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Aspects of yoga against injustice Kailash ch sabat-7207884783

"Om purna mada purna midam Purnaat purnam udachyate Purnasya purnam adaaya Purnam eva vasishyate Om shanti shanti shantih" That is the whole, this is the Whole; from the Whole, the Whole arises; taking away the Whole from the Whole, the Whole remains"
sukha dukhe same kritva labha labhou jaya jayou tatho yuddhaya yujyasva naivam papam avapsyasi

Having an equal mind in happiness-sorrow; gain-loss; victory-defeat; engage in battle and thereby you will not incur sin. Psychology if imbalanced can creat disease.When I get angry or feel sad acidity or left side pain starts.and even people say brain hammerage or sleep disk type diseases also happen due to imbalanced psychology. Say in a hospital or in case of food or need for a job we are unmindful of how others suffer and there by use our Govt or god given powers indiscriminately on group or religious basis and Declare that our reign is perfect.That is what we may call the rhetoric injustice

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As we know backbone plays an important role in energisation of our body.Let us find out some good postures for our back bone.

These posture are to be done on both sides and with alter native breathing.i.e breathe out Middle breathe in and other side again breathe in.
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As we understand I have written some 60 yoga articles OF 270 PAGES. So when only poses are there what to write is a great question. Really yoga involves psychology and psychology plays a great role in our lives.As it is belived that Asanas cannot cure all the diseases. Training Pschology built Action we perform Thats what I had to write for myself as well as for others who are interested on that. But due to Group politics and Religious division we make injustice in performing our godly duties. "Cancalam Hi Manah Krsna Pramathi Balavaddrdham Tasyaham Nigraham Manye Vayoriva Suduskaram"

Releasing the emotions

Often I consider myself a psycholical diseased person.Because illogical things strike me.Here you can release them on contemplation.On emotions all energies flow towards head and gather around until that is not released. And continue to strike your mind.We never understand why this happens to us.When we release this energy that flows away.Remember my writing on Goenkaji.All his writings on this point only.In Reiki we expand and release our aura for controlling our mind.Just throw away the feeling that strike you and create fear in you. Yoga is a flow of life current and we shall not stop that by emotions.When we go against and draw energy to our head we get health problems and this all people should be trained for getting and giving justice on world court. Teachings by Mr Parmeshwara in Gandhi Gyana mandir Sadhana ,practice and Bairagya for yoga.Bairagya means removing the false feeling that we know yoga. Knowing the true nature of atma is our aim Our small life like a smallseed related to the universal tree Missing the wood(forest) for a tree or desire. Disrimination is an awareness To control mind Remove -1. Mala 2.Vikshepa 3.Abarana(cover of false conception) We are ultimately controlled by the great God.

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