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Special sales
events from ...
Chief, Menards,
Rural King, AEP,
Ruler Foods
Food giveaway
will be a free community
food giveaway from 9-11
a.m. Saturday, Aug. 24, at
Mt. Zion United Methodist
Church. The church is lo-
cated on Road 151, out-
side of Grover Hill.
to host PAC meal
PAULDING Congress -
man Bob Latta will be
among the speakers at an
ACRE Co-op Owners for
Political Action breakfast
next week at Paulding-
Putnam Electric Coopera -
tive headquarters.
Registration and a conti-
nental breakfast begin at
7:30 a.m. Monday, Aug. 26.
Speakers will take the podi-
um at 8:15 a.m. followed by
tours of the facility.
Organizers say, Now
more than ever, its impor-
tant to stay informed on the
latest news and policies im-
pacting co-op members.
Join us for a review of the
latest energy related legisla-
tions pending on Capitol
Deadline for reservations
is today, Aug. 21. There is
no charge to attend, but
reservations are required.
These can be made by con-
tacting Renee Boss at
Paulding-Putnam, 401
McDonald Pike in Paulding,
or Pearl Rakes at North
Western Electric
Cooperative Inc. in Bryan.
Another option is by visiting
the company website to reg-
ister online.
Annual economic
banquet coming
County Economic
Development will be hold-
ing its annual banquet Sept.
26 at the OSU Extension
Building in Paulding. The
event will celebrate PCEDs
20th anniversary and give
awards and recognition to
many businesses and organ-
izations in Paulding County.
Also, the newly appointed
PCED director will be in-
The event will be catered
by Grants with live music,
door prizes, a cash drawing
and lots of lively activity.
For reservations, call the
PCED office at 419-399-
8282, stop in at 101 E.
Perry St., Paulding, or email
Thanks to you ...
Wed like to thank
Darwin McClure of
Grover Hill for subscribing
to the Progress!
Progress Staff Writer
PAULDING The Progress received an
alert from the Paulding Police Department on
Friday that approximately five different area
businesses had been passed counterfeit money.
The counterfeit bills included $10, $20, $50
and $100s.
The currency looks and feels differently, the
color is a little darker and the cut around the
edge is uneven. According to reports, two indi-
viduals who were allegedly in possession of the
money could be facing charges and informa-
tion was turned over to the prosecutor.
Each business owner or anyone taking cash
at a business is urged to mark their bills and
check them to make sure they are real bills.
In Grover Hill on Monday night, a business
believed they were in possession of fake bills
and the Paulding County Sheriffs Office was
called. Those bills were determined to not be
The police department said theyve had no
further incidents since Friday.
If you believe you are in the possession of a
counterfeit bill, notify the Paulding Police
Department at 419-399-3311. If at all possible,
get a license plate number.
VOL. 138 NO. 52 PAULDING, OHIO 419-399-4015 www.progressnewspaper.org WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2013 ONE DOLLAR USPS 423620
See COUNCIL, page 2A
See OAKWOOD, page 2A
SIXTH ANNUAL BLACK SWAMP BOWL Members of the Paulding and
Wayne Trace high schools football teams will once again battle for bragging
rights during the Black Swamp Bowl. This years edition will begin at 7:30
p.m. Friday, Aug. 30 on the Panther field. Wayne Trace has captured the title
three of the past five years. The traveling Black Swamp Bowl trophy is spon-
sored by the Paulding County Progress. Above, sizing up the trophy and the
competition, are the 2013 team seniors. The Panthers will again be selling
Black Swamp Bowl T-shirts with proceeds going to the local food bank.
Shirts will be available during Pauldings Meet the Team Night and scrim-
mage with Edgerton on Aug. 23, and also during the first week of school.
Nancy Whitaker/Paulding County Progress
Counterfeit bills have been passed in Paulding area businesses. In the photo is a counterfeit
$20 bill that was turned over to the Paulding Police Department. Note that this bill appears to
have been cut unevenly along the bottom edge, but could easily be mistaken for the real thing.
Counterfeit bills passed in Paulding
Medieval Times on the Auglaize at Oakwood
Labor Day festivities on Sunday from
1:30-5:30 p.m. at the Oakwood Park
featuring members of the Society for
Creative Anachronism (SCA Inc.).
See real-life medieval fighting with
swords and shields, see rapier duels
with live-steel, play real medieval
games, and look at arts and crafts from
days long gone.
Lots of Pageants
Little King & Queen for ages 5
through second grade; Little Miss
Oakwood, grades 3-5; Junior Miss
Oakwood, grades 6-8; and Miss
Oakwood, high school.
OAKWOOD Oakwood Labor
Day Homecoming weekend will be a
trip back in time Medieval Times
on the Auglaize.
Oakwood Community Park will
have the feel of a time long past as
Oakwood celebrates Homecoming
2013 with a flavor of medieval times
of long ago.
The Oakwood Homecoming festiv-
ities begin with the kick-off for the
weekend which is dinner and enter-
tainment Friday night at 7 p.m. in the
Big Tent.
We bid you to join us at the dinner
show in the Big Tent
on Friday where you
will be wowed by the
atmosphere, food and
entertainment. You
might even be
crowned the royal one
at your table of eight,
say event organizers.
Dinner will be fol-
lowed by the skit with
the local talent per-
forming A Knight to
Remember. Tables
are selling fast, so call
the library today at
419-594-3337 to reserve a seat. First
callers get the best ta-
bles. All proceeds
from the dinner the-
ater will go to
Oakwood Cooper
Community Library.
There is a long list
of old and new activi-
ties that will be hap-
pening in Oakwood
this Labor Day week-
end. Take a gander at a
couple of these activi-
ties and then the
whole list.
Live entertainment
Come one, come all to the Oakwood
Dr. Gilreath is board certified in Family Medicine and will
take patients of all ages - pediatrics to geriatrics. She is a
Doctor of Osteopathy so she can perform manipulations
and has specific training in concussion management,
especially concerning athletes and concussions received in
sports activities and accidents. She has been trained to treat
and evaluate athletes and certified to release the athlete
back to their sport after a concussion. Her goal is to make
people more aware of the dangers of sending an athlete
back to their sport too soon.
