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STAFF REPORT TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Chairman Scullin and Members of the Planning Commission Sarah A.

Sitterle, AICP, CZA Director of Planning & Community Development August 16, 2013

Preliminary Plat #12-03 Winchester Chase. Request for a 72 lot subdivision on six (6) individual parcels totaling 25.0995 acres in the R-10 Residential District. The parcels are located on the east side of Winchester Street across from North Court. The applicant is Jeffery K. Rizer, Warrenton, Virginia. (Revised) _______________________________________________________________________

BACKGROUND Pin Numbers: Property Owners: Property Address: Lot Size: Current Zoning: Current Use: GPIN #6984-37-1634, 6984-38-3140, 6984-38-2398, 6984-27-7888, 6984-28-7086, 6984-37-1256 Jeffery K. Rizer, Warrenton, VA Assemblage of 6 lots adjacent to Winchester Street (east side) at the intersection of North Court 10,000 square feet to 21,680 square feet. Parcel size up to 102,863 square feet for open space R-10 Residential Large residential lots with access to Winchester Street; large, well-known residences with historic significance

This request is for a 72 lot residential subdivision. Access to the subdivision is proposed at Winchester Street, across from North Court. The entrance is a single lane, 55 foot right-of-way with thirty-six (36) feet of pavement. The parcels are entirely within the R-10 Residential District and comprise 25.09945 acres. The adjacent Yonder Lea property is not included in the development area and the rear half of Presque Isle is included, leaving adequate buffer for the dwelling. Surrounding properties include single-family residential units which are zoned R-10 as well.

Zoning Requirements According to the Towns Zoning Ordinance, the legislative intent of the R-10 Residential District includes the following: R-10 This district is composed of certain low concentrations of residential uses, plus certain open space areas where similar development would be consistent with the provisions of the Towns Comprehensive Plan. The regulations of this district are designed to stabilize and protect the essential characteristics of the district, to promote and encourage a suitable environment for single-family residential units, and to prohibit all activities of a commercial nature, except neighborhood professional businesses. The minimum lot size for any new development in an R-10 District is ten thousand (10,000) square feet. The district is composed of low to medium concentrations of residential uses. The required front setback for lots is twenty-five (25) feet/maximum thirty (30) feet, the rear yard setback requirement is twenty (20) feet, and a ten (10) foot setback requirement for the side yards. The minimum lot frontage is seventy-five (75) feet and the maximum lot coverage is sixty-five percent (65%). The maximum height of a single-family dwelling cannot exceed thirtyfive (35) feet and accessory buildings must be no more than fifteen (15) feet in height. Front loaded garages must be setback at least fifteen (15) feet behind the front building line (BRL) of the primary structure. Side-loaded garages must be no closer to the front lot line than the front edge of the primary structure. ANALYSIS The development includes 72 lots with 3.229 acres of roads and 3.33 acres of open space. The proposed lots vary from 0.2295 acres to 0.4977 acres. Densities proposed by this preliminary plat are consistent with the legislative intent of the Zoning Ordinance. Each lot must be seventyfive (75) feet at the front setback line based on the R-10 District regulations. Many of the identified home locations are inconsistent with front setback requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant was made aware of the requirement, and stated the locations are only conceptual, and will be corrected when the final plat is submitted. The access lanes for lots fronting on Winchester Street have been widened from the previous submission. The access lanes are now thirty (30) feet wide, with a pavement width of twenty (20) feet. Frontage requirements are being achieved on Winchester Street, with access being provided via the rear ingress/egress easements. The applicant has cited a similar layout at the Reserve at Moorhead, off Preston Drive (attached). It is not clear where frontage was achieved, as a maximum setback was not in effect in 2003. The block containing lots 17 through 30 has been reconfigured. The length is now less than 600 feet. The perimeter is now below the maximum 1,600 feet permitted by Article 4-4.1 of the Subdivision Ordinance. Open Space A tabulation of open space is provided as part of the preliminary plat. The R-10 District requires 10,000 square feet of green is required for each 10 acres of gross site area within the subdivision per Article 3- of the Zoning Ordinance. The open space requirement totals 0.576 acres (25,099 square feet). Open space is proposed to be 3.33 acres (144,963 square feet) per the

