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BIRMINGHAM UBBANMOUNTAIN PEDALEHS Gobble Gobble. The yearis windingdownandmy weight is goingup.That'sright,the holidayseason is uponus.

What doesit all mean? Well being from the Southit means wearingstretchypantsfor a monthstraight andeatinglike thereis no tomonow.Thenlaying aroundon the floor in front of the t.v. until early eveningand start chowingagain. Unfortunately the weight doesn't comeoff asfast asin the past.That is why I'm thankfulthis Thanksgiving for my bike. It callsto me afterbig meals to go for a nde to losewhatI just put on. It encourages me to be a smarter andsaferrider. It teaches life'r;little lessons. Suchastherearealways obstacles out in front thatyoujust haveto bunnyhopover.Sometimes you canmakeit othertimesyou can't.The mostimportant thingmy bike allowsme to do is escape. Thereis nothingin these stressful times that cantakeawaythe pleasure of gettingon a trail for a few hoursof riding. WHAT A RELEASE! So in thisseason of thanks, takea moment andremember your bike. It is a true friend who will alwaysbe therefor you. No matter how manytimesyou crashor drop it. Eastboundanddown. Milo


BUMPMembership Renewal
Yes,it is coming up to that time of year again.We appreciate all the support that all of our membershave given us. The annualmembership fee is still $20.00per household. Your membership is important and the fee goestoward keepingyour newslettergoing and it assists in trail materialsfor maintenance. If you have any questionsabout your membership,pleaseemail Anne Seys at iBykDoU@aol.comor call 205-9873827 after 7:00 pm. You can renew by mailing in your membership fee to BIIMP, P.O.Box 590061,Bham, AL35259 OR come to the next meeting and give your renewal fee to Anne then. Any updatesto the rostershouldbe done then as well.

2OO1 Nominating Gommittee

There are two Board Members rolling off this year, Paul Brooks and Anne Seys.To elect a member that you feel would be a great part of your 2002 Board, pleasecontactAnita, Doug or Joe with your nominations. Your nominationsneed to be given to the Nominating Committee prior to November30th. Ballots will be given for your vote at our next BLMP meetingDecember5th. Pleasebe sure to make it to the next meetingto place your vote. Doug Daughhetee dwdaughh @southernco. com 205-992-5436(work) 205-995-2013(home) Anita Pinner nitapin@aol.com 205-970-2119(home) Joe Cotlin cotlin@bellsouth.net

205-59r-2337 Supponting BUMP'sgnaphic The BUMP club meets on the first Wednesday of every design and web pageat month aE 7:OOp.m.at the Hoover Library.


Check the BUMPHotline for anychanges in datesandtime.592 BUMP[2867]

2OO1 BUMP X-rnasparty

This year,Doug andCharlotte 15that 7:00 Daughhetee will be our host.The dateis Saturday, December p.m. Mark your calendars for this wonderful time of fun andfellowship! Directions arepostedbelow.If you haveany questions, pleasecontactDoug or Charlotteat 205-995-2O13 to seewhat you may needto
bring to the gathering.Items such as food, beverages, alternativebeverages, and your holiday face may be neededto assurethat everyoneenjoys this festive BUMP celebrationof good tidings. DrnncuoNs To Douc & CHaru,orrE DaucnnETEErsHousn IN NoRTH Snnlny CouNry: From B'ham via I-65 Take the CahabaValley Rd (Hwy 119)/ Oak Mtn SP exit (#246) south of B'ham and go left (north) on Hwy 119.Go 4.5 miles to Oak Ridge subdivision, which will be on the right about 1 mile past the traffic light at Caldwell Mill Rd, directly acrossHwy 119 from the main entranceto Heardmont Park. From B'ham via US 280 -

BftCIOKHIGFII.Af-ID FLAEAlfr{VER.NESS f:s5J sgr-J3:?S relmjr&fren?.om r*ryry"hfi

Go east4 rnilespastI-459 to the intersection Go 5 milesto Oak with Hwy 119andtum right (south). Ridgesubdivision, directlyacross which will be on the left about0.5 mile pastthe OakMtn schools, Hwy 119from the main entrance to HeardmontPark. palegreenwith white upper& Oncein Oak Ridge,you'll seethehouse on the hillsidestraightahead, (205-995-2013). pleasep4rk on the lower front po1chgs, 1441-Qak Ridge Drivg To ease tr4,1c_p3:CgCg at uphill side of the streetonlv.

