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Prez Sez

Wellllll, it's 1994. My name is Hugh Leader and I will be one of your tour guides for the next twelve months. Yeselections were held at our last BUMP meeting Dec 1st, and the results from your voting were as follows: President: myself, Vice President: Jenifer Jackson, Secretary: Barry Hair, and of course Treasurer and lifetime Trail Tzar: Ken Hester. We would all like to thank Jack Bransdorf for stepping up to the position of president last summer when our former president Bill Harrington moved to Colorado. Jackdid a great job and will continue to be an important influence. Honorable mention goes to the four Birmingham area bike shops participating in our efforts to increase BUMP membership and publicize our name in the community: Bob's Bikes, Cahaba Cycles, Homewood Cycles and River Oaks Cycles. We really do appreciate their generosity, let's be as supportive of them as they are of us. We receive a 10%discount on all accessoriesso please check with the shops before mail ordering. Our Christmas party this year was a smash and loads of fun. Our thanks to Jenifer Jackson and Juan Saxon for hosting the event. Their home was very festive and we especially enjoyed }enifer's version of a Christmas Tree/Bike ....very creative. We missed those of you who didn't make it, but there will be another opportunity in the spring I feelsure. For the cause of trail access at Oak Mountain, please consider placing donations in the boxes posted at both the North and South trailhead "shrines". Use the envelopes marked BUMP. The next Oak Mountain Trail Committee meeting is January 12th when the success of the donation system-verses bike licensing or increased gate feeswill be reviewed, and we are hoping for a good showing from mountain biking supporters. I urge all of you to participate in determining the direction BUMP will be taking this year. We will be holding open steering committee meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The time will be 7pm during Standard Time and Spm during Daylight Savings Time after Easter on April3rd. We will meet at different members homes-to be announced in the Grinder Calendar of Events. The first meeting will be on January 19th at my house, 520 Cliff Place, in Homewood. From all the new officers of BUMP to all of our supportive payed-up members, we would like to extend our wishes for a safe, healthy and happy New Year. The rest of you ...why haven't you paid?

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by Hedda Rockhopper

What charming local bike store owner, mildly obsessed with the identity of this writer. feels certain he had a "Hedda sighting" at the close of the Bike Auction late evening December 9th? It would seem that any member of the BUMP club appropriately concerned that applications and newsletters reach his store for the not inconsiderable exposure they will receive there. is suspect in his mind as being "that Hedda Rockhopper" who gently and appreciatively critiqued his front-running on-trail fashion style in the October 1993 issue of the Grinder. It must be said that this fine entrepreneurial individual has long been a strong. if peripheral, supporter of our club. but the scuttlebutt around town now is that he has recently professed intentions of becoming "more involved" to the benefit of us all. I might add. Perhaps it would be best. however, should he plan to participate in any upcoming BUMP rides. that our hero disable the cloaking device of his legendary, very stealth, Specialized Nike Air. .. .Invisible helmet. to prevent any accidental butting of heads.

Our last trail work day was held on Saturday December 11th-one week after the originally scheduled work day which had been rained out. We would like to announce that in the future, any trail work day which is cancelled due to bad weather will automatically be held at the same time the next week. We had a good if not great turnout for the unscheduled work day ...about 15, and we all worked very hard to make considerable headway toward our goal of completing the last leg of our trail. President Elect HUGH THE LEADER will be no longer permitted to swing a maddox like a mad man for four hours straight as he tends to pull his back out with such excesses. Karen Witmer. a prospective member. arrived to help and we look forward to seeing some more of her soon. 0 urn ext Trail work day is scheduled for Sunday January 9 t h. If we are rained (or snowed) out we will reschedule for Sunday January 16th. As always we'll meet at the Park Office on Terrace Drive at 1Dam. Bring work gloves, water and a snack. If you arrive a little late, we will be parking on the Cabin Road near the North trailhead. See you there.


