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#OpDirtyBrown :Anonymous Oklahoma "We know the truth" Re: #KeepVeronicaHome #BabyVeronica Facts: 1.

Bio mother works double shifts to support 2 other children REAL FACT: Bio mom does NOT have custody of other two children. Her mother does. 2. Bio mother made a decision to put her baby up for adoption as the father bullied her and told her he would not support the baby unless she married him REAL FACT: “Bullied” is hearsay & speculation 3. Bio mother asked bio father is he would rather give up his rights than to support the child, he agreed REAL FACT: Text message is never a relinquishment of rights, court deemed inadmissible 4. Bio mother hand picked a family to adopt her baby an open adoption so everyone could be involved, a mothers right when no father was in the picture to help REAL FACT: Open adoptions are not enforceable. Once the baby is in custody of adoptive parents and closed, the choice is up to the adoptive couple. 5. Bio father spent many weeks and days partying with his friends instead of worrying about his unborn child.

REAL FACT: When Dusten was informed of adoption FOUR months after he could not locate mother & Veronica was born, he immediately filed to stop adoption. There is no proof of him „spending many weeks and days partying with his friends. 6. Bio fathers name is spelled wrong in the Oklahoma state courts from a previous child support case "Dustin" http://www1.odcr.com/detail?court=074-&casekey=074-FP++0500272 REAL FACTS: DOES NOT PERTAIN TO CASE. This is only an order of paternity proceedings. 7. his name was also spelled this way when the adoption was being put together

REAL FACT: He filed to stop the adoption when she was four months old. It was determined that naming him would be detrimental to the adoption. 14. 9. . a biological parent has one year to contest adoption.‟” 8. He went through the lawyers to regain custody. we were under the impression that she was not Cherokee. „when she was born. REAL FACT: ICWA was enacted to stop cultural genocide 12. However. “Adoptive Mother testified that the Nightlight Agency's pre-placement report was „probably . Cherokee Nation stepped in and told him to wait until he was being deployed before going to the media so they could use that as a sympathy ploy to gain custody. because he's registered in the Cherokee tribe. “We didn‟t know Veronica was Cherokee. Bio father won custody in December 2011 because of the ICWA law that gives complete ownership of a child just because of one culture. According to South Carolina Law. because they hired an attorney to specifically inquire about the baby's Cherokee Indian status. said she wanted to keep things low-key as possible for the [Appellants]. so that the adoption could proceed.5% Native American REAL FACT: She is STILL a member of the Cherokee Nation and can trace lineage on Dawes Rolls. but [she] wasn't for [sic] sure what. Bio father was not overseas fighting for our country during the time the baby was born and 4 months after. 13. Baby Veronica is nearly 50% Hispanic and only less than 0. . "some things were going to come into effect. REAL FACT: SPECULATION 10. REAL FACT: He was training to deploy in months 3-4 of baby‟s birth in Fort Sill. On deployment orders.‟” But. something I read and didn't think twice about it.” “Adoptive Mother testified that. the pre-placement form reflects Mother's reluctance to share this information: Initially the birth mother did not wish to identify the father.REAL FACT: This was to ensure the father would not be found in the Dawes Rolls of the Cherokee Nation. Baby veronica was raised for 2 years in a loving home and did not ever know her father because he never requested to see her. His DOB was also wrong." Mother reported Father's Indian heritage on the Nightlight Agency's adoption form and testified she made Father's Indian heritage known to Appellants and every agency involved in the adoption. In fact. Deployment from months 4-16 of child‟s life overseas. Further. it appears that there were some efforts to conceal his Indian status.” TRUTH: “Mother testified that she knew "from the beginning" that Father was a registered citizen of the Cherokee Nation. The Capobianco‟s and lawyers knew he was trying to regain custody when Veronica was 4 months old. she testified she knew that if the Cherokee Nation were alerted to Baby Girl's status as an Indian child. and that she deemed this information "important" throughout the adoption process. . one is not allowed to leave.

REAL FACT: Capobianco‟s and PR Trio Solutions have done the same. 17. REAL FACT: The Capobianco‟s refused a transition period. funds that are derived from people gambling money. Supreme court expedited the adoption to be final in 2013 and the adoptive couple are now her legal parents. born. Dusten‟s amazing attorneys donated their time because they believed in him and believed that Veronica belonged with her father. REAL FACT: Cherokee Nation has never spent a single a dime on attorney fees for Dusten Brown. 19. Currently. 20. but cut off communication AFTER he read how they were taking him back to court and slandering his name. Bio father being backed by big Native tribes being funded by casino funds. Bio father did not want a transition period. The only place where SCOTUS ruled on was the ICWA laws 18. this is speculation . REAL FACT: The same can be said for the “other side” again. But over 400+ Native American Nations have filed amicus brief to close loopholes. Bio fathers supporters have done everything they can to lie and twist media outlets to make the father look good. He was deemed a good father by South Carolina courts. Bio father is in the National Guard due to a plea deal from previous offenses before Baby V was . Bio father supporters use Indian media outlets to spread more lies and painting the perfect picture of the father while gaining sympathy of people not aware of this case. which in return destroys families through addiction.Baby Veronica was ripped from her loving home at 2 years old by the bio father because of the ICWA law. 15. REAL FACT: This one is actually true. Not the best interest for a baby at 2 years old. not the Supreme Court of the United States. Bio father as a stranger drove Baby v all the way back to Oklahoma and cut all contact from the adoptive parents. REAL FACT: The Supreme court of South Carolina. He and his family used every extra dollar they had to pay for attorneys and after that was exhausted. Supreme court ruled the ICWA does not apply in the case because the baby was never with the father in a family setting. REAL FACT: He allowed a phone call to the adoptive parents. so therefore able to regain custody of his child. What is the valid point/argument behind this? 21. pending. 16.

