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Meet for work days at 9:00 a.m, Call the hotline for locationsand possible changes. Workdays subject to weatherCancdllation. May 9 - Saturday (RacePrep) May 30 * Saturday Jult 5 - Sunday August I - Sunday September5 - Saturday October11 - Sunday November7 * Saturday December6 -,-Sunday

Highlights and UpcomingEvents

il 18 al26 May9 May31 MonteSano,Huntsville Oak Mtn,Pelham TrailWorkday BUMP & GRIND Race

April 18 - Saturday at Monte Sano in Huntsvill6. Meeting timeis 8:30a.m. Do y'allrecall the rain? This is a "re-t4/ of a previousride that was totally rained out. Huntsville had closed the perk and no one couldrideat all. We will meet at the WildwoodChick-Fil.A off of Lakeshoredrive. You can grab a biscuit beforewe go!! Wd have a tentative plan to meet with the Huntsvillebike club for a ride. Hugh Leader in getting will be instrumental thi$ togetherfor us, Call the BUMPhotlinefor confirmdtion. April 26 Sunday at Oak MountainState Park. Maybe it shouldn'tbe considereda road trip, but it is a planned ride,and you still have to take the roadto get there. Thus, a roadtrip. Plansare to meet at the southtrail head at 10:00 am. ThiB will be e good 'ol BUMPGlubget togetherride. InViteyour friends to join in withus. lt will be fun!

(2867) 592-BUMP for Callour hotline recorded chanoes or additions.

workdayis May 9. Our next scheduled The locationhas not been detdrmined, tne AUMPHotlinefor but pleasecl'reck details. Workday on thd sixth was a sitUation.Harnmerb, conStructive nails, and Skilsaws (ls that one word?) replaced fire rakes, shovels, and mattocks. What was goihg on? The BUMP stuff at the BMX shed location was being moved into the newly reconstruCtedand easily acoessible lot and building by the southtrailparking pavilion.Ken,Bill,BUMPmembers new and old showedup to give in a helping will provideBUMP hand. The building with it's own area to store our trail maintenancetools, race stuff, and a placetor Bitl to take napson weekends. work was done on cleaning Additional Thanksfor the effort! up severalbridges.

a'.,,,,, BII$# Iiiti.:i$r.: V.olunteer .iI..,rihaving. :,'.,' $preciation,Ni t 6'l:,$0 :p.ut.,(CDT) on.i.S rday,,,il y P ut' Dave'sFiiza I'attd',l,at,,,,'l:8,I9,,29m AvenueSouth',in get:llost,, [Iomewood,.Iffi:.....lf,,yOu cdl DaVelrs,,Piiia,,,at, 205-87 1.3283.ThiS,:r is, g..to..eat..a. lotl,oflpizza andget, tl .g#t to':.,',lcftffir.,. our,',,volunteers,, ...,,tile',need VoltihteerS'',. I.sO. m@., .,. ..,if ,.,, fou knOw any,otre. ie liit, .i,thet .., l,,:,,,.iS'..'',.inteieste(..,.,.., Volunteeis,,,for,,, rep41iit,,,reg"firit'! fte I, 1..!,,,, l;, raCe't,t,, dO.,,'iiOt, haVe,'iO,,,,,be,,, BUMP a,,,

AL (205) Vestavia, 979-3460

r Baptist Health Svstem Athletic Health Care

Thank You Long La+tisHardware!

We would like to thank Long Lewis Hardware for their generous donation of some hlgh quality shovels

for useon trail workdays. Thr Builp club ne.ts on itrc trirt Wednc.dry ot 6rcry |t|ontft rt 7!00 Fm. .t i{t Homr Druic Ubr.ry, dowhrtah. in datesandtime. 592-BIJMP (2t5?) Chckthe BUMP Hotline for anychanges





