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Dear BUMPers,


SageF and Grigson GrindOut Wins

JasonSagerand Mary Grigsontook the top podium spotsin the Pro fields at the Eighth Annual BUMP and Grind at Oak Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama. Sager addeda little heat to an already hot day to put separation betweensecondplace finisher Ryan Trebun and Tinker Juarez. "He seemed to know every turn and stick every corner," commentedtwo-time Olympian on Sager'svictoriousrun. How very true. Jasonwon the eventin 1999 Juarez when the course was expandedto match the current track of two l7-mile loops, and was runner up last year. "It was hard, and theseguys keepgetting faster,"statedSagerpointing to the podium talent besidehim. Mary Grigson debuted on the course and was challengedby Mary McConnelougand last year's winner Melissa Thomas. The Gary Fisher/ SubaruPro toppedthe Pro Women field attractingwomen riders from across the land. McConnelougof California had traveledfrom Durango'sIron Horse andGCCycling members on Sunda with the fifth place Men's Pro finisher Michael Broderick in a "$500 Saab." Thomashails from Boulder,Colorado. contactme for more info and to RS\IH Over 600 racerscompeted for nearly $12,000in cashand prizesin 51 catOurnextmeeting will beWednesday, August 7th at theusual timeandplace, anda few "big"itemsareon.the egories. The l7-mile loop was nearly perfect after rain earlier in the week. agenda.Probably on thetopof everyone's list wouldbe Oak Mountain'sRedTrail is considered oneof the finestin the Southeast. The topic$'Such asWIIERE..fandWI{EI{.,.?to buildmore Pro / Expertfields ran two laps and the Sport classes one. The BUMP and Grind had severallocal riders, but being a local doesnot guarantee a win. Eric Murphy of Apoka, FL won the Expert SeniorMen and not a single local rider was in the top ten. However,in the MasterMen 30-39 things changed.Birmingham residents Will Hibberts and Mike Hurley would securefirst and secondrespectively. Birmingham'sEllen English(40+) would find herselfcaughtup in of theBUMPtrail for this typeof event.lVe need as Woodstock. Woodstock Georgiathat is. LorettaSimpsonof Woodstock finBUMPmembers present many aspossible for discussion. just ished first in the Expert Womenwith Ellen 15 seconds behind,but ahead I hope youall soon, everyone hasa great sunrmer. See of Woodstock's Lisa Ropke. Take care. "I may Be Old But My Mountain Bike Doesn't Know That" decorates a Laura Cotlin licenseplate in the parking lot. It would surely apply to the riders in the new 50-99 Sport group wit h16 registered riders. How aboutGeneKennedytaking fourth place at 63 yearsyoung. In addition to the very experienced riders, severalnew comersraced. Sarah JaneBrock experienced her first raceand won the BeginnerWomen19-29,but missedher spot on the podium as she fed her dad Jim enrouteto a first place finish in the Expert 45+ men.
I hope this newsletter finds everyone in the middle of a safeand enjoyablesummerfilled with lots of riding!! Unfortunately, I haven'tbeenon my bike the pastthree weeksdue to a broken arm. At leastthe new houseis keepingme busy - not nearly as much fun as being on my bike, but it won't be much longer beforeI can ride again. In the meantime,nexttime you're out there,ride a few extramilesfor me... I want to take this opportunityto thank everyonewho helpedto make the2002 Bump & Grind a huge success. Denick and Hardwick directed a fabulous race and many othersworkedwith them in the monthsbd:fore to pull it off. We had 70+ volunteers over the weekendand we couldn't havedoneit without everyone's hard work. There are a few rides scheduledduring the month of July; Kentuckon Sundaythe l4th and Mentoneon Saturdaythe 27th. We alsohave a pool party with BBC

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The BUMP club meets on the finst Wednesday of euery month at 7:OOp.m.at the HoouenLihnary.
the BUMP Check Hotline for anychanges in dates andtime. 592-BUMP t28671