IMBA ReviewsWilderness
leaders are IMBA is expanding IMBA staffandvolunteer its work on theissueof bicyclingandWildemess. designations. Federal agengroupleaders proposals meeting with conservation to discuss for newWildemess has to Washington, cieshaveprohibitedcyclingin Wildemess Thus far, IMBA staff traveled areas since1984. Society, Sierra DC, SanFrancisco and Sacramento, Califomia,for this project.We'vemet with The Wildemess Aheadarevisitsto Idaho, Club,CaliforniaWildemess CoalitionandCaliforniaWild Heritage Campaign. its leaders analyze Georgia andelsewhere. Whena newWildemess areais proposed, IMBA andour grassroots boundaries to seewhetheror not the proposalconflicts with trails usedfor bicycling. If a conflict doesexist, the work of we negotiatewith the Wildernessproponents to try to find a compromise. REI is sponsoring IMBA andThe Wilderness Society on the bicycling/Wildemess issue.
The llttdslitrger is published to inform the local mountain biking community of current happenings in the area, and promote safe and responsible use of mountain bicycles. If you would like to submit information of any kind, pleaselet BUMP.know. Your ideas and suggestionswill be appreciated.Leave a messageon our Hotline at (205) 592BUMP or send an e-mail to iBvkDoU@aol.com.

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t410 ltilentgorr*ryH*ry,Vestavia

BUMP members receive 1O"/o otf regular priced pants / aecessonies fnom bike shops featuned in this newsletten

Galenderof our UpcomingBUMP Events

November 24th - Turkey Burn ride at Oak Mtn, meet BUMP shedat 9am Friday November 30th - Putative Oak Mtn night ride. North Trailhead 7pm. December 2nd - Monte SanoRide Meet at the CrackerBarrel FieldstownRd at 8am, leave 8:30am December sth - Monthly meeting Voting in new board members.7pm Hoover library December 9th - Work Day at Oak Mtn, Meet 9am BUMP shed.
December 15th - Xmas party. Doug & Charlotte's house, 7pm. Well, folks that's it for now. We look forward to your nominationsand seeingyou at our next meeting. Thank you for your support.

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iil 1 fllexterAv*ttue, M$untstn Sraok l"rillnge

8?9-6255 {u{}5}

Workday Galendar ?,OO1

Meet for workdays-atthe South Trailhead at the BUMP shed.Time to meet is 9:00a.m.Call the Workdaysare hotline for any possiblechanges. cancellation. subjectto weather

December 9 - Sunday



2831tf Str*et, Homawood 879^3?44

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H<rerrtr E7?-6f.!J$ tlohaba Heighto 116?-2(ll)i tlak lv{tn 987-'tU43

2OO1 BUMP Board

If you would like to run a classifiedad, pleasesubmit it by the next meetingfor inclusion in next month's newsletter. The newsletteris printed by the 15th of eachmonth. Wanted: COOL old bikes 1930's- 1960'sEspecially Schwinn.Absolutelyany condition.Call Joel252-1612

of Dinectors
Bill Johnson Laura Cotlin Anne Seys Paul Brooks Margot Andison Keith Bryant Bill Garret

BUMP is a not fon profit onganization

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Member Member Member Newsletter 674-9752 591-2337 987-3821 320{918 2524612 424556

Miles G. Pansons BO2-7293

Check the BUMP Hotline for any changes in dates and time. 592-BUMP (28671