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GE 3230 A: FIELD STUDIES TEAM PROJECT 1 Home-stay Photo Essay You will form into teams of 3 (2 NUS, 1 TSU).

Your Thai buddy is part of your team. There are three key components to your project. 1. Home-stay experience (your hosts, culture, lifestyle, livelihood) 2. Teamwork and methods (interaction, communication, observations, interviews, solving problems, skills utilized) 3. Field location topic (topic lists will be provided for each place on a separate hand-out. Each team will select a topic from the list for each field-site. No 2 teams can have the same topic. It is possible for a team to select their own topic that is not on the list, although this will require discussion with the coordinator in the place where your home-stay is located.) Each component should be integrated into a photo-essay. How you divide up and / or integrate these three components is up to your team. You have to write no more than 1,200 words based around 6 select images that reflect relevant aspects of your project. No academic references, appendices, or additional photos are permitted. The final written report will be completed by the Singaporean members of the team and presented in Ranong Andaman Sea Field Station on 26 June. Presentations will contain your 6 images only, and each team will have 5 minutes to present. The CA for this project is divided between evidence of teamwork, your written report and your group presentation. Please note that his is an opportunity for your team to reveal how well you navigate fieldwork issues, cross-cultural relations, and work effectively together in order to achieve specific objectives. The home-stay is not merely a roof over your head and food to consume, but a chance to learn a little more about local culture and ways of life. It is your responsibility to make the most of the chances you have, and it is important that you engage each other in the process of learning by doing. The word limit is deliberately tight. We would like you to be able to express your teams experience and fieldwork concisely and coherently. Make every word count. Consider very carefully the images you use and why you are using them. Also, note that a 5 minute presentation is long enough to convey key aspects of your research topic findings, working with Thai buddies, teamwork and homestay experiences. It is easy to waste 5 minutes if you turn your project into academic jargon or sheer humbug. Try to reflect the things that really matter for your team, and do not try to dress-up your research into something it was not. Think clearly about your key objectives and honest about the process.