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Highlights and UpcomingEvents
June24 125 Workdays in T-ville July2 ASF Race- Trussville - Southside July5 Meeting Library July8 OakmtnWorkday July22 Mentone Ride Aug2 Meeting Library S-Side Sep9 BBCCentury (2867)for 592-BUMP Callour hotline any recorded changes or additions in BUMP events.

And the Winneris

Max Finkbeinerof Smyrna, won Georgia the Pro/Elite/Semi-Pro Men divisionof the sixth annual Bumpand GrindMay 21. His winningtime of 2:1O:44 was closely followed by Birmingham's Chris Edmonds for the two-loop courseat Oak Mountain.They and nearly 600 otherracerscompeted for over $10,000 in cash and prizes. See special Race insert inside.

Sat. July 22 - Mentone AL will be the place of a longer road trip. Expect a full day trip to the Little River Canyon near the Georgia border. This trail is long and features some very challenging sections.We will meet at the Eastwood Mall Olive Garden at 8:00 am Briag plenty cf siiacks,cash for lunch, and a srvirnsuit.We will finC for a 8:-:0 d.eparture. the swimming hole for a cool dip. Derrick (987-3827) is the ride leader.

Meet for workdays at the South Traiiheaci at ihe EUiviF sheci. Time to meet is 9:00 a.m. Call the hotline for any possible changes. Workdays subject to weather cancellation. Meet at the parking area off Oak Streetfor Trussvilleworkdays. June 24 June 25 -Sat. Trussville - Sun. Trussville

WorkduyPrepuresfor ASF Ruce

The last Trussvilleworkday added a Tz mile of new single track to the trail and requireda pit stop midday. Indian Rock provided the perfect place to rest and grab a burger. In all, over 2.5 miles of new single track have been cut to create a four-miletrail system. Jim M, Keith 8., Ken, Andrew G., David, Derrick, Leong, Joe, Hardwick, and Eddie all worked on the trails.Anne broughtin the food.

July 8 August6 September 9 OctoberI November 4 December 10-

Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday

Paul, Mark R., Bill J., Joel, and Tech Rep at Next Margot all headed over to Victor Meeting Darley-Usmar'shome to collect Come see what the latestgadgetsand gizmos the pressure treated wood he are at the next meetingJuly 5 at the Southside donated after his deck collapsed. Library. We have two more presentations The wood will be used for bridges scheduled this year (Bike Link was and other maintenance of the rescheduled). July5- CahabaCycles trails.

Thank you Mr. Victor Dartev-$}un"-. atthe ,r"3':it:"h'1,[ ,.* usknow Usmarfor the lumber. next meeting.
The BUMP Glub meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:OO p.m. at the Southside Library.

Check the BUMP Hotlinefor any changes in dates and time. 592-BUMP (2567)

Land Betweenthe Lakes Makes for Epic Ride

By Margot Andison The BUMP road trip to Land-Between-the-Lakes in Kentuckywas a total blast. Our president, Bill Johnson and hiswife Celia,plus Joel and myself drove up Thursdayand were met by Alan Brown from Paducah. We just missed the Kentucky group for a night ride, so after setting up camp, Alan took us on a shoft jaunt on the Heritage trail to give us a bit of an orientation. The area is beautiful.SituatedbetweenBarkleyLake and KentuckyLake, LBL is predominantly forest on hillyterrain. Friday morningwe got up and after a leisurely breakfast rode from camp to the Canal loop trailhead. This trail is about 11 miles of hardpacked,tight singletrack and winds throughthe forest and beside the lake. There are several short, steep climbs combined with longer windingdownhillsections. Alan indicatedpoints of interestalong the way, and gave us a bit of history. Later on in the ride, Bill's knee started to give him some trouble-from a crash he'd had in Trussville... but that's anotherstory. After gettingback to camp, we cleaned up and headed into town to do a bit of antiqueing. Shortly after getting back in the evening, Paul and Christyarrivedand set up camp. We grilled out and waited for Derrick and Anne to arrive. Someof us weren'tableto stayawake...