Dr. Kate Gilreath
For appointments call 419-399-1782
Office Hours:
Kate Gilreath, DO
Paulding Medical Office Building
1032 W. Wayne St., Paulding OH 45821
Phone: 419-399-1782
Monday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - Noon
Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Kate Gilreath, DO

Phone: 419-399-1782
yne St., Paulding O a 1032 W. W
cal ding Medi Paul
Kate Gilreath, DO

Phone: 419-399-1782
45821 H yne St., Paulding O
g n ildi u fice B Of Office B cal
Kate Gilreath, DO

Dr. Kate Gilreath
Kate Gilreath, DO

Dr. Kate Gilreath


ce Hours: i Off Offi
For appointments call 419-399-1782
8:30am - 4:30pm Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm Thursday
oon 8:30am - N Wednesday
8:30am - 4:30pm Tuesday
8:30am - 4:30pm Monday

For appointments call 419-399-1782
o sport t eir h back to t
o are w re a re aw o m e l p peo
t after a con r spo eir h t ack to b
hletes and ce uate at and eval
sports activities and acci
ng athletes erni especially conc
ni ai r c t fi eci p s s ha and
y hhy opat e Ost f o or Doct
nts of all ages take patie
rd a o b is hh is Dr. Gilreat
8:30am - 4:30pm
8:30am - 4:30pm
8:30am - 4:30pm
8:30am - 4:30pm

For appointments call 419-399-1782
o soon.
hl at nn at a g n ndi se ff se o rs nge da e h t ff t o
goal is to . Her ssion u c t after a con
the athlete release o rtified t hletes and ce
trained nn trained e has bee dents. Sh sports activities and acci
ussions receive and conc ng athletes
nt e nagem a m nn m o ssi ncu o c nn c i g n ni
t a l u p ni a m rm fo per n a e c h s o s y
geriatrics. She is a atrics to pedi - nts of all ages
e and cin i Med y l i Fam in in Fam certified rd

e et hl
e k aak m goal is to
the athlete
eat r t to trained
n d i ussions receive
, nt
ons i t
geriatrics. She is a
will e and

For appointments call 419-399-1782

For appointments call 419-399-1782

For appointments call 419-399-1782

130 Dooley Drive, Paulding 419-399-2760
*on most vehicles
plus parts
$69.95plus parts
Now through September
Free Tire Rotation
with oil change
Black Swamp Bowl VI
Jim Bowers/Paulding County Progress
WHAT: Oakwood
WHEN: Labor Day
weekend Friday through
Monday, Aug. 30-Sept. 2
WHERE: Oakwood
WHO: Organized by
the Homecoming
Committee; visit
Village Council met
Monday, Aug. 19.
Councilman Tom Diaz ex-
tended thanks from council
to the village employees
who diligently worked to re-
pair the several broken water
lines last week and get the
water back to a safe level for
Councilwoman Barb Rife
asked, What caused the
water line malfunction?
Village administrator Harry
Wiebe commented that there
had been some conjecture,
but that he was unwilling to
speculate. Mayor White stat-
ed that everything is fixed
and back to normal.
Wiebe and White met
with the company that is
doing the street paving fol-
lowing the sewer separation
project, and it was deter-
mined that the only paving
that is part of the project is
the trench cut fill.
It was announced that
there will be some paving at
the new water plant on Aug.
21-22. This paving may re-
sult in the closing of the
park at times during these
two days.
Mayor White announced
that he wanted to remind
everyone that school was
starting and there were a lot
of obstacles and hidden
spots around the village due
to the construction, so be
careful and watch out for
the children.
Mayor White also asked
council to remember Ralph
Wyatt, who passed away a
short time ago as Wyatt had
been the last name on the
Paulding Council
hears about water
breaks, paving
2A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, August 21, 2013
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USPS 423620
Entered at the Post Office in Paulding,
Ohio, as 2nd class matter. Subscription
rates: $36 per year for mailing addresses
in Defiance, Van Wert Putnam and
Paulding counties. $46 per year outside
these counties; local rate for Military per-
sonnel and students.
Deadline for display ad-
vertising 3 p.m. Monday.
News deadline 3 p.m.
Paulding County Progress
Progress Staff Reporter
break occurred at approxi-
mately 3 p.m., on Monday
Aug. 12. The breaks oc-
curred almost simultaneous-
ly on Emerald Road and
Caroline Street, Baldwin and
Walnut and Dewitt and
Jackson Streets.
While there were four dif-
ferent locations there was ap-
proximately six different
breaks, three of them in front
of Larsons Body Shop.
Workers from the village
had worked their regular
shifts on Monday when the
breaks occurred. They then
worked all night Monday
night and Tuesday until ap-
proximately 8:30 p.m.
Mike Winners, Water and
Waste Water Superintendent,
said that even though the
water pressure got below 20
pounds, Paulding was never
without water.
The EPA has rules in force
and those codes must be met
before any water can be used
for drinking after a water
break. A boil alert was issued
for Paulding until the water
was safe to drink.
The boil advisory was lift-
ed on Thursday after many
testings were done to ensure
the water was safe to drink.
The cause of the water
breaks is still being described
as unknown circumstances.
ANTWERP An update on
the construction of the Dollar
General Store, a change in the
printing of village ordinances
in the newspaper, and land ac-
quisition in the works was all
part of the Antwerp Village
Council meeting agenda on
Monday evening, Aug. 20.
Although no projected
opening date for the new
Dollar General has been an-
nounced, village administra-
tor Sara Keeran informed
council members site plan
work is in process and land
excavation has started.
Also, as a part of Keerans
report, she informed council
of the changes taking place in-
volving the pick up of chil-
dren each morning for school.
Concerning a piece of prop-
erty located near the ball
fields, Mayor Tom VanVlerah
reported that in the near fu-
ture, the property that is in
bankruptcy will eventually be
donated back to the village.
Once the legal paperwork is
completed, the land will then
be leased to the ball associa-
A motion was made by
Larry Ryan to no longer print
the village ordinances in the
Bee-Argus publication but to
begin having them placed in
the West Bend as a cost-cut-
ting measure. The motion
passed unanimously.
Several resolutions and or-
dinances were presented to
council including the emer-
gency reading to terminate the
Paulding County Emergency
Management Agency agree-
ment. Following the emer-
gency reading, the motion
passed unanimously.
A resolution authorizing the
village to participate in a
countywide program for
emergency management as
organized by the Paulding
County Board of
Commissioners was read as
an emergency.
I will vote for this, but I
want it still to be known that
the only thing we didnt get
was a plan. When
Commissioner [Roy]
Klopfenstein was here at one
of our meetings, he promised
us a plan and we never did get
it, Ryan said.
Rudie Reeb added, We
never did get it (a plan) and so
its hard to trust them.
The resolution passed unan-
An ordinance adopting re-
visions to the personnel man-
ual for the village, effective
Sept. 1, received its second
reading. The first reading was
heard for an ordinance granti-
ng Ohio Gas Company to
maintain a gas distribution
system to lay, extend, main-
tain, operate, repair, remove
mains and pipe in, through, or
under the streets, alleys, pub-
lic places of the village in
order to supply natural gas.
Following the emergency
reading and acceptance to sus-
pend the rules of an ordinance
authorizing the transfer of
$27,500 from the general fund
to the police fund council
member Larry Ryan made the
motion, seconded by Kenneth
Reinhart, to accept the ordi-
nance. The motion passed
Council unanimously sus-
pended the rules and passed
an ordinance authorizing the
fiscal officer to amend appro-
In other business:
Police Chief George
Clemens reported 118 calls
for service during July and
seven offenses turned over to
Mayors Court.
