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I/3 Past Simple Review


Maggie, Martin and Mike ________ (go) on holiday with their parents. They
________ (stay) at an old house in the country. Near the house there _______ (be)
an old castle. One day Maggie and Martin _______ (visit) the castle. They
________ (open) the door and ________ in (go). Then they ________(come) to a
staircase and went down. Suddenly they ________ (hear) a noise. They _________
(come) to an old door. Maggie _______ (be) afraid and she ________ (not want) to
open it but Martin _________ (say): "I'm not afraid of ghosts", and he _________
(try) to open the door. Suddenly they _________ (hear) a funny noise. "Let's run!"
Martin said, "But Martin you ________ (tell) me that you ________ (not be) afraid
of ghosts. Open the door!" Maggie said. Maggie ________ (walk) to the door. "Don't
open it!" Martin shouted, but it was too late. Maggie ________ (open) it and behind
it was Mike.

Frederick________ (love) vampires. He________ (have) a lot of videos, books and
cassettes about them. He also ________ (wear) black shoes, a black coat and a black T-
shirt. One day he ________ (saw) a poster on his way to school. It was an invitation to a
Halloween party. He ________ (ask) his parents for permission and the next day
he________ (go) there. He _________ (put on) his vampire costume.
It was a fantastic party. Frederick_______ (dance) with a girl called Camilla. He_________
(give) her a red rose and she ________ (kiss) him. Suddenly Frederick ________ (feel)
dizzy and asleep. When he ________ (wake) up his father was waiting outside. He
________ (get) into the car and his father __________ (drive) him home. At home he went
to the bathroom. When he_________ (look) into the mirror and he_________ (see) that
two of his teeth were longer than the others and on his neck he ________ (have) two holes.


Yesterday Merlin _________ (leave) his hut in the mountains and _________ (travel) to
London. Unfortunately he ________ (miss) the bus. So he ________ (say) his magic words;
"Abracadabra” and seconds later he was in London. There he _________ (want) to buy a book.
He_________ (go) out for a walk in the city and he_________ (see) a good friend, Dr.
Cooper. But Dr.Cooper ________ (not see) Merlin. So Merlin said "Abracadabra" to him and
suddenly they were in a nice café. They__________ (find) a nice place with a great view.
Merlin __________ (drink) three cups of tea and Dr. Cooper_________ (eat) three cakes and
________ (drink) some lemonade. They_________ (have) an interesting talk and when
Merlin__________ (look) at his watch it was already 10 p.m. It was too late for shopping. They
________ (walk) home and Merlin ________ (not buy) his book. So he had to go shopping again
the next day. But when he _________(arrive) home he _________ ( find) the book under his
desk. He_________ (start) reading it. He__________ (finish) it and then he_________
(cook) a great meal.

Yesterday Tom (get) _________up at 7 o'clock. He (have)_________ a shower and (put)
_________ on some clean clothes. Then he _________ (have) breakfast. At half past seven he
_________ (go) into the bathroom, _________ (brush) his teeth and _________ (comb) his
hair. After that he _________ (put) on his shoes and ________ (leave) his home to go to school.
He ____________ (take) the bus. He _________ (get) on this bus at a quarter to eight. He
________ (get) off the bus in front of the school and __________ (arrive) in his classroom just
in time. He _________ (listen) to various teachers from 8 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. Then he ________
(run) home because he ________ (be) very hungry. He _________ (eat) lunch and _________ (do) his homework. Later on he
_________ (watch) TV. In the evening he _________ (have) dinner with his parents. After that he _________ (meet) some
friends in the city. When he _________ (come) home, he _________ (wash) his face and __________ (brush) his teeth after
that he ________ (put) on his pajamas. Finally, he _________ (enjoy) his favorite music and __________ (watch) TV in bed
late at night until he _________ (fall) asleep.
Last week Tom and his dad __________ (go) downtown. When they __________ (come) to the market, they _________ (see)
a new banana booth. Since Tom loved bananas and _________ (tell) his dad to buy some, his dad __________ (buy) one for
him. Tom ______ (eat) the banana and _________ (throw) the skin on the ground. Then Tom's dad slipped on the banana skin
and he _________ (fall) to the ground.


take steal be tell sit write live happen see pick fall listen go (2) catch

Five years ago Archibald ______ a good looking boy. He ________ in an old castle. One night he
________ Sue, the most beautiful girl in Scotland. He ________ to her sweet voice every night and
_________ flowers for her. They _________ in love. He ________ her to all the castles and
cellars in Scotland. He _______ with her under the full moon and also _______ a poem for her.
Every Saturday night they _________ to the disco. A year later they wanted to get married. There
was a great party.
At midnight he __________ a ring at a jewelry store but the police __________ him and
_________ him to jail. That was a big mistake. Poor Archibald!

leave want work write love marry born become read start decide not like have

William Shakespeare _________ in 1564 in Stratford. When he __________ school he _________ for
his father who was a butcher. But William was not interested in his father's job. He _________ a lot of
books and __________ to be a writer. At the age of eighteen he ___________ Anne Hathaway. They
_________ three children - Susanna, and the twins Hamlet and Judith.
William was not happy in Stratford because life was boring there. But there was one thing he really
_________; theatres. He _________ dreaming to become an actor and a writer. His wife _________his
idea very much but at the age of 23 he ________to go to London. There he ________an actor and
_________ a lot of famous plays. His plays were for everybody - for poor and rich people. His best -
known play is Romeo and Juliet.


see(4) pick finish have(2) eat(3) give be offer drive run(3) thank
Andy was on the school bus when an old woman __________ onto the bus. Andy ________ her his seat. The old woman
________ him and __________ him three apples and said:"Tell the apple what you want to be. Eat it slowly then wait and see."
Andy thanked her and went home, _________ his homework and went to the park.
There were some tall boys. "I want to be tall and strong." Andy said and
_________ the first apple. Then the boys ________ and ________ away. They
were afraid of him
Then Andy said: "I want to be famous", and _________ the second apple. But
when hundreds of reporters wanted to interview him he ________ away.
When he _________ a sports car Andy wanted to be rich and _________ the
third apple. Now he ________ rich, he ______ a beautiful house and
__________ a sports car. But Andy was alone.
One night Andy _________ a dream. In the dream he ________ the old lady. She
told him: "Go to the garden and find a small yellow flower and say: "Tell the flower
what you want to be. Smell the flower and then wait and see."
Andy __________ into the garden, _________ up the flower, said: "I want to be me", and smelt it. Suddenly he was at the
bench again and one of the boys said to him: "Come on and play with us!"

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