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Please be conscientious about practicing appropriate riding technique on the trails-such as keeping your distance between riders ahead of you, maintaining a controllable speed, and making an effort not to brake so abruptly as to skid your tires. The effect of skidding tires on the wear and tear of the trails is dramatic, far beyond normal wear and tearespecially considering that up to four hundred riders ride our Oak Mountain trails each week-end day. I f each person makes an effort to ride responsibly, our club and our sport will command more respect in the future.

Tackles Sandrock
On August 29th twenty intrepid adventurers took off frcrn. Noccalula Falls to ride the rugged trail of Sandrock on Lookout Mountain. The snow storm of '93 was still evident in the first section-3 miles of single track strewn with impassible obstacles which challenged our upper body strength as we lifted and carried our bikes more than we rode them. But the trail opened up to some fantastic, diverse and challenging terrain. The weather was perfect in spite of being hot, and the scenery was beautiful. Some among the intrepid few did not appreciate the rockiness of the trail, but there were no major mishaps. 01e rider, however, did experience some bad karma with his lower back subsequent to attempting to climb a particular!,' st'~ep sacticn (. . e all walked our bikes) and tumbling off backwards down the hill. Two attending physicians were consulted but no clear course of treatment was agreed upon as no liability waivers were immediately available. Our brave hero did gingerly finish the ride and we expect him to be entirely realigned for the next one. In our five hour epic struggle to conquer Sandrock, we covered almost' 16 miles. SIXTEEN MILES THAT WE ARE VERY PROUD OF. Lets try Sandrock again this fall, and start from the other end.

Dr. Juan Saxon on Flexibility
I don't really know that much about flexibility and stretching-it's not my area of expertise and I didn't have time to look it up. But a friend of mine says that flexibility is an important aspect of any exercise or sport. She told me that there is an ancient Yoga saying that You are only as young as your spine is flexible. So she recommends doing stretching exercises several times a week to help prevent injury and to stay young as long as possible.

Calle n dar of
September 11lh-19th-Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia-mountaio.M,ing and 9 If by day, 4 star dining and hot tubs by night. For moreinformationcontactJenifer at 591-0990. September 241h-261h-Trip to the Tsali trail in North Carolina. We will Camp friday and Saturday nights and ride Saturday and Sunday. Do not miss this, it's one of the best in the Southeast. For more details call William Owensat 942-3561or 879-3244. October-Possible trip to Moab, Utah for the Fat Tire Festival. For more info call Chuck Whited aI 956-3767. October 2nd & 3rd-Ghickasabogue Fat Tire Race in Mobile, Alabama. Registration Oct. 2nd, 10am to 12pm. More info available at Homewood Cycles. October 9th-Trail Construction Work day. Meet at the Park office 10:00am Saturday morning. Therewill be no trail day in September. ~~3th7he Maddog Biatholonrace ~ LJo~s Big Oak Girls Ranch in Springville, Alabama. The race is a two mile run and a seven mile mountain bike course. Race applicationsare available at HomewoodCycles.

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Shop Talk
with Terryat Cahaba Cycles

There is a new club starting soon; Another radical swim against the tide of conservativism. Another brave group of men trail-blazing a path through societal uncertainty to make way for another assemblage of misunderstood outlaws. Be ready soon for B.U.G. The new Birminham Urban Golfers. If you are brave enough to face driving against all odds, to keep swinging when the going gets rough, to chip on an uphill lie and to putt even when par is a shattered dream long gone, we need your kind. Call William Owens at 879-3244 to volunteer for the fight.

Dear Hughie. Please help settle a dispute. My girlfriend and I can't agree on which way to ride the loop at Oak Mountain. She says clockwise is more technically challenging and consistently cardiovascular, and I say counterclockwise is better for hammering and making me feel like a real man. What do you think? Dear Buffed. Wellll. .. you know how these things are sometimes ... unless of course you don't ... uh, well, that is to say / certainly don't mean to presume. But generally in these cases ..... wellll ... one might like to consider compromise--oh, but certainly not to the extent of anything extreme. Balance is a good rule of thumb. Yes, balance, that's it! And remember, always be pleasant. Dear Hughie, I am a female mountain biker, and I have a lot of trouble with r-ash_es. and pain from the. saddle after long rides. Do you have any suggestions? Hobbling in Hoover Dear Hobbling, Uh ... wellll ... you know ... ahem ... this is of course a problem which needs to be boldly addressed in the mountain biking community and .... /l/l'm confident that as an increasing number of female bikers become more seriously involved in the sport that the mountain biking magazines most certainly will begin publishing articles written ... ./ll/l'd have to say most probably by women-to address such difficulties of this nature, and / wish you the best of luck. Keep riding .... uh. if you can.

So Terry, how do you feel about

the Manitou II front suspension fork?


Well, the Manitou Is nice but the

Rock Shox Mag 21 Is the state of the art In front suspension. But what do you think of the

superior shock absorption combined with the Incredible low maintenance of the Manitou II?


Oil, It's great. but the Rock Shox 21 Is the flag ship of front is

suspension, and the maintenance easy-Just bring It In here.







of elastomer bumpers

For Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) This is an ideal month for putting a personal plan into operation. A frank exchange of views will bring a domestic problem into the open. Your rapport with a member of the opposite sex is -e'xcd-lent. Shar ccrrfidences. - A- discovery you make about yourself will boost self esteem. Be kind to someone who has accidentally inconvenienced you. Everybody knows something you don't know, they're laughing at you right now. A Specialized Pro Control on the front and an Onza Racing Pore's II on the back will be your best combo for traction this month.

as opposed to air-oil?


Air-oil Is without a doubt the best


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Incidentally, what

the Rock Shox Mag 21 uses. Then you bBlieve extra that- the weight as

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of the Rock Shox Mag the

compared to the Manitou II?

So what If It is heavier?


mountain biking Isn't about weight. It's about the superior performance of the Rock Shox Mag 21 .

What do you have to say about

the color?

It's Gold Okay? I said It. and you I don't care.

Gold is a

know what? good color.

And besides. they're

changing it for '94.

SWM seeking same to hammer trails on weekendsand some week-day evenings. Mustbe clean and drug free. PO 93257 For Sale Deluxe Conair Hot Rollers and Liz Claiborne Purse almost new. Best offer. Call Tracy 946-9921.

Several members have expressed an interest in a tri~) to Moab, Utah in October for one of the largest annual Fat Tire festivals r.eld in the country. If you are interested, contact Chuck Whited at 956-3767. If anyone Is interested in leading a trip either out of town or locally, mention it at a meeting or call our president Jack Bransdorf at 985-1233/933-6103 or our Vice-president Hugh Leader at 942-9128/328-2626, to plan the ride. How about a ride in the Andes in January 19947 Be giving that some thought.

If you wish to write Hughie to solve your mountainbiking related quandaries, or if you wish to respondto or place an ad in the personals, or, if you wish to submit informationof any kind to the GR I NOM, write to: The GRINDER City Office, 5401 9th Avenue South, B'ham 35212