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Lab VIEW Based Project Titles

S. No.
1. applications 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Design of low cost DAQ for Lab VIEW Gas detecting surveillance Robot Wireless Measurement and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse Automated boiler temp, pressure and flow monitor and control using Lab VIEW 7. Lab VIEW Based Automatic Rising and falling speed control of Stepper motor. 8. An solar panel automated Position control according to SUN using Lab VIEW 9. 10. 11. Wireless Rotor RPM measurement using Virtual Instruments Wireless Health monitoring system Virtual Instruments for measuring Voltage, Resistance, Temp and Pressure.

Project Title
Low voltage motor protection & control industrial Process


Design and Implementation of BP Neural Network Based on in Fault Diagnosis


Intelligent Analyzer For Home Care Blood Pressure Measurement


Novel Design Solutions for Remote Access, Acquire and Control of Laboratory Experiments on DC Machines

15. 16.

Control of Fuzzy Based Mine Detecting Robot XBee Wireless Sensor Networks for Heart Rate Monitoring in Sport Training

17. 18.

A Self-Controlled Energy Efficient Office Lighting System Air condition Control System of Weaving Workshop using Lab VIEW


Based on NImyDAQ Sound Processing System using Lab VIEW


Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network based Human Fall Detection System using Lab VIEW


Simulation of Dimmer Circuit for Daylight Harvesting using Lab VIEW


Staying-Alive Path Planning with Energy Optimization for Mobile Robots using Lab VIEW


System on Temperature Control of Hollow Fiber Spinning Machine Based on Lab VIEW


The Application of in Data Acquisition System of Solar Absorption Refrigerator using Lab VIEW


Design and Implementation of Embedding Web Server for Real Time Data Acquisition and Logging System using Lab VIEW


Design of Real Time Data Acquisition with Multi Node Embedded Systems using Lab VIEW

27. 28.

Energy Conservation in Smart Home using Lab VIEW A Novel Water Level Monitoring and Control of a Large Building using NI Lab VIEW


Robot Aided Remote Medical Assistance System using Lab VIEW

30. 31.

A DC Motor Speed Controller using Lab VIEW Data Acquisition and Supervisory Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse using Lab VIEW


Design & Implementation of Smart House Control using Lab VIEW


Design of a Robotic Arm for picking and placing an object controlled using Lab VIEW


Design of microcontroller based wireless SCADA system for real time data using Lab VIEW

35. 36. 37.

Position Control System Design Based On Lab VIEW Data Acquisition System Design using Lab VIEW Design And Simulation Of Temperature Measurement circuit Based On And Multisim using Lab VIEW


Motor Parameter Measurement and Testing System Based on


Design and Development of Mobile Based Smart Tele-Health Care System for Remote Patients using Lab VIEW

40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51.

Based Alarm Systems In Home using Lab VIEW Simulation of a Real-Time Bus Arrival Predictor using RFID and Controlled Robot Controlled Wireless Robot using Lab VIEW Solar Tracking System using Lab VIEW RFID Based Access System using Lab VIEW RFID Based Automated Billing using Lab VIEW Biometric Based Attendance System using Lab VIEW Interfacing GSM Modem to Interfacing GPS Modem to Wireless Data Logging System using Lab VIEW Gesture Based Home Automation

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