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Keeping Your Bike Clean
The most important aspect of Mountain Bike maintenance is keeping your drivetrain clean and lubed. A good rule of thumb is to degrease and relube when the pulleys in your rear derailleur begin to cake with a black grimy build-up. In the summer we can get away with riding 4 or 5 times because conditions are dry. But in the wet and muddy fall. winter and spring. we're lucky to get in 1 or 2 rides before having to hose the mud off the bike just to be able to touch it again. and clean and relube the chain just so the cranks will turn. Here are some simple suggestions as to how to clean your bike-aimed mostly at those of you who didn't realize you had to do anything to your bike. or others of you who do know there's some maintenance but are a little sketchy about how in particular to go about it. If your bike is very muddy. start out by hosing it off gently. being careful not to forGe water into your bottom bracket or your hubs. To really be able to get to the trouble spots. the best way to position the bike is on a stand, (or rig up a way to hang it) with the rear wheel removed. Then take a bucket filled with about a half and half mixture of Simple Green and water (Simple Green is a concentrated degreaser that is sold at Sam's and probably Walmart) and begin brushing your bike allover with a medium bristle kitchen dish brush. Use a smaller stiffer brush such as a toothbrush for the greasier sections like the chain. cogs. pulleys and chainrings. Then rinse. If the grease is stubborn. bathe the drivetrain liberally with WD40 while pedaling the cranks backward. Let the grease "melt" a few moments and then clean the chain. pulleys etc ...with the toothbrush and a rag. Reapply Simple Green and rinse. When relubing. (with Phil's or Syn etc ...) remember that less is more. If you carelessly apply generous amounts to your chain. the excess oil will attract dirt and cause caking sludge. Put one drop of lube on each pin of your chain for about 10 inches and then completely wipe off the excess with a rag; repeat until the whole chain is done. The trick is to keep the cogs and pulleys from getting lube on them. so wipe them clean as well. The pins in your derailleurs also need to be lubed and wiped clean. After several wet rides and hosings. your cables will need to be greased. Get your favorite bike mechanic to show you how to do that on your bike.

Sometimes on a big ride when I'm not way up in front, I hear people laugh and think, "they're laughing at me because I'm so slow"-but then I realize, I could ride just as fast, but sometimes I like to ride slowly to enjoy the beauty of nature, or to help along a new babe. And besides, they're only laughing because they too are having fun.

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Our esteemed Trail Tsar and newly elected Treasurer, Ken Hester, led the BUMP club through an adventure in mud on Sunday December 5th. About 15 strong, we traveled to the Talladega National Forest on that sunny, chilly day, to challenge the Blue Trail. It had been raining quite a bit the week before so we were met with muddy, loamy and slick leafy conditions. There was a particularly technical descent early on in the ride which we believe to have broken at least one toe. There were several stream crossings-we had to ride through them because there was no other way across, and wet feet were inevitable either way. It was Dorothy McWhirter's first out-of-town BUMP ride and she showed us her stuff. Since most of us hadn't ridden with her before, we were pleased with her intrepid spirit and pace. Tony Plier, Chuck Whited, Jerry Akers and Lee Rivers were there but we didn't see much of those hammer boys. Carla Simpson, who should have known better, again showed up with her big backpack, and again refused to carryall of our jackets. Arleen Garrett on her second time out came through like a trouper-with only one broken chain, one broken toe, two strained thumbs, no broken nails, and a heady dose of endorphins. Luckily Dr. Juan was there to provide Arleen with free advice concerning that which she proclaimed she knew very little about. Barry I=tair was not consulted since no one felt litigious that day. Jack Bransdorf struggled with his new Cannondale front suspension lock-out while Hugh the Leader was stylin' with his new Manitou front fork. Ken won The Most Comical With New Clipless Pedals Award, since about every hundred yards or so he would come upon something tricky at speed and stick his right leg straight out like an outrigger for a few yards before crumpling into a tangle of limbs and wheels. More than half of us baled out early when we found the road, and made it back to the cars just before hypothermia set in. This will be a great trail to try again when its a little warmer and dryer.



