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press release august 2013

The Htel du Panthon reveals its astonishing new look

The HPRG label has been engaged in the complete renovation of one of the most exceptional establishments of the Left Bank, transforming it into a 4-star hotel with the aid of interior designer Valrie Manol.

Colourful, cosy and packed with character, the hotel is now one of Paris most tasteful, chic hotels.
Situated in the heart of the historic 5th arrondissement, just steps away from the Jardin du Luxembourg, and opposite the iconic Panthon, the hotel has decided to celebrate the great women of France, the ones who dared, the ones who loved, those with passion, those that decided their destiny free, independent women. Valrie Manols project was not to imagine a literal retelling of their life stories, but to use them as the inspiration for sumptuous interiors that would evoke the past.

contact Alain Bisotti Marketing Manager of the Htel Paris Rive Gauche label abisotti@hotels-paris-rive-gauche.com 262 rue Saint-Jacques 75005 Paris alain@bisotti.com T. +33 1 56 81 00 33 m. + 33 6 03 12 34 52

Through a subtle mix of contemporary creations and original period furniture, the 35 rooms on 6 floors all have feminine influences, some obvious, some subtle

Photos: www.interiorspictures.com

ic h c et e Ca l m

ne g i B a l f a e i d es r e P s a s h n e ig it d S E V a lt co as r r u G D te e t t d e i i r n l e a u u S g J ge r o Mar e G
The touch of a woman
The flamboyant cocottes, the high-class escorts of
the 19th century, including Valtesse de la Bigne; The love affair of Edith Piaf and Marcel Cerdan in the 1950s, with its very particular design; The house of George Sand, of a more classic style, and the passage from the 18th to 19th century; Juliette Grco as the starting point for a choice of graphic fabrics that evoke the jazz of Saint-Germain in the 1940s; The Signares, French-African women from French Senegal in the 18th and 19th centuries, referenced in a joyous melting pot of contemporary and traditional African influences; Marguerite Duras emblematic novel lAmant, giving rise to silky, colourful, refined interiors.

place du Panthon 75005 paris {france}

+33 [0]1 43 54 32 95 +33 [0]1 43 26 64 65

reservation@hoteldupantheon.com www.hoteldupantheon.com

s se n e e t l V a la B i g de

an S e g r o e G

iaf P h t i d E es r a n Sig

a o l c e r d se e G s e t t l t e Va Ju l i

ne g i B

se d r e s se n o h t n a P du mes F a c e l h t e l m o h s e d e r i o l e la g r b l c t n e m i n t et un bt e m e n n o y a r ib u au r t n o c t n ui o q i s u e q n n o s r e p 1 Su r 7 . e c n a r F a l e d emmes f x l h i st o i r e u e d s e l u e s , discretion on t h Perfect comfort, class and n a P u a t n e v q u e s, i f i t se t r o u n e i c s x u o ut e s d e t s, e s i m d a lo t. o n t t e h t r e B e i h p t So M a r i e Cu r i e e

As well as providing perfect comfort, class and discretion, this new 4-star hotel is also bathed in light, with exceptional, unique views onto the Panthon and over the rooftops of Paris to Sacr Cur. The dcor has been carefully chosen to be restful and comforting, thanks to the very personal tastes of interior designer Valrie Manol and owner Corinne Moncelli, with different styles on each level. This is very much a blissful haven in the heart of the city.

Photos: www.interiorspictures.com

o u lo n s v s u o n , n o h t Pan A l h t e l d u a m e s, d s e d n a r g x u neur a n o h e r i a f c n o d

Photos: www.interiorspictures.com


Photos: www.interiorspictures.com


Photos: www.interiorspictures.com


Photos: www.interiorspictures.com


os ! t o h P

The Photography at the Hotel du Pantheon

As is often the case in their hotels, the HPRG label has once again supported the photographic arts by commissioning talented photographers to create 50 works that will be presented in the rooms and corridors of the hotel.

Where is Yvonne?
In the basement, an amusing photo hunt is presented - using the magnifying glass provided, visitors can search the wedding photos on the walls and try and find the individual present in every single one. This fun game is entitled Where is Yvonne?.

nn o v Y


nn o v Y


nne o v Y

D es

he s p a r g photo

Elene Usdin & Patrick Tournebuf

The staircase shows the work of Elene Usdin, who disguises her model as a number of the Panthons great women in portraits giving the hotel floor number. On the first floor, we wanted to sidestep the clichs so often used in literature and film to depict the cocottes as actresses or singers of easy virtue, so we asked Patrick Tourneboeuf to provide photos of theatres and dressing rooms featuring the lush reds that are so typical of these places.

