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June 2009 www.hearingloss-nyc.org E-mail: HLAANYC@aol.com

Hearing Loss Association of America exists to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss
through information, education, advocacy, and support.

Scholarship Awards Program and Reception

On Tuesday, June 2, 2009 Editor’s Corner – Elizabeth Stump

Welcome to the June 2009 issue of

the HLAA-Manhattan News & Views!

Are you ready for the digital TV transition?

Originally planned for February, the final deadline is
June 12. If you have any questions, contact the FCC at
fccinfo@fcc.gov; 888-225-5322 (voice); 888-835-5322
(TTY); or www.dtv.gov. For more on captioning and
the transition, visit http://dtv.c-s-d.org.

In lieu of this month’s Chapter meeting, on June 2nd

we had a special event: the Scholarship Awards
Program and Reception. $1,000 scholarships were
presented to three hard-of-hearing high school
seniors from NYC and eastern Long Island: Aldo
Almanzar, Navena Chaitoo, and Jacqueline Drexler.
From left: Winners Aldo Almanzar, Navena Chaitoo, These students also will be receiving one-year
and Jacqueline Drexler. memberships in HLAA.

Aldo Rufino Almanzar wears one aid for his

moderate to severe/profound hearing loss. He will be
attending Rochester Institute of Technology. Navena
wears two hearing aids for severe to profound loss.
She’ll be attending Fordham University. Jacqueline
wears two hearing aids for her severe to profound
hearing loss. She will be attending University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

We listened to the winners talk about their

backgrounds, hearing loss challenges, and college
plans. A reception in the students’ honor followed.

As you know by now, the HLAA annual national

There will be no more Chapter meetings until
convention is this month. Many members have
September 15.
registered and are looking forward to several days of
Enjoy your summer!
workshops, socializing, and fun events in Nashville.

A reminder for those of you who are attending: we C H A P T E R P L A N N I N G C OM M I T T E E

should try to be seated together at the Birthday Party Join us on the first Tuesday of each month (except in
Banquet (6/19) and the Awards Breakfast on Sunday July & August) to help plan programs & events.
(6/21). Also, attendees should give their Birthday
Party Banquet vouchers to Joe Gordon or Mary HLAA Manhattan Chapter Phone Number: (voice)
Fredericks soon after receiving their convention (212) 769-HEAR (4327)
package upon checking in.
Barbara Bryan
Have a peaceful, enjoyable summer! See you at the
September 15th meeting! Barbara Dagen, Newsletter Committee

Mary Fredericks, Secretary

(212) 674-9128 maryfreder@aol.com

Joe Gordon

Toni Iacolucci, NYC Walk4Hearing Co-chair


Shera Katz, Web Site Coordinator

HLAA’s "Purchasing a Hearing Aid: Consumer
Check List," published in the May/June issue of
Hearing Loss Magazine, is now online here: Anne Pope, Immediate Past President, HLAA Board
www.hearingloss.org/learn/hearingaids.asp. of Trustees; NYC Walk4Hearing Co-chair
Consumers should use it to understand hearing atpop24@aol.com
health care best practices and what to expect when
getting fitted for a hearing aid. Download the list and Ellen Semel
take it with you when you purchase your hearing (212) 989-0624 ellen13@rcn.com
aid. Also available on the Web site are HLAA policies
Susan Shapiro, Treasurer
on hearing aids, FDA regulations on sales of hearing
aids, and information on hearing assistive technology
and evaluating the performance of a hearing aid. Dana Simon

Elizabeth Stump, Newsletter Editor

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dues. Please notify HLAANYC@aol.com if you’d Amy McCarthy
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Reasons to Go Green:
Professional Advisors:
Receive the e-mailed N&V and…
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and Communication (CHC)
site immediately!
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*Font size is adjustable
*You’re saving trees, labor, printing expenses, Joseph Montano, Ed.D., Director, Hearing & Speech,
and postage! Weill Cornell Medical College

WHAT YOU MISSED IN MAY though there is a slight time delay between the audio
Mary Fredericks and the visual display.