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How do you make single track sweeter?Just ask Nathan Dolbear of Mobile, and surely he will reply "add sugar." Nathan finished 24 oat of 37 in Sport Men 25-29 and was on the trail thinking, "I could really usethat" ashe gazedatthe full rigs from his Gary Fisher hardtail. Each racer had suspension an opportunity to win a new Gary Fisher Sugar 4 displayed atop SerraSubaru'sblue WRX, and Nathan'snumber225 won. But even without the extra Sugar,the largestSport field to dateis a testimonial to the courseandits challenges.Over40Vo of thefield wasSportclass, but the Singlespeeders would show the one-lap category who was king. Chris Wyatt of Birminghamwould turn the loop in an impressive 1:12:05 beating all geared-sport rider times. JamesTindill of Birmingham, Scott Robersonof Destin, and Greg Gilbert of Atlanta would takehomethe medalsin the event'slargestfield, SportMen 3034 with 64 riders. Many Beginners found the cooler morning temperatures helpful in the 3-mile climb up PeavineFalls Road. Timothy Hammock of Covington, LA would take first place in one of "bigger" the fields, Beginner Clydesdale. The group featured 17 riders from all acrossthe Southeast.JoshCrashywas able to fend off his namesake and win the BeginnerMen 19-24. The Junior Olympics was specialfor Meridith Alexanderof the 12 and Under group. She won the race and a new jersey during the door pfize give-aways. The Junior Olympics looks for aspiringyoung athletes,but keepyou eyeson the very very young starters. Clad with bright paint and bar streamers; Eli Clarke,CarolineCollins, EthanClarke,andAllyson Beldonall competed in the Shimano Youth Series Training Wheel Division. The Youth Series participantsrace a much shorter version of the samecourse usedby the pros. Over 20 others would competein eight additionalYouth Seriescategories. Trials riders entertainedthe crowd throughoutthe day and door prizes donatedby the sponsors passed the time as results we(g sortedand posted.A well deserved applause washeardat


the awardsfor the nearly 80 volunteersthat worked the event and the sponsorsthat supportedit; Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Dirt Rag, SerraSubaru,CahabaCycles, Shimano,Homewood Cycles,Walls New Media, SouthernLinc, and Gatorade. For more information go to www.bump.org.

2002 BUMPn' GrindSponsors

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Not gecing club e-nails? Please rcspoodto iBytDou@aol,co@ to remdythe solutim, We get severalkicked back due to siqle little enols (is tlat an i, l, o. 1?). That ll'ay explaitryour eDpty trail bor, atrdyou canhelp us frd the enor by sendingus your address.h the hterest of safety,we snda BIhd Copy woekly (typicauy mid week),nnd ftis has alsopre6e d detvry InoblemsSat $e neverhow about. lrcal srve$ wil block sorneBlind Copiesfrom AOL aDdlvEN. Pleas let us how if you are a paid trrehber atrddo trot rcceivehail. If you wish trot to reative il let us krcw as well. -DoA
The }tudrlinger is published to inform the lossl rn6untnin Siking community of current happenings in the area, and promote safe and responsible use of mountain bicycles. If you would like to submit information of any kind, please let BUMP know. Your ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. l:ave a message on our Hofline at (205) 592.BUMP or send an e.mail to iBykDoU@aol.com.