EMS billing from May
17 through August 15 resulted
in 49 runs.
The new gas furnace has
been installed at the depot.
plaque at the old water works
and had been a good servant
to the village.
Council heard the unani-
mously passed Res. No.
1282-13: A resolution au-
thorizing a cooperative fish-
ing agreement with the State
of Ohio and authorized the
mayor to sign the agreement.
Council voted unanimous-
ly to accept the bid of
$16,500 from CO2 Systems
Inc. for the liquid carbon
dioxide storage unit and
unanimously accepted a bid
of $6,000 from the City of
Wauseon for a control panel
for the Tomco liquid carbon
dioxide storage unit.
Council heard the first
reading of Ordinance 1467-
13, repealing Ordinance
1268-02 in its entirety and
restricting the use of snow-
mobiles, four-wheelers and
some other recreational vehi-
cles in the village.
Councilman Randy
Daeger advised council that
the street committee had met
and recommended that the
alley between lots 15 and 16
be vacated and added to lot
16. Council is slated to vote
on the alley vacation follow-
ing approval from a planning
committee meeting.
Village solicitor Mike
Jones requested and council
voted unanimously to go into
executive session to discuss
some legal matters regarding
the purchase of real estate.
The next regularly sched-
uled meeting will be at 6:30
p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3, which
is one day later than normal
due to the Labor Day holi-
Registration and payments on Wednesday,
Aug. 28 at practice. A minimum of five partic-
ipants for each division is required.
The Big Parade
Monday at 11 a.m. the big parade gets under
way. Cash prizes will be awarded to the win-
ners. Participants are to report to check-in at 9
a.m. at Harmon and Second streets. To pre-reg-
ister, email or call Beth at 399-9011 or
Cemetery Walk
Meet at Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Sunday
evening at 7 p.m., where four grave sites will
be visited and stories of former residents will
be heard.
Landmark Glancealot
Find the landmark. Pictures of sites in
Oakwood will be available at the library by
Aug. 24. Have fun searching and turn in your
answers at the library by 4 p.m. on Monday for
a chance to win.
What Can You Build?
Locals are encouraged to put their skills to
the test by turning a wooden pallet into some-
thing. Entries should be brought to the Legion
Hall on Monday morning. The Peoples Choice
winner will receive a trophy and bragging
rights. Pallets are available now in the parking
lot of the old fire station. Get creative.
Scavenger Hunt
Ages 12 and up are invited to go on a treas-
ure hunt following Minute to Win It on
Saturday. Meet in the gazebo for all the rules
and details and then set out to find the treasure.
Participants might want to bring a flashlight.
The weekends slate of events will provide
fun for all. For a complete list of dates and
times, check the schedule of events in next
weeks Progress.
Events of the day include a fire department
breakfast, softball tournament, tractor games at
tractor pull field, poker run on the river, Little
Miss Oakwood, bingo, Junior Miss Oakwood,
Little King and Queen, community recognition
(Mr. & Mrs. Oakwood, grand marshal and the
Taylor Award), Miss Oakwood, Minute to
Win It, a scavenger hunt and family movie at
the library. Judging will be held for this years
photo contest, Joust Another Day ____ (fill
in the blank). Cash prizes will be awarded.
The days activities will include a health
walk, community church service, tractor pull,
pedal pull, Medieval Acts live entertainment,
kids activities, bingo, Amazing Race, alumni
banquet, Jackpot Bingo and Puttin On the
Hits (contestants must have their music on
CD). The day closes with a paper lantern
launch at dark.
On the final day of Oakwood Homecoming,
the lineup for the big parade begins at 9 a.m.
with the parade beginning at 11 a.m.
Immediately afterward, Inflatables and Rides
open, along with bingo and Big Wheel races.
Everyone is invited to come and enjoy Price Is
Right, Jackpot Bingo, the Cardboard Boat
Race and the Duck Race.
Schedules, registration forms and other in-
formation can be found at
The events for the weekend involve many
volunteers and are a combined effort of the en-
tire community. New help and suggestions are
always welcome and appreciated. If anyone
has not been asked to give time or talent, there
will be many opportunities for volunteering.
Please take time to lend a hand or offer your
help. Get involved, support your community
and plan to have a great time at the 2013
Oakwood Homecoming.
Feature Writer
Herber, executive director for
the United Way of Paulding
County, told those attending
the campaign kickoff lunch at
the Paulding County Senior
Center that $60,000 has been
established as the 2014 cam-
paign goal. Herber said that
faithful county givers topped
the 2013 goal of $55,000 by
nearly $5,000.
This years pacesetter is the
Paulding County Library
which has established $2,000
for its goal. Library executive
director Susan Pieper told
those present that the library
system is already half way to-
ward meeting that goal and
has not received employees
pledges as of yet.
We are proud to be the
pacesetter, said Pieper. I
would like to thank Vicky
Hull for pulling our campaign
On July 30, library officials
had a pacesetter campaign
kickoff and served over 350
sandwiches (hot dogs and
hamburgers) in their effort to
draw awareness to the upcom-
ing campaign.
This was all based on do-
nations, said Pieper. We did-
nt spend a penny of anyones
money in doing this.
This years United Way
campaign for the county is,
Live United.
Imagine what would be
possible if every agency in
Paulding County partnered to-
gether, said Pieper. Imagine
what we could do if we part-
nered together, the community
came together and we did all
that we could to improve each
others quality of lifestyle to-
gether. Theres no reason why
United Way cant bring in six
figures every year.
Once again, Stan and Barb
Searing have agreed to serve
as co-chairs for this years
campaign. Searing attributed
their willingness to repeat as
co-chairs to their appreciation
for all that the Paulding
County community has done
for them and their families.
This community gave us a
home and a good place to raise
our kids, Searing said.
United Way unites to place
our money for our own neigh-
bors and relatives here in the
county, said Searing. There
is no better way to give your
funds than to the people in this
Partner agencies and pro-
grams include American Red
Cross (disaster services),
NOCAC (emergency services,
summer food program),
Paulding County Senior
Center (senior food program),
Community Health
Professionals (hospice, skilled
patient care), Paulding County
4-H Council/OSU Extension
(scholarship program),
Helping Hands Pregnancy
Center (Bridges education
program), CPC Womens
Health Resource (Earn While
You Learn) and West Ohio
Food Bank (food distribution
United Way of Paulding
County is really a table, a
place where everybody can
come and speak as equals,
said Herber. We are not the
experts in knowing all the so-
lutions, but we know we can
facilitate discussion to lead to
best strategies.
Giving to United Way of
Paulding County is the best
thing to do to get the bang for
your buck, Herber continued.
