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Meet for workdaysat the South Trailhead at the BUMP shed. Timeto meetis g:00a.m.Callthe hotlinefor any possiblechanges. Workdays subject to weather cancellation
Saturday- June 5 (race prep) Saturday- July 10 Sunday- August 8 Saturday- September18 Sunday- October10 Saturday- November6 Sunday- December5

Highlightsand UpcomingEvents
June2 - BUMP Meeting at Library 7pm June3 - Volunteer Dinner / Meeting June5&6BUMP & GrindRace June13 Family Bicycle Day <for information call Meg Scully 251-8139> June18-20 Grundig/UCl WorldCup Sep5 lronLegsChallenge (2867)for Call our hotline592.BUMP any recordedchangesor additionsin BUMP events.

OakMountain TrailWork
EveryoneknoWswe have been busy with many projects over the pastcouple of months.lt has been the timefor us to get backintothe 'grind' of things. BUMPand Grind thatis. The pastmonths haveseen a significant amountof trail work andraceplanning. Bridgeshave been repaired, trails groomed, and many other preparatory things accomplished. The Race Committeehas been planningthe course,the logistics, the sponsors,and all the things that makethe racethe "Bestin the (Maybe Southeast". we are biased) After a recentride, I couldn'thelp but think of how sweet the trails are. The conditions are ideal for somegreatracing. Thanksfor all the various work that has been accomplished over the past two months. The trail conditions are great.

Seeyou at the next workdayll

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The traffic from the races at Talladega forced cancellationof the -plahh6d--Apiil-Tide to Chocolocca. This trip will be rescheduled. Bump-and-Grindhas put such a demand on the club, no group rides are currentlyscheduled. What is in the works? Possiblerides to Ocoee, the Nashville area, Conyers,and other weekend rides.

l s Sporrcl:irst
t Baptist Health Svstem Athletic Health Carc

, t , t If you are interested in beinginvolvedand volunteering for our upcoming mountainbike race, pleasecontact Anne Traeger rt one of the following places(205-987-3827 or IbvkDoU@aol.com. We have approximately34 slots to fill! Areas include, course marshals, registration assistance, racerfood,and others! EachVolunteer will be givena free raceteeshirt. An appreciation dinnerwill alsobegiven(location TBA) on June3


P and Crind


Redesigned Web Page

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Haveyou seenthe web pagelately? Takea trip to www.BUMp.oro nt'l and see the greatnewformatand layout. lt will really"flip"you out. F walls NewMediahas donean excellent job expanding the siteand 6 its presentation. c=c, Letus knowwhatyouthink



Tha BUIUIP Glub trcrts on the tlr.t W.dn.td.y

of.v.ryf montfi rt tlOO p.m. rt th. Hoovrr public Llbr.ly, downrtrl6.

Checkthe BUMPHotline for any changes in datesand time. 592-BUMP (2t6?)

SocialSeemsLike YearsAgo
April 1Oth was the springsocial. Thanksto assistance from the Track Club and Magic City Hashers.we were able to have a greatfun filled day. Everyonechippedin to bring their favorite dish. Tom Osterber. VP-TrackClub, complimented the dishes with spectacular hamburgers and hot dogs.

141AMontgomery Hwy,Vestavia


With a full stomach, the gamesbegan. Of coursewe waited30 minutesto avoidcramps. Severalgamesof bike polo got everyoneinto the spirit. Which team won? Well, that simply depended on which side you played on, Score was not the real concern.Meanwhile, David P. and Dan E. battled for the bunny hop title after jumping ahead of the competition.Clearingover 18 inches,each made a respectable showingwith Dan takingthe title. Not having seen enough, the bike{oss and log pull would follow. Severalhashersand runnershad a go at tossingJoel's special30 plus poundWesternFlyer. Techniques appearedto reflect a track meet event. The shot put, discus throw, and generaltoss were all methodsemployed. Everyonehad their favorite,and next year we will probablysee even more refined methods. The recordwas about 10 feet (with bounce). Joel may want to take his Flyerto one of the localshops and utilize that 10% discounton all the parts and accessories sacrificed for the event. Joel,thanksfor the donation! --,,-The,avant-would not be completewithout the return of the log pull. Having been retrofittedin the otf season for improved performance, the log was pulledarounda timed loop. Several pulls were made before a winner was determined. to all the participants Congratulations for trying.

Flyer be FFee... Hugh shows the concentration and effort of his bike toss release. Anguished, Joel looks on as his prized Western Flyer (with suspension)is hurled into the air to come crashingdown. Chris H. had the winning technique, and others learned from the experience. Wait until next year!

1> !-rI

Roundingthe Cornr...
proved to be a real eye catcher Paul's tire modifications prior to the pulling event. But, the custom studded tires resultedin flats during the exhibition. He had to result in competing likeall otherswith standard tires.

= I I Dexter At'entte,lv{ourtluirt lJrook l'illage (20s) 879-625s

Aprll / iby 1999 BUMP mcmbert r.ceive 1096otl rgular prlced parts/accc!3orie. trom .hopr tcat|rred in thb ncwsletter.



ffpowertelI I pc! wtrFLEss



r'lout{rAN Ar oAh $nil lAu
Prizes total $ZOOOin Gsh and $3,OOO in Merchandise. New C-ourseFxp./Spon do 17mileI*p. PreRide soruse- J.m. 5rh.Race- June6fi $20Entryfeeprior to May 30rh.$30after. Getyour Entry Formby ca[ing
Amgican lTlnnfdin Bihp Cutpoge

or download a copy

from theB.U.M.P Vebsite atwww.bump.org

This )ar indudes aJunior Olympic Classrase,


Mountain B ikeMagazine Features OakMoutsin and Cheaha State Parks

Rememberthe ride with MountainBike Magazinewriter Doug Donaldson and photographerJames Godman in February? The July issue has hii the stands. lt has a multi-page spread of our local trails and BUMP's involvement.In addition, the articlepresentsan excellent overview Birmingham'sarea attractions. Pick up your copy now!

