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A little bit of grammar

Grammatical person in English Pronoun Person/plurality Standard First person singular Second person singular / plural Third person singular, masculine / gender-neutral third person singular Third person singular, feminine Third person singular, neuter First person plural Third person plural/gender -neutral third person singular (correctness of this usage disputed) Gender

I You He She It We They

masculine feminine neuter -

The use of Possessives in English Possessive determiner : A determiner used in front of a noun to express possession or belonging (as in " my phone").

Example: This is my phone. This is your notebook. This is her magazine

Possessive Pronoun : A pronoun that can take the place of a noun phrase to show ownership (as in "This phone is mine").

Example: Its mine . Guess its color.

Grammatical Person Possessive Determiners (weak) My Your His Her Its Our Your Their Possessive Pronouns (Strong) Mine Yours His Hers Its Ours Yours Theirs

I You He She It We You They

a) Circle the correct answer.

1. This is her office. This is hers/mine/his 2. That is my pen. It is ours/hers/mine 3. These CDs belong to me. They are theirs/ours/mine. 4. Is this your hat? Is it your/yours/hers? 5. That is my cat. That is hers/mine/his. 6. This is your pencil. This is yours/hers/mine. 7. This is her present.This is hers/his/yours. 8. This is our house. This house is ours/theirs/hers. 9. That book belongs to me. It is mine/theirs/hers. 10. This chair belongs to my mum. This chair is theirs/his/hers.

b) Fill in the gaps using possessive determiners.

1. The pen belongs to Mr. Grant. It's pen. 2. The book belongs to Mary. It's book. 3. The suits belong to the boys. They're suits. 4. The house belongs to us. It's house. 5. The eraser belongs to Fred. It's eraser. 6. Those shoes belong to the children. They're shoes. 7. The hat belongs to you. It's hat. 8. The hats belong to you. They're hats. 9. The notebook belongs to me. It's notebook. 10. This pen belongs to Mrs. Williams. It's pen.

c) Fill in the gaps using possessive determiners or pronouns.

1. Jack has two sisters. _____ names are Jane and Judith. 2. Look at this lovely bird ! ____ head is red ! 3. Kate is not in my bedroom. She is in ____. 4. This rabbit is not in the right hutch. Please put it in _____. 5. You like painting. _______ paintings are beautiful. 6. She speaks English very well because ______ mother is English. 7. Our car is red and _____ is blue. 8. My friends love gardening. _______ garden is fantastic. 9. Kate and Mary, don't play with these ba lls, they are not ______. 10. We don't like their house, we prefer _______. 11. Is that your hat? No, it is not ______ .