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Learning Experience Plan: Active Analogies Subject: Religion Unit: Sacraments Theme: Vocabulary: Associating

Learning Experience Outcomes

Grade level: 7th Day/periods: n/a Date(s): n/a

Learning Experience Goal

Students will: Play a simple analogies game to practice To enrich understanding of vocabulary terms the necessary skills for the activity itself through investigating and recognizing the relationships between pairs of words. Practice forming analogies between complex vocabulary words through hints derived from the relationships between known terms Apply this knowledge and technique through the formation of their own unique analogies using religion vocabulary terms
Differentiation: For the Do Now, students will be grouped with their ability groups, and I will work with the approaching level students to ensure their success and understanding. For the activity, students will be grouped in threes with one student being from each ability level. For the application follow-up, students will break back into their ability groups, while I work with the approaching level group. Approaching On-level Beyond Kelly, Cooper, Cristina, Jonathan, Nicolas, Michael, Gabby, Ryan, Mari, Sinead, Kyle L., Nicolas, Kyle H. Sade Katie Materials/resources/ Procedures: Technology Do Now: students will complete the fun analogies sheet, some in pictures and some in simple words. Religion binder Discussion of Do Now, specifically addressing the concept of vocabulary section forming analogies. Focus Question: (put this question on the board for consideration Pens and pencils throughout the class) How can forming analogies help us better understanding vocabulary terms? Ditto: basic analogies for Brief review of this units vocabulary words, focusing on the the Do Now sacraments Activity: Pass out ditto using vocabulary words from the unit as Ditto: religion analogies analogies; break students into activity groups; direct students to not practice only fill out the sheet but also to identify HOW the relationships are the same between the general terms and religion terms Ditto: Active Analogies ex) birthday: presents :: mass: Eucharist (what is given and sheet from Ellery and received) Rosenboom (2011) Come back to whole group to discuss the work; pay special attention to the relationships between terms Break students back into their initial groups for the follow-up activity involving the formation of their own religion vocabulary centered analogies; students will still need to explain the relationships they form and justify these decisions

Students will compose an Outcome Sentence in their notebooks regarding the Focus Question stated at the beginning of class, giving them the chance to reflect on what they have learned and express an answer to the FQ. Follow-up Activities Students will need to form their own analogies for homework, picking their one favorite to hand in. I will then take all of the students analogies, compile them into a list, and give them all a homework handout for the following night using their own analogies.