MMMMM, sttttdwiches, cookies, chips,veggie,s, and waler... Everyoneenjoysthe Sag Patrolat Sugar Bay. After their morningride, Celia, Anne, and Christydelivered an excellentlunchto those ridingthe long NorthSouthtrail.

The Res,t of the Story

By Derrick Sey,s Well, Sundaywe would again mount our two wheeled machines and head out frorn camp. Bill lead Jeff, Christy,Paul, and myself out on a rlde up to the North trail head. Thls would hit several small pleasanttrail segrnents.tsill planned a nice enjoyableride, but I consideredit unfinished business. lt would take us over the last of the long North South trail. We crankedalong to complete the trail to reach the trailhead.There, Jeff and Christy took one route back,and we took the singletrack. We traveled 11 or so miles and had now completedthe entire North-Southtrail as well as several others. Now that we had completed our business, it was time to head home. In search of food, we traveledsouth to the 1850 Homesteadsite. Entranceinto the working settlement would have filled our need, but everyone felt we would stay longer than we should. We pressed on. We went out the south end of the recreational area (60 miles long) and passed by a herd of buffaloand an old iron furnace. We filled our bellies near Clarksvilleand headed to Birmingham.Everyoneagreed the area would make for a great long weekend to give everyonea chance to see the settlement and other sites.Maybe in October.

Saturdaymorningafter breakfastwe dividedinto two groups and Bill, Derrick, Alan, Paul, Joel and myselfferriedour bikes and gear to the southtrailheadto starton the North-South trail-31 milesof more awesomesingletrack.The first half of the trial was much like the Canal loop, perhaps a bit more technical. Our biggestadversary was the heat,and there were plentyof ticksto go 'round too. Around lunchtime,Celia, Anne and Christy met us at Sugar Bay with a MUCH-appreciated lunch and cold drinks. Bill's knee was stiffeningup pretty badly by this point, so Derrickled Paul, Joel, and myself on the trail back to camp. The second half of the ride was a bit less technicalthan the first-the climbswere steeper,and the downhills were beautifully winding. We stopped brieflyto watch speedboattime trials and hit the campgroundabout 3:45pm. On the paved road is where Joel made his move-the trickster. He'd sandbagged the whole secondhalf and on the last big hill beforecamp, kicked his legs into gear and sailedpast everyone. We beat him up a bit at camp and let the others know who had REALLY been leadingthe pack. Derrickshared out some primo brews and we relaxedin the glow of our most excellentride. That night Cory and Jeff arrivedand we enjoyedanothergreat cookout. Sunday morning after breakfast,Joel and I packed up and headed off to Birminghamwhile the others got ready for another ride. That's all I was presentfor, so l'll sign off here and let someone else pick up the rest of the story.


14'|0MontgomeryHwy,Vestavia 2051 I www.

June 2OOO lUlf,P |ncmb.rt


point positions. We havea preliminary mid-year update onr thetopten pedal Wonder whereyou are?Checkout the full list on the web page.Members and preliminarv pointtotals are: - 19 - 17 Derrick Paul Brookes DavidPassmore Seys- 16 - 12 Anne Seys 14 William Johnson 13 Joel Robertson MargotAndison- 10 Laura Cotlin 10 KeithBryant 9 Andrew Greene - 9 gift Remember, at the end of Decernber, the top 10 Members will be alvarded certificates to a localbikeshop. #1=$50 #2-10=$30. You receive one or two points for variousactivities such as participating in group rides,workday,community events, newsletter articles, referrals, member andother volunteer activities.

lcccive I 0',6 otf regular pdced parts , acce.3oriea from blke ahop! lealured in thi. newllettcr.






