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1- Are you lost? Are you looking for your mummy and daddy?

2- If you are a good boy/girl Ill give you a lollipop? 3- Kiss me if Im wrong but isnt your name (X)? 4- Youve been a bad boygo to your room! 5- Youve been a bad girlgo to your room/ my room! 6- What am I going to do with you? 7- You and I arent gonna get along 8- You guys arent tourists are you? 9- Dont say anything, youre cute. Youll mess it all up 10- Youre cool. You can help me pick up chicks. 11- You usually hang out at the library dont you? 12- Oh, so you're one of THOSE 13- You dont have to be nervous, its cute. 14- I hate you 15- Ok, note to self: dont date her 16- What did you come over here just to flirt with me? 17- What else do you like about me? 18- Youre hitting on the wrong guy; Im totally not boyfriend material. looks better for you [point to some dorky guy nearby] 19- Stop undressing me with your eyes 20- Did you put roofies in my drink? 21- Youre looking at me like a fat kid looks at a cheeseburger 22- Now are you just making shit up as you go along? 23- Its a good thing youre pretty, because once the looks go youll be in 24- trouble 25- Let's play a game. Let's see how long you can hold your breath 26- You're aware you're still talking right?" 27- I don't know what youre on but I am sure they offer rehab for it 28- Bartender, I think you need to cut her off 29- Now youre starting to scare me 30- Ohh. Weve got Grumpy Smurf here 31- Oooh Shes very hostile when she hasnt taken her nap 32- You know what your problem is youre just not spontaneous 33- I love it when you talk mean to me 34- I bet you have a real cute side somewhere. You justdon't show it 35- Stop playing hard to get; you know Im better at it 36- Looks like someone put their cranky pants on this morning 37- you better be careful.......you're flirting on dangerous ground. 38- Whats the first thing that COMES to mind when you think about having FUN ? 39- Are you adventurous ? lets rob a bank together, we can share the loot 40- .for all i now you could be a totally spy working for the government. 41- you actually have a sweat side to you, you're just not showing it. 42- me and you probly met before in our past life when we were dolphins. 43- Hey! Are you the two girls I'm supposed to meet from threesome.com 44- You wish 45- I have that effect on women../ on stupid people.. 46- Ill be the judge of that 47- Im glad you like it 48- Im glad you noticed/ Thanks for noticing 49- So thats why you like me so much

That guy

50- Dont run me over/ dont knock me down/ dont walk into me 51- "The mind only acts as an enemy for those who do not control it." 52- The real problem with most fantasies like this one is. 53- My dance card is full Im a very good dancer and everybody wants to dance with me.. 54You only lose what you cling to. -Buddha Here's how I see it: Men act, women react. Don't take the woman's role