Josh Gendel is not only the Technology Director at To contact the Center for Hearing and
the Center for Hearing and Communication Communication: 917-305-7700; info@chchearing.org
(formerly the League for the Hard of Hearing); he is For Josh Gendel: JGendel@chchearing.org
also our chapter’s technical professional advisor.
Walk-in demos are available at CHC on Thursdays at ALD Suppliers:
2 pm; they are of a general nature geared toward
professionals such as visiting nurses. It is Harris Communications: 1-800-825-6758 (Voice);
recommended that individual appointments be www.harriscomm.com/ or info@harriscomm.com
scheduled for personal advice. (Harris Communications gives HLAA members a
15% discount off selected items.)
Josh gave us a good basic overview of the types of
ALDs; they are generally classified as: alerting Hearmore: 1-800-881-4327; www.hearmore.com/
devices/alarms (tell you that something is happening,
like a door or phone ring) and communication Soundbytes: 1-888-816-8191; www.soundbytes.com/
systems/devices (help you to hear speech, like audio
loops, infrared systems, amplified phones). Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms:

He demonstrated a remote doorbell ringer with a Kidde: 1-800-880-6788; www.kidde.com/

strobe light; this can be installed in several locations
and is battery operated. The transmitter is wireless;
the receiver/flasher must be plugged in. Sonic Alert
systems can be set for doorbells, phone, baby cry,
smoke alarms. Alarm clocks can be loud ringers,
flashing lights and/or vibrating types. (Some people Metropolitan Calendar
sleep with their hearing aids on; this is not a good
idea — the ears need to be ‘aired’ at times to avoid
the possibility of infection.) Surveys have shown that Tuesday, June 2: Scholarship Reception in lieu of
flashing light smoke alarms are not the best way to regular Chapter meeting
wake someone. Try a system connecting with a bed Tuesday, June 9: Center for Hearing and
shaker. Communication Golf Tournament; for more info. call
(917) 305-7804 or go here:
An interesting Q&A session followed. Some www.lhh.org/calendar/events/events_golf.html.
apartment dwellers have difficulty hearing visitors
on the intercom; try asking an expected visitor to call Thursday, June 18 – Sunday, June 21: HLAA
your apartment from their cell phone to let you know Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee
s/he has arrived. You can also have a customized A Few Highlights:
intercom installed. Wed., June 17: Registration opens (Noon - 6:00 pm)
Thursday, June 18: Newcomers Orientation (11:00
Regarding phones, virtually all wired phones now am – Noon. If you have never been to an HLAA
are hearing aid compatible — not so with cell phones. Convention, you will want to attend!)
Look for cell phones with M4/T4 ratings for the mic Friday, June 19: Birthday Party Banquet
and the T-coil. Try going to a phone store when it is Sunday, June 21: Awards Breakfast (8:30 - 10 am)
not busy; arrange in advance with a friend ready to *Founder's Day Recognition at the Awards Breakfast.
read to you from a newspaper when you try different
phones. To reduce interference, it sometimes helps to Thursday, July 23: Center for Hearing and
hold the cell phone a little distance away from Communication Cochlear Implant Support Group
hearing aids. There are no phones compatible with 50 Broadway, 2nd Floor; 5:30 pm to 7 pm
zero or extremely poor speech discrimination; *For more information, call (917) 305-7751
CapTel phones are a very good substitute, even or e-mail audiology@chchearing.org.