My goal this year is to reach
out to Paulding County to
make a lasting impact on this
For information about
United Way, contact Herber at
419-399-8240 or visit united-
Staff Photo/Paulding County Progress
Barb and Stan Searing, who are again serving as co-chairmen of the United Way of Paulding
Countys annual campaign, spoke at a kickoff lunch last week. This years goal is $55,000.
United Way announces
goal for 2014 campaign
Staff Photo/Paulding County Progress
The Paulding County Carnegie Library is pacesetter for this
years United Way of Paulding County campaign. Library di-
rector Susan Pieper was a speaker at the kickoff rally last
Antwerp Council hears updates
Water breaks occur in
four locations in Paulding
Progress Staff Writer
School began this week
and if anyone still needs
school supplies Susan Farr
of Community for Kids said,
We did communicate with
all of the PEVS staff that we
will do our best to accom-
modate any student that they
see who may still need help.
Each year we find a few
kids who still need supplies
on the first day and we get
them the necessary tools,
Farr added.
The pick up date for
Paulding school supplies
was Aug. 17. Farr noted,
The Paulding site has dis-
tributed supplies to 186 kids
at this time, which is up from
132 last year. This was an in-
crease of 41 percent.
According to Bill Sherry
of the Grover Hill
Ministerial Association,
book bags filled with the
grade appropriate supplies
were given to 55 students at
Grover Hill Elementary on
Monday evening. Sherry
noted that they had given
supplies to 10 more students
than last year.
He also reported that the
ministerial association pro-
vided some extra supplies
that can be handed out dur-
ing the school year as need-
ed. The supplies were pro-
cured by the Eastern
Paulding County Ministerial
Association and Stoneco.
Sherry said, We had ade-
quate supplies and funding.
People in the area were very
Group notes higher demand
at school supply giveaways
Progress Staff Writer
PAULDING Members of the Paulding
County Extension Advisory Committee contin-
ue to work with the Ohio State Universitys
human resources department to find a new
OSU Extension agriculture agent.
Jim Lopshire retired from the post during the
Paulding County Fair in June.
According to the committees president,
Jerry Zielke, OSU and the 12-person advisory
committee has been cooperating in the process
since May. Their original intent was to find a
replacement for Lopshire by September. At this
point, he is unsure when the hire will be made.
Another meeting of the key people is com-
ing later this month.
Attempts to reach the OSU regional direc-
tor, Stephen Wright, were unsuccessful at
press time.
Search for new ag agent continues
ODOT projects
The following is a weekly
report regarding current and
upcoming highway road con-
struction projects in the Ohio
Department of
Transportation District One,
which includes Paulding
Ohio 111 in the village
of Paulding west of U.S. 127
closed July 8 for seven weeks
for sanitary and storm sewer
installation. Traffic detoured.
Ohio 637 from Ohio 613
to Ohio 111 will be restricted
to one lane through the work
zone intermittently for 60
days for pavement repair and
Ohio 111 from Ohio 637
to the Defiance County line
will be restricted to one lane
through the work zone inter-
mittently for 60 days for
pavement repair and resur-
preceded her in death on
April 13, 2007.
She was a homemaker, gar-
dener, seamstress and
farmers wife in Grover Hill
until her move to the Country
Inn in 2005. She was a mem-
ber of Zion United Methodist
Church in Grover Hill.
Surviving is a daughter,
Clara Rose (Raymond)
Hussey of Defiance; a sister,
Virginia Gudakunst of Van
Wert; seven grandchildren,
Ricky Hussey, Robin Castillo
and Rhonda (David) Casler,
all of Defiance, Randi (Virgil)
Hall of Ney, Kendra (David)
German of Van Wert, Arron
Wyatt and Denise Keehan of
Lima; 16 great-grandchil-
dren, three great-great-grand-
daughters and a
She was also preceded in
death by a son, Dennis Ray
Wyatt; a brother, Gerald R.
Gale Wistner; four sisters,
Gladys S. Scarbrough, Ethel
M. Etter, Geneva B. Welch
and Rosa A. Nellie Sander-
son; five half-brothers,
Thomas, Oscar, Vernon,
Clarence Wistner and Dewey
Gillespie; five half-sisters,
Pearl Tribolett, Bess Fresh-
water, Hazel Fortman, Rylma
Marks and Esther Fish.
A graveside service was held
Saturday, Aug. 17, at the Mid-
dle Creek Cemetery with
Chaplain Ron Johnson officiat-
Preferred memorials are to
the Community Health Profes-
sionals Hospice of Paulding.
Cowan and Son Funeral
Home in Van Wert are in
charge of the arrangements.
Expressions of sympathy
may be forwarded to cowan-
CECIL Lois A. Bruckart,
86, of Cecil died Wednesday,
August 14.
Wyatt, 96, died at 6:55 p.m.,
Wednesday, Aug. 14, at the
Country Inn Enhanced Living
Center, Paulding.
She was
born Oct.
26, 1916, at
Not t oway
County, Va,
the daugh-
ter of John
E d w a r d
Wistner and Myrtle Rose
(DeCamp). On Feb. 23, 1935,
she married Fred Wyatt, who
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Paulding County Progress - 3A
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The Amish Cook
By: Lovina Eicher
services next month. I also
canned 25 quarts of dill pick-
Yesterday afternoon while
we were in the middle of can-
ning pickles, Uncle Joe and
Betty and two of their grand-
daughters came for a short
Daughter, Lovina, 9, seems
to be recovering well from
surgery she had last week.
She had her tonsils and ade-
noids removed. She cant do
any strenuous exercise for 2
weeks. She says the hardest
thing is not being able to ride
the pony. She loves to read
and write, so that helps keep
her occupied. She enjoyed
getting the extra ice cream
and popsicles.
The children have only 3
1/2 weeks until school starts.
This summer flew by so fast.
My husband, Joe, and the
boys dug up all our potatoes.
This year we laid the potato
seeds on top of the soil then
covered thickly with straw.
We had a nice crop of pota-
toes and that method seemed
to work well. It also kept the
weeds from taking over. We
had some nice-sized potatoes.
There were a lot of potatoes
on one plant.
It is Thursday morning.
Time is going by fast, but I
need to take time to get this
column in todays mail. My
plans are to go help my sister
Emma today. She is having a
garage sale this weekend.
With both her daughters de-
tasseling corn, I offered to
help her organize everything.
My husband, Joe, and
daughter, Elizabeth, have
both left for the RV factories
where they work. Daughter,
Susan, and son, Benjamin,
left around 6 a.m. to go de-
Daughters Verena and
Loretta are staying with a 93-
year-old lady from 3 p.m. to
12:30 a.m., so I am leaving
them sleep a little longer this
morning. I do hope we can be
leaving for Emmas house by
8:15 to 8:30 a.m. The lady
lives around three miles from
here, so her son brings the
girls home when he gets off
work. This will only be until
she is recovered enough to
stay alone.
