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Meet for workdaysat the South Trailhead at the BUMP shed. Timeto meetis 9:0O a.m.Callthe changes. hotlinefor any possible Workdays subject to weather cancellation. March10 - $aturday April I - Sunday May 5 - Saturday June 10 - Sunday July 14 - Saturday August 5 - Sunday September8 - $aturday October7 - Sunday November 10 - Saturday 9 - $unday December
Hosting and supporting theweb pageat www.BUMP.org

Hightightsand UpcomingEvents
Feb24 Rideat SandRock Rideat Swayback Mar4 Meeting Mar7 & Work@ Mar9-10Ride,Camp, OakMountain Mar24 Mud,Sweat& Gearat McWaneCenter May19-20 Bumpand Grind Call our hotline592-BUMP {28S7} for any recorded changes or in BUMPevents. additions


We have severalrod trips plannedin weeks, the upcoming Saturday Feb 24 - Sand Rock near Collinsville - The 1.5 - 2 hour drive makesthis fast ORV trail worth it in the cool winter weather. In total, the outand-back can entertain you vrith 18 trial. Joel Robertson milesof wide-open will be the ride Captain. We will meetat the CrackerBarrelat l-59 Trussville exit (Exit141).Meetat 8:30AM for a 9:00 AM departure.Breakfastmeetingis at 7:30AM. Sunday March 4 - Swayback Bridge Trail Wetumpka - The wonderfultrail systemaround Lake Jordan is quite a 10 miles of it. treat with approximately Meet at the Oak Mountain Cracker Barrel(Hwy 119 exit) at 8:ffi am for an 8'30 departure. PaulBrookesis the ride captain 320-0918.



Prez sez,Comeone, comefrII, to n work/ride/playweekend !

the construc{ion Oak MountainState Park has approved of a Beginner Trail,to be locatednear the SouthTrailhead. The Trail, whicl'r we plan to open Race weekend,is intendedfor Beginners only. Beginners are usuallyKids or those new to the sport.This shouldnot be confused that shouldbe riding with thos'e Sportbut haven'tmovedup yet. Opening this trail shouldtakea lot of trafficoff of TOADduringthe weekends. to the parkand will Thistrailwill be a greataddition makeMountain Bikingmoreaccessible for a lot of youngpeople. In an effortto increase of peoplethatwill be available for trail buitding the number we are planninga huo day WORK I PLAY weekend.Hopefullyeveryonecan sparesornetimeduringthe weekend to helpin the construction. Fittingin at BikeCamp. Doug demonstratesbike fit, His basketof flowersalwaysseemsto fit in and drawsa look. Selection of clothing, tires, gears, and even foliage were some of the many thingsdiscussed duringthe event. MoreBikeCampdetails inside. nightrideson both Fridaythe 9e and Saturday We planned the t0th.Tnis will be the last nightridesat Oak Mountain untillatefall. The PioneerGroupmpsite at the Campground for Friday has been reserved and Saturdaynights.The Campsite will be our activitycenterfor the weekend. Evenif you do not planto comeout for eitherof the Nightridesor camping, come out for the workand socialactivities. For detailscall Bill Johnson 678-9752.Nextwitlbe a trail extension of Johnson's Mauntain.

The BUMP Glub meets on the firet Ullednatday of every rnonth at TrOOp.m. at ths Southeidc Library. Check the BUMP Hotline for any dranges in dates and time. 592-BIIMP (2367)

Ridersat the 2AO1Bike Camp take a break after riding through Mr. Toads and Foreplay as seen in the photo to the right. Some would turn around, and others trekked on through the rocky base of Johnson's Mountain, climbing up, and descending back onto the road before returning. Another group would be wefl ahead of this group taking on the challenge of Blood Rock before returning.


