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Life is Beautiful: Response Life is Beautiful begins in the Italian countryside during spring.

The story begins like many a fairy tale, with a prince, rescuing a princess. The prince, Guido falls in love with his princess, Dora, a school teacher who is betrothed to another. Underlying the love story is the persecution of Guido and his family, who are Jewish. As the story progresses into more intense action, comical elements are still present. The following paragraphs will contain a brief summary and a reflection upon the thought provoking storyline. The sunlit countryside begins the story for Life is Beautiful. Our main character Guido has established himself a prince to a little girl walking by. As he is searching for his princess, a well-dressed lady falls from the sky into Guidos arms. The princess was stung by a wasp and falls out of the top of a barn. Guido proceeds to suck the poison from her leg to which the lady uncomfortably declines. Guido declares her his princess before he leaves her behind. Guido jumps in a car with a friend headed towards the city where you can do what you want. They will learn, that this is not exactly so. As Guido and his friend arrive in the city, many posters of Mussolini can be seen. As they reach the home of Uncle Eliseo, they discover that the house was burglarized by antiSemitists. As Guido and his friend head to the city the following day, Guido wishes to open a bookshop. Upon encountering the director Guido mistakenly knocks flowers off the ledge onto the man, and then places eggs in his hat while trying to apologize and assist. The director was quite the egg head, after denying Guido a permit to open his bookstore. As Guido flees the scene he runs directly into his princess, who catches him as he falls off his stolen bicycle into her arms. They exchange names and Dora explains that she is a

teacher, at a local elementary school. The two part ways again, as Guido goes to his job as an upscale waiter. Upon arrival it is discovered that Uncle Eliseo is also his boss. A great lesson is learned after Guido is told that he is to serve, you are not a servant. As a fascist education minister comes into the restaurant Guido discovers the minister is going to Doras school. Guido cleverly takes the ministers sash and pretends to be the education minister. While reading the race manifesto Guido jumps about on the M shaped table, acting foolishly as well as brightening the day of Dora. Dora also admits she will be going to an opera the following evening. Unfortunately the minister discovers Guido and he is forced to make a quick escape out of a window. Later on at the opera Guido self-actualizes, a look from the princess, who is seated in the balconies above. Unfortunately she is unhappily seated next to the egg headed director. Guido later rescues Dora by stealing her away in his friends car, which resembles the directors. They wreck because of rain and his poor driving, but are safe. Guido proceeds to show his love through opportunistic and perfectly timed romantic means. A few days later Guido is working an event, which is to be the engagement party for the director and Dora. As Guido arrives he discovers Uncle Eliseos horse, Robin Hood, painted green with Attention Jewish Horse painted on his side. Uncle Eliseo warns him that soon they will start on him, referring to the fascists. Guido learns of this and is momentarily awestruck falling over a chair, and his serving platter went flying. While Dora is seated with the director and his friends, she is taken aback and the talk of eliminating cripples who drain the economy. They praise the Nazis and their approaches and a friend of the director offers him a traditional Roman salute, which is the same salute as the

fascists and Nazis. Dora sees Guido again, as he serves her a cake that reads Hello Princess. She meets him under the table, after he cleans a spill and requests that he take her away. A large Ethiopian cake is ushered in with a large egg on top. Guido soon enters on his uncles green horse and the director is egged again. The two are free at last, for now. We now fast forward to a young child playing with Dora and Guido. As the three ride by on their bikes while soldiers are marching and No Jews or Dogs signs are posted. Dora and Guidos son Gosue ask why the signs are there. Guido jokingly replies those things are normal and they will put a sign up in their bookshop that reads No Visigoths or Spiders. Guido attempts to protect Gosue from the racism that is increasing along the region. Once Gosue and Guido reach their bookstore, Guido is requested by inspectors to come with them. Gosue is left in charge of the store as Doras mother comes in with a letter, addressed to Dora. Gosue realizes that the woman is her grandmother and promises to give his mother the letter. While Dora and her mother are out, Guido and Gosue are planning a party for the young boys birthday. When Dora and her mother return the tables are turned over and the very opportunely are taken away by soldiers. Gosue, Uncle Eliseo, and Guido are to board a crowded train boxcar; however, Guido turns this into a game, proclaiming he set this train ride up for his birthday. Dora soon arrives and demands a place on the train. Once arriving at the concentration camp, Gosue and Guido are separated from Uncle Eliseo and Dora. Guido explains some initial rules of the game, and that Uncle Eliseo and Mommy are on different teams. He also mentions that the winner will receive a real tank, and that they cant see Mommy until the game is over. Once reaching the barracks a fierce sounding

German SS officer comes in to explain the rules. Guido offers to translate the Germans words, even though he cant speak German. He further explains the game rules: you cant ask for a snack, you cant see your Mommy, and you cant leave until the game is over. The first one to one thousand points wins a tank. These game rules seem not just to help Gosue, but the morale of all prisoners. While in the camp, Guido performed heavy manual labor, and upon Gosue discovering him, Guido said he was building the tank. Gosue survived the shower, by his stubbornness and his dislike for bathing. The shower was not to clean the kids of the camp, but the gas chamber where Nazis eliminated all children. Guido hid him in the barracks and instructed the boy not to be seen by those who Guido hid him in the barracks and instructed the boy not to be seen by those who yell. Guido, although imprisoned, finds ways to show Dora his love, telling her his feelings after sneaking into the radio control center. As Guido is called in for a medical exam he is set do die, but the German examining doctor was once a customer of his. After answering a riddle, the doctor gives him a reprieve and asks if he will be a waiter at a Nazi dinner party. Before he is to work he explains to his son that there are children everywhere who want to take his high rank in the game. Many German children are playing and Gosue feels they are after him. He is discovered by a German housemistress but promises not to utter a sound. Gosue barely escapes being noticed and Guido plays their opera music out of an open window, which keeps her spirits high. German doctor offers no help, but is perplexed by a riddle and cannot sleep. Perhaps the doctor is of no help because Guido admits his wife is there also.

Nevertheless the doctor doesnt seem to care about the predicament of the inmates only his obsession of riddles. As the Russians draw nearer, trucks are leaving full and coming back empty. Many detainees are being killed. Guido instructs the boy to hide, and tells him that all the soldiers are looking for him. He promises to stay put until there is no movement and not a sound to be heard. Guido then disguises himself as a woman and goes to look for Dora. Unfortunately Guido is discovered and is shot by an SS guard. There is hope that the resourceful father is still alive. As the SS leave, the smoke clears, and the bombing stops, people come out of their hiding places. Joshua is the last to come out, and is surprised to find a giant tank rolling his way. An American soldier asks that he come take a ride on the tank. With eyes wide and a surprised look, Gosue knew he had won the game. As the soldier and the boy are riding along he discovers his mother and the two are reunited. Gosue also explains this is the sacrifice my father made. This movie brought laughter and tears, and a great reminder that through adversity love and perseverance can overcome anything. The film was such a different experience from the normal Holocaust films, showing more of the humor through struggle which can also be a lifesaver through hard times. This move was beautifully created and serves as a reminder that life truly is beautiful.