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Highlights and Upcoming Events
June 19-21 June 26 -28 July 12 July 26 Sept 12 City Stages Downtown North Georgia Trip Workday at Oak Mtn BUMP Social BBC Century Ride


Meet for work days at the South Trailhead at the new BUMP shed. Time to meet is 9:00 a.m. Call the hotline for any possible changes. Workdays subject to weather cancellation. July 12 - Sunday August 9 - Sunday September 5 - Saturday October 11 - Sunday November 7 - Saturday December 6 - Sunday

North Georgia Ride and Camping - June 26-28 Helen. Georgia - Call Hendrik Snow or another board member if you are interested in the trip. The trip is intended to last several days, but is planned to allow for arrival at anytime. Thursdays of EACH MONTH BUMP will meet at the South Trailhead at 6 p.m. to have a group ride OR, if there are enough people, we will playa game of BIKE POLO. We will alternate between the two. Check the BUMP Hotline for any cancellations.

Call our hotline 592BUMP (2867) for any recorded changes or additions in BUMP events.



The next scheduled workday is Sunday JUly 12. This day has been changed from July 5 due to the holiday weekend. Meet at the maintenance shed near the Oak Mountain's south trail head at 9:00 am. Workday over the past month has included several trips to Oak Mountain in preparation for the Bump and Grind Race. The event was very successful because of great park cooperation and dedication of all the volunteers. The course was in excellent condition and produced competitive results. Your help over the past year was evident on the course and by the racers.

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Get all the Results on the Web

Walls New Media supplied the entertainment, race announcements, and audio equipment. They have posted the Bump and Grind Race results on the web at www.bump.org and much more. Look inside for the hi-lights.

The NATIONAL TRAIL DAY state event was held on June 6th at Oak Mountain State Park for the first time since 1995 when BUMP held the first BUMP & Grind Race as a National Trail Day Race. As is the custom with these type events it was a relatively low key event with representatives from most of the trail user groups around Alabama . Due in part to the cool, damp weather it was not well attended. Several ' JUfte 6,1998 organized hikes took place. Scottie Smith from Montgomery represented BUMP for a few hours during the morning. The last event of the day was an awards ceremony. Several people were recognized by the National Forest Service for their efforts in trail volunteerism across the state. Oak Mountain State Park recognized Les Miller of the Vulcan Trail Association. I also received an Award of Appreciation for BUMP's work in developing and maintaining the bicycle trail at the park. Happy Trails! Ken Hester, Alabama IMBA Rep

Trails Day

The BUMP Club meets on the fi .t Wedne.day of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Hoover Public Library, down.tai .

Check the BUMP Hotline for any changes in dates and time.

592-BUMP (2867)

Hoover 822-6600 Cahaba Heights 967-2003 Oak Mountain 987-4043 Steve Lamb of Decatur, Alabama won the 1998 Specialized Rockhopper FS which was donated by Cahaba Cycles. All proceeds raised are going toward the Pedestrian and Bicycle Coalition and Friends of the Covered Bridge Trail. Conaratulations Stevell


This month feature is Bump and Grind race highlights. After great volunteer effort and excellent support from the sponsor Oak Mountain State Park hosted a spectacular event for mounta bikers. In all total approximately 600 racers competed for cash ar merchandise. Many local racers competed, but several travele from as far away as California. The all-day affair spread tt competitors out and allowed for spectators to watch. The ex~ center and tech support areas allowed for all to see the latest ATB technology. Will Black won the Mens Pro I Elite I Exp clal and Willow Loerber placed first in the women's. Several loc racers and BUMP members competed at all levels. Need to knc where you or the competion finished? The complete results a available from BUMP or may be viewed at our web page. Look f an upcoming article in Velo News and USA Cycling from Bar Hair. Special thanks to the sponsors, Oak Mountain State Park, ar volunteers for making the event possible, and Ken Hester for r dedication to the event over the past year. It was a great success

Aihletic Health Care

BUMP Social / Funday II

Recovered from the last social???? Well, get ready for another. On July 26 at the Oak Mountain Red Bud Pavilion (near the RC track), BUMP is planning the second social. What to expect?? Food, fun, and of course some riding. Several events are anticipated; bike polo, log pull, bunny hops, inexpensive bike toss, etc. It all starts around 10:00 am. More details will be made available as the time draws nearer.

