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LIGHT S.A. Corporate Taxpayers ID (CNPJ/MF): 03.378.521/0001-75 Company Registry (NIRE): 33.3.0026.

316-1 PUBLICLY-HELD COMPANY EXCERPT FROM THE MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING OF LIGHT S.A., HELD ON AUGUST 9, 2013, DRAWN UP IN SUMMARY FORMAT, IN ACCORDANCE WITH ARTICLE 130, PARAGRAPH 1, OF LAW 6404 OF DECEMBER 15, 1976 (BRAZILIAN CORPORATION LAW). 1. Date, time and venue: August 9, 2013, at 2:00 p.m. at the headquarters of Light S.A. (Company), located at Avenida Marechal Floriano, 168, parte, 2 andar, corredor A, Centro, in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro. 2. Attendance: The following sitting Board members attended the meeting: Srgio Alair Barroso, Chairman, Djalma Bastos de Morais, Humberto Eustquio Csar Mota, Rutelly Marques da Silva, Maria Estela Kubitschek Lopes, Jos Carlos Aleluia Costa, Luiz Carlos da Silva Cantdio Jnior, David Zylbersztajn and Carlos Alberto da Cruz, as well as the alternate Board members Fernando Henrique Schffner Neto and Jlisson Lage Maciel. The alternate Board members Csar Vaz de Melo Fernandes, Carmen Lcia Claussen Kanter, Jos Augusto Gomes Campos, Marcelo Pedreira de Oliveira, Almir Jos dos Santos and Magno dos Santos Filho also attended the meeting but did not vote on the proceedings. Attorney Cludia de Moraes Santos, was invited to act as secretary. The Companys Chief Executive Officer, Paulo Roberto Ribeiro Pinto, and the Executive Officers, Joo Batista Zolini Carneiro, Andreia Ribeiro Junqueira e Souza, Evandro Leite Vasconcelos, Ricardo Cesar Costa Rocha, Luiz Otvio Ziza Mota Valadares and Fernando Antnio Fagundes Reis also attended the meeting but did not vote on the proceedings. 3. Resolutions: 3.17. ACD F-024/2013 (LIGHT S.A. and LIGHT S.E.S.A.) Collateral Endorsement Action for Provisional Remedy on Tax Foreclosure PGFN. As recommended by the Finance Committee, the Board of Directors unanimously approved and instructed the favorable vote of the Companys representatives at the Board of Directors' Meeting of Light S.E.S.A. to resolve on the proposal to ratify the payment of the Collateral Endorsement Action for Provisional Remedy on Tax Foreclosure PGFN, in accordance with ACD F-024/2013, of July 9, 2013, as follows: a) Type: Performance Bond; b) Insurance Company: Austral Seguradora S.A.; c) Principal obligor: Light Servios de Eletricidade S.A.; d) Beneficiary: Honorable Judge of the 1st Federal Tax Enforcement Court of Rio de Janeiro; and) Object: Collateral Endorsement, approved by ACD F-010/2013 of March 4, 2013, to determine the records of the Action for Provisional Remedy on Tax Foreclosure filed by the Principal Obligor in favor of the Beneficiary in one of the Federal Courts of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, due to Administrative Collection Proceeding 16682902.739/2012-16 (administrative loan proceeding 16682-902.651/2012-96), in view of the non-ratification of PIS and COFINS carryforwards with a negative corporate income tax balance, relating to 2004; f) Amount: Updated Insured Amount (IS) four million, one hundred ninety-eight thousand, seven hundred sixty-six reais and thirty-three centavos (R$4,198,766.33); g) IS Difference: R$4,198,766.33 R$3,445,474.64 = R$753,291.69; h)

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Excerpt from the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of Light S.A. held on August 9, 2013, at 2:00 p.m. (continued)

Issue Date: July 1, 2013; i) Maturity: July 15, 2013; j) Cost: zero point fifty-five per cent (0.55%) p.a. on the IS difference; k) Endorsement Premium: eighteen thousand, nine hundred thirty-three reais and forty-two centavos (R$18,933.42); m) Payment Conditions: Prepaid for the entire suretyship period; and, n) Collateral: Suretyship of Light S.A., pursuant to agreement F-024/2013 of July 9, 2013. This is a free English translation of the excerpt from the minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of Light S.A. held today.

Cludia de Moraes Santos Secretary

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