#l I LtexterAt,enue,Mountain lSrook Village (20s) 879-62ss

MounlainRikershrn Roctdie at Bike Day 2000 Derrick,Paul, and Andrew G. discussroad strategies as chifldren warm up fon a ride to Linn Park lead by the UAB police. Enthusiastic ialk cf green ways, cld bikes,new bikes,trialsdemonstrations, and prizeshad everyone wantingto ride. AndrewKramerheadedup BUMP'stable and Joel, Margot,Mickie,Hugh,Joe, Laura, David P. ancl others stopped in to help distributetrail informationand mountracingnumbersto children's bikes.


lf you would like to run a classified ad, pleasesubmitit by the next meetingfor inclusion in next rnonth'snewsletter. The newsletter is printedby the 15'nof each rnonth. For Sale: 1999 Specialized FSR, Blue, white, red. Riddenless than 50 miles.$700 contact AndrewGreen at324-6515(days)or e-mailDrew7?@zebra.net. For Sale: GT Karakorarn 16" blue,24 sp rapidfire,Judy XL fork, {}himano M545 pedals;, Club roostbars, many upgrades $589.99.Hardwlckat 967-2003 For Sale: MerlinMTB 20'Ti, all XT / XTR partswith MavixCrossMM wheels,longtraverl Judy fork,XT pedals,Coda susp seat post $2499.00call Hardwickat 967-2003 For Sale: Cannondale R600 45 cm road bike, blue ,ALframe and fork, RX 100 S'l'l with lJltegra rear der. and Look perlals,new tires,$450 call Hardwickat 967-2003 For Sale: Bump and Grind T-shirts.Severalshirts remainfrom previousraces.ContactAnne lSeysfor purchaseat 987-3827.Price and availability varies:$10 for current2000 (tarn with red,XL) and several from 1999 (grey-green), 1998(tan),and even a few 1996(tan,M only). 1999and earlier are just $5 for members and 910 for non-members. - Need and extra set of rarheels For Sale: WHEE:LS for road or cro$sriding?MTB wheels,LX 9 speed hubs laced to WTB Laser Beam rims with DT spokes. Ritchey Tom Slick tires and tubes.tsrand new and only$160 o.b.o.Call Hardwick at 967-2003. jerseysare in!!!!Cost is $55.00and available For Sale: New BUMP riding to all paid members. Thosewho pre-ordered one, please contactAnne at 987-3827. A reorderis plarnned, but will be sometimeaway. V/ant one of the old styles?Three larl;eare stillavailable. Wanted:COOL old bikers 1930's- 1960'sEspecially Schwinn. Absolutely any condition. Call ,Joel252-1612

BROOKHIGHLANDPLAZAINVERNESS (205) eet-3335 www.hikelinkbham.com

The lv\{JDfLfNffP is published to inform the local mountain biking communitv of current happenings in the arsa, and promote safe and responsible use of mountain tric,-vcles. If -vou would like to subrnit informaticur of anv kind, please let BUMP knon'. Your ideas and suggestions rvill be appreciated. Leave a message on our Hotline at (205) 592BUMP or sendan e-mail to iBvkDoU@.aol.com.

2OOO BUMP Board of Directors

B(A4I'is a not.for profit arganization President BillJohnson 678-9752 VicePres. Joel Robertson ?5?-L6t? Treosurer AnneSeys 987-38?7 Secretory LouroCoflin 59I-2337 Member Paul Brookes 320-0918 Mernber David Possmore 661-9800 &letnber Bsrry Hoir Newsletter Derrick Seys 987-3827

June 2o0o

check the BUIUIP Hotline for any changeoIn dates rnd tim, 592-!UrP (2!az)

rrt" lv\tlDJtlN(fp

By David Passmore




June 29-July2 Got to www.alagames.com for registrationinfo or call Hardwick Gregg at (205) 967-2003 for information on the mountain biking competition at the Trussville Sports Complex July 2.

