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Epic Mafia Terms

Sarah and Patrick 8/19/2013

Lynching Scenarios
In this section, we will go over different lynching scenarios and terms for those scenarios. X = mafia Y = village Eight player basic setup. Two mafia, Six town members RL (Random Lynch): To lynch someone randomly without much thought. NL (No Lynch/Town): To not lynch anybody during the day. NK (No Kill/Mafia): To not kill anybody at night. KL (Kick Lynch): Meaning to lynch someone you suspect may be absent from the game. If someone is going to veg, you are able to lynch them without making the game go unranked, however, it is generally frowned upon. Veg/Vegs/Veggie (Vegetable): Someone (or multiple people) who are absent from the game. If they dont vote or take any action in time, they game will kick them, forcing them out of the game. The word veg is used because of the system message XX has turned into a vegetable! when someone vegs out of the game. ML (Mislynch): Town is allowed to lynch without fear of losing the game, even if they lynch a villager that day. In Game: XXYYYYY Graveyard: Y

MYLO (Mislynch and Lose): Town should probably no lynch this day unless there is confirmed mafia (but it doesnt have to be a quick no lynch. You can take the day to talk.). If you lynch a villager, you will lose the game. In game: XXYYYY Graveyard: YY LYLO (Lynch or Lose): Town MUST LYNCH MAFIA this day or else it is a guaranteed loss. In Game: XXYYY or XYY Graveyard: YYY or XYYY

Game Terms
In this section, you will find commonly used terms in games. Blue: Another term for villager. Nilla: Another term for vanilla mafia. FOS (Finger of Suspicion): If you fos someone, you believe they are mafia. OMGUS (Oh my God, you suck!!): People use the term OMGUS when you fos someone who fosses you (or vote someone just because they voted for you). For example: YY: I fos XX because XX: Oh my God, you suck! I fos you, YY! It is OK to fos someone who fosses you, but be prepared to give an explanation as to why. It is usually seen as a scumtell. PR (Power Role): A town role that has added benefit to the game and can be used as a clear. They may or may not have a night action. CC (Counter Claim): The perfect example of a Counter Claim is thinking about Classic Mafia. The first day, cop will claim and out report and usually mafia will CC them. UN-CCED (Un-Counter Claimed): Thinking back to classic mafia; if cop claims day one and mafia chooses not to counter claim, the cop is now un-cced and clear. FMPOV (From my Point of View): Stating facts from your own point of view. FYPOV (From Your Point of View): Stating facts from the point of view of someone else. Bus/Bussing: Meaning mafia lynched their own partner (either by leading their own lynch or piggy-backing on the fos of another town member) in order to appear more towny themselves. Keep in mind that while it may seem like a good idea, it can also backfire either by town still not seeing you as a vital part of the town or by causing autoloss. If you are confident enough that you can win the game either by yourself or without that particular member, then go ahead with it. Auto (Auto Win/Loss): Meaning you are able to win/lose no matter what you do that day. BW (Bandwagon): To follow a lynch without much thought. It can be both a form of towntelling and scumtelling depending on what role is bandwagoned/lynched.

Joint (Joint Win): Usually happens when a third party role is able to joint win with mafia or town. Sheep/Sheeping: Following someone elses vote without much evidence or without giving a reason yourself. Softing: When you soft a report as a power role without actually revealing your role. It can be done in many different ways. An Example: You are cop in a setup where cop does not claim day one because there is no doctor present. If you get a guilty day one, you can try to lead a lynch on your guilty without actually revealing yourself. The alternative is also true. If you get an innocent report, you can say things like I think XX is town or XX shouldnt be lynched. When a power role dies, people will often go back and re-read previous days, looking for a soft report.

WIFOM stands for Wine in Front of Me and it refers to the scene in The Princess Bride between Vizzini and the masked man. The masked man presents Vizzini with two goblets of wine. One has been poisoned and one has not. Vizzini goes through some debate and the masked man finally tells him that he wont reveal any clues. Vizzini chooses a goblet, they both drink and Vizzini ends up dead. Turns out, both goblets were poisoned and the masked man is immune. Although above isnt the best example of reverse psychology, it does apply to Epic Mafia. There are many uses and many appropriate times to use WIFOM weather youre town or mafia. In classic mafia (cop, doc, three blues, two nilla mafia), you roll the doctor. Cop outs day one with an inno that is not you and is not cced. During the night, do you save the uncced cop or do you save someone else in order to create an extra clear for town the next day? If you end up saving someone that is not cop, that is WIFOM as you are betting that mafia wont go after the uncced cop, thinking that the doctor will be on him. In the same scenario, think of yourself as mafia. Cop claims day one with an inno and you let him go uncced. That night, do you opt to not kill anybody, hoping that the doctor will WIFOM and maybe be on you instead? If you opt to not kill anybody, you may be subconsciously placing the thought in the doctors head that you are town since you were saved. In this scenario, you are creating WIFOM with WIFOM.

WIFOM in Epic Mafia can get very confusing very quickly. Each side is trying to create as much reverse psychology as they can in order to cause the other side to slip up and do something to hurt themselves. There is such thing as too much WIFOM. If you use WIFOM too much, not only can it hurt you in game, but it can cause problems in all of your games. You can be seen as the boy who cries wolf too often and people will be more skeptical about your claim, even if it is real. Even though some people wont admit it, meta-gaming is a huge part of the game and things you do in one game may affect how players react towards you in other games.