This week we have been
kept busy canning tomatoes
and pickles. I made 22 quarts
of freezer pickles to put into
the freezer for Emma and
Jacobs upcoming church
With the garden starting to
empty out here and there, it
makes you think of autumn.
We were blessed with a lot of
nice rains to help the garden
grow this summer. We have
been having cool evenings
and mornings which make it
feel like fall weather.
With it being blueberry
season, here is a good recipe!
1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1/2 cup milk
1 1/2 cups blueberries
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup white sugar
Beat together butter and
sugar. Then add baking pow-
der and salt. Add eggs one at
a time and stir well. Add flour
and milk alternately.
Stir in blueberries gently,
pour into 9x9-inch pan or a
loaf pan and bake for about
one hour.
When the bread has fin-
ished baking prick the top
with a fork. Brush lemon
juice and sugar mixture on
Call us at 419-399-3887
Toll Free
To soften the sorrow,
To comfort the living,
Flowers say it
14793 Road 138
Paulding, OH 45879
(Charloe Trail)
We specialize in
unique and
Call anytime - Day or Night
Frenchie Britt 419-769-2962
For Woodburn or Antwerp
Call Mike Rohrs 419-506-1024
610 Walnut Street
Oakwood, Ohio
Full Service Funeral Home
Pre-Arrangement Specialists
In Loving Memory
You had a smile that would
brighten anyones day. Your heart
was overflowing with Love for
family and friends, and that face
was a heart throbber. You were a
friend to everyone. Everyday
your memories are with us,
camping trips, family cookouts,
fishing, hunting, just hanging
out together. There is not a day
goes by that you are with us all.
So you Brighten those heaven
skies for us, when we will all be
together one day.
Happy Birthday &
We miss you so much
Love, Your Family
John Cooper
August 17, 1960 - August 21, 1983
High school teens from First Presbyterian Church in Paulding invite area teens to the 5th Quar-
ter party from 7:30-10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23 in the church parking lot. Teens can enjoy live music
by Dooley Drive, free food, games and all-around fun! Talking over the upcoming event are, from
left Lauren Hill, Megan Reineck, Isaac Nice and Ashley Snipes with Dave Bussing, from the
Dooley Drive band.
A weekend of music coming to
Paulding Presbyterian Church
PAULDING First Pres-
byterian Church invites area
high schoolers to a 5th Quar-
ter party from 7:30-10 p.m.
Friday, Aug. 23, in the church
parking lot. The party will
immediately follow the foot-
ball scrimmage and Meet the
Team Night at Paulding High
Featuring live music by the
Christian band Dooley Drive,
there will be free food and
pop, and a variety of games.
In case of inclement
weather, the party will go on
The Presbyterian parking
lot is right along Williams
Street (U.S. 127) at the corner
of Caroline Street, one block
north of the courthouse. Look
for the tents.
While the tents are up, wor-
ship will be held in the park-
ing lot at 9:15 a.m. on Sun-
day, Aug. 25. Special worship
leaders will be Trinity, a mu-
sical trio ministry from Van
Wert. This is a casual event,
and everyone is invited to
come and enjoy. Bring a lawn
chair if you like.
For more information
about 5th Quarter on Friday,
Aug. 23, or Trinity on Sun-
day, Aug. 25, check the
church website, www.pauld-
ingpresbyterian.com, or con-
tact the church office,
DONATE TO NEW PARK ServiceMaster by McCann of Defiance recently donated to the Herb
Monroe Community Park. Here, Ron Williamson (left), fundraising chair and food service program
director at the senior center, accepts the donation from Pat McFarland, marketing director, and
Andrea Gomez, DR/HR coordinator, of ServiceMaster. Donations can be sent to Friends of the
Paulding Chamber ATT: Leadership In Action Program, P.O. Box 237, Paulding, OH 45879.
First-year teacher Ann Wieland, the new music teacher at Wayne
Trace Grover Hill School, sets up her room Thursday as she pre-
pared her classroom for the first day of school on Tuesday.
4A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Common Pleas
Sheriffs Report
County Court
Police Report
Weather report weekly summary as recorded at Paulding Villages water treatment plant
Observations recorded for the 24 hours ending at 7:30 a.m. on the morning of:
Aug. 13 85 60 -0-
Aug. 14 73 47 -0-
Aug. 15 75 47 -0-
Aug. 16 75 50 -0-
Aug. 17 82 54 -0-
Aug. 18 83 54 -0-
Aug. 19 85 54 -0-
Chris Johnson (right) was the speaker the Paulding Kiwanis Club
meeting. He talked about the young junior high girls that didnt have
any way of playing competitive basketball, so he started a junior high
girls league. His group is small now, but he hopes next year it will
become much larger. They have a place to play at the former Antwerp
School gym, now called The MAC (McLaughlin Athletic Center). The
Paulding Kiwanis Club is the sponsor. More news about this venture
as it progresses. Lisa McClure was program chairman.
We Buy Gold
Fessel Jewelers
on the square - Paulding
Store Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9-5:30; Fri. 9-6; Sat.9-2:30

0kAND 0AkA0E5
P0LE 8UlLDlN05 & 5T0kA0E 5HED5
5ATl5FYlN0 TH0U5AND5 0F CU5T0MEk5 5lNCE 1991l
200 E. Central, Van Wert, OH
200 E. Central, Van Wert, OH
On Room Size
Civil Docket:
Shastar Inc., Paulding vs. Shaun
Bauer, Paulding. Money only, matter
stayed in bankruptcy.
Integrity Ford, Inc., Paulding vs.
Shaun Bauer, Paulding. Money only,
matter stayed in bankruptcy.
Birdstone Inc., Paulding vs. Shaun
Bauer, Paulding. Money only, matter
stayed in bankruptcy.
Credit Adjustments Inc., Defiance vs.
Shaun Bauer, Paulding. Money only,
matter stayed in bankruptcy.
David M. Allen, DDS, Cincinnati vs.
Shaun Bauer, Payne. Money only, matter
stayed in bankruptcy.
Michael S. Boggs DDS Inc.,
Hicksville vs. Sarah A. Kurtz, Paulding.
Money only, satisfied.
Norandex Distribution Inc., Fort
Wayne vs. Jason Thompson, dba A E T
Exteriors, Payne. Money only, satisfied.
Credit Adjustments Inc., Defiance vs.
Brandi Wolfrum, Oakwood. Small
claims, satisfied.
William S. Bricker DDS Inc., Antwerp
vs. Les Guelde, Paulding and Dawn
Smith, Paulding. Small claims, dis-
Glenbrook Credit Acceptance Co.,
Cincinnati vs. David W. Miller, Latty.
Other action, judgment for the plaintiff
in the sum of $7,871.22.
Peregrine Health Services Inc.,
Columbus vs. Ernest Radcliffe, Paulding
and Kasey L. Lehman, Paulding. Other
action, judgment for the plaintiff in the
sum of $903.76.
