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The last trail work day was Saturday, January 9. Bill Garrett lead the concentration on Blood Rock and the lower portion of Johnson's Mountain. Drainage and redirection of excess water was our main goal. We started with 3 members, then ended up with 6 before the work was done. We hope that good sunny weather will dry the wet areas. Our next scheduled work day is February 8 at CHEAHA NATIONAL PARK and all volunteers are welcomed. Come prepared with gloves, water, snacks, excess energy, etc. Your help is really appreciated by all who ride the trails.

January 18 - Monte Santo - The next scheduled BUMP ride is to the beautiful Huntsville area. Our entourage will assemble at 8:30 a.m. at the Burger King restaurant in Wildwood. Departure is at 9:00 a.m. BK is located off the Lakeshore Parkway - past Sam's and the V'v'ildwcod shopping area - ac: oss iiIe road from the John Carroll School. January 24 - Mystery Ride to the Calhoun Points - Another ride is planned for the 24th. This special Mystery Ride will be at either Kentuck, Cheaha, or Chocolocco. We will meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Eastwood Olive Garden parking lot. At that time, we will decide on the desired biking location. All decisions will depend upon the weather, group preferences, price of tea in China, and other global factors. Come and jQin us and see what is decided I

THoUqHTSON PUSHIN(f A IfOPE....O' how to deQI wit" BST (BUMP StQ1IdQ,d Time)
By Amy Hunter
As you (the collective you) know, we (the collective we) have been meaning to do this newsletter thing again for some time. I (the collective I-wait that doesn't make sense) suggest that the newsletter process has fallen into the pit of delay that is BUMP Standard Time. And don't we all have our stories of being caught in the throes of BST. We're victims, really. Example: New Year's Day Ride at 12 noon. No problem. We had all morning to get there. But we had to load the bikes and find all the stuff. Some of the stuff was in the car, and some of the stuff was in the closet, and some of the stuff was on the porch. Then we had to go pick up someone else who should have been ready. Except he was looking for his shorts and they weren't there. [Where/how would one abandon one's shorts and not be aware of it?] So finally we gave up on the shorts and went to ride anyway, no shorts and all. We were only an hour late, but the people, who are much finer people than we, had already left. They rode at noon, according to plan, or at least I guess they did. I wasn't there. Which brings me to my point. Well, it brings me near my point. Actually I don't think I have a point, just thoughts (like it says in the title). inhCluitoil{;S of the 6ST time zone wiii never make it to the Olive Garden (I mean Denny's) at 8:30. We'll always lock the keys in the car or be looking for the thing that is at the other place. We are a sorry lot. We get together a couple times a year and practice waiting on each other. For you few, you proud, you on time people-please don't ditch us. You are all we have. Be patient we are trying. Okay, we intend to start trying very soon.! have to go. I'm late for workday. Does anybody have a rope I can borrow? Happy Trails .

As some of you may know, Jim and Cumbee Tyndal are expecting their first baby on or aroufld February 10. BUMP would like to give a $25.00 gift certificate from Crestline Cycle's to a member with the closest weight and gender guess. This is special since Cumbee and Jim have decided not to know the gender until it arrives. Please call Anne at 969-7033 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F) with your guess. Your gender selection will be used as a deciding factor in any weight "ties". The deadline for taking your weight and gender guesses will be February 3 (day before our next BUMP meeting). If the baby comes before then .....sorry, there are some things not in our control! The RUM.P.

Highlights and Upcoming Events

Jan 18 Jail 24 Feb4 Feb8 Feb 28 May 31 Huntsville Ride valhoun Points BUMP Meeting Cheaha Workday Ocoee (????) BUMP Race

Attend the BUMP meeting for details or call 592-BUMP for any recorded changes.
llle ~~It-J~Uis published to inform the local mowlla;n hiking community of currenl happenings in the area. If you would like to submit information of any kind, please let BUMP know. Your idea's and suggestions will be appreciated. Leave a message on our Hotline at 592-BUMP or send un

t.~mail to iBykDoU@aoLcom.

edM:or~1'1.Ot"e-- we- haNe- com.mated- to tieU>ve.rL-t1.g--GRINDER ~ Cl.L~ ~ to- help eNe.ryOl'\.e/ p"Uu1. ethe.c;ui,

Club meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Hoover Public Library, downstairs . . Checl~ the BUMP Hotline for any changes in dates and time. 592-BUMP (2867)

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