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Oak Mountain Race

Jeremiah Bishop completed an impressivewin Meet for workdays at the South at the Seventh Annuaf BUMP and Grind Trailhead at the BUMP shed. besting past winner Jason Sager in the men,s Time ts meet is g:00 a.m. Call the Pro/ Elite division.Twotime OfympianTinker hotline for any possible changes. Juarez was on the course, but a ffat tire did not Workdays subject to weather cancellation. allow him to finish. The leaderswere pretty tight going into the last July 14 - Saturday lap. "He was like a rabbit," Jeremiah said August 5 - Sunday recounting his victory and chasing Tinker. ,,1 September B - Saturday got a gap and was running on adrenaline,, he October 7 - Sunday continued,but knew he only had 20 seconds November'f0 - Saturday or so and that would be tough to hold. What he December g - Sunday did not know was the Olympianflatted and was not able to completethe race. First time is a charm for many, and firsttime Alabama racer Melissa Thomas was able to edge out two-timewinner Linda Murphy in the Pro women category. These winnerswould be joined by many more. The event featured 710 registered riders for the weekend of events. Saturday,s downhilf attracted over 75 riders and Sunday an enthuslastic group totaling rnore than 650 participated SupportingBUMP'sGraphic in the cross-country race. Designsand web page at A brief shower was just enough to add for www.BUMP.org some playful puddles on Saturday after the DH. Othenrise,the weatherwas not a factor. The dual event weekend and additionai trials PARKING AT OAK MOUNTAIN entertainmenthad kept numerous volunteers Just a reminder,the marinaat Oak busy right up to the beginningof the races and Mountainis designated parkingfor long after. However, the hard work showed in marina userc.Bikersshould use one producingan excellentevent. of ihe numerousother parkinglots. Sunday began earfy and the first rider on the course wss Zach "the rabbit,, Morris as he guided the under 10 racers through the singletrack.Ken's only word of advice to the youngsterswas to follow Zach, and if you pass him, rnaybea little laugh. Thirty-nine other categories would follow before it was all over. Racers from all over the country and even Puerto Rico would compete over $10,000in cash and merchandise. Numerouscomments were made on how well And T7rey Are Off... both eventswere run. That is a tributeto all the The Junior Olympicsstarted the volunteersand our sponsors; Cahaba Cycles, XC races on Sunday. Over 75 Walls New Media, Powertel, and Gatorade. young riders competed over Next year's race is already being planned,and sections of the same course we hope to see everyone back. raced by all others.
The BUMP Glub meets on the first lltednesday

[Iighlights and Upcoming Events

July11 Meeting Hoover Library July 14 Workday Aug 1 Aug 5 Sep Meeting Hoover Library -Oak Mtn Workday

BBCCentury Sep I GCC Race-Tuscaloosa Oct$,6 24 Hrs at Conyers Callourhotline 592-BUMP (2S67) for any recorded changes or additions in BUMP events.

Meeting for Summer Plans


The next BUMP meeting is WednesdayJuly 11 at the Hoover Libraryat 7 PM. Come join us and hear all the summerplans. A surnmer social is being pfanned, possibilities other include;where will the next group rides be, night rides, bike polo, Trussville Dog Days in August, grand opening and kids race on new trail, BBC Century in September, a 6-10 person 24hour team for October's event in Conyers is possible, October race in Trussville, next year's Bump and Grind.etc. Come be a part of the fun.

Check the BUMP Hotlinefor any changesin dates and time. sg2-BUT\fp es67i

of every month at ?:OO p.m, at the Hoover Librarl

Beginnerus Loop HOMETffiN CYCLEGoes Full Circle

2Sg41t* Str dfumewood
It is finally cornplete.The new Beginner Trail at Oak Mountainis basicallyfinished. The numerousbridgeswere cornpletedat the May workday with lumber generously donated by Home Depot, and labor donatedby severalvolunteers. The trail is located near the South Trail head. Continue around the paved road to locate the entrance off the paved road. The trail climbs to a full loop measuring approximatelya mile. The course is wide and fairly flat. Due tc the new surface,the course is a little choppy, but will smooth with use.

Nevv Members
We are proud to announce several new additionsto the club. JeffBostic Tinker Juarez Joan and Skip Steed" JoeWhenning Thanks to our new members and those renewing fi for supporting BUMP and the sport of mountain biking. Membership runs from Jan Dec. You can become a member at a local shop, contact us for an application, or print an application from site web our Membership raruw.BUMP.org. dues are $20 per household per year.

