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NATIONALITY: EGYPTIAN ADDRESS: Qasimiah - Sharjah WEB: www.pyramidea.com EMAIL: gamalfarag@pyramidea.com TWITTER: @gamalfarag TEL: +971552096164



artologystudio.com Senior Webdesigner including CSS / HTML for a group of commercial websites, also working as SEO and social publishing advisor.

I also run my own business - Pyramidea.com. Through it, I have worked on a variety of sites, including the following; 3alamtaney.com www.3alamtaney.com social network for arabian content that inform, educate, entrtain arabic users. cairojazzclub www.cairojazzclub.com a website for identifying the various services


Taya-it Senior Webdesigner for in-house websites including CSS / HTML, also have a role as a Web Developer using Drupal CMS.

ripple applications Senior Webdesigner leading a small team of designers, work include instructing team for better web solutions, making plans and timelines for clients websites.

Osmacom http://osmacom.com.eg/ A Construction Group based in Egypt Portfolio website. Materia http://materia.com.eg/ MATERIA is part of Osmacom for Trading and Services Company. It is the part responsible

Microsoft+Virgitech Worked with Virgitech at IT teachers held by Microsoft Egypt as an instructor in web sites building using HTML, FrontPage and Javascript language.

la7zaonline www.la7zaonline.com/ An advertising system for publishing products and places. h4-cars www.h4-cars.com a website for saudi arabian company for selling cars and trucks. SwordJob www.swordjob.com/home a recruitment website that help jobseekers or companies communicate. rippleapplications.com http://www.rippleapplications.com/ a website for addvertising, social publishing

Arabia-it Graphic designer and multimedia programproduce high quality educational CDs.

Ais Vision Web Designer and Developer, responsible of contacting clients for updating thier existing websites or persuading them for making new websites, to enhance thier presence on the web.

See more at http://www.pyramidea.com

Bakka Soft Multimedia designer and developer using Flash and Action-script to produce high quality educational CDs for Saudi-arabian clients
( 2002 2005 ) Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver. Chief architect Languages: hand coded CSS/HTML (compatible with IE6, IE7 and standards compliant browsers), basic actionscript, basic javascript (using JQuery). Frameworks: Integration of styling into basic text editors, and .php (Drupal), Expert programming with Drupal CMS, programming, have a good knowledge of interior design visualization



4th grade faculity of commerce, Ain Shams.

( 1998 2011)

Self study of the world of design, web and animation.

Im a keen book worm, reading everything from comics to science and history; I try to go much more deeper into present technology and learn how to use it, like programming for Kinect and Android. I have a fascination with cooking - I nd the ingredients and preparations is something like design with endless possibilities . I like to draw and paint, especially caricatures of my imagination, video games , travelling, movies and making new friends are my best moments !

It is the mission of the Webmaster, to create standards compliant, accessible, (X)HTML web sites, reap experience and pro t while continuing to develop my expanding array of web design abilities and becoming for my client an indispensable faculty of multi-creative roles. Additionally, to work closely with my clients in a professional manner in order to ensure that their web site is everything they want it to be, and something we can both be proud of.

Optimize websites for high search engine visibility and web experience. Coordinate the eorts of both internal and external resources to ensure that web projects are scoped appropriately and delivered on schedule. Collaborate with corporate communications manager and marketing department for graphics and branding. Build web interfaces and templates for intranet applications being developed. Provided site building assistance to site development team and programmers. Ensuring that content reflects both brand standards and usability best practices. Through knowledge of web analytics and behavior of website visitors. Use of data collected from analytics to enhance website usability and make it work towards achieving core business objectives 11+ years experience involving project management, project planning, coordinating the development and execution of websites. Team Leader, having strong project management, co-ordination, leadership and presentation skills. Ability to work independently as well as within a team. Strong understanding of web design, application, navigation, and current trends in web development. With experience in search engine optimization, web standards and usability best practices. Have creative and visualizing experience to project and develop various prototypes for dierent categories of web projects. Have an excellent experience in developing websites using Drupal CMS to deliver high end web applications and dynamic websites, portals and online systems like (recruitment systems, CRM systems, Ecommerce and reservation systems).