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Personality Project
Date __________________ Name _______________________________ Record all results on the Personality Summary Sheet (if numerical data, record the numeric results) 1. Download the Brain file from the following: http://www.kiamichi-poteau.tec.ok.us/~cpu/cpu/docs/BRAIN.EXE Print your 2-page evaluation. 2. Obtain your Learning Styles information from the Academic Center. 3. There is another way of categorizing people from their personalities developed long ago by Hippocrates. Go to www.oneishy.com/personality or http://www.hippy.freeserve.co.uk/profileq.htm Circle the temperament below from the results of this test. Sanguine 4. I am a (circle) Lion Choleric Beaver Phlegmatic Otter Melancholy Golden Retriever

Go to http://www.kiamichi-poteau.tec.ok.us/~cpu/cpu/docs/smalleytrent.doc 5. Go to the website www.humanmetrics.com and select Jung Typology Test. Read down the screen until you see Take Test and click on it. Then select the DO IT button. Each question has a yes or no answer. Answer according to how you are generally even when both answers are true. Try to pick the one thats MOST like you. When you are finished record the four letters of the results below: ______ ______ _______ _______

Print the details of your type from www.typelogic.com Read the portrait of the results. Does this sound like you??? IF not, please do the test again.

Look up your Team Player Role in the following chart using your four letter combination.


Team Player Role

MBTI types ESFJ/ENFJ ISFP/INFP ENTP/ENFP INTJ/INFJ ESFP/ESTP ISTJ/ISFJ ESTJ/ENTJ ISTP/INTP Function-attitude preferred / used Fe Fi Ne Ni Se Si Te Ti Team Role Coach Crusader Explorer Innovator Sculptor Curator Conductor Scientist

What is your Team Role ________________________. To get a description of each of the above roles go the http://www.kiamichi-poteau.tec.ok.us/~cpu/cpu/docs/poster.pdf and print the chart. 6. DISC Personality Profile Another personality inventory is the DISC. Click on the link below and follow instructions carefully. Print your results when finished. http://www.kiamichi-poteau.tec.ok.us/~cpu/cpu/docs/DISC.xls On the personality summary sheet, circle either D I S or C based on the above results. 7. What is your love language? What is the way in which you show love and acceptance to others and the way in which you primarily want others to do the same for you?? Take the following short tests to discover your love language. http://www.geocities.com/maggiehord/lovelang.html From the test above what is your love language? ________________________________ Take one more. Choose the following URL and MAKE SURE you scroll down to the test! (It doesnt look like a test when you first get there!!) http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=5lovelanguages

From the test above what is your love language ? ________________________________