BI-ll\4P work day on June 3'd was very successful. We (Hardwick, Keith, Joe and myself; finished the last section of the Big Rock Trail. This part goes acrossthe big rock along the road, and is the part I was very excited about. Another group consisted of Ken, Leong, Andrew G., Derrick, Jim M., Eddie, and later Paul. They worked on a completely new trail. That parallelsBig Mountain Loop. This trail has some climbing in either direction, but it also has some fast but tight downhill sections. Since the workday, we have opened up the next phase of this area which in the clockwise direction has an intense climb (Told you Andrew). The good news is this will be lessenedin the next phase,but the bad news is it will not be completed before the ASF Race July 2. So far; we are only coming up with four miles per lap for the race. But, it is very intense mileage. On race day, we may have to vote to see if people want to add a lap to their category. Although it will be plenty challenging as it is. We are trying to get it marked before the race, but here is how it will be ran. The race will start at Indian Rock behind the baseballfields and follow a clockwise direction. Follow Dead Dog Trail to the tennis courts and turn right on the gravel road. Cross the street, and climb the hill in the upper corner of the parking lot. Follow along the grassy hillside to the new trail head. Then take the neq'blue marked trail until you hit the paved road. Turn right on the paved road to the soccer field area. Turn left along the ridge

and follow the tree line along the edge of the soccer field. DO NOT GET ONTO THE SOCCER FIELD. Left on Maple Bridge Trail and turn right onto Pumphouse Trail (Gravel). Go almost to the gate by the road and turn left into the blue marked trail. Follow this around and through the woods to the top of Big Rock Trail (several trails come together behind school). Go down Big Rock Trail until you exit onto the road. Go up the bike lane and turn left into the blue marked trail. You should then come out below Indian Rock (Start / Finish). It soundsmore complicatedthan it is. BIJMP will provide lunch at the next two workdays to prepare the course for the July 2 race. The next workdays are lune24 and25. The final grooming work will be neededand the courseridden to trim any low branches,addresspotholes, etc. We wil meet at 9:00 am at the parking area near the complex entrance, and will have an early bird special for those arriving at 7.00 am. Never been there? Take I-59 out of BHM to exit 141. Turn right (towards Trussville) and then turn left on Oak Street. Parking area is at second stop sign. Call David (854-1209), Andrew G, or Derrick (987-3827) for details.

Birmingham Urban Mountain Post Office Box 590()61 Birmingham, AL 35259-0061 page www. lnternet BUMP.org
A rnernber INIIBA


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BUMP and Grind 2000

Extra - Extra -Press Release
Nearly 600 racers took to the trail in nearly perfect race conditions as the Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers hosted the Sixth Annual Bump and Grind American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC) Mountain Bicycle Race May 20-21 in Birmingham, Ala. The AMBC is a 23-race nationwide grassroots series sanctioned by the National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA). Max Finkbeiner of Smyrna, Ga., bested the pro men's field over Chris Edmonds with a 58-second gap. Frank Mathews finished a close 10 seconds behind Edmonds for third. Linda Murphy (Team Trek) of Anthony, Fla., led a strong field of pro women, with Shelly Alena and Rachel Massey behind her on the 17-mile course loop. The women raced two laps. Birmingham's favorite son and Caunondale representative Terry Duran won the expert senior men 19-29 race in 2 hours, 12 minutes and 46 seconds, edging out Nathan Sibly by 72 seconds. Marietta, Ga., sent a strong contingent of 18-year-old junior experts, all of whom took the top four positions. John Murphy finished in 2:20:26. Nick Ranno was a mere 13 seconds behind, followed by Todd Henrickson and Matt Squires. It's a good thing that Bump and Grind offered a 16-year-old junior expert category since Jonathan Korzekwa of Memphis, Tenn., completed a single lap of the 17-lnile circuit at a pace only five minutes off the pros. You've got to be strong to race with a daisy basket on your handle bars and Doug Daughhetee of Birmingham proved it by finished second behind William Wood, also of Birmingham, in the sport men's 45-plus category. "This is my favorite course in the country," said Linda Murphy, a racer at the Bump and Grind.