- CampPafticipant Don Hoodenpyle

Bike CampAttractsa Crowd

the anticipation for all the camp, but just increased Weatherpostponed Feb 10 to entertain involved. The weatherbrokejust enoughSaturday 30 participants Having and a dozenvolunteers. signedin with the helpof Anne, and GroverSr.,participants collected one of manydoor prizes(tire Christine, gloves, tee shirts,chums,socksand caps) levers,patchkits,water bottles, donated by area shops, IMBA, and BUMP, and awaited for the main discussion;"Every"thing You Wantedto Knaw About MountainBiking. The presentation addressed the generalities of riding from bike brief 4S-minute rules, and lubes,fit, cleaning,. safety,equipment, tire pressure, suspension, for all This would be just a warm up for actualrides taifored techniques. would ride with groupsio assistand demonstrate levels.BUMPmembers the off towards the Northtrailhead to conquer headed alongthe way.Several alongas guides. full 17-mile loopwith Joe,Joel,ChrisS., and Paultagging to startout with Mr. ToadsWild Ridefor And, manyotherswouldbe content rides rangingfrom 2-1Omiles.With ages from 60, we had all abilities section out with the children. in this popular of trail.MilesP. headed covered groupfollowed with Christine, closebehind Hugh,Laura,Keith,Ken, Another This shortridewould as guides. MarkR., and Denickfittingin whereneeded to enough at BloodRockor sooner.Slowlythe riderslvereexposed terminate lot. Eventually we wouldall get backand trailand wouldreturnto the parking wouldarriveaftera as we do everyride.The full loopers relivethe experience nicelongrideof nearly 3 hours. Our thanks to the sponsors of the event; Bob'sBikes,BikeLink,Cahaba Cycles, CrestlineCycle, HomewoodCycle, IMBA, the volunteers,and participants;Shannon and Morgan Lorenzo, Gabriel Adkins, Grover Michael, Ethan Taylor, Rob Cotney, Don Hoodenpyle, Wedgeworth,Jr., AshleyBaker,Matthew Blaylock, Schmoll, Richard BrainCalhoun, Chestnut, Scott McAtee,ShereeMartin,Karen Panter,John Levoy,John Heinbockel, Soyka Jeff lftight, DuaneHilliard, JoanSteed, CeliaJohnson, ChrisGreener, TrippMcDavid, and ChadBaker. Jackand KayeBarbour, Jan,JohnTaylor,

Re-Gyclists Ahound & Others Begin

WOW what a crowd this month! Come, join the fun see what BUMP is allabout. Ps,ul Brookes* Jaek and Am3'Brrursdorf" Hardwick Grcgg* Pete Wolfinger* Srm Browni Doug Daughhetee* Ed Gates' GarJ Spradleyr Jim Morton* Jerrl Moore* Tracy Bell Robert Gambrell* Paul and Cheryl Dunlrp* TenT'Glenn Sean Farris* Bart and Marl'Davldson Chonte Hardy Miles and Christ-v Pamonsr Steve and Sturrt Lamp Tom Ertel Hugh and Deanna Leaderr Alicie Batcholder Chris Greener Hugo and Lanier lrom Steve Hawley and the Hawley Company Thanks to our new members and those renewing {*)

for supporting BUMP and the sport of mountain biking. Many renewals were due in December. Membershipruns from Jan - Dec. lf you joined after July of last year, please renew for 2001 at the prorated fee of $10 for all of 2001. All other renewals and new memberships are $20 per year. You can become a member at a local shop or contact us for an application.Applicationsare also availableonline at our web site - www.BUMP.org. Be apart of the fun and join!

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Hoover 8224600 Cahaha Heiplrts 967-2003

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Joan Sfeed- Camp Pafticipant

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Hey Everyone
Iron Legs.Gene'sLoop and Mark's Trail in the Choccolocco ManagemantArea me now open, cleaned up andreadvto ride. Lance Nichols Neqbc Club President

lst Annual Spring Blowout Sale MarchZnd - 6th

.l I Dexter Avenue, Mountain Brook ltillage

(20s) 87e-62ss

1410 Hwy,Vestavia Montgomery 205


lf you would like to run a classified ad, please submit it by the next meeting for inclusion in next month's newsletter. The newsletteris printed by the 15s of each month. For Sale: 2000 Trek 1000 Road Bike - 56 cm less than 200 miles, computer, Boreaus helmet, Shimano road shoes SPD pedals. $500 bike only $575 for it all. David at 6619800 or ironlegsracer@yahoo.com For Sale: Stratos Pro rear shock for Trek Y frame - will fit other bikes length is 6.25 in. remote adj. Lockout multi pos. and adj. rebound $100.00. Englund air kit for '97 judy 85mm tavel needs o-ring kit $60.00 - David at 661-9800 For Sale: Road Bike Trek 2300 - 54 cm YeHow / Green Ultegrawith RSX STI shifters$550. Hardrick 967-2003. For Sale: Schwinn Paramount* 54 cm White CrMoly frame and fork, 105 down tube sbifters Excellent Gondition Special$350. Call Hardwick967-2003 For Sale: C-Dale F600's Several 2000 rental bikes featuring CAAD 3 frames and Fatty DL Headshock D0 XT derailleurs $599 While they last. Hardrvick 987-2003. For SalE: Bump and Grind T-shirts. Several shirts remain from previous races. Contact Anne Seys for purchase at 987-3827. Wanted: COOL old bikes 1930's 1960's Especially Schwinn.Absolutelyany condition. CallJoel 252-1612

