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Oracle Exadata Version 2 First OLTP Database Machine

Exadata Database Machine

Version 1
Worlds Fastest Machine for Data Warehousing Extreme Performance for Sequential I/O 10 to 50x Faster than other Oracle D/W Systems

Exadata V1 Data Warehousing Customers

A query that used to take 24 hours now runs in less than 30 minutes. The Oracle Database Machine beats competing solutions on bandwidth, load rate, disk capacity, and transparency. Christian Maar, CIO

Every query was faster on Exadata compared to our current systems. The smallest performance improvement was 10x and the biggest one was an incredible 72x.
Simeon Dimitrov, Enterprise Resources Manager

Call Data Record queries that used to run for over 30 minutes now complete in under 1 minute. That's extreme performance. Grant Salmon, CEO, LGR Telecommunications

Exadata Database Machine

Version 2
Worlds Fastest Machine for OLTP Extreme Performance for Random I/O 2x Version 1 Data Warehousing Performance

Sun Oracle Database Machine Hardware Improvements

Same Architecture as Exadata V1 Machine Faster CPUs, Network, Disks Plus Flash Storage Latest Technologies
80% Faster CPUs 100% Faster Networking 50% Faster Disk Throughput 200% Faster Memory Xeon 5500 Nehalem 40 Gb InfiniBand 6 Gb SAS Links DDR3 DRAM 600 GB SAS Disks 2 TB SATA Disks 72 GB per DB Node 4 Ethernet links per DB Node



33% More SAS Disk Capacity 100% More SATA Disk Capacity 125% More Memory 100% More Ethernet Connectivity

Sun Oracle Database Machine

Fastest Data Warehousing & OLTP Performance Best Data Warehousing & OLTP Cost/Performance Fault Tolerant & Scalable On-Demand
Oracle Database Server Grid
8 Compute Servers 64 Cores

Exadata Storage Server Grid

14 Storage Servers

Unified Server/Storage Network
40 Gb/sec Infiniband Links 880 Gb/sec Aggregate Throughput Fault Tolerant

5TB flash storage

336 TB Disk Storage

Sun Oracle Exadata V2: OLTP

Huge Semiconductor Memory Hierarchy
400 Gigabytes DRAM 5 Terabytes Flash Cache Memory Not Flash Disk !!!

3x Database Compression for OLTP

Compressed 1.2 TB Database in DRAM Compressed 15 TB Database in Flash Cache

1 Million Random I/Os per Second

Eliminates Most Physical Disk I/O

IBM 4 Times More Expensive for OLTP or Sun Oracle Exadata 4 Times Faster at Same Cost
2 Rack Sun Oracle Database Machine
Same Server Performance Same I/O Capacity

Both with Flash

Same Storage Capacity

IBMs Fastest Computer

8 IBM DS8300 Turbo


Exadata Hybrid Columnar D/W Compression

Data is stored by column and then compressed

Query Mode
Optimized for speed

10X Compression
Scans improve proportionally

Archival Mode
Optimized to reduce space 15X compression is typical Up to 50X for some data

Exadata V2: Data Warehousing

1 Rack Exadata V2: Semiconductor Caches
Compressed 4 TB database in DRAM Compressed 50 TB Database in Flash

Data Warehousing Performance

2x Exadata Version 1 5x Faster than Teradata, Netezza, etc 20x Faster than IBMs Fastest Computer

Oracle 11gR2 Optimized for in Memory Queries

Faster than specialized In-Memory DBs

Oracle Exadata Version 2 In-Memory Parallel Query Execution

QphH: 1 TB TPC-H
1,166,976 1,018,321

One Exadata V2 Rack: 400GB of DRAM memory for caching Exadata 10x Hybrid Columnar Compression 4 Terabytes Compressed Data in DRAM Cache Parallel Query Processing in Memory Data Technology for World Record Benchmark





Faster than in-memory specialized startups

Memory has 100x more bandwidth than Disk

Source: Transaction Processing Council, as of 9/14/2009: Oracle on HP Bladesystem c-Class 128P RAC, 1,166,976 QphH@1000GB, $5.42/QphH@1000GB, available 12/1/09. Exasol on PRIMERGY RX300 S4, 1,018,321 QphH@1000GB, $1.18/QphH@1000GB, available 08/01/08. ParAccel on SunFire X4100 315,842 QphH@1000GB, $4.57 /QphH@1000GB, available 10/29/07.