Advocacy for People with Hearing Loss awareness and obtain accommodations for those
with hearing loss.
The Manhattan Chapter Advocacy Committee has
been on a roll! We’ve already had several successes. ‚One of the best lessons I've learned in this process
A favorite summer pastime is watching movies. has been the need to ask,‛ said Advocacy Committee
Thus, we became involved in advocating for Chair Toni Iacolucci. ‚As people with hearing loss, I
captioning the outdoor summer film festivals think we're so used to being denied access, it doesn't
occurring in NYC. Thanks to our efforts, Riverside occur to us to request it. Also, we often assume
Park South agreed to show captioned films in their people are insensitive and don't care about the
free 'Movies Under the Stars' summer film series...for difficulties we experience. With a positive attitude
the first time ever! The six films will be shown and patience in educating people about our
Wednesday evenings from July 8th - August 12th at experience, I think they will be more receptive than
dusk (8:30 pm), on Pier 1 at 70th Street & the Hudson we anticipate.‛
River (www.riversideparkfund.org/calendar). The To join the Advocacy Committee or ask questions, e-
order of films: The Age of Innocence; Wall Street; mail us at: advocacyfirst@gmail.com.
Dinner at Eight; The Out-of-Towners; Drums Along the
Mohawk; and Sweet Smell of Success. Sports and Hearing Loss
Our second advocacy success
is that the Central Park With summer here and greater opportunity for
Conservancy will show children, teens, and adults to play sports outdoors,
captioned films at their it’s important to ensure that, despite sweating from
festival, also for the first time! physical activity, one’s hearing aids or cochlear
It runs for five nights in a row, implant (CI) stays safe and dry.
from Aug. 18-22. The films are:
According to HLAA’s Hearing Loss Magazine
Shaft (1971), Ocean’s 11 (2001), Sex & The City (2008),
(Nov./Dec. 2008), hearing aids and CIs rely on ear-
Twilight (2008), and Viewer’s Choice. Vote at
level microphones that work only up to about six
www.7online.com from July 21 to August 21 for one
feet. For greater distances, personal FM systems will
of the following: Men in Black (1997); Goldfinger
help, but are only appropriate for non-contact sports
(1965); or Desperately Seeking Susan (1985). The 7th
(contact sports include football and soccer) and
Annual Central Park Film Festival, sponsored by
sports that don’t require rapid movement and
Bloomberg L.P., is free and starts at 8 PM (gates open
projectiles (like tennis) — examples where FM
at 6 PM). To find Rumsey Playfield, enter the Park at
systems can be used are hiking/walking, golf,
5th Avenue and 69th Street. Rain or shine. (Go to
bowling, and fishing.
Water-resistant and waterproof hearing aids and CIs
may be a good option if one is in the swimming pool.
Many thanks to Toni Iacolucci, Elizabeth Stump,
For sweating in general, use an absorbent sweat
Ruth Bernstein, and Joe Gordon for their help in
band, placed above the hearing device. Other
making this happen.
products include the Hearing Aid Sweat Band
(www.hearingaidsweatband.com) and latex covers
Note that there are two more film festivals showing
called Super Seals (www.justbekuz.com).
captioned films (for the first time!) this summer:
RiverFlicks for Grown-Ups (at Pier 54) and Post-activity, remove your device
RiverFlicks for Kids (at Pier 46). (For more info., go to and thoroughly dry it with an
www.hudsonriverpark.org/events.asp.) While this absorbent cloth. Also place the
captioning is not a direct result of our Chapter’s device in a dehumidification
advocacy efforts like the two festivals mentioned system. Some use chemical
above, but rather of a person with hearing loss not desiccants like silica gel, while
affiliated with our Chapter, the situation still others create and circulate heat to
demonstrates that it takes outspoken people to raise remove moisture. An example is

Lastly, the article warns against using both helmets under the cushions. Adjust the headband so the
and your hearing device. One should certainly use a cushions exert even pressure around the ears.
helmet in certain sports like biking, football, or *The whole ear has to be placed inside the hollow
skiing, but carving out spaces in the helmet’s space inside the earmuff. There should be no spaces
padding to accommodate hearing aids or CIs is not between the earmuff and the head.
wise — chances are you still won’t hear well and you *Earplugs should be placed in the ear canal after
won’t be able to trust the safety of the helmet if pulling the ear outward and upward with the
you’ve modified it. It’s smarter to instead take off opposite hand so that one has good access to the
your devices and store them in a safe container while canal. Earplugs should be placed to get a snug fit.
playing. *For very loud noises, the best protection can be
achieved by using earplugs plus an ear muff.
Report from the Hearing Conservation Seminar
When I asked Dr. Berger about hearing protection for
I attended the Hearing Conservation Seminar people who wear hearing aids, he said that if a
sponsored by Aearo Technologies, a 3M Company. person had an in the canal hearing aid they could use
The conference, free of charge, took place in the earmuffs. As to shutting off your hearing aids, he
Pfizer Building on E. 42nd St. on Thursday, April 16. didn’t think that was effective as there is a vent in the
Free samples of a large array of earplugs were hearing aid through which noise can pass. As to
provided and many types of earmuffs were on users of hearing aid types other than those in the ear
display. It was a full-day session, but I only attended canal, Dr. Berger said it would be best to consult with
the morning session, which was moderated by Dr. one’s audiologist.
Elliot H. Berger, M.S. He is Aearo’s Senior Scientist, —Susan Immergut
Auditory Research, and ‚is responsible for research
in hearing protection, hearing conservation, and the *Visit www.turnittotheleft.com for the American
effects of noise on hearing.‛ Dr. Berger gave a lively, Academy of Audiology’s public awareness campaign
enjoyable, and informative presentation. about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss.