NewFoces on the Troils

Have you noticedall the new faceson the trials and at the BUMP events?Well, severalpeoplehavejoined BUMP. are: The newestmembers ChrisCull Robert Gambrell ChrisBrunner Mike Manard Leo Boohaker Margo Andison Andrew & Laurie Kramer Mike Burnett Phillip Hunter ScouieSmith Matt Thomas Lee Brunner

coursethat is The Race:Bumpand Grindfeaturesa cross-country plus of climbin 600 ft is fun with fast and tight singletrack. There per lap.The cashand prizesare great.Evensportclassgets cash for racingthe AMBCrace. doublepoints You receive

The eventis held to helpfund BUMP'svolunteertrail constructio b1 and maintained The race is heldon trails constructed activities. BUMP members. The Course: 50% of the @urse is some of the best singletrac

in joining BUMP? Contactone of our Are you interested at Board Membersor cometo one of our BIJMP meetings of the the HooverLibrary,7:00 pm everyfirst Wednesday month.

Tlilod! ColYour lltheds

Best Tune Dealln Town.
Accesuks, Pbns, Salc & Prgf$iond Sflice llon{li.: t0{ $al$da$ h5 fll l)$taArum Cruiline Vnqo 8nflit f f i J z

IMBA MembershipDrive

closes at 7:00 am for all b that time. On Sunday,registration may registerup to g:30 am. Entranc classes.Beginners beginner Entryfee is $20. fees are slightlyhigherwithoutpre-registration. pre-registering Cyclesby FridayMa for racers in personat Cah,aba is a by May 20tn.Later registration 23d, or by mail postmarked NORB fee_ __Entry !4cludes: ,additional$-10,00,NO BEF-U-ND_S. insurance. All racersmusthave a currentor one-day(dependi upon class) NORBAlicense.Be preparedto show photo lD. registration. A one-day NORBA license ($5.001is available beginnerclasses ONLY. All competitorsin the sport or on classes musthavea an annualor 30 day license(available i9 only$3.00. for an additional TheYouthFun.Race $15.00).

we added 13 peopleto At our last BUMP meeting, our IMBA membership. Your annual IMBA now includes: membership package and stickers. of material * An introductory * Six lssuesof IMBATrail Newsperyear. '98 Trailfinder updated * A copy of the informative, guideto mountain maps, bike trails,guidebooks, that coversall 50 U.S. states clubs,and retailers and Canada. * Your Bike Flies FREE on severalmajor U.S. Airlines, including America West, Continental, benefit Northwestand TWA. This membership alonecan save you as muchas $100 per trip or severalhundreddollarseachyear. To obtainthis benefit,you must be a currentindividualIMBA Travelto memberand you mustcall Professional (8004264055). makeyour reservations * A free extended service contract for IMBA memberswho purchasea new Subaru in '94 This is a $545value. call Ken on IMBAmembership, For More Information Hester(IMBAStateRep)or IMBAat (303)545-9011.
April {998

SupportFuture Traik ant Win a Bike

is donating a 1998 Bicycles Specialized FS to be given away to Rockhopper raise funds for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Coalitionand Friends of the of Both Covered BridgeTrail.Members organizations will sellraffleticketsfor $2 a ticketat each.You mayalso purchase any Cahaba Cycles location. All proceeds from the raffle will go to PBC and Friends of the C.B.T. The Rockhopper FS is a $600 value. The drawing will be held at the Bump and GrindMt.Raceon May31$. Help Defieat9enator Bpwnback's Amendment to ISTEA 2 - Write or call your Senator at the Capital 21 switchboa rd QAZ)224-31

P o w rte:


Hoo Birmingham 822967-2003 Oak Mtn 987-4043

BU]IIP members receive lOt

5263 Highway280 So. Suite 105 Birmingham,AL 35242 (205)e91-333s


Setting the pace for fitness

Park, PelhamAlabarna
CLASS PRIZE AWARDS Men $3,600CashPurse Pro/Elite/Expert deep to 14 places 600-500-450Women $1,100 CashPurse Pro/ElitelExp. 17 *150-100-75 350-250Vet Expert Men $600CashPurse 250-150-100040 Sport Men 19-24yrs $400CashPurse 100-90-8060-40-30 Sport Men 25-29yrs $400CashPurse 100-90-80040-30 Sport Men 30-34yrs $400CashPurse 100-90-80040-30 Sport Men 3544 yrs $400CashPurse 100-90-800-40-30 Sport Men 4S-over $200CashPurse 100-50-30-20 Sport Women $200CashPurse 100-50-30-20 Menand Expertand Sport Junior; and Beginner 5n for all 1"'through merchandise Womenall receive classes. are baseduponthe rider'sageon Age categories
l]anamhar ?'l 'lOqR


lf you would like to run a classffied ad, please submit by the next meeting for inclusion in next month's newsletter. For Sale: 18" Trek 8000 ATB. Nice ftame with obsolete components, self GHEAP or tade. Call Joel 252-1612 For Sale: Yakima "RailRider 2" Tower Roof Racks that attach to almost any vehicle. Also included are (2) 48" cross bars, (1) Yakima Steelhead locking forkmount and (1) locking-boltforkmount, both 43" wheeltrays and (4) camwith quick-releases.Also (2) full lengrth action tire sfraps with buckles. There are two keys included in this like new, two year old system. lfs the finest made rack out there! Delivery included. Only $225. Compare brand new at stores. Call 822-9262 Wanted: COOL old bikes 1930's - 1960's Especially Sctwinn. Absofutelyany condition. Call Joel 252-1612

1998BUMP Board of Directors

BUMPis a notfor profit organization President Joe Cotlin Vice Pres. JimTyndal Vice Pres. JackBransdorf Treasurer MikeHerring Snow Hendrik Secretary Member :. . Joel Robertson Member Jon Kircfroff Trail Czar Newsletter Ken Hester AnneTraeger 849-8298 879255 978-7070 663083 879255 252-1612 870-9538 879-8373 969-7033


from Pickup an officialentryform/ brochure yourlocalshopor call 1-80046-9829 for race

BUT1AP Sociol/ Fundoy

The first BUMP socialon March28thturnedout to be a fun success! I would like to thank those of you who could make it over andjoin in on the action. Leo and Charlesworked up a sweatcookingup tasty dogs and Jonstokedparkinglot burgsfor the crowd while German with his Leo awedspectators bad stingray. folks on Joel's with a Ramboknife. ability to opena canof beans




Bthe Crrallenge

Expect The page is still underconstruction. to see the initial page later this month. in the WallsNewMediawill be instrumental your input like they would and construction, The BUN{P socialis a big thankyou for all the BUMP BUMPwould like to of the page contents. memberswho haveworked their tails off to makethe the for sponsoring New Media Walls thank club go. It is also a time for bikerswho are at the park first two years of our page.Contacta board to meet in betterrails to get a chance and are interested with voursuooestions. member
BUMP first hand. Bike polo was introducedafter the found out how fun it is chow down"and a few members your swinging a mallet in your right handand operating in your for more socials the left. Look front brakewith future and more bike polo at upcomingevents-possibly 'ThePrez' an after-workgameat a field nearyou! : Joe
The tAllDftiNffP is published to inform the local mountain biking community of current happenings in the area, and promote safe and If you would like to submit responsible use of mountain bioycles. Yoru ideas and information of any kind, please let BIlIr4P know. suggestions will be appreoiated. Leave a message on our Hotline at (205) 592-BLIMP or se,ndan e-mail to iBykDoU@aolcom.

off of purchases

at bike shops featured

in this newsletter.




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1. R.ide on erpen trails only2. Leave do trace. your bicycle. 3. Control

Inattentlon for even a second caD. cause problems. all Speed regrilations arld recomdendations. Otrey

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4. Alvrrays yield 5. Newer spook 6. Plan ahead.

trail. anirnals.

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Special thanks

Corltgou YbuRbicYcleJ
to Artist.-Crrrt.

Erza"rls for .tris Wi I d .W.i I ly Cartogns

Birmirlgham Urban Mountain Post Office Box 590061 Birmingham, AL 35259-0061



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