D/W Performance


Why is Oracle Faster?

DB Processing in Storage Smart Flash Cache Faster Interconnect (40Gb/sec) More Disks Faster Disks (15K RPM)



TwinFin 12 Database Machine

The Architecture of the Future

Massively Parallel Grid

Data Warehousing and OLTP

Sun Oracle Database Machine

Extreme Performance

RAC Database Server Grid

Millions of transactions per minute Tens of millions of queries per minute Billions of rows per minute

Exadata Storage Server Grid

21 GB/sec disk bandwidth 50 GB/sec flash bandwidth 1 million Random I/Os per second

InfiniBand Network
880 Gb/sec aggregate throughput

Scale Performance and Capacity on Demand

Scales to 8 rack database machine by just adding wires More with external InfiniBand switches Scales to hundreds of storage servers Multi-petabyte databases

Redundant and Fault Tolerant

Fault Tolerant Server, Storage and Network Data is mirrored across storage servers

Drastically Simplified Deployments

Database Machine eliminates the complexity of deploying database systems
Months of configuration, troubleshooting, tuning

Database Machine is ready on day one

Pre-built, tested, standard, supportable configuration

Runs existing applications unchanged Extreme performance out of the box

Months to Days

Exadata System Start Small and Grow

Basic System $110,000

Quarter Rack $350,000

Half Rack $650,000

Full Rack $1.15M

Storage Capacity Price Comparison

Database Machine SAS Total Disk Storage User Data Capacity System Price Price per User TB Software License 100 TB 140 TB $1,150,000 H/W $1,680,000 S/W* $20,000 Perpetual

Database Machine SATA 336 TB 500 TB $1,150,000 H/W $1,680,000 S/W* $5,700 Perpetual

2550 42 TB 12.6 TB $819,000 $65,000 Partially Transferable

Twinfin 12 96 TB 72 TB $1,480,000 $20,000 NonTransferable

* Use your existing database licenses, full list price for storage server software

Exadata V2 Summary
Fastest Data Warehousing & OLTP Performance Best Data Warehousing & OLTP Cost/Performance Fault Tolerant & Scalable On-Demand

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John Fowler
Executive Vice President Sun Microsystems

Sun Integrated Computing Infrastructure

Compute, Storage, and Network Integration by Design Sun FlashFire Technology Turbocharged Storage Balanced CPU, IO, and Memory for Grid Performance High Throughput Networking Integrated Remote Systems Management Designed and Tuned for Oracle

Sun Integrated Computing Infrastructure

176 x86 CPU cores / 352 threads 912 GB DDR3 memory 5.4 TB SLC Flash Storage 336 TB SATA HDD Storage 40 Gb/sec Network Interconnect Fabric 14% Greater Power Efficiency

Sun Oracle Database Server

8 Sun Fire X4170 DB per rack 8 CPU cores 2x performance 72 GB memory 2.5x increase Redundant HCA path to 2 switches Fully redundant power and cooling

Sun Oracle Exadata Storage Server

14 Sun Fire X4275 per rack 5x faster than conventional storage 2x more storage capacity Simplifies storage to eliminate

complex SAN architectures

Sun FlashFire Technology

turbocharges applications

Sun FlashFire Technology

Extreme Performance Accelerator

10x better IO response time 5.25 Terabytes Flash per rack 1,000,000 IOPS per rack 20x IOPS speedup for Oracle Integrated super caps for data retention

InfiniBand Network High Bandwidth, Low Latency

Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 Fully redundant non-blocking IO paths from servers to storage 2.88 Tb/sec bi-sectional bandwidth per switch 40 Gb/sec QDR, Dual port QSFP per server

Extreme Performance Exadata Powered by Sun

20x random IO speedup

Integrated Sun FlashFire Technology

4x IO bandwidth speedup

Integrated Sun FlashFire Technology and faster disk subsystem

2x speedup in compute and network performance capacity