revised preliminary plan, contained on Parcel A, and the Stormwater Management Facility on Parcel B. Landscaping The twenty (20) percent tree replacement requirement has been satisfied per the submittal. Roads, Access, & Traffic Impact The Town obtained the services of Kimely-Horn and Associates, Inc. to review the revised traffic study. Their report is attached. The consultant had recommended that although the North Hill Drive connection and collector road is no longer planned, it is recommended that the site plan be revised to allow for a general connector road should that be needed in the future. The study indicates that the future (2015) level of service will be within the acceptable range. Kimley-Horn also points out data inconsistencies in the analysis to be updated. Kimely-Horns opinion is that these inconsistencies could potentially affect the analysis to an extent as to exceed the acceptable volume. The ingress/egress easements at the rear of lots 1 through 3 and 70 through 72 meet the width requirements for a private street, but are designated as private ingress/egress easements. Unless the access easements were to be designed to meet Public Street or Private Street standards, the Town of Warrenton will not perform any public services on the easements including trash and debris collection, street sweeping, snow removal or any other service. A collection point will need to be established on Burr Oak Drive for trash collection. Trash cannot be placed in front of another property without written permission being granted per Section 8-43 of the Town Code. Further, The Town will assume no maintenance responsibility for the ingress/egress easements as proposed. Maintenance will be the responsibility of the property owners serviced by the ingress/egress or the Homeowners Association. The access lane to the rear of lots 1 through 3 and 70 through 72 is not consistent with Fire Code which requires a 120 foot hammerhead, 60 foot Y, or 96 foot diameter cul-de-sac. However, it is acknowledged that emergency response for these lots can be achieved on Winchester Street. Additionally, Turfway Lane has a designated 50 feet right-of-way with a 55 feet right-of-way reservation for a future extension. The Department of Public Works and Utilities noted that with the future plan, the road needs to a 55 right-of-way, and will need to be built to Public Facilities Manual standards with a pavement width of thirty-six (36) feet. It would not be practical to rebuild the road in the future to a higher capacity. Please see Public Works comments regarding connection to the northern boundary of the property. Improvements to include a sidewalk along Winchester Street should be included, unless waived. A right-of-way presently exists on the Stormwater Management Facility, which could be problematic down the road. However, the applicant has indicated that the stormwater management pond would be redesigned to accommodate improvement of the dedicated right-ofway. Lighting/Environmental A street lighting plan will be submitted via the final plat.

The property is not situated within the 100-year flood plain. A small portion of steep slopes are indicated and accommodated in the subdivision layout without disturbance. No wetlands or other environmentally sensitive areas are indicated. The existing layout of the parcels is not included with the submission, so existing structures, trees and other features cannot be evaluated at this time. Utilities Utility specifics will be included with the final plat. Lots 1, 2, 71, and 72 do not have a means of utility service. This must be corrected. Please refer to Public Works/Utilities for additional comments regarding utility service. Please refer to public works comments (attached) for sanitary sewer comments. Stormwater Management & Erosion and Sediment Control A full erosion and sediment control plan will be submitted with the final plat. Review and comments will be provided at that time. The applicant has been made aware of staff concerns including the proposed capacity of the sediment basin, which is has not been defined. Please refer to public works comments (attached) for stormwater management comments. STAFF RECOMMENDATION The review of the preliminary plat revealed the layout is generally acceptable per the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance. Staff recommends that the Planning Commission approve Preliminary Plat 13-03 with conditions. The conditions include the following: 1. The ingress/egress easements that serve lots 1 through 3 and 70 through 72 should be memorialized as part of property deeds and maintained by each property owner or included as part of the maintenance responsibility of the Homeowners Association in the covenants. 2. The Town will not maintain, repair, repave, or replace any part of the private access drives, and will not provide snow removal, street sweeping and debris collection on the private access drives that serve lots 1 through 3 and 70 through 72. Trash pickup should occur at Burr Oak Drive and written permission for trash placement on the lots adjacent to Burr Oak Drive should be per Section 8-43 of the Town Code. 3. A Final Plat should be submitted with an application and applicable fees for review by Town Council per Article 3-14 of the Subdivision Ordinance. 4. A Site Development Plan will be required for the subdivision per Article 10 of the Zoning Ordinance. ATTACHMENTS 1. Application 2. Preliminary Plat 3. Applicant Response Letter, August 8, 2013 4. Traffic Impact Analysis Review prepared by Kimley-Horn 5. Public Works comments