BUMP membens receive lOYo oft regular priced parts / aceessories fnom bike shops featured in this newsletten

To all Bump Members, Volunteers and Sponsorsof the Bump and Grind: I wanted to thank all of the members of Bump, Volunteers at the race and theSponsorsfor once again organizing and putting together one of the best races in the Southeast.I have participated in many races acrossthe this area by several different orgainzations and by far the Bump and Grind race has the best organization, the most volunteer participation and the best sponsorparticipation that I have witnessed. I want to especially thank those volunteershanding out the water bottles on the climb. Thanks again for putting on such a greatevent. Dr. Scott L. and Lisa M. Roberson Destin, FL P.S. Let me be the first to vote for the Bump and Grind Norba National for 2003!! !!! Just wanted to say that you and the BUMP people did a greatjob on the race. It was well organized and I never really had any questions. Some of the other raceso I've been confused and had to ask about the course layout. Also, I believe that may be the frst race that went off on time. Thc photo guy was a great iriea. Very sei,ioil ,io you get professional level action photos during the race. I've had them at the start or finish by friends with their canons but never this level of professional pics. You also said to tell you if we thought of something that might have made it a little better. I think a food vendor or two would have beel kind of nice or even a fund raising group with food. By noon I was getting kind of hungry and unfortunately didn't have anything with me and I didn't want to leave to go get something and have to come back. I know at some of the Florida races, they've had some of the local organizationslike boy scouts or girl scouts or some thing like that grilling hamburgersand hotdogs for a fund raisers. Just a thought, not that important. Next year I will be sure to have food with me at the park. Again Good job. Mike Bobroski Good Morning! Today is the day after the Bump and Grind. My 12 yr. old son and I enjoyed ourselvesto the max! It was a great, well-organized event. We are frequent trail riders at Oak Mountain although we live in Elmore County near Wetumpka and are affiliated with the group that builds and maintain trails at Swayback Bridge. However, we are impressedby the professionalism and kindness of the mernbersof the BUMP organization.We also feel a bit of a senseof duty to be a part of BUMP since we enjoy the use of the trails, and are aware of the volunteer efforts vital to the success of a trail system. We would have some limitations to our participation due in part to our location. Other obligations we have are Boy Scouts,SundaySchool, Wednesday night church youth activities, and, of course,SwaybackBridge Trails. Are events such as trail maintenance,or group rides scheduled on Saturday?We have many Friday afternoonsopen that possibly would allow us to do some trail work. We could probably make an occasionalWednesdaynight meeting, but not monthly. My concern is that we would have limited usefulnessto the BUMP organtzation.I do not want us to appearas someonenot carrying their weight. Could you use someonewith these limitations? Thanks. Sitrcereiy, Marvin Cox GraduateProgram Advisor School of Leadership and Human Services Southern Christian University

I just wanted to thank you folks for doing such a great job this weekend. BUMP and Grind is the premier event in the south. Bob Weatherly

I just wanted to compliment BUMP on another great race! Team Peggy had a really good time and was able to get a few riders on the podium. As always, the course was in great shape,the volunteers were friendly, and the water in the feed zone was cold! The medals given to the Sport winners were VERY nice and rival any I've won at NORBA Nationals. Great t-shirts, too; cashfor Sport is ALWAYS nice! I have one suggestion--PlEASE speedup the time frame of the awards ceremony. Some of us waited over two hours after we finished for awards. Maybe move the kids races to very first thing in the morning or immediately after the Experts finish. Some of us have a long drive home, and it is usually very hot out at the race venue. The results posting was MUCH better this year than in years past; they were up quickly and accurately. Once again, my compliments on a great race! This is always one of my favorites of the year. Trish Albert Team Peggy

