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MDI Placement Committee

PSP Series
[Preparation for Summer Placements]

General Questions

Instructions: You are required to consult your mentors for improving the quality of answers Deadline for submission: 10PM, 25th July, 2013 The hard copy (attested by all the 3 mentors) shall be submitted at the pigeon box outside Placement Office And the soft copy of the same is to be mailed at placecom@mdi.ac.in o File naming convention : <RollNo>_<Name>_PSP-01 o Mail subject line : <RollNo>_<Name>_PSP-01

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Name Roll No.

: Samudra Sarkar : 13P108

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MDI Placement Committee

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself

Ans. My name is Samudra Sarkar and Im from Kolkata. I have done my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from St.Thomas College of Engineering and Technology. I was associated with Cognizant Technology Solutions for nearly 3 years. I worked on the Cloud Computing technology on Salesforce.com platform. My roles and responsibilities included requirement gathering, design, development, unit testing and maintenance of different applications. I was involved in data migration and application migration as well. I continued to strive for excellence at work and my effort got noticed when I was awarded the prestigious Leaders Choice Award in 2011 for exceptional performance. Right from my school days, I had been very participative in extra-curricular activities. I had been a part of a National level project on Rain Water Harvesting, an event organized by the 12th National Childrens Science Congress in 2004. I was an organizing member of SREY, the annual technical fest at St.Thomas College of Engineering and Technology in 2010. I took up the initiative to include a quiz as a part of the technical fest named Concurso: Xquiz Me. I took up the responsibility and led a team to organize this event. The event proved to be a grand success. I am a sports lover and have active interest in football and lawn tennis.

Question 2: Mention 3 strengths. State one instance associated with each.

Ans. Ability to adapt and work in a team: I have been working in a team right from my school days. I have done very well as far as working as a team player is concerned. One of the instances happened during my tenure at Cognizant wherein I worked in a very diverse team from different schools of thought and different cultures. I was the junior-most team member. Sometimes, I was bombarded with

MDI Placement Committee

varying opinions from my seniors. I kept my calm and resolve and tried to maintain a balance by respecting their opinions, taking into account points which would be most helpful and eliminate the not so helpful points. In this way, I was able to keep and maintain a healthy relationship with my team members. I kept my team members abreast about the progress of my work, shared my opinion when needed to and sought help from them when necessary. I maintained a semi-formal relationship with each of them and interacted with them equally. I was given a lot of credit for being a valuable contributor and a team player.

Keen to learn new things: I voluntarily took up the project on Rain Water Harvesting in 2004. It demanded a lot of studying and research about Rain Water Harvesting, understanding its importance, and conducting door to door surveys to understand the psyche of the common man about rain water harvesting and learn about how much water they consumed on a daily basis. These were somethings which were very new and were not a part of the curriculum. It required tremendous effort from our end for the successful completion of this project. The primary reason for taking up the project was to learn something new which would add value to my knowledge.

Multi-tasking: I took up the Rain Water Harvesting project when I was in my 11th standard in 2004. Academic pressures were immense during that time. I needed to sacrifice a few classes for the project and the project took place during the time when the annual exam was just round the corner. I had to attend classes at school, work on the project, attend tuition classes and then come home and study. It was a hectic schedule then, but I ensured that my academics were never harmed in any way. Not only did the project got selected for the National Level, but also finished amongst the top 10 students at school.

MDI Placement Committee

Question 3: Mention 3 weaknesses. State how you plan to work on each of those weaknesses.

Untidy about maintaining my own things: I could not maintain my own things properly and I took it for granted that my family members would help me out. By untidiness, I dont mean that I am unhygienic. I cannot take care of my personal belongings as well as I would have liked. My improvement phase started when I stepped into the corporate world which demanded discipline and organization. The improvement phase gained momentum from the day when I joined the hostel because I fully know that it is only me who is responsible for my belongings. I realize now that how much trouble I caused to my family members because if I was tidy, it would have greatly reduced their workload.

Tend to keep things for the last moment: I sometimes tend to take things easy and keep it for the last moment. I had a few close shaves, but I have never missed a deadline till date. I kept myself improving at workplace itself by planning things well in advance (making notes) and found that I had time to relax without imposing any extra pressure on me. There is always a room for further improvement and I intend to finish my project work, assignments and studies well in advance.

Cannot get some unpleasant happenings out of my head: If some situation or scenario happens around me that is unpleasant, which may or may not involve me, I keep thinking about it and get it out of my head. This really affects my work where actually it is unnecessary to ponder over those incidents. For improving this, I try to deviate from the topic by listening to my favourite genre of music or have game of badminton or table tennis.