Assistin TrailWsrh $snatioms

BUMP received several generous donations in the past months to assist in cur endeavors. Home Depot donaied one thousand dollars worth of materialfor usage on the new beginner trail. BUMP member Jeff Bostic and his MDC racingteam showed their supportwith a $100 donatian. These funds greatly assisted in the materiaf needecj to ccnstructthe new bridges on the beginnertrail. Please thank them the "ThankYou". next time you can with your patronageand a kind BUMP is a charitable organization, and accepts tax deductible donations.


YongRidersEnjoy New Trail... A local rider, Magen, enjoys the new Beginner Trail at Oak Mor;ntain.She has ridden ii several "thinks it is fun". The trail is now times and complete and awaits signage. Come see what Magen and others have discoveredthe trail is a fun short loap perfect for beginner riders, shurt hikes, sr a little stroll.

(hanges Location lvleeting

Libran' has been the club's The Southside meetingplace for over a ,vearno*'. but the club retums to the Hoover Librarv. The of meetingwill stiil be the first Wednesdal" the monthexceptfor July rvhereit hasmoved to Jull' I 1. - summer social.fall race, Up for discussion nervrides.etc. Davs, Dog Trussville "lt was awesome, weekend.."" # uras a great

The fallen log made exciting an playground for the "On the Edge" trials riders. After their showing Saturday talents and completing the i0-foot-chimneysweep-drop, Tom, Chuck, and the gang played around the pavilion area

BROOK HIGHLAND PLAZA INVERNESS {2O5} 991-3335 www.hikelinkbham,cem

Linda Murphy - Pro Racer - Team Trek and DH Winner and XC Second place finish on this ye*r's BUMP and Grind

1418MontgomeryHwy, Vestavia 51979-3460 www.bobs-bi

ftom bake 3hop! featured an this lcw3]eltet

June 2OOl lump

memberi ieceivo too/5 otf regular paiccd parts,t accet3o.iet

- Fastand Fun Downhill

www. cahaba les,c ey8 Btll

Hoover 822-6600 Cahaba Heights 967-2003 Oak Mtn 9874043

A Recson to Celebrste... Pro Women celebrate their positions in Sunday's XC race. Melissa Thomas tops the podium and is flanked by Linda Murphy (left), Ellen Carroll, and Beth Frye (far right). Melissa has family in Scottsboro,but now resides in Colorado.What a trip!

FAST would be an under statementfor the downhill racers on Saturday's event. Over 75 riderscompetedon a short sectionof the Red Trail that includedBlood Rock. The shuttleto the top would make it appearthe ride would be too easy to enjoy, but the speed broughtthe fear factor right up. A few changes to the start eliminatedsome of the pedaling,but many riders would hammer for over four minutes to see who would be the fastest. At the trail base, you could see the exsitementin the race faces, but the anguish in others as the dropped off their rides to catch their breath. Was the altitude or rapid descent a factor? Spectators afong ihe trail would see the riders eat up the bumps and some incrediblemoves.Anyone at the log crossingwill not forget the endo by the man in green. Blood Rock was cleanedby many with awe-inspiring speed. The field consistedof numerousSE area riders,but with UCI points up for grabs. several riders from Colorado, California, Vermont, and other far off states competed. En route to Big Bear, the Pro racer Todd Bosch was pleased at the event and his first place finish. The spirit of the female cornpetitorsfar exceeded their participant numbersas they canied a smilewhereverthey were seen. The event required a lot of hard work by many volunteers and we should be proud to know that the racers enjoyedthe return of the downhillat Oak Mountain.

Eavesdropping at the BTIMF and Grind "...you

have one of the premier racesin the SF" - Austin Boyd "Just wanted to say thanks far an incredible race. The course is currently ranked at the top of my list as an all time favorite. /f was a cours clearly designed for biking - ff was a rolling, fast gaod time" - Alexandra Robinette- 3'oPlace Expert racer from Texas "Theseget betterevery year'- unknown racer admiringrace T-shirt and new logo designed by Walls New Media ". ..not used fo ihe twisty-turnystuff' * MefissaThomas Pro Winner from eolorado "Having come to your race severa!times in the past and again this year, I wfsh to congratulateyaur club on another enjoyabfe race for the participants.We really had a good experienceand the trails were in fine shape."- Chuck Granner Sport Racer fronr Kentuckyand Chain ReactionCyclingClub ' THANK YOU volunteers" - Barbara Malki of Cahaba Cycles "Thanksfor putting an a great race" - Tom Slay 2ndPlace Sport Racer from Tennessee " I just wanted fo say GREAT JOB! I hope everybodythat compefedi,vas pleased wt& as From Across the Ivfiles... y'alfs work" - Craig Tamburelloand Bike Link of lnverness "Greatrace - I had a blas{ * Bobby Harlow ClydsedaleRacer The Pro Men's Downhill attracted riders from