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Dr. Juan Saxon on Winter Training
I don't know much about winter training, it's not my area of expertise and I don't have time to look it up ...but I was a little hung-over the day after the Christmas party and found myself inadvertently contemplating this matter, and do you know what I think? We all let the holiday revelry play havoc with our fitness. Too much eating, drinking, and not much riding when it gets below 40 degrees, will take us all a step in the wrong direction if we are not vigilant. It is fortunate that a new year with new resolutions follows on the heels of Holiday excesses. The first thing to get under control is our eating habits. All we really need to concentrate on is keeping fat low, fiber high and eating smaller more frequent meals rather than stuffing ourselves at fewer meals. It is also best to eat shortly before exercising and shortly afterward, which will insure our body directly utilizes much of the fat we've most recently ingested rather than resorting to depleting stored glycogen. Daily aerobic training in your target heart rate (220 minus your age times 60 to 80 percent) for a minimum of twenty minutes per session, is the foundation of your winter training. This is a great time to do some other activities which will help you train down your heart rate to develop more speed and endurance. It is very helpful to have a heart rate monitor if you're going to be a true Juli Furtado groupie. Take back one of the Christmas gifts you don't really want and get one. Do some slow running, take a step class, or ride your bike inside on a trainer to develop a more efficient spin. While the weather is cold, do the strength training that is so difficult to do during the riding season. Resistance exercises develop stronger bones which will help prevent injury, and more muscle mass means more fat burning. Mountain Biking requires strength and endurance from all of our muscles, not just our quads. Train for a goal. Do you want to be a better climber? Develop stronger calves, hamstrings, quads, arms and back. Try keeping up a routine of at least three sets of one or two exercises for each muscle group three times a week until riding season really starts up in the spring. And then you can revert to a lighter maintenance routine for your upper body. You don't have to belong to a club or have expensive weight machines to accomplish this. You need a few sets of inexpensive dumbbells, some rubber bands and an understanding of proper form which can be obtained from any recently written book on resistance training.

Everyone who loves mountain biking will agree-our goal as a club is to become a big enough voice to protect our sport and our trails. The main thing is to have fun on our bikes, but all the fun will screech to a halt if there's nowhere left to ride. BUMP is groWing and working toward gaining the credibility necessary to accomplish this goal. For our first big step in that direction BUMP is incorporating in January and we will hear about it in detail at the open steering committee meeting on January 19th at Hugh's house. Of course, groWing. incorporating. building and maintaining trails. newsletters. events and parties costs our club money. We are raising money several different ways. most notably the newly instituted membership dues. We appreciate everyone's support in joining and re-j oining

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Another way we are raising the level of our bank account is through the sales of BUMP shirts and most recently sweatshirts. Hugh would like to let everyone know that we still have a bunch of sweatshirts available at the great price of $15 apiece. Please buy them. They can be acqUired at every meeting. every ride. every work day .... or call Hugh at 942-9128 or 328-2626 to arrange a personal fitting. We are in the conceptual stages of planning some BUMP sponsored events for the upcoming year which hopefully will raise money in addition to being a lot of fun. We'll be talking about those ideas also at the January steering committee meeting. Lastly. and very importantly. we are trying to raise funds not so much for BUMP, but for the trails at Oak Mountain through our request to the Park to install Donation Boxes at the trailheads. The donations received by the Park will be made available to us for the maintenance of our trails. The boxes provide an opportunity for riders who are not active or involved with BUMP to show their support for our efforts by using the small envelopes marked BUMP furnished at the "Shrines". As we increase our efforts toward creating and preserving the wonderful trails we have at Oak Mountain, we believe our relationships with the other trail-user groups will steadily improve to a point of mutual respect and acceptance. The BUMP club asks everyone who uses the trails at Oak Mountain to also use the little envelopes marked BUMP for making donations. large or small. in the donation boxes prOVided by the Park at the North and South trailhead "Shrines". Thank you.

Dear Hughie. I understand BUMP has recently elected a new President who I think may well be you. What I want to know is, are you going to be as decisive and aggressive a president as you are an advice columnist?