Question 4: What are your short term (3-5 years) and long term goals (10-15 years)? Ans. Short term goals:

MDI Placement Committee

During my MBA, I will concentrate thoroughly on my academics, participate in extracurricular activities and try and seek a good opportunity for myself as and when it comes. For the next few years, I will try and apply all my knowledge that I have acquired at MDI and also apply my experience that I have gained at my workplace. I will learn all the new things and knowledge enhancing opportunities which will come my way. Long Term Goals: To climb up the corporate ladder and attain responsibilities which will directly bring in business to the company and contribute towards the growth of companys revenue. I will mentor and provide all the necessary support to my subordinates and encourage them to come up with their own ideas and innovation.

My short term goal is to find a position where I can contribute what I've learned through education and to gain real life experience as well as to function effectively with an organization. My long-term goals involve growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much of value as I can. From an initial learning phase to being equipped to effectively and efficiently contribute to an organizations goals, I aspire to grow with the organization.

Question 5: Give an example of a situation in which you showed leadership skills. (Answer with a proper convincing incidence/story) Ans. I was a part of the organizing member of SREY 2010, the annual technical fest of St. Thomas College of Engineering Technology. I took up the initiative to include a quiz as a part of the technical fest named Concurso: Xquiz Me. I took up the responsibility and led a team to organize this event. The work involved sending invitations to various colleges and advertising in social media. The event proved to be a grand success with participation of more than 30 teams from top institutes like Jadavpur University and St.Xaviers College, Kolkata. I received a lot of appreciation for conducting the event in a smooth way and making it a grand success.

Question 6: Describe an incident where you succeeded (or failed) as a leader. What did you learn from it?

MDI Placement Committee

Ans. When the first notification came to my school from the 12th National Childrens Science Congress to do project on the theme Harnessing Water Resources for a Better Future, there was seemingly no active interest from students. Fortunately, I was able to realize that this could be a potential to earn accolades and take the school as a brand nationally. I took the lead to form a team of six people and convinced them to participate in this project. Today, when I look back, it fills my heart with immense pride that I had taken the initiative that day. Our project Conservation of Water by Rain Water Harvesting Method in Joka Area progressively moved from District Level, to State Level and ultimately stepped in to the National Level. For me, this is one of the biggest achievements in life and it gave me a great learning experience. It taught me that one should never shy away from taking any initiative for a good cause and rather than thinking about the result, one should take the lead and work with enthusiasm & passion, success would come for sure.

Question 7: What has been your greatest achievement? Justify. Ans. I was awarded the Leaders Choice Award in 2011 by Cognizant Technology Solutions for exceptional performance in project work. I consider it to be the greatest achievement till date because I was one of the five people to receive this award out of 130 people approximately. It was just the 8th month in the company and I was proud to get recognized from the director, associate director and managers of my competency. I was elated to receive the award from the hands of the then VP CRM, Mr. Peter Grambs.

Question 8: Describe one experience in your recent past where you handled a stressful situation effectively. Ans. One of the stressful days that I felt that I faced at my workplace was the day when an application goes live. A lot of preparation goes before the week of production migration wherein the final round of bugs are resolved and the staging environment is prepared to finally migrate it to the production environment. In one such rollout, a huge volume of code was to be migrated along with custom pages. The system validates whether the code coverage is sufficient or not before migration. We used the Eclipse to migrate the code.

MDI Placement Committee

When we ran the code coverage in staging environment, it showed nearly 90% with the minimum being 75%. But while migrating, the code coverage was less than 75%. Client was constantly monitoring the progress and a call was going on throughout the activity. I kept my resolve and calmness. I, being the developer, made a lot of changes on the test classes to make it work and after slogging for 6 hours non-stop and a continuous stay of 22 hours at office, things finally fell into place and we were able to deliver our product on time and the rollout was successful with zero post production defects.

Question 9: Tell us about a situation when you faced an ethical dilemma and how you overcame it?
Ans. I have faced a situation while working for one of the projects at workplace is someone else is taking credit for others work. There were a couple of instances when we were having a conversation regarding a particular issue with onsite coordinators. In one such instance, I was assigned to resolve the particular issue which I resolved successfully and before the stipulated time. The client was delighted that the issue was resolved. But to my utter astonishment, I found that my onsite team lead took away the whole credit and there was no mention about my contribution. It seemed so unethical because I always believe in the philosophy to give credit where it is due. It was a big learning experience for me and from that day onwards, I never sent a one on one mail for any work related issues. I ensured that the whole team and clients were kept in the loop.