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LETTER INQUIRY- A letter of inquiry, also known as a prospecting letter or letter of interest, is sent to

companies that may be hiring, but, haven't listed specific job openings. Your inquiry letter should contain information on why the company interests you and why your skills and experience would be an asset to the company. Also provide information on how you will follow-up and where you can be reached.

Date Contact Name Title Company Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Mr. /Ms. Contact, For the past ten years I have followed your career through news events, interviews and web research. Your dedication to the Fourth Estate and your understanding of the important role journalists play in today's fast-paced information highway, coupled with your belief in the power of the press is exemplary. I have had the privilege of honing my journalistic abilities on three widely different publications. When I left college, I immediately went to work for the typical small town newspaper and learned all aspects of getting the paper to the people in a timely manner. I then moved to regional manager for a media corporation composed of small to mid-size newspapers in the Midwest. In my current position, I am Chief Correspondent for one of the largest newspapers in the southwest. I would like an opportunity to visit with you to get your insight and suggestions on where my skills and abilities would be of the greatest value to the ABD Company, and to inquire about possible job openings with the company. I will call your office to set a convenient time. I do look forward to meeting you. Sincerely, Youre Name


This letter is often a reply to the correspondence

between the Estate agents and the owners of the property. This formal type of the letter has its own structural rules that can be seen in the example below. The example can be used as a template.

6 September 2009 From: Property is us 4866 Grey Fox Farm Road Baytown, TX 77520 To: Shelley G. Johnson 4217 Canis Heights Drive Los Angeles, CA 90017 Subject: Reply to the recent correspondence Dear Mrs. Johnson, This letter is a reply to your recent correspondence of 1 September 2009 in which you BT building in Los Angeles is put on for sale. I dont know how did you receive this information but I confirm that it is true. All the parts of this building are for sale. However, you must wait till the sale of it will be announced publicly so all the candidates will have chances to buy it. This particular building is going to be sold only by auction and I cant open the further details to you till the auction will be started. Our agents still discuss the price and the date for the opening. When everything will be done you will receive a letter with the further information about this process. Yours faithfully, Jack Bill, Property is us

Letter of request- To write a requesting letter, keep it simple and the first paragraph, tell the recipient why you are writing then if appropriate, give the person you are writing to pertinent information to help them remember who you are again briefly explain what it is you want the reader to do, if there is a deadline involved, share that information as well also give the reader all the information they need to comply with your request then include any supporting documentation the recipient may need also list your contact information, including full name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address in the body of the letter again ask the reader to contact you if they have any questions or concerns about your request and finally thank the person for their assistance. Example
John Doe 1234 Fawn St. <---------- Your Address Bucktown, OH 23456 XYZ Corporation 1 Big Business Dr. <---------- Recipients Address New York, NY 12121 March 15, 2000 <---------- Always have the date you are writing and transmitting the letter. Dear Big Boss Person Salutation always aiming to be as close to the final reader as possible.

I am writing to inquire about getting a hypo-allergenic wall covering from your business I am wondering if it would be possible to get this in a very timely manner. I understand you have a number of different models of wall coverings I would be interested in receiving information on these so that I can make an informed decision about your products. The beginning of the letter should get directly to the point of what you are requesting the person reading this wants to know why you are writing or they will stop reading it rather quickly.

I recently developed an allergy to a number off environmental factors within my home and so I need for a product like yours urgently. Sometimes some supplemental information is necessary to justify why you want the materials you are requesting in teh time period you have requested and to add legitimacy to your request.

if you have any further questions please contact me at (321) 987 - 6543 or through email at john.doe@deer.net Always have some way of being contacted at the end of your letter of request. While you have your address earlier, never assume that they want to look up at the top to find it. Reprint it here for convenience for them.

Sincerely John Doe

Purchase order letter- A purchase order is used by businesses when they make a

purchase. It is a request for the product or service and promise of payment.

Example August 15, 2013

[Insert name & address of Customer]


PURCHASE ORDER NO. {insert PO #} [insert product # amount] SALES ORDER NO.

Dear Sir or Madam: We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of the subject order for [insert amount and product being ordered] units in the amount of [insert $amount] on behalf of [insert division name], a division of Heat Transfer Products Group, LLC. Please be advised that we will be shipping in accordance with the schedule indicated on our sales order acknowledgment [or insert ship date in this letter]. Our acceptance of this order is based on the incorporation of the following: (1) Exhibit A, Terms and Conditions of Sale, inclusive of our standard Manufacturers Warranty and Limitation of Liability. (if applicable) (2) No other terms or conditions shall apply. Please indicate your acceptance of the above by signing below and returning the duplicate copy of this letter for our records. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [contact person] at [telephone number]. Sincerely yours, AGREED: BY: _______________________________ TITLE: ____________________________

Acknowledgement Letter- A letter of acknowledgement is a document that intends to

convey sincere acknowledgement for someone's support that they gave to someone else. These letters are more formal and sincere than a standard thank you note. Letters of acknowledgement should be written with the utmost sincerity and graciousness so that the reader greatly appreciates the acknowledgement Example

