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I bet that you thought BUMP lost your mailing address or maybe we were mad at you. Well it was none of that. The editors and writers were taking a creative hiatus (you know, goofing off). I will admit that trying to promote and put on the BUMP & Grind Race and help getting the MUDSLINGER Newsletter out on a regular basis caused some temporary burn-out. Well were are back and have some new helpers to get the newsletter out regularly. I hope that the MUDSLINGER will once again continue to inform the members what is going on in the local and regional mountain biking scene. After the great success of BUMP's first NORBA race, the BUMP & GRIND, BUMP members decided to commit to put on another race in 1996. NORBA has created a new 27 event race series for 1996 called American Mountain Bike Challenge Series (AMBC). This AMBC designation was awarded to, in NORBA's words, the best mountain bike races in the country. BUMP won it's bid to put on an AMBC race after putting on just one, but very successful race. Not to shabby, huh? Credit is due to the hard work of BUMP members, volunteers, BUMP board members, our sponsors and the race directors. {Applause and Kudos}.

BUMP representative at the NORBA AMBC race promoters conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. From the talented and experienced race promoters in attendance, BUMP was indeed hanging out with impressive company. Among the attendees were the promoters of the Iron Horse Classic in Durango, Colorado, the Knobular in Squaw Valley, California, the Ice Man Commeth Challenge in Michigan, and the very awesome Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. For BUMP to be selected as a premiere event to be included with these other AMBC races, is indeed an honor. Needless to say I was there to learn, not to teach. Although those that know me won't be surprised that I asked questions and put my two cents in on most topics of discuSsion. I learned a lot and I am positive that the AMBC designation will increase not only the prestige ,of the BUMP & Grind race but greatly increase our racer and attendance as well. BUMP Elections: It is also that time of year when BUMP Club elections are held. At the December meeting BUMP members will elect two (2) members to fill the upcoming two (2) vacancies on the Board of Directors one of those Board positions is mine. I anticipate at this time, not running for re-election for that vacancy. The reason? I think it is good for the continuing vitality of BUMP to have some new Board Members. That provides opportunities for fresh ideas and

Iso prevents bum-out of those who have served as Board Members and/or officers for a few years. So if you are willing to commit some of your time and effort to BUMP and are willing to work with the other Board Members to achieve mutually agreeable goals, please contact an Officer or Board of Directors member to have your name placed on the ballot for nomination. While, yes, being a board member does require some work, it is very rewarding too.

With the Holiday season rapidly approaching we are planning our year end party. It is always fun and a well attended event with food and beverages galore. We probably had 75 to 100 people at our last holiday party. So stay tuned for date in December to be announced.