Credit Adjustments Inc., Defiance vs.
Mark D. Wilhelm, Defiance. Small
claims, judgment for the plaintiff in the
sum of $1,195.44.
Van Wert County Hospital, Van Wert
vs. Roxane M. King, Payne and Frank
King, Payne. Other action, dismissed.
Criminal Docket:
Rhonda K. Stahl, Grover Hill, disor-
derly conduct; $150 fine, $120 costs, pay
all by Dec. 11 or appear in court, repay
appointed counsel fees.
Angela U. Cline, Defiance, non boat
course; $100 fine, $92 costs, taken from
Nicolette L. Collins, Oakwood, do-
mestic violence; 100 days jail, $186.46
costs; defendant to remain in jail, no
contact with victims, 80 days jail re-
served for two years.
Traffic Docket:
Brian J. Starub, Newport, Mich., seat
belt; $30 fine, $58 costs.
Vincent J. Taylor, Grayson, Ga., stop
sign; $53 fine, $85 costs.
Henry C. Tutt Jr., St. Louis, Mo.,
92/65 speed; $43 fine, $77 costs.
Deborah J. Ferguson, Martinsville,
Ind., 80/65 speed; $43 fine, $80 costs.
Oscar Flores, Hamilton, Ont., seat
belt; $30 fine, $47 costs.
David A. Valerio, Springfield, follow-
ing closely; $53 fine, $77 costs.
Seanjon J. Hatfield, Woodburn, Ind.,
68/55 speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Donovan D. Favers, Findlay, OVI sus-
pension; $250 fine, $92 costs, pay by
Dec. 11 or appear, three days jail, six-
month license suspension; warrant and
warrant block rescinded, 177 days jail
Yasin James, Cedar Park, Texas, 68/55
speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Patrick D. Doty, Bryan, 72/55 peed;
$43 fine, $80 costs.
Ivan L. Smith, Toledo, 80/65 speed;
$43 fine, $77 costs.
Renee M. Hertig, Saint Joe, Ind.,
72/55 speed; $43 fine, $77 costs.
Ronnie Bowers, Athens, Tenn., 66/55
speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Daltan Michael Sisco, Paulding, 87/55
speed; $43 fine, $77 costs.
Kelley Jane Simpson, Fort Wayne,
75/65 speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Jimmy D. Sovran, Belle River, Ont.,
80/65 speed; $43 fine, $80 costs.
Michael C. Boyd, Latty, stop sign; $50
fine, $83 costs.
Robert J. Staugler, Ft. Recovery, 65/55
speed; $33 fine, $85 costs.
Jaquitta M. Ferguson, Defiance, driv-
ing under FRA suspension; $25 fine, $87
costs, pay by Dec. 11 or appear.
Jaquitta M. Ferguson, Defiance,
equipment regulation; $68 fine, pay by
Dec. 11 or appear.
Ryan Gallagher, Fort Wayne, 78/65
speed; $33 fine, $85 costs.
Amy J. Hopkins, Antwerp, 69/55
speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Kaleb D. Plotts, Paulding, 81/55
speed; $63 fine, $77 costs.
Kaleb D. Plotts, Paulding, seat belt;
$30 fine.
Delbert Duane Walls Jr., Detroit, seat
belt; $30 fine, $50 costs.
Levi Ray Cliffton, Bryan, no operators
license; $75 fine, $87 costs.
Levi Ray Cliffton, Bryan, handle bar
height; $68 fine.
Bruce William Bidlack, Harken Heights,
Texas, 68/55 speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
James A. Spears, Oakwood, slow vehi-
cle sign; $68 fine, $80 costs.
Timothy Scott Dixon, Lakeland, Fla.,
68/55 speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Lindsay Lemont Mann, Toledo, 65/55
speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Mark E. Bloniarz, Paulding, 78/55
speed; $43 fine, $80 costs.
Ronald L. Riggenbach, Paulding, 68/55
speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Benjamin Ross Jones, Paulding, driving
under suspension; $300 fine, $87 costs,
proof of financial responsibility not pro-
vided, pay all by Dec. 11 or appear, com-
munity control ordered, secure valid
drivers license, 90 days jail reserved.
Benjamin Ross Jones, Paulding, unsafe
vehicle; $50 fine.
Martha Casnova, Oakville, Ont., 82/65
speed; $43 fine, $82 costs.
Freddie Douglas Haynes, Richmond,
Mich., 83/65 speed; $43 fine, $85 costs.
Dustin M. Bullard, Grimsley, Tenn., no
brake lights; $68 fine, $77 costs.
Johnny Reed Yurchis, Wayne, Mich.,
67/55 speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Brooke W. Stokke, Toledo, 82/65 speed;
$43 fine, $77 costs.
Dawn M. Kuhlman, Defiance, 67/55
speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Nancy M. Gigliotti, Cleveland, 78/65
speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
William Eugene Pruett, Carleton, Mich.,
65/55 speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Brant L. Seitz, Milmine, Ill., 64/55
speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Wesley W. Ledbetter, Fort Wayne, 78/65
speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Civil Docket
The term et al. refers to and oth-
ers; et vir., and husband; et ux.,
and wife.
Flagstar Bank, FSB, Troy,
Mich. vs. James Molter and
his unknown spouse if any,
Payne. Foreclosures.
The Huntington National
Bank, Columbus vs. Mark A.
Marenberg, individually and
as trustee of his living trust
agreement, Antwerp and
Paulding County Treasurer,
Paulding and The Huntington
National Bank, Columbus.
Rose A. Foltz, Paulding vs.
Steven A. Foltz, Ottawa. Di-
Marriage Licenses
Matthew Edward Kuhn,
46, Payne, factory and Kim
Marie Mobley, 51, Payne, in-
spector. Parents are Hobart
Kuhn and Mary Hake; and
Robert C. Burns and Delilah
Jarod Lee Martenies, 30,
Antwerp, laborer and Megan
Elizabeth Koppenhofer, 21,
Antwerp, dental hygienist.
Parents are Ray Martenies
and Vanice Shidler; and Troy
Koppenhofer and Sara Ham-
Michael Aaron Wehrkamp,
29, Paulding, attorney and
Laura Ashley Arend, 28,
Paulding, registered nurse.
Parents are Terry W.
Wehrkamp and Nancy Ritten-
house; and Donald Arend and
Susan Mandly.
Administration Docket
In the Estate of Phyllis M.
Feasby, application to admin-
ister file.
In the Estate of Frieda I.
Gordon, application to ad-
minister file.
Criminal Docket
Jacob Taylor, 20, of Oak-
wood was in Court Aug. 6 for
a change of plea. One of two
counts unlawful sexual con-
duct with a minor (F4) was
dismissed. A guilty plea was
entered for the second. Sen-
tencing was set for Sept. 16.
