online schooling is up on the rise however not at the rate as some had expected. While some prefer the convince of learning at home and using CMC to learn their degree, other like going on campus for a hand-on learning experience. Often the drawback was on campus, usually were large class sizes resulting in a less personal experience. Veerman, A., & Veldhuis-Diermanse, E. (2001), Collaborative learning can be viewed as one of the pedagogical methods that can stimulate students to negotiate information and to discuss complex problems from different perspectives. Their study were conducted mostly on the online learning experience. Large part of the study they conducted were how the students interact from all corners of the globe and share information of large set of ideas, larger heterogeneous groups were preferred over small homogeneous ones. Tolmie, A., & Boyle, J. (2000), conducted a study about the Factors influencing the success of computer mediated communication (CMC) environments in university teaching. As the years pass, technology is advancing enhancing the computer age of communication. Right now students and teachers alike can interact via text messaging, making phone calls, chat rooms, bulletin boards and many other ways to communicate via computer-mediated communications. Being on campus used to be the only way in to interact with your students and staff. Now, smart phones and computers, it help our generation to not only interact with online colleges from home, but allow classes to have students from all over the globe be part of the online learning class experience . In the conclusion of the study, they had found technology and CMC are benefiting everyone in the world as they share information from one another while their learning for their degrees.