REAL FACT: This is a statement. and some of us feel she is best to be back in South Carolina. must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than five years. (2) When a pleading has been filed and served seeking a determination of custody of a child under the age of sixteen. 24. it is unlawful for a person with the intent to violate the court order or Section 63-17-20(B) to take or transport. or cause to be taken or transported. It is permissible to infer that a person keeping a child outside the limits of this State for more than seventy-two hours without notice to a legal custodian intended to violate this subsection. REAL FACT: One Twitter Anonymous site RT (retweeted) this supposed “FACT” sheet.odcr.REAL FACT: Army Recruitment Regulation 601-210 para 4-8b: “Applicant who. the child from the legal custodian for the purpose of concealing the child. or both. aside of the father now being a dad. upon conviction. or cause to be taken or transported. it is unlawful for a person with the intent to circumvent or avoid the custody proceeding to take or transport. upon conviction. (C) If a person who violates subsection (A)(1) or (2) returns the child to the legal custodian or to the jurisdiction of the court in which the custody petition was filed within three days of the violation. or circumventing or avoiding the custody proceeding. is ordered or subjected to a sentence that implies or imposes enlistment into the Armed Forces of the United States is not eligible for enlistment. (B) A person who violates subsection (A)(1) or (2) is guilty of a felony and. NOT FACT 23. Fugitive from justice http://www1. or circumventing or avoiding the custody order or statute. CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE: (A)(1) When a court of competent jurisdiction in this State or another state has awarded custody of a child under the age of sixteen years or when custody of a child under the age of sixteen years is established pursuant to Section 63-17-20(B). while two other Anonymous sites RT‟d REAL FACTS backed by court documents. or both. . Baby V is almost 4 next month is September. Anonymous hopes to see everyone involved in this child's life not just one person. This is irrelevant information not supported by facts. we will not forget what he did to her at 2 years old and ripped the people she loved away. as a condition for any civil conviction or adverse disposition or any other reason through a civil or criminal court. the person is guilty of a misdemeanor and. .com/detail?court=068-&casekey=068-CF++1300394 REAL FACTS: The warrant issued does not pertain to the accused. the child for the purpose of concealing the child." 22. must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than three years.

must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than ten years.Dissolution of marriage 31. (E) A person who violates the provisions of this section may be required by the court to pay necessary travel and other reasonable expenses including. upon conviction. http://www1. DustIN Brown is 26.http://www1. 32 New marriage . or both.com/detail?court=053-&casekey=053-ML++0100318 REAL FACT: DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THIS CASE 30. but not limited to.odcr.com/detail?court=053-&casekey=053-CF++0400041 Marriage of first wife http://www1. the person is guilty of a felony and.(D) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section. 25. DustEN Brown is not a felon. if the taking or transporting of a child in violation of subsections (A)(1) or (2). He is active in her life. DustEN Brown is not a felon. Dale Browns in Bartlesville. DustEN Brown is not a felon. DustIN Brown is 28. 29. OK.odcr. attorney's fees incurred by the party entitled to the custody or by a witness or law enforcement. Dale Browns in Bartlesville. is by physical force or the threat of physical force.com/detail?court=053-&casekey=053-FD++0800006 REAL FACT: DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THIS CASE.odcr. OK. Unlawful Poss of Proceeds derived from illegal drug activity REAL FACT: There are two D. DustIN Brown is 27.odcr. she speaks to him on the phone almost daily.com/detail?court=053-&casekey=053-CF++0400040 REAL FACT: There are two D. and visits him & her sister often.. Dale Browns in Bartlesville. Ex-wife has written a letter speaking on how wonderful of a father Dusten Brown is to Kelsy Brown. OK. Maintaining a vehicle resorted to users of drugs REAL FACT: There are two D. http://www1.

tinypic.com/67k50m.jpg REAL FACT: No one has control of any other person in their family.odcr. shared through Facebook publicly. . This has NOTHING to do with Dusten Brown. Her bio father's brother.com/detail?court=053-&casekey=053-ML++1200028 REAL FACT: No relevance in the case 33.http://www1. http://i43.