Kevin W. Carlisle, 32, of
Oakwood was in Court re-
cently for a change of plea
and sentencing. Charges of
endangering children (F3)
and tampering with evidence
(F3) were dismissed. He was
found guilty of illegal pro-
cessing of drugs (F1) and il-
legal assembly or possession
of chemicals for the manufac-
ture of drugs (F2). He was or-
dered to serve stated prison
terms of seven and three
years, respectively. The two
will be served concurrently.
He was given a three-year li-
cense suspension and must
pay costs. West Central Ohio
Task Force will destroy any
contraband. Credit was given
for 111 days served.
Stephanie R. Kremer, 32,
Antwerp, was in Court for a
hearing on a change of plea
Aug. 6. She entered a guilty
plea to an amended indictment,
changing the burglary charge
from an F2 to an F3. Sentenc-
ing will be held Sept. 3.
Jonathan R. Bowman, 22,
Defiance, changed his pleas
to breaking and entering (F5)
(amended from burglary F2)
and theft (F5) to guilty at an
Aug. 7 hearing. He waived
extradition and was released
on his own recognizance on
the conditions of no arrests,
comply with a 10 p.m. curfew
and consume no alcohol nor
enter bars or taverns.
Adam J. Payne, 21, of Oak-
wood, was arraigned Aug. 13
on a charge of grand theft
(F4). A not guilty plea was
entered; pretrial conference
was scheduled for Sept. 16
with an Oct. 1 trial date. He is
being held on $25,000 bond
with no cash privilege.
Jacob K. Roughton, 22, of
Oakwood, was arraigned
Aug. 13 for two counts theft
(F5) and two counts forgery
(F5). Not guilty pleas were
entered. Pretrial conference
was scheduled for Sept. 16
with an Oct. 1 trial date. He is
being held on $15,000 bond
with no cash privilege.
Chadd C. Ratliff, 39, of
Cecil, was arraigned Aug. 13
on three counts rape (F1) and
two counts gross sexual im-
position (F3). Not guilty
pleas were entered for all
charges. He is being held on
$100,000 bond with no 10%
privilege while awaiting an
Aug. 26 pretrial conference
and Oct. 1 trial. Should be
post bond, he is to have no
contact with his minor vic-
tims and another subject, no
contact with their residence
nor employer by any method
including a third party.
James J. Herber, 44, of
Antwerp, charged with two
counts gross sexual imposi-
tion (F3) and attempted gross
sexual imposition (F4), had a
motion for continuance in his
case filed on Aug. 15.
Nicolette L. Collins, 23, of
Paulding, was arraigned Aug.
13 for theft (F4). Not guilty
plea was entered. Pretrial
conference was set for Sept.
23 with an Oct. 22 trial date.
She is being held on a
$25,000 bond with no cash
Joshua J. Kreischer, 28, ad-
dress unavailable, was ar-
rested on a warrant on
indictment for two counts for-
gery (F5) and was arraigned
Aug. 13. Pretrial conference
was set for Sept. 23 with an
Oct. 22 trial date. His bond
was set at $25,000 with no
cash privilege.
Tuesday, Aug. 13
8:45 a.m. Job and Family
Services advised of possible
sexual abuse.
9:41 a.m. Theft complaint
came in from Scott.
10:54 a.m. Stray dog was re-
ported from Road 171 in Brown
11:27 a.m. Deputies re-
sponded to a domestic com-
plaint on Road 153 in Auglaize
6:10 p.m. Jordan Black was
arrested on a pickup order from
Van Wert County.
6:21 p.m. Harassment com-
plaint came in from Haviland.
8:13 p.m. Four-wheelers
were seen driving in Five Span
Addition on Road 1037 in
Auglaize Township.
9:24 p.m. Investigation of an
assault complaint was started on
Ohio 637 in Auglaize Town-
9:43 p.m. A Payne resident
told deputies they had been bit-
ten by a dog.
9:46 p.m. Suspicious vehicle
was seen on Road 83 in Crane
Wednesday, Aug. 14
5:38 a.m. Grover Hill fire and
EMS personnel were called to a
motor vehicle accident in Van
Wert County at the intersection
of Ohio 637 and 224. No trans-
port was made.
5:41 a.m. Paulding EMS
made a run from an accident on
Road 176 east of Road 87 in
Crane Township. Paulding and
Cecil fire departments assisted
at the scene.
10:41 a.m. Theft complaint
came in from Road 72 in Blue
Creek Township.
11:10 a.m. Dog complaint
was handled on Road 71 in
Paulding Township.
12:35 p.m. A suspicious vehi-
cle was seen on Road 203 in
Washington Township.
3:54 p.m. Theft of a car was
reported from Ohio 637 in
Auglaize Township.
5:30 p.m. Paulding EMS
made a transport from an acci-
dent on US 127 at Road 162
north of Paulding. Paulding Fire
Department assisted at the
6:59 p.m. Deputies assisted
with an unwanted person on US
127 in Paulding Township.
7:15 p.m. Putnam County re-
quested Oakwood Fire Depart-
ment for mutual aid at a barn
fire. Three units responded for
about 30 minutes.
8:39 p.m. Theft complaint
was lodged from Road 171 in
Brown Township.
Thursday, Aug. 15
12:02 a.m. An Antwerp resi-
dent told deputies their tags had
been stolen while in Scott.
8:35 a.m. Dog complaint
came in from Road 77 in Crane
10:11 a.m. Unwanted person
complaint came in from Grover
10:29 a.m. A pontoon boat
was reported stolen from Road
192 in Carryall Township.
Monday, Aug. 12
3:22 p.m. Officers were called to Lincoln Avenue where two
boys were fighting. They were taken home and released to their
4:15 p.m. Neighbor problems involving a barking dog were
looked into.
5:35 p.m. Officers on patrol discovered a water line break near
the intersection of Caroline Street and Emerald Road. They in-
formed the utilities department.
10:25 p.m. Neighbor problems were investigated on North
Williams Street. A warning had previously been issued. Angie
Kirk was cited for disorderly conduct.
11:20 p.m. Water was seen bubbling up in a yard on West Jack-
son Street. Utilities personnel were notified.
Tuesday, Aug. 13
12:10 a.m. A waterline break was reported from North Walnut
Street. The matter was turned over to the utilities department.
8:58 p.m. A citizen noticed tombstones in Live Oak Cemetery
were out of place.
Wednesday, Aug. 14
1:40 p.m. A West Perry Street resident told officers their apart-
ment had been damaged during the night.
4:30 p.m. Counterfeit $10 bill was reported by a North Williams
Street business. Case is under investigation.
10:35 p.m. A tree limb was seen on a power line near the East
Jackson Street bridge. The matter was turned over to AEP.
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Paulding County Progress - 5A
For the Record
It is the policy of the
Paulding County Progress
to publish public records as
they are reported or released
by various agencies. Names
appearing in For the
Record are published with-
out exception, to preserve
the fairness and impartiality
of the Progress and as a
news service to our readers.
