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Provide and pay for site Engineering services required for project. a. Survey work required in execution of project. b. Civil, Structural, or other professional engineering services specified, or required to execute Contractors construction methods. 2. The GOTEVT will identify existing control points and properly line corner stakes indicated on the drawings, as required. B. Related Sections 1. General Conditions of Contract. 2. Section 01010: Summary of Work. 3. Section 01720: Project Record Drawings. 1.02 A. QUALITY ASSURANCE Qualifications of surveyors or Qualified Engineer or registered land surveyors, acceptable to Engineer and GOTEVT. SURVEY REFERENCE POINTS Existing basic horizontal and vertical control points for the project are those designated on drawings. Locate and protect control points prior to starting site work, and preserve all permanent reference points during construction. 1. Make no changes or relocations without prior written notice to the GOTEVT. 2. Report to GOTEVT when any reference point is lost or destroyed or requires relocation because of necessary changes in grades or locations. 3. Require surveyor to replace project control points which may be lost or destroyed. 4. Establish replacements based on original survey control.

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PROJECT SURVEY REQUIREMENTS Establish a minimum of two permanent bench marks on site, referenced to data established by survey control points. 1. Record locations, with horizontal and vertical data, on project record documents. 2. Contractor shall base all measurements of the construction, both horizontal and vertical from established bench marks. All work shall agree with these established lines and levels. Contractor shall verify all measurements at site, and check the correctness of same as related to the work. Should the Contractor discover any discrepancy between actual measurements and those indicated which prevent following good practice of the intent of the drawings and specifications, he shall notify the GOTEVT and shall not proceed with his work until he has received instructions from the GOTEVT.

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LAYOUT AND SURVEY Points, Lines, Levels and Locations for Building:

Existing grades, points, lines, and site conditions shown on Drawings were taken
from civil survey information established by persons engaged directly by Engineer before proceeding with layout work. The final positioning of the works will be approved by the Engineer.

2. Employ a surveyor licensed to practice at the place of building to :layout building on site.:establish permanent bench mark, or markers as widely separated as possible :verify elevations of floor levels as construction proceeds, and relate to bench mark datum. :verify that present, or known future restrictions, are not violated by construction on the site or lines of traverse to all public utilities. :correlate geodetic elevation of bench mark datum with elevations in use by public utilities adjacent to the works. :verify accuracy of site dimensions shown on Drawings. :provide a survey to verify location of building on site. B. Work Adjacent to Public Property: Pay all charges made by public bodies for the rental of public property, and for work required on public property. 1.06 A. DRAINAGE Ensure that positive drainage is provided to roof, floor, and site drains and catch basins, as set in their final positions. Provide constant slopes for drained surfaces to drains and drainage courses. Ensure that allowable construction tolerances and structural tolerances do not permit pounding of water.


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Verify the extent of each area served by a drain, or drainage course, to eliminate possible underlined surface. Coordinate the work of involved Sections before each proceeds. RECORDS Maintain a complete, accurate log of all control and survey work as it progresses. SUBMITTAL Submit name and address of Surveyor and professional consultant to GOTEVT. On request of GOTEVT, submit documentation to verify accuracy of site consulting work. Submit certificate signed by registered Consultant or surveyor certifying that elevations and locations of improvements are in conformance, or non-conformance, with Contract Documents.

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