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Toyota's Success Secrets

Hello, who want to bring their companies into a healthy way to strengthen Toyota's global brand is a global brand experience tour guide who can acquire Ishizaka'nn Yoshi. This paper contributes to the success of Toyota's long experience in the world's giant gets filtered principles, Yoshi Ishizaka company's former vice president of the Toyota way ', so-called management philosophy will try to explain. For more than a Toyota family serving 4O, former Vice President of the Board of Directors Isbizaka Yoshi is the philosophy behind Toyota's overseas sales figures in the millions, "defined as the Toyota Way. Isbizaka begin to work at Toyota in 1963, which was only a thousand Martial sale of the company, if you own a Toyota, which, in 2005, and sales of 5.5 million units worldwide dealer accesing a world giant in 7300 and stated that success is no coincidence BE constitutes the truth behind the Toyota Way said. now briefly become a world leader in 40 years, Toyota Toyota Way philosophy of bringing out an interview with Isbizaka Let's look at the basics; Continuous Improvement Through continuous development company's competitors have evolved over the saymayacagini and thus will not express himself behind the Ishizaka , said that the need for continuous improvement in three of thoughts. These Dissatisfaction ',' Kaizen 'and' Genchi Genbutsu. ' satisfaction and the company of people said that Ishizaka brake. 'An attempt to constantly seek for' Kaizen can be summarized as, thanks to defy the one hand, problems hanging-offeven while continuing to create problems, they also reveal the best amalandiklarini said. 'retrace to see the truth' can be summarized in the form of listening to the Genchi on Genbutsu philosophy. Automotive industry, first of all a 'human' Yoshio Ishizaka sector pointed out that the customer, product, and market the dealer to listen than to talk to them, you provide a lot of benefits highlighted. "A sense of satisfaction, a brake that prevents the development of people and companies" RESPECT FOR HUMAN Ishizaka, thanks to respect people thinks that we

can achieve "Customer-respect, respect for the individual, respect for the dealer ... all with whom muhatapsaniz respect for him. " Thus, provided the other person feel much importance is given to him, and in the same manner, the same rate of feeding your respect. In short, to listen, understand, and when you do your best to work opposite you WINNING would be. working for the same company for over 40 years and the experience gets filtered contribute to the evolution of rules that enables enterprise leaders need to heed the rules. Ishizaka'nin the rules are very strict. Ishizaka, on a question "for 40 years Toyota'yd enemy, "he said, and added. "Do not neglect your business layer is a little life." Toyota Way and Yoshi Ishizaka of Rule 8 Yoshi Ishizaka good leadership that creates good results, you need to follow the rules stated that the leaders do. leaders and minds of those who want to be the leader or the head of the rule should be kept in eight Yoshi are as follows: Rule 1: Be open-minded and love all to better understand the global business scene, the leaders must be ready to travel to every corner of the world, a good traveler BEING is the most important part of being open-minded and you do not know where you're going even if the language of the people there on communicating . Rule 2: Be a good listener Good leaders must establish a relationship by listening as much as they speak. Listening to the opinion of others, a full understanding of the decisionmaking free from falling into the trap. Take the time to listen, it is meant that the meanings behind the reveals. Rule 3: A positive attitude of jewelry when you enter a new culture or work environment, a positive attitude allows you to get a very quick way. Good leaders state that damage morale and performance of the organization in order to eliminate barriers and find what you need them, you should. Thus, the cycle of negative thinking, and things are broken again sits on a positive track. Rule 4: Keep your body and mind saglkl leaders is very important to be healthy both mentally and physically. Mental pressure that occur during making important decisions a person can affect physical health. Early as possible to return to your room or your house is, for the next day's events, plenty of time to rest thanks. A balanced life, health, and will be very useful to use the information, to make decisions. Rule 5: Be a student of life in order to become a good leader, as a student, I always have to stay alive, read books about the world of business and running your destination try to better the culture and history of the country. Time is also their ideas and experiences with colleagues and chat a try to learn something. Principle 6: Respect others Great leaders realize that successful people have respect for key executive relationships. Karlarndakileri These leaders , listening to the views of an open-minded attitude should show respect for approaching quickly learned to be respected. Rule 7: Set up a team and give support on your team does not have only themselves to real leaders, show a great effort to improve the entire team. The most difficult job is to build trust. mistake when one of your team to help him, by showing interest in listening to it can not provide any salary or a premium provides motivation. Rule 8: Have fun people, they follow their favorite people. People who know and loved having fun. Life is life or death to your business, such as mcadelesiymi too short to look at. Have fun, drawn from the work of creating a special bond, and has the potential to make life worth living.