deliversbig Mentofi-e on mud!
by Paul Brookes On Saturday April 27th, Demick, Mark, Margot, myself and Denise (a new arrival from California) went to Mentone. The ride up was uneventful, apart from getting lost trying to find the trailhead - concentrating too much on a multitude of yard sales and antique markets in the area. "the pocket", a 150ft waterfall, which actually We started at had water in it - the first BUMP visit it hasn't been dry. The ride up the 1000ft+ ctimb was pretty tough, not aided by the 85 degreeweather, l00Vo humidity, and roughness of the terrain. Plenty of mud from the overnight rains had us walking at numerous points. Upon reaching the top, we all rested at the "high point", a spectacularcliff overlook, and were rewarded by close encounters with apafu of turkey-buzzards about 10ft away. We figured there was a nest nearby, since they were acting pretty defensively. We then rode around at the top for a while, including a great downhill with plenty of slick rock. We got slightly lost again, then headed for the downhill that we'd all been anticipating. It did not disappoint, with plenty of near-misses,and only one major crash by Mark. The combination of wet tree roots and mud made for some interesting cornering with both wheels sliding. The lower parts of the descent made for some serious speed and jumping opportunities, ending with a stream-crossingand the fire-road into the parking lot. All in all a great technical ride - 3.5 hours for 11 miles, and certainly worth the drive. On the way back we headed for a yard sale with dozens of old bikes, but nothing worthwhile - the house owner knew a little bit too much about bikes for there to be any real treasuresthere.

of Night E1-t-remes Riding

by Denick Seys The club's Friday night ride in Trussville was extreme. Hardwick and Inside Mike of Cahaba Cycles; Mitch and Julian of Bob's Bikes; and I met up to run the course a couple of times. This night ride was a lot like those we enjoyed over the winter months, but warmer. A refreshing change. What was so extreme about it? The Equipment. Inside Mike was on a single speed,and Julian was on the other end of the bicycle spectrum with his Giant AC 1 motorcycle-1ess-the-engine-big-tired-full suspensionbehemoth. The rest of us were in the middle on hardtails, soft tails, and full suspension. First loop was clockwise, and began with one of cycling's scariest moments. Hitting the trail unprepared and compounded by nightfall. Hardwick had a flat on the grassy knoll minutes after we started. He was tubeless, and had a flat. He is not riding tubeless tires, he simply did not have a tube, or patch kit, or pump. As the other riders felt sorry for his situation, Mitch spotted him a tube, and Mike had CO2 to fill it with. It was a ride where Julian would use the AC1's momencat-and-mouse up the rear on downhill sections in a baneling come tum to with the others. He did it very well conhang to attempt valiant twice what Mike's uno speedo weighed his ride sidering weighed. We pressedon without any real hitch. Ran another lap in the oppositedirection and called it a night. It was collectively agreed upon we should schedule this as a weekly event. Monday was the night meeting at/ ot 7:30 PM. Look for more information soon, call Hardwick at Cahaba Cycles, or Mitch or Jutian at Bob's Bikes if you are interestedin the night rides.

Gardenin EastwodMall at July l4th: KENTUCK! Bump will hit the ORV trails at Kentuck (nearAnDistotr).Meet in the pafting_lot of the.Olire Cheaha iostead" well dde possibility), (a distinct peanut-buttel-fest inlo a Kentuck tums It it rains and departG. for an 8:30am 8:oitam join them, then let 'em Jply 2.0-2lsh Snowmass,CO. Derrick & Ame Seysare headedthere for the wekendio race alld hang-out.If you wanna kubwl (ibykd,ou@aol.com). (i.e. no brcken limbs), but this July tthr MENTONE! Yes the legendof Mentonctetums for tlle 21d time in a yar... it faited to delivcr last time parking lot (exit 141of I-59) Banel penilct Trussville Cracker Be at the Epici fail to haya an we cant as riae bader, ana a"gt"" treat iJ. *ittt fOO for 8amwith water and a Doctol's note if you darc. August 4th: BUMp, BBC, and GCC are hayitrg a POOL PARTY in Vestavia.Morc details!o folow, but it will be basicallya big palty with bdngpolo, but anything'spossible vo,ia*o pi"ni" -d ft-gniry out by the pool. Ilre jury i8 still out on a gameof underwateibike August 7th: The next BLMP meetingat HooverPublic Librtry, 7pm followed by Mexican food at sol Aztrca in vestavia. other Late Septnbr / Early October: ltail camp A whole weekendof cutting new hails, hopefully combinedwith caurpingandbarbccueand Watchthis space! eyents.

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