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Institute Of DBA Learning Oracle Apps DBA 11i/R12 Course Content

1. Architecture 11i/R12
Oracle 11i Architecture Installation of Oracle Applications 11i- Single Node, Multimode Oracle 11i File System Discussion Starting and Stopping of Oracle Application 11i Oracle R12 Architecture Installation of Oracle Applications R12 -Single, Multi and SharedApps tier Installations Oracle R12 File System Discussion Stopping and Starting of Oracle Applications R12 Differences between 11i and R12 Architectures Additional Components in R12 What is shared Appltop/sharedappstier/unified appltop/distributed Appltop Discussion about R12 OPMN Components of OPMN OC4J Forms OC4J OACORE OC4J OAFM Starting and Stopping of OPMN Starting and Stopping R12 Instance. Applications User Login Flow. Importance of APPS, APPLSYS, APPLSYSPUB

5. Concurrent Manager
Concurrent Manager Administration and Tuning What is Concurrent Manager How to find the status of concurrent managers. CONC Program Creation and Registration Conc Manager Creation and Registration Monitor Concurrent Manager Bouncing Only Concurrent Manager. What is Application Listener? Tuning Of Concurrent Manager What is Output Post Processor? Tuning Output post processor. Important Tables Discussion. What is PCP? Load Balancing of Concurrent Managers

6. AD utilities
Adconfig,Adlicmgr,Adident,Adadmin,Ad splicer,Adpatch,Adrelink,Adctrl,Admrgpch

7. Patching Why patching How to patch Patch Basics Types of Patches Patching on Single, multi on 11i Patching on Single, multi and Sharedapps on R12 Patch Logs Diff between AD_BUGS and AD_Applied_Patches FND_INSTALL_PROCESS, AD_DEFERRED_JOBS Adctrl to monitor patch Merging patches Creating Defaults file. How to take patch backup Restoring Patch backup What is a Snapshot? Global View Snapshot/Named View Snapshot Applying Autconfig patch and AD patches


2. System Administration
User Creation Responsibility Creation Menu Creation Form Registration Data group Creation Custom Top creation Application registration Schema Creation

8. Cloning
Why Cloning. Scripts Used for cloning Task which Apps DBA perform very frequently. Details and in depth understanding of Rapid Clone utility and process. Cloning of 11i single to Single Cold Cloning of R12 Single to Single Hot Backup of DB Post Clone Steps on Real Time Environments.

Upgrade 11i to R12 Upgrade 9i to 10g-->11g Upgrade 11i apps to r12.1.1 Realtime Issues Discussuion Cloning/Patching/Login Page Shell Scripting to Application and Database Monitoring.

3. Autoconfig
Details of Autoconfig. What exactly happens while running autoconfig? Importance of Context Files Running Autoconfig on the existing Oracle Application. Scripts used to run autoconfig Release R12 Autoconfig Lab Lab Exercise Restoring Context folders on 11i and R12

9.Workflow Configuration
What is workflow Startup and shutdown of Workflow Concurrent Programs used in Workflow Workflow Logs Configuration of Workflow.

Resume Preparation Shell Scripting to Monitor Database PSU/CPU Patch on Both Database and Application

Patching/Cloning/Login page Issues Discussion of questions Relating to Technical Interview.

4. Forms Mode Of connection

What is socket Mode? What is Servlet Mode? Which connection modes to choose Load Balancing of Forms