Two Timer ...

Linda Murphy accepts congratulations from Ken after winning the Pro Women category. She considers this her most favorite course and has proven she can ride it after two consecutive wins.

Sponsors Continue Great Support

The event's sponsors are what it takes to support an excellent race. With the support of Walls New Media, Cahaba Cycle, Powertel, Gatorade, and Subaru we are able to offer excellent prizes and competition to numerous racers. Please let these sponsors know you appreciate their support of the event and show them your patronage. Oak Mountain State Park is also a big part of making the event a success. Tell the staff how much you appreciate their efforts the next time you see them.
Photos in this issue have been contributed by Keith B, Derrick, ShelIey, and Cahaba CY91es.

Cahaba Heights 967-2003

Hoover 822-6600 OakMtn 987-4043

Blood Rock Attracts Another Crowd ...

Sean Harper and Creed Sewell of Georgia pass through Blood Rock

Way up and Over ...

Darrell Prillaman clears "The Tree".

BUMP and Grind 2000

Did you notice a lot of red shirts at the BUMP and Grind? Volunteers were given a red T-shirt, food, and a great working environment for their hard work. A total of 67 official volunteers and several unofficial were in place Sunday. These individuals are what make the racers enjoy the event, and they should be proud to know, several racers left with a great race experience. The volunteers do several tasks that include course setup, monitoring, registration, food, water, take-down, awards, music, media support, scoring, infonnation, etc. As you can see in the wide range of tasks, organizing these volunteers is a task in itself. Laura did an excellent job of keeping everyone busy and not depleted. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS.

Line 'em Up ... Locals John Waight and David Passmore (center) discuss winning strategies prior to their start of the Beginner Men 35-39. It proved to be a valuable discussion with David placing first and John fourth.

Schwinn Varsity 40th Anniversary

By Joel Robertson

40 Years ago Schwirm introduced the Varsity, the first for mass appeal. Several models were added. 1967-71... American made bicycle (aside from a few custom-built track More features were added for mass appeal (stem shifters, and racing bikes) to feature drop bars and derailleur gears. upright bars, cheater brake levers, cuff protector, mattress After a fairly shaky start, it became the best selling bike of all . saddle, spoke protector). Other companies were quick to time and created a market for the high-end bikes we enjoy follow. today. 1972-76... (The bike boom years) Sales of 10 speed bikes increased from 200,000 in 1970 to around 8 million a year Here's a brief history... from 71-75. (The first time bike sales had surpassed 1890s . 1960...500 varsities were made and sold through a single sales) Schwinn factories produced 5000 varsities a day. California dealer. They featured 8 speed derailleur gears with There were 6 men's and 3 ladies frdIlle sizes and 24" Simplex Tour De France derailleurs (nice stuff at the time), juvenile models available. 26X 1 3/8 tires, leather racing saddle, and side pull brakes. 1977-83... Suddenly, the Varsity became obsolete. The 1961-2...Varsities were distributed nationally. Components market shifted to high-end bikes and Schwirm was too slow were upgraded to Huret Allvit 10 speed derailleur and down to respond. A deluxe Varsity was introduced with Shirnano tube shifters. In 62, in response to increased sales, Schwinn index shifters (the first widely available bike with index added a line of upscale lightweights, the Continental, Super shifters). Sales continued' to decline. Schwinn executives Sport, and Sport Touring along with the Varsity and visited Gary Fisher's mountain bike shop and laughed at his Paramount. . off road bikes built from old Schwinn parts. In 83, the 1963-66... Varsities outsold all other derailleur geared bikes in Chicago Schwinn factory closed and the company went the US. 27" wheels were added along with a wider gear range under a few years later. (If only they had listened to Gary).