Parking at Oak Mountain Marina

It seems as if summer is already here. When the weather warms up, so does the activity at Oak MountainState Park. The canoe and boat rentals from the Park's marina are on the increase. The parking lot next to the marina is designated as "Marina Use". As a friendlyreminderfrom the park ranger,all ridersshould respectthis and utilizethe area onlv if usinothe marina.

Hoover 822-660A

CahabaHeights 967-2003

Oak Mountain 987-4043


lf you would like to run a classifledad, please submit by the next BUMP meetingfor inclusion in next month'snewsletter. For Sale: 1997 19" Kona ExplosifColumbusMax Steel. Truly excellent condition, riddenonly 1 year. $400.00Negotiable.Call Margotor email edu mandison@icare.opt.uab.



eaq ssl-3335

For Sale: Pearl lzumi ridingjerseysfeaturingBUMP artwork.$65.00only a few are left and sizes are limited.Call Ken Hester879-8373to purchase or if you are interestedin ordering a new one. BUMP is considering havingmore made.We have to order a minimumquantity.So, if you are pleaselet BUMP know. interested For Sale: 1998 BUMP and GRIND tee shirts ($101 and BUMP Sweatshirts. GallJoe Cotlinto for pricesand purchase. Wanted: COOL old bikes 1930's- 1960's Especially Schwinn.Absolutely any condition. GallJoel 252-1612 FOUND- Blue Fox brand riding gloves were found at the social.Contact Mark Richmanif you are missinga pair.

and fiisstheL^st tfueetlng Newsletter?

We could not meet a the Hoover Libraryfor May, so, we gatheredat Ken's office. For June, we are scheduled to meet at the library, but check the hotline (592-BUMP)before you leave. In this meeting, we will discuss important race information. All Race Volunteers are urged to A t t e n d . S E EY O U T H E R E ! ! !

The Mudslingerstaff apologizesfor missing last month.We have been a bit busy, and did not want to print information that was up in the air.

The iUDtLiN6lp is published tcr inform the iocal mountain biking communitv of current happenings in the area, and promote safe and responsiblc user clf mor.intain If vou rvould like to bi*'cles. submit intirmration of anv hnd" piease let BLIMP knou Your idcas and sugeestions ri'ill trcr appreciated. Lear.e a message on or"rr Hotline at (205) 592-BLTMP or send e-mail to an iBvkDoll?aol.cont.

1999BUMP Board of Directors

B(/A4P is a President Vice Pres. Vice Pres. Treosurer Secretory fulember Ir\etnber Newsletter nof .for profit arganization Joe Cotlin 849-8e98 Jim Tyndal 879-6255 Hendrick Snow 879-6755 Don Ellis Anne Troeger 987-3877 Joel Robertson ?5?-16t7 870-9538 Jon Kirchoff AnneTraeger 987-3827

April / May t999

Gheck the BUMP Hotline for any changes in dates and time. 592-BUtlP (2S6?)

ffre lv\UDtLiN(tP

Thousands of miles of dirt trails have beenclosedto mountainbicyclists.The irresponsibleriding habits of a few riders have been a factor. Do your part to maintain trail accessby observing the following rules of the trail formulated by IMBA" the International Mountain Bicycling Association.IMBA's mission is to promote environmentallysoundand socially responsible mountainbicycling I. RIDE OI{ OPEN TRAILS ONLY. Respect trail and road closures (ask if not sure),avoid possibletrespass on private land, obtain permits or other authorizationas may be required.Federal and stateWildernessareasare closedto cycling. The way you ride will influence trail management decisionsand policies 2. LEAVE NO TRACE. Be sensitiveto the dirt beneathvou. Even on open (legal)trails, you shouldnot ride under conditionswhere you will leaveevidenceof your passing,suchas on certain soils after a rain. Recognizedifferent types of soils and trail construction; practicelow-impact cycling. This also meansstayingon existingtrails and not creating new ones. Don't cut switchbacks.Be qureto pack out at least as much as you pack in. 3. CONTROL YOUR BICYCLE! lnattention for even a secondcan causeproblems.Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations. 4. ALWAYS YIELD TRAIL. Make known your approachwell in advance.A friendly greeting or bell is considerateand works well; don't startleothers. Show your respectwhen passing by slowing to a walking pace or even stopping.Anticipate other trail users around corners or in blind spots.

|}frttxatr'Nlt ,rtour{T.tlH atcY(Ltxc ArtoclaTlor{

5. NEVER SPOOK ANIMALS. All animals are startledby an unannouncedapproach,a sudden movement, or a loud noise. This can be dangerousfor you, others,and the animals. Give animals extra room and time to adjust to you. When passinghorsesuse specialcare and follow directions from the horsebackriders (ask if uncertain). Running cattle and disturbing wildlife is a seriousoffense.Leave gatesas you found them, or as marked. 6. PLAN AHEAD. Know your equipment,your ability, and the areain which you are riding -- and , prepareaccordingly.Be self-sufficient at all times, keep your equipmentin good repair, and carry necessary suppliesfor changesin weather or other conditions.A well-executedtrip is a satisfactionto you and not a burden or offenseto others. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.

. .

Birmingham Urban Mountain Post Office Box 590061 Birmingham, AL 35259-0061 page www.BUMP.org Internet

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