Sample Acknowledgment Letter (Date) (Name of recipient) (Position) Dear (name of recipient) We would like to acknowledge the receipt of ______________ (document name). We are presently examining it and if there are no issues to be addressed, the signed (document) will be returned to you within ______ business days. If there are any further concerns regarding the (document), we will contact you by (date). Thank you for your continued trust in our company and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Respectfully yours. (Name of sender) (Position in company, company name)

Remittance Letter- Also known as a letter of remittance or a transit letter,

a remittance letter is a document that is enclosed with a payment. The purpose of the letter is to reference the reason for the payment or remittance, as well as supply other information that will assist the creditor in recording the receipt of the payment properly. While the exact contents of the letter will vary depending on the nature of the business arrangement and local custom, there are a few basic details that are considered essential for a well-written transit letter


Amsterdam, 16th September 2001 To: Mykia Furniture (address) Dear Sir, We thank you for your consignment of garden furniture on the 15th September 2001, the goods have been received in good condition. We enclose a cheque for EUR 1000 (EUR One Thousand Only), in full settlement of account towards supply of goods as per your invoice number 82615. Please acknowledge the receipt of the above mentioned cheque and credit us with the amount. Thanking you in advance. Sincerely yours, (signature) (name) (position)

Transmittal Letters-A transmittal or cover letter accompanies a larger item, usually a document. The transmittal letter provides the recipient with a specific context in which to place the larger document and simultaneously gives the sender a permanent record of having sent the material.

Letter of invitation
Sometimes, when you apply for a visa to visit Canada, you are asked to provide a letter of invitation from someone in Canada. The following information will help your friend or relative in Canada to prepare such a lette


Name ad Surname of the recipient Street Name and Number Postcode and City Country

Dear Mr. D. Jones, You are kindly invited to a gala dress ball celebrating the birthday of MrsSarah Smith. The ball will take place at the Crystal Hotel on Tuesday the 2nd of July. The dress code is formal. Proceedings will start with a display of fireworks at 8 pm while a program of events will be delivered to you upon arrival. A four course dinner will be served in the Montgomery hall at 9.00, whereby Mrs Smith will make her arrival and welcome each of you personally. Free parking will be on disposal to guests at the front gate of the venue. Please complete full details on the attached Rsvp and return to the address stated above by the 3rd of July. Unfortunatelly we are not in position to accept replies received after this date. On behalf of Ms Smith, I look forward to your attendance. Mr. V. James Assistant to Mrs Smith.

Authorization letter gives a third party permission to act on your behalf. You may need someone
to assist you with your financial matters, legal issues or health directives. A properly written authorization letter will accomplish this. Follow these steps to make an authorization letter. Example

Mary Clark 111 Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90034 January 12, 2013 Julie Davis 5432 Apple St. Los Angeles, CA 90087 To whom it may concern, I, Mary Clark, mother of Lily Clark, age 2, authorize Julie Davis to perform any acts that are necessary to ensure the health of my child while I am away and she is under Julies care. This includes any doctor/hospital visits, medicine, vaccines, or surgeries. Lilys medical record number is 12334556. This authorization shall be valid between the dates of February 20, 2013 to March 1, 2013. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Sincerely, Mary Clar

Claim Letter
A claim letter is a formal letter written in order to claim for something. It can as well be written to inform someone of incomplete or unsatisfactory work on a specific project. The language used is usually very direct and contains no flowery words.

Drivers Co. 3489 Greene Ave. Olympia, WA 98502 August 17, 2001 Richard Brown, President Document Makers Salem, MA 34588 Dear Mr. Brown: As someone who has worked with your company for over 3 years, we were very disappointed to see the documents you produced for our latest Drivers Co. publicity campaign. As our written agreement stipulated, we expected full color leaflets with fancy explanatory texts, but instead, we found that black and white photos had been included in the prepared leaflets. I think you will agree that a communication problem exists. We would like you to send out a photographer to provide us with the promised color coverage, or provide us with a refund. Yours truly, (signature here) Thomas R. Smith, Director

Adjustment Letters Replies to complaint letters, often called letters of "adjustment," must be handled carefully when the requested compensation cannot be granted. Refusal of compensation tests your diplomacy and tact as a writer. Here are some suggestions that may help you write either type of adjustment letter

Green Tree Freight Co., Inc. Columbus, Ohio 45453 (315) 565-6789 March 26, 19XX Mrs. Phoebe F. Hughes Complete Table, Inc. P.O. Box 3132 Austin, TX 78703 Subj.: March 24 letter about damaged freight Dear Mrs. Hughes, I have just received your March 24 letter about the damaged shipment you received through Green Tree Freight and regret the inconvenience that it has caused you. From your account of the problem, I am quite sure that your request for the $240 adjustment on the damage to the 2 crates of Valjean Cristal stemware will be granted. A certain amount of breakage of this sort does unavoidably occur in cross-country shipping; I am sorry that it was your company that had to be the one to suffer the delay. I must remind you to keep the damaged crates in the same condition in which you received them until one of our representatives can inspect them. That inspection should take place within 2 weeks. If all is in order, as it sounds to be in your letter, you can expect the full reimbursement within 2 weeks after our representative's inspection. I hope this unfortunate accident will not keep you from having merchandise shipped by Green Tree Freight in the future. Sincerely,

David F. Morgan, Customer Relations Green Tree Freight Co., Inc. Columbus, Ohio 45453 (315) 565-6789 [name] [street address] [city, state/province, zip/postal code]