Most of the people in the audience were people

involved with occupational hearing conservation
who worked in companies where the employees
were required or encouraged to wear protection
because of harmful noise levels. Ways to encourage
the use of hearing protection were discussed.

Dr. Berger compared the relative simplicity of Kiddie Corner

wearing eyeglasses to the complexity and cost of
wearing hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, eyeglasses
don’t need batteries. If you walk into a shower with Here are some hearing protection products made
your eyeglasses, it doesn’t create a problem. But especially for kids’ tiny ears.
doing the same with your hearing aids can spell
disaster. Eyeglasses may cost $300.00 while hearing For noisy surroundings:
aids can cost $3,000. You have an occlusion effect
with a hearing aid and wax build-up which you *‚BabyBlues‛ ER-20 High Fidelity Earplugs preserve
don’t with eyeglasses. Dr. Berger likened hearing loss sound quality but reduce output by 20 dB.
to macular degeneration. www.etymotic.com/ephp/er20.aspx

Dr. Berger spoke about the proper use of earmuffs *Peltor Junior Earmuffs come in several different
and earplugs. Here are some tips that will ensure colors; they fit on infants 3 months and older.
good protection: http://earplugstore.stores.yahoo.net/ejuearmu.html

*The headband should be placed on the head from *Mack’s SafeSound Jr. soft foam earplugs, for kids
front to back and hair has to be pushed away from age 7 and older: www.macksearplugs.com.

For iPods/MP3s/gaming devices: second paragraph on page 4 should have begun: ‚If
the auditory nerve is anatomically intact after
*LoudEnough are volume-limiting earbuds for kids acoustic neuroma surgery, sometimes a cochlear
ages 6 and older. They come in several colors and implant can be used. If the auditory nerve is not
limit sound output by 20 dB: www.loudenough.com. intact, then a brainstem implant might be used in
exceptional circumstances (i.e., if the patient is
*EarSaver Volume Limiter is plugged between the bilaterally deaf). …‛
music and your earphones:
http://earplugstore.stores.yahoo.net/earsavolifor.html WALK4HEARING: Save the Date!

*Custom Earmolds are another option you can get Our second annual NYC Walk4Hearing will take
from most earmold companies. While more pricey, place on Sunday, October 18, in Riverside Park.
they provide the best seal possible for tiny ears. Last year we had a great beginning. Five hundred
people walked. We were toddlers and seniors and
For more information on protecting your child’s every age in between. We were people with hearing
hearing, go to www.noisyplanet.nidcd.nih.gov. loss and people without. We were consumers,
educators, ENTs, and audiologists. We were families,
friends, and colleagues. We worked together to say
loud and clear that hearing loss is an important
health issue with serious challenges, not a minor (and
laughable) inconvenience. We walked together to say
this is what hearing loss looks like. It was a
wonderful day, and we had a wonderful time. Watch
the video on www.hearingloss.org to see us in action.
National HLAA News
But our walk is more than fun. It is the most
*HLAA will adopt hearing loss statistics from the
important thing each of us can do to eliminate the
National Center for Health Statistics, which is 36
stigma of hearing loss. If youngsters with hearing
million. The number previously used was 31 million.
loss are able to fulfill their potential, if people in the
Of the 5 objectives for hearing created by the
workforce are to be considered for their talent and
Department of Health and Human Services for the
not dismissed for their disability, if older people are
year 2010 — decreased number of office visits for
ever to live free of demeaning jokes, we need to
otitis media in kids and teens; increased newborn
change the way people think about hearing loss. To
screening; increased use of hearing aids by adults;
make that happen, we must keep working together to
increased adult hearing examinations; increased use
tell the public our story. This year we want to double
of ear protection and decreased noise-induced
the number of walkers and double our impact.
hearing loss — the objectives met are decreased visits
for otitis media and increased hearing screenings.
What can you do to help? Become a sponsor or help
The 2020 objectives being written now will include
us find a sponsor. Just send us a note at
many of these current objectives not yet met.
nycwalk4hearing@aol.com and we will see that you
get the forms. You can also organize your own team
*The HLAA membership brochure is being revised by going to www.walk4hearing.org, clicking on the
to further highlight chapters, and the Q&A brochure NYC walk, and following the prompts. Or you can
that many chapters use for health fairs is being join an existing team. Or you can be a volunteer on
divided into two Q&A brochures: one on the Walk day. Anyone on the Planning Committee will
emotional aspects of hearing loss for people who are be glad to talk with you about being part of the Walk.
new to it, and a second one on forms of hearing We want to grow every year until there is a great
assistive technology. river of people flowing farther than the eye can see.