lf you would like to run a classifiedad, please submit it by the next meeting for inclusionin next month's newsletter.The newsletteris printed by the 15'nof each month. For Sale: Englund air kit far'97 judy 85rnm travel needs o-ring kit $60.00 Polar Heart Rate Monitor Lou Garneau Neoprene booties $30 each, Blackburn Defendertrainer (silver Misc. tires, water bottle eages, seats, and seat packs Call David at 661fubes) $1OCI" 9800 or e-mailat ironlegsracer@yahoo-com if interested. For $ale: CannondaleMtn Bike - Large- EXCELLENTCONDITION- 9sp XTR derailleurs, Hayes disc, XT 12-34 cass, Race Face Crank, Ringle Post, Cross Link Disc (white) wheels,$1950 o.b.o. no pedals.DigitalNight Riderlights- Pro 6 Remoteand Head trip Brand new never used - $199 each - Contact Marty at 256-847-3499and will consider trade for a bass boat! For Sale: Trek 7000, 18 inch Blue AL frame, Rock Shock Quad 21,21 SP grip shift with new LX brakes,$399 contact Hardwickat 967-2003 For Sale: C-Dale Killer V 500, 18 inch Black, 21 SP Judy XC, $499 contact Hardwickat 967-2003 For Sale: C-Dale F700, XL Blue, CAp 2 frame, P-Bone D fork, 24 spd Gripshift,LX rear $549 contactHardwick at 967-2003 Wanted: COOL old bikes 1930's - 1960's Especially$chwinn. Absolutelyany condition. CallJoel 252-1612

acrossthe lands. Todd Bosch from Vermont, Kyle Ebbett of Pennsylvania,and Alex Morgan hailing Texastake the podium to ceiebratetheir positions after Saturday'sdownhill.

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#l I llexter Attenue,Mounlain Brook Village


2001BUMPBoard of Directors
BUMP is a notfor profit organization President Bill Johnson 678-9752 VicePres. Lours Cotlin 591-2337 Treosurer AnneSeys 987-3827 Secretory PsulBrookes 320-0918 iAember At\argot.4ndison 25?-1612 i*lember Keith Bryont 4?4-A556 iAernber BillGsrret Newsletter Derrick Seys 987-3827 The t\\lf}tliN6tp

June 2OO{ Gheck the B|!MF Holline for any changes in dates and tirne. 592-BUTI!P t2867}

Carolina on Their Mind

By Paul Braokes
over the *eekend of .Iune gth-tOth- Joel, Margot. chris Ammons and myself travelled to North Carolina to ride the trails in Pisgah National Forest near Brevard/Asheviile. We rode up Friday night and stayed in cabins at Black-Forest

close". Plent-vof wide grins at the bottom of each section! That evening rve traveled to Asheville and ate at Salsa's - a great Mexican I Caribbean restaurant, r.lhere every dish was composed of about 25 ingredients in an eclectic mixture. A good seleetion of local beers too. There r.le met some friends from Birmingham - Nolan and Marv, u.ho used to be .Ioel & Margot's Neighbors, and l,riere Llp there on vacation. We also met Doug Daughhtee. who had traveied up for a road ride the dav before rvith Jeff Mills of GCC- and w.ho then trar,eled back tvith BtIh'P^ as Jeff had to ieave that er,-ening. The next dav we u.ent to Du Pont park near the campsite and were joined by Nolan and Mary. AII this of course aftsr another (irammy's breakfast. We r*cle to griaul veil Falls - and proceeded to walk behind the u'aterfall and eool off for a vi.hile. There rvas a lot of slick-rock riding and crazy dora'nhill stuff again, and everything \yas compact enough to be rideable in one moming" we then returned to the campsite fcr sholrers and drove back that atlemoon. All in all a great trip, and certainlv worth the drir.e, for some of the best trails in this area of the countn..

Whatq Rtrslr.., Paul and others enjoyed beautiful views in North Carolinaand these wonderfuifalls,


\-.:61,+ -rl*'t"&.F<e.**

gr:-"s, --

Birmingham Urban Mountain Post Office Box 590(}61 Birmingham, AL 35259-0(}61 page www.BUMP.org Internet
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