Making Another Loop ..


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Vicki Masear of Birmingham makes her way around the Expo AI to begin another lap while another rider exits the course to compll his race. Barry and Hendrick direct the oncoming traffic, and otl BUMP members record the finishers.

Best Tune Deal In Town.

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Mon.-Fri.: 10-6 Saturday: 9-5

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# 11 Dexttr Avenue CI't'SUine Village 879-6255

Birmingham Bicycle Club is hosting their 25 Annual Century ric September 12th. You can choose a length of31, 50,62, or 75 miles if' too much. But, ifit is not enough, they also have a 124 mile course. The fee is $10.00 prior to the race, and includes Sag Patrol, fully supporte stops, and post-ride meal at local restaurant. The proceeds will help bene Pedestrian Bicycle Coalition. Contact (205) 991-6154 or ( captainjack@mindspring.com

We have a few new members we wish to say, 'Welcome to the Club':

Cbris Horwedel

Jobn W. Green

If you are interested in joining BUMP. contact one of our Board Members or come to one of our BUMP meetings. Meetings are held at the Hoover Library, 7:00 p.m. every first Wednesday of the month.

If you would like to run a classified ad, please submit by the next meeting for inclusion in next month's newsletter. For Sale: 18" Trek 8000 ATB. Nice frame with obsolete components, sell CHEAP or trade. Call Joel 252-1612 For Sale: 1998 Bump and Grind T-shirts. Several shirts remain from the race. Sizes are limited to large and XL eontact Ken or one of the board for purchasing at $10 each.

We've Made it!!!!!

Alex Zambrana is among the early finishers as they look down the finish shoot to see other racers and ponder their accomplishments.

For Sale: MAVIC Crossland wheels. 26 spoke front and 28 rear. Mavic hubs with straight-pull spokes. Very light, ridden twice. $300 Call Hardwick at 951-3640 or (w) 967-2003. Wanted: COOL old bikes 1930's - 1960's Especially Schwinn. Absolutely any condition. Call Joel 252-1612

1410 Montgomery

Hwy, Vestavia

(205) 979-3460
1998 BUMP Board of Directors Water, Water, Water ... I Need Water
It wasn't evident from this area whether they were racing for water, fun, sport, or exercise. Hugh, Scott, Mickie and others served up the drinks for the classes making mUltiple laps. BUMP is a notfor profit organization President Joe Cotlin Vice Pres. Jim Tyndal Vice Pres. Jack Bransdorf Treasurer Mike Herring Secretary Hendrik Snow Member Joel Robertson Member Jon Kirchoff Trail Czar Newsletter Ken Hester Anne Traeger
849-8298 879-6255 978-7070 663-6083 879-6255 252-1612 870-9538 879-8373 969-7033



(205) 991-3335

The MVDSUHGf~ is published to inform the local motmtain biking community of current happenings in the area, and promote safe and responsible use of mountain bicycles. If you would like to submit information of any kind, please let BUMP know. Your ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. Leave a message on our Hotline at (205) 592-BUMP or send an e-mail toiBykDoU@aol.com.

Ride on open trails only. Leave no trace. Control your bicycle. AI",ays yield trail. Never spook animals.
All animals are startled by an unannounced approach. sudden movements. or loud noise. This can be dangerous for you. others. and the animals. Give animals extra room and time to adjust to you. When passing horses use special care follow directions from the horse back riders (ask if uncertain). Running cattle and distrubing, wildlife is a serious offense. Leave gates as you found them. or as marked


Plan ahead.

Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers Newsletter Post Office Box 590061 Birmingham, AL 35259-0061

Please For~ard

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