Correction: Come join us. All of us who were there last year can
There was a small error in May’s ‚Ask the Expert!‛ tell you that there is nothing like being part of the
response from Dr. Paul E. Hammerschlag. The Walk4Hearing.

Access to the Arts in New York City

OPEN-CAPTIONED THEATER - Find captioned theater listings nationwide on www.c2net.org

Theater Access Project (TAP) captions Broadway and Off-Broadway productions each month. Tickets are
discounted. For listings & application www.tdf.org/tap or 212-221-1103, 212-719-45377 (TTY)
*Upcoming OPEN-CAPTIONED Shows: [Must register/order with TAP for tickets]
Desire Under the Elms (6/7, 3 PM); Twelfth Night (7/6, 8 PM); The Bacchae (8/30, 8 PM)

For updated listings, go to www.insightcinema.org/links.html or www.regalcinemas.com/movies/open_cap.html
REGAL BATTERY PARK STADIUM 11,102 N. End Avenue–Vesey & West Streets (212) 945-4370.
REGAL–UA KAUFMAN STUDIOS CINEMA 14, 35th Ave. & 38th St., Long Island City (718) 786-1722.
REGAL–UA SHEEPSHEAD BAY-BROOKLYN, Knapp St & Harkness Ave (718) 615-1053.

REAR-WINDOW CAPTIONED MOVIES - For listings go to www.FOMDI.com. Ask for a special window
when buying your ticket. The window reflects the text that’s shown on the rear of the theater.
AMC Empire on 42nd Street. (212) 398-2597, call Tues. afternoon for next week’s schedule.
Clearview Chelsea Cinemas, 260 W. 23rd St., Auditorium 4, 212-691-5519 www.clearviewcinemas.com/tripod.shtml
The Bronx: AMC Cinema Bay Plaza, 718-320-1659.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Ave. 212-879-5500 Ext. 3561 (V), 212-570-3828 (TTY)
Real-Time Captioning of lectures upon request – This service requires at least three weeks notice.
Gallery Talk with ALDs (meet at gallery talk station, Great Hall)
The Museum of Modern Art, 1 East 53rd St., Access Programs 212-708-9864, 212-247-1230 (TTY)
ALDs are available for lectures, gallery talks, & Family Programs. Infrared is available in Titus Theaters.

Housing Info. Videos New CapTel Phone Find Support Online!

The U.S. Department of Coming soon: the new CapTel 800i We’re on Facebook! Receive alerts
Housing and Urban Phone! It will work with high- and connect with other members
Development has produced speed Internet and a telephone (www.facebook.com).
videos for YouTube and line. The phone can be used with a
Facebook designed to headset or a neckloop.
educate deaf and hard-of- Go here for more information:
hearing consumers about www.sprintrelay.com/doc/Sprint_ Here's the link to our message board
their fair housing rights, CapTel800i_flyer_04_03_09.pdf on Meetup.com:
housing counseling services, www.meetup.com/Hearing-Loss-
and loan programs. For For Sprint CapTel customer Association-of-America-Manhattan-
more information, go to service: 888-269-7477 (voice) or Chapter/messages/boards/.
www.hud.gov/news/index. 800-482-2424 (TTY)

Mention of suppliers or devices in this newsletter does not mean HLAA-Manhattan endorsement,
nor does exclusion suggest disapproval.

c/o Barbara Dagen,

141 E. 33rd St. (3B)
New York, NY 10016



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