"Leong" the rider- the person-thefriend

hy David Passmore It all started at the '98 Bump-andGrind. It was to be Leong's and my first race. Not knowing each other as we went up the hill, I can remember passing him and him passing me back I thought it would be no problem to catch him again in the woods. I was wrong. He went on to a fifth place finish while I finished seventh. I must admit I w-as mad. After that, I began seeing him as we did our Sat rides only saying hello as we passed.Until I saw him in the parking lot and asked if he was racing Munny Sokol. lle said nc. I was disappointed. I wanted another chance to beat him. I was surprised that he came to watch me race. He acted as if we were the best of friends from the moment on. We began riding EVERY Sat. morning. It was the best FLIN riding I've ever had and even better training. We grew to be good friends and perfect riding partners. He pushed me and I pushed him. Never at the sametime and that was perfect. We began talking about each other's lives and cultures. so different it made for a never-endins learning adventure. That adventure came to an end this Jan. when Leong left to go home to Malaysia. His desire to be with his family and start his own could not be suppressed any longer. I tried to convince him this was his home and we were his family now. I was sincere but it was a uselessgesture. + -

2001BUMP Board of Directors

BUMP is a notfor profit organization President Bill Johnson 678-975? VicePres. l-ouroCotlin 591-2337 Tressurer AnneSeys 987-3827 Secretory PculBrookes 320-0918 iAember ilrorgot Andison ?52-t612 rttrember Kgith Brfant 4?4-055f Newsfetter DernickSeys 987-3827


(205) ssl-3335

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Leong was always a true friend who alwayshada good outlook and never had a cross word too say. I always could get along with him and that all because of the person Mud, Sweat,and Gear at McWsne Center he was. All I can say is that the last An Outdoor E4ro is planned for March 24 at the McWane day I saw him was one of the Center starting at 10:00 AM. Outdoor enthusiasb will meet adventure exhibitors speciatizing in biking, hiking, skiing, saddest andyet happiest daysof my scuba, caving, and rock climbing as well as fitness and life. I realized how much he wellnessexperts. Come and learn about the latest and enjoy a bungee run, the touchedour lives and how muchI'll miss him. But, how geat it was to Velcro and climbing walls. The lM$( ftlm Journey lnto Amazing Caves willpremiere. For more information,pick up havethe chanceto be friends with the Outdoor Expo Guide in the March 15 issue of Black and such a good and kind hearted White or contact Cecilia Pearson at 933-0,*60x 107. person. I wish him the bestthat life The t\|lDfUil(fp is pubtished to inform the lwal mountain bikng has to offer, he deserves it. Goodcommwrity of current happemngs in the area, and promote safe bye Friend. and responsible use of mountain bic-vcles. If you rn'ould like to
submit infonnation of any kind please let BI-IMP knorv. Your ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. Leave a message on our Hotline at (205) 592-BUMP or send an e-meil to iBykDoU@,aolcom.

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Ridein T-Touvn
By Paul Brookes On Safurda,v January20th rve madethe shorttrip down I-59 (at maniacalspeeds thanksto David) to Munny Sokol Park. We w.ere met thereb_v Jim & Debra Morton. Paul & Cheryl Dunlap. and their friend David, and Seanplus anotherrider from Huntsville. The excellent wea&er conditionsand the dr5'trail madefor somereal fun riding - eventhough the leaf-coveredcorneff were a little sketchy in place. The ride was overall fairly unsventful,just the usual cries of "my lungshurt" and "m,_v butt's sore" - the kind of stuff you expect this time of -vearwhen people have been off the bike for a while. Anrr+'a--v. &ings wereall going smoothl.v until we got to the creek crossing. A ferv of us got there first and decided to direct the others through the creek insteadof over the bridge. Well. needless to sa1. the rnevitable happened and David did a spectacular faceplantin the gravel lined creek! Moral of the stor.v- dont listen to anvonervho tells vou to ride tlrough a creek.

Expansioncontirues of Trussvilletroils. . Gary Griggs. Andrew, Chris, David, and Derrick all worked on the Februaryworkday to expandthe lt{orthernsectionof trails that will eliminate the roadway usage nearthe Tennis courts.

Birmingham Urban Mountain Post Office Box 590061 Birmingham, AL 35259-()061 page www.BUMP.org Internet A rnernber of fh{BA


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