Calendar of EyentS
January 5th-Wednesday 7pm. BUMP Monthly Meeting at the Hoover Public Library, downstairs in the second meeting room on the left. We will be having dinner afterwards at Guadalahara Mexican Restaurantacross Highway 31 in the same strip center as Smokey Joe's where we formerly met for dinner. This change is by order of Dr. Juan Saxon who says that good restaurants (and how everybody else in the world should drive) are her areas of expertise. So now we know. January 8th-Saturday 9am. Mystery BUMP ride, led by mystery leader to mystery trail. We will meet at the Olive Garden near the East Wood Mall. Call Hugh if you need the mystery unravelled sooner. January 9th-Sunday Warn. Trail Work Day meeting at the ParkOffice on Terrace Driveat Oak Mountain. January 16th-Sunday 11:45. BUMP training road ride led by residentroad guru Barry Hair. Meet at Cahaba Cyclesfor a 30 plus mile ride, weather permitting. We will be leaving promptly at Noon. Call Barry 987 -8510. January 19th-Wednesday 7pm. BUMP Open Steering Committee meeting at Hugh Leader's house: 520 Cliff Place in Homewood. Call 942-9128. Everybody is invited to atternd. February 2nd-Wednesday 7pm. BUMP Monthly Meeting at the Hoover Public Library, downstairs in the second meeting room on the left. We will be having dinner afterwards at Guadalahara Mexican Restaurantacross Highway31 if all goes well after the January meeting.

Dear Skeptical, 111111 really feel your ... ehhhh, lets say, apprehension is....welllll, unfounded. The the the persona, that is to say, of"Hughie" isfar separate from our new admirable and accomplished president ....you know, HUGH,THE LEADER. I believe we can all look forward to, uhhhhh ...a wondeiful new year of startling progress and unrelentingfun
Dear Hughie, When I first started Mountain Biking, my girlfriend bought a bike and took it up with me. But after a few months I was totally bit by the bug and she decided it was too hard and didn't like it. So now she has taken a militant stand against it and doesn't even want to hear people talk about it. If I keep riding it will completely ruin our relationship. What do you think I should do? Stunned in Steel

Strlnned, Wellllll ....you've come upon a common yet complex dilemma that has been faced by many .... ehhhh ... avid cyclists throughout the centu!'"ies. It it it comes down to one simple questIOn: would you rather sleep with your girl friend or your bike? That settled, my recommendation is that you thoroughly clean your drivetrain so as not to get grease on your sheets.

~Pe rsonal S<J.

For Sale-Titanium Frame, call Tony. 646-2522 For Sale-BUMP sweatshirts only $15 and tank tops only $10. See Hugh or call 942-9128 or 328-2626. Wanted-Morning riding companions. I go to work at 2pm and am interested in finding others able to ride week day mornings. Call Bob at 979-1508. For Sale-Control Stix Team Issue bar ends L-bend 163 gr. reg. $60, only $40 new in package. Avenir function computer new in box only $30. Shimano RHO Road shoes size 42, reg. $130, only $80 also new in box. Call Hardwick at 967-7413 evenings. Wanted-Donations for trail maintenance at Oak Mountain. Use BUMP envelopes provided at North and South trailhead "Shrines" for donation boxes.

Dear Hughie, Morning rides are my absolute favorite. But I have a real problem. I can't wake mp without a couple of cups of coffee, but caffeine has a specifiC effect on my intestinal tract which usually hits me mid-ride. I find this very inconvenient especially when 1ride with babes. What do you suggest? Regular in Rocky Ridge
Dear Regular,

Uhhhhhh, yes, I see you are, that is.... let's say ....between....a rock and a soft place. My main suggestion is...well you understand ....,that that that uhhh, oh maybe I shouldn't say this ...well since I've started ..Jor the sake of our club's trail access issue at oak Mountain....uhhhh, you might want to consider partaking of your morning rides elsewhere.

To submit information of any kind, write to: The GRINDER City Office, 5401 9th Avenue South B'ham 35212. '