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Tinseltown Division Newsletter

Spring 2009 - Week 1
Tinseltown Gazette
Meet Your Board 3
Game Days Week 1 in Review 4
Tuesday & Wednesday Current Standings 5
What to Watch For 5
Rules in Review 6
Park Info Photos 9
Poinsettia Park
7341 Willoughby Ave.


Happy Ending Bar

7038 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 2

Meet Your Board
Check out the board members for the Spring 2009 season! If you have questions,
concerns, issues, etc. don’t hesitate to find one of them!

Social Committee
Missy Shapin
Carina Pena

Newsletter Editor
Vice President Laurhen LeBlanc
Krystle Tabangcura Shin Music
Menace 2 Sobriety

Charity Chair
Rules Chair/Head
Katie Vickers
Concerned Balls
Ninad “Nads” Pandit

Rules/Scheduling Jeremy Katz

Dave Nancarni Weho Straights

WAKA Regional Rep

Social Chair
Gerrit Ritt
Karen Heffelfinger
Your Mom

We are still looking for a webmaster. If you have the skills, contact gerrit@kickball.com

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 3

Week One in Review
Kickin It Old School 5, Weho Straits 3

One Kick Wonders 7, Zing 2

Concerned Balls 4, Shin Music 0

It was a rematch of the of the Fall 2008 inaugural game, but this time Concerned
Balls took the win over the revamped Shin Music. Concerned Balls scored 1 run early
in the game and followed it up with a busy 4th inning all while holding Shin Music to no
runs. Despite the WeHo road closures Shin Music proved themselves strong, as the
only team with nearly all players at the bar!

Your Mom 3, R U Serious 3

Menace 2 Sobriety 6, Kappa Kappa Beta Lambda 0

Kick in a Box 2, Los Borrachos 1

BYE: Booze on First, Party Foul

Is the recap from your game missing? Be sure to email your recaps each week to
Tinseltownnewsletter@yahoo.com by Monday in order to have it included in the weekly

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 4

Current Standings

What to Watch For:

WEEK 2 DAY Team 1 Team 2 REF
7:15 MON Jun 1 - Party Foul Kappa Kappa Beta TBD
GRASS Lambda
7:15 Tues Jun 2 Concerned Balls Your Mom Zing!
8:15 Tues Jun 2 Zing! Menace 2 Sobriety Your Mom
9:15 Tues Jun 2 One Kick Wonders Booze on First Menace 2
7:15 Wed Jun 3 Los Borrachos Weho Straits Shin Music
8:15 Wed Jun 3 Kick in a Box Shin Music R U Serious
9:15 Wed Jun 3 R U Serious Kickin it Old School Kick in a Box

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 5

Rules in Review
Still confused about the rules? Understanding of the rules will improve your
Kickball experience. Although we encourage you to read the rulebook in its
entirety, here’s a brief clarification of the most commonly misunderstood

• Umpires should make every attempt to follow the published Rules to the best of
their ability. Every team was issued a Scorebook with the Rules included. If
you are uncertain of the correct ruling on any play, please take a moment to
consult the Official Rules.
• While participating in WAKA kickball, players must properly wear and fully
display the official WAKA athletic clothing designated for their use. Teams
with players who fail to abide by this rule forfeit that game.
• Fielders must stay out of the base line. Fielders trying to make an out on base
may have their foot on base, but must lean out of the baseline. If a fielder
playing at a base is leaning out of the baseline, they are not obstructing the
• Each game shall last five innings
o After five innings if it is a tie score, the game will be marked as a tie.
• The Head Referee must begin each game by reading the following to BOTH
ENTIRE TEAMS: "Every player must be 21 years or older, have adequate
current health insurance, and be officially registered with WAKA to
participate. I am the Head Referee, my name is ________ and I will issue all
final rulings if necessary. The only participants who may dispute a call are the
team's designated Captain and Co-Captain. Who are the Captains and Co-
Captains for tonight's games? (Get Names) Rules to keep in mind include: the
pitcher and all fielders must stay behind the pitching strip line until the ball is
kicked; the catcher must play behind the kicker; the kicker must kick at or
behind home plate; once the pitcher has the ball in control and on the mound,
the play ends; and all fielders must stay out of the baseline - fielders may have
their foot on the base, but must lean out of the baseline. Are there any

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 6

• Referees have jurisdiction over play and may:
o Call a time out
o Call off a game due to darkness, rain or other cause at the referee's
o Penalize a player, including game ejection, for any reason. This
includes but is not limited to un-sportsman like conduct, fighting,
delay of game and excessive verbal abuse. Ejected participants must
leave the field area and may not return to the game.
• Failure to accept an Umpire's final ruling is BOTH unsportsmanlike conduct
AND delay of game, and is sufficient grounds for ejection.
• Each team shall have one Captain and one Co-Captain who are jointly responsible
for the team. The Team Captains must ensure that:
• All team players present must kick in the written scorebook order, but do not
have to field. The first infraction of this Rule by a team will result in an out
for the next kicker in the written scorebook order. A second infraction by a
team will result in a forfeit of that game. The kicking lineup does not require a
specific sex order.
• ONLY the Captain and Co-Captain may dispute calls with the Head Referee.
A team Captain may raise protest with the Referee for blatant rule infraction,
but will accept the Head Referee's final ruling. The division will consider
protest beyond the Head Referee at its discretion.
• The team Captain will designate a scorekeeper who will record game statistics in
a scorebook. Refs should never be sole score keepers.
• Remember, a team playing a non-registered person, an improperly registered
person, or a person not registered on that team, division, and season, will
forfeit that game (see Rule 4.01c). This team will also lose the right to play in
any division tournament or World Kickball Championship. So just don’t do it!
• PLAYERS: There is no place in WAKA for yelling at an Umpire. The only
people who should even be having a conversation with an Umpire are the
precisely four (4) people in a given game who may discuss a call with an Umpire.
If you are not one of those 4 people (2 from each team), you must discuss your
concern with your team Captain or Co-Captain, who will then decide whether to
bring it up with the Umpires.
• UMPIRES: Please make your call quickly and confidently, in as loud and clear a
voice as possible. Often tension can be avoided simply by making a call loud
enough for everyone to be clear about the ruling.

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 7

More Friendly Reminders...
• We know you love to drink, but in order to continue playing kickball we must abide by
the Los Angeles Parks policy, which specifically prohibits alcohol (and smoking) from
Park grounds. So wait until you reach Happy Ending after your game.
• Clean up after yourself. Pick up your water bottles and other trash after the game.
• Be careful leaving the park at night. There have been a couple incidents in the area
and we want everyone to make it home safely.
• Have fun!

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 8


Would you like to have your photos included in next week’s newsletter? Send them
to Tinseltownnewsletter@yahoo.com

Tinseltown Division Newsletter, Spring 2009 Week 1 9