Elene n i U sd

r ic k t a P uf b e n Tour


D es

he s p a r g photo

Sylvie Meunier & Lucie Belarbie et Amlie Chassary

Sylvie Meuniers Instantans Ordinaires (Ordinary Instants) are shown on the second floor. As Edith Piaf and her then boyfriend Marcel Cerdan were often photographed looking gloriously happy and in love, Sylvie decided to select vintage photos showing unknown people in obvious states of bliss. The series is called Les jours heureux (days of happiness). To illustrate the relationship between George Sand and Alfred de Musset, we asked for work from photographer / multimedia artists Lucie Belarbie and Amlie Chassary. They give their very particular vision of a couple whose tumultuous passion led to its quick demise. These photos will probably be very disconcerting for some guests

ie v l y S

n ie u e M

et e i b r ela B e y i Luc ie Chassar l m A


D es

he s p a r g photo

Fabrice Monteiro
The fifth floor is home to photos from Fabrice Monteiro, a homage to the Signares.

i ce r b a F

te i r n o M


t e e n Corin r ie l a V
35 rooms 1 suite 3 connecting rooms Room sizes from 15m to 30m Rates: from 350 to 750 euros Breakfast: 20 euros

place du Panthon 75005 paris {france}

+33 [0]1 43 54 32 95 +33 [0]1 43 26 64 65

r ie l a V o l n a M
A few hotel projects
Htel des Grands Hommes (***+) Htel Opal (****) Htel Best Western Premier Louvre Saint Htel Best Western Premier Elyses Mermoz Htel Jardin de lOdon (***) Htel Tivoli Etoile (***) Htel Tilsitt Etoile (***) Htel Bassano (****) Htel du Prince Eugne (***) Htel Saint Louis (****)
(ground f loor renovation) (****) Honor (****)

reservation@hoteldupantheon.com www.hoteldupantheon.com

The interior designer / her background

Valrie Manol is an interior designer. She studied with designer Yves Taralon and worked with him for 6 years on projects as diverse as luxury private apartments, retail outlets (Guerlain, Rochas) and events (an exhibition about fine crafts at the Grand Palais in Paris and in Tokyo, the Publishers Biennial at the Grand Palais, parties for the bicentennial of the French Revolution at the Bagatelle Gardens and the Louvre des Antiquaires). In 1995 she went independent, creating stands for trade shows as well as project in Saudi Arabia. At the end of 1997, Valrie discovered the hotel trade after meeting Roland Le Bvillon and Maurice Savinel, with whom she collaborated on a number of prestigious hotels over the course of two years, including the Htel du Panthon, La Bastide du Cours in Aix en Provence and the Htel Intercontinental Mzar in Lebanon.

Corinne Moncelli
It should be noted that Corinne Moncelli, owner of the Htel du Panthon, is also behind the superb Htel La Belle Juliette dedicated to Juliette Rcamier, the great lover, whose greatly influenced the 19th century through her friendships and her literary salon which was held over a period of thirty years.

Since 1999, she has continued renovating 3- and 4-star hotels, as well as diverse private projects (a house in the 5th arrondissement, lofts in Montmartre and Saint-Germain-desprs and apartments on avenue Foch and avenue Matignon).

e n n i r Co celli n o M

HPRG The Htels Paris Rive Gauche label

Creators of the finest hotels - irreproachable quality and Parisian art de vivre. The Htels Paris Rive Gauche label is a service provider bringing logistical assistance to hotels with character in Paris.
These missions include handling commercial strategy, marketing and communication, accounting help, management audit, human resources, training and quality audits. The Htels Paris Rive Gauche label created in 2003 by Corinne and Pascal Moncelli, in collaboration with Alain Bisotti, goes further than the simple notion of good service, guaranteeing a sense of courtesy with a personalised warm welcome, and genuine concern for every guests wellbeing and comfort. The list of hotels using HPRGs services includes: the Htel Design Sorbonne, Htel des Grands Hommes, Htel Jardin de lOdon, Htel du Panthon and Htel La Belle Juliette. These hotels bring together character and luxury, and are all situated in the centre of Paris Left Bank, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prs, close to the Jardin du Luxembourg and a few minutes walk from Notre-Dame cathedral, the Latin quarter and the famous place du Panthon. Art de vivre, quality and knowing how to make people feel at home are the trademark, shared qualities that bind these hotels, making sure guests have a unique, memorable experience. Htels Paris Rive Gauche pays particular attention to interior design, and creative arts in general. It is thus with ref inement and authenticity that the hotels all profess their desire to offer guests a stay they will cherish, through a shared love for the f iner things in life. It is with great pride and pleasure that Htels Paris Rive Gauche, for the seventh consecutive year, is supporting the talent of young contemporary photographers with the photo prize Photo dHtel, Photo dAuteur (A Hotel Photo, An Artists View). The exhibition Photography in all its forms at the Htel Design Sorbonne and the regular photo exhibitions at the Htel La Belle Juliette are both perfect examples of how the various venues are involved in presenting and organising cultural events.

contact Alain Bisotti Marketing Manager of the Htel Paris Rive Gauche label alain@bisotti.com t. +33 1 56 81 00 33 m. + 33 6 03 12 34 52 262 rue Saint-Jacques 75005 Paris alain@bisotti.com

www.hoteldupantheon.com www.hotels-paris-rive-gauche.com www.hotels-paris-rive-gauche.com/blog www.phpa.fr

s de o t o di n s Ph U Elene

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