Property Transfers
Varsity Golf
He is just a dog
In his column Homespun, Jim Langham wrote last
week, It has been 12 years since our home experienced the
loss of our last dog. Our Benji, which really did look like a
Benji, had gone to his reward, the end of a lifetime chain
of departing dog broken hearts. What a statement is that
all there is for our dog
friends, who are always
willing to wag their tails in
happiness to see us come
through the door, bring their
favorite toy and drop it at
our feet because they want
to play, or do all those dog-
gie tricks for a small treat
and a pat on the head? I am afraid so; our dog friends go
through life trying to please us and taking our rejection and
sometimes neglect with their tails wagging in hope to hear us
say Good Doggie.
As I was pondering Jims statement, I couldnt help but
think about how I sometimes treat the people around me. I
may have a loving doggie countenance, but deep down I
am thinking something else, like hurry up, cant we do this
some other time, is this really that important, or I really need
to get going. I have to think about my dogs next reaction
after being so loving, friendly and glad to see me, because
the next thing I observe is that he has disappeared to his fa-
vorite spot in the family room and having done his doggie
bit will soon be sound asleep.
In my opinion, I am not quite like my dog. I give people a
lot more respect as I shake their hands or give them a hug. I
also listen to their stories, give advice if asked, share in their
tender moments and sometimes tell them what is important
in my life. I think that we humans have a different, even
higher level of ability to interact with our fellow mankind.
But, in my opinion, sometimes we stop at the doggie hello
and just want to move on to the next best thing.
I think we often treat God similar to the way we treat our
dog. God is always there for us, ready to help and guide us
through the best and toughest times and God always loves
us. I think we humans want to say to our God, Good God
and then go our own way leaving God behind, thinking we
have done the right thing by acknowledging God so we can
do what the world is calling us to do.
I could say more, but if you are curious and want to hear
more, dont forget, I hope to see you in church this Sunday;
we might have something in common.
William W. Sherry is a correspondent for the Paulding
County Progress.
The opinions stated are those of the writer, and do not nec-
essarily reflect that of the newspaper.
In My Opinion
In My
The term et al. refers to and oth-
ers; et vir., and husband; et ux.,
and wife.
Auglaize Township
Chris and Jessica Willitzer
and Jason T. and Judith A.
Schultz; Sec. 19, Lots 48 and
49, Auglaize Country Club
Riverside Allotment, 0.21
acre. Warranty deed.
Russel L. Steele, dec. to
Helen Bieniek; Sec. 19, Lots
9-11, Hartzog Auglaize Allot-
ment, 1.011 acres. Certificate
of transfer.
Blue Creek Township
Richard L. and Diana L.
Larimore to Brian Patrick
and Kimberly S. Howey; Sec.
7, 0.72 acre. Warranty deed.
Carryall Township
David S. and Amanda E.
Fellers to Michael L. and
Sonya R. Burgett; Sec. 21,
20.28 acres. Warranty deed.
Emerald Township
Sally M. Fifer to Sally M.
Fifer Life Estate, et al.; Sec.
12, 3.838 acres. Quit claim
Harrison Township
Nancy K. Wobler to
Michael L. Wobler; Sec. 17,
80 acres. Quit claim deed.
Russel D. and Suzanne M.
Yenser to Isaac P. Yenser;
Sec. 18, 0.53 acre and 3.386
acres. Fiduciary deed.
Antwerp Village
Robert Max Smith to John
M. and Carol Jean Chilcote;
Lot 5, Daggetts Fourth Addi-
tion, 0.034 acre and Lot 6,
Block A, 0.074 acre. Sur-
vivorship deed.
Lillian I. Rupp, dec. to
Lynnette Bradford and Vin-
cent Rupp; Lot 9, Snook Ad-
dition, 0.231 acre. Affidavit.
Grover Hill Village
Robert and Jacqueline
Welch, et al. to Wayne and
Kathy Risner; Lots 6 and 7,
Myers Addition, 0.273 acre.
Warranty deed.
Haviland Village
Barry M. Shumaker, dec. et
al. by Sheriff to Secretary of
Veterans Affairs; Lot 128,
Original Plat, 0.163 acre. Sher-
iffs deed.
Oakwood Village
Nolan G. and LaDonna K.
Shisler to Jennifer Spangler,
fka Dirr; Lot 26, Original Plat,
0.235 acre. Warranty deed.
Jennifer and Philip J. Span-
gler to Philip J. and Jennifer
Spangler; Lot 26, Original Plat,
0.235 acre. Quit claim deed.
Paulding Village
Bradley E. and Martha M.
Bradford to Constance Haller;
Sec. 18, Lot 2, Outlots, 0.68
acre. Warranty deed.
Larry A. Wolford Jr., et al. by
Sheriff to Chad L. and Loral R.
Manz; Lot 120, Nonemans
Emerald Acres #3, 0.258 acre.
Sheriffs deed.
Charlene J. Shrider, undi-
vided 35% interest to Donna
Rose Schooley; Lots 25 and 40
and part vacant alley, Original
Plat, 0.386 acre. Warranty
Thelma A. Hill, dec. to
Keith E. and Pamela J.
Myers; Lots 181 and 188,
Original Plat, 0.066 acre. Fidu-
ciary deed.
Mary B. Miles, dec. to Alean
Miles; Lot 26, Olds & Prentice
Addition, 0.2 acre. Affidavit.
Ohio legislators visit local businesses
Ohio legislators who visited Cooper Farms in Van Wert on Monday included, from left Rep. John Patterson, Jim Cooper, Rep. Jack
Cera, Rep. Jim Buchy, Rep. Christina Hagan, Rep. Dave Hall, Senator Cliff Hite, Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl, Rep. Brian Hill, Rep. Tim Brown,
Rep. Tony Burkley, Cooked Meats plant manager and owner Greg Cooper and Eric Ludwig, director of corporate development and owner.
Several members of the Ohio House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee toured two local businesses. At the Quasar
Energy Group in Haviland were, from left Rep. John Patterson, Rep. Dave Hall, Rep. Brian Hill, Rep. Christina Hagan, Rep. Mar-
garet Ann Ruhl, Rep. Tony Burkley, Rep. Tim Brown, Rep. Jim Buchy and Rep. Jack Cera.
COLUMBUS State Repre-
sentative Tony Burkley (R-
Payne) on Monday joined other
members of the Ohio House
Agriculture and Natural Re-
sources Committee as they
toured some northwest Ohio
The committee members first
visited the anaerobic digestion
renewable energy facility in
Haviland, a partnership between
Quasar Energy Group and Hav-
iland Plastic Products. There,
they observed how the com-
pany effectively creates electric-
ity and compressed natural gas
without harming the environ-
So much focus has been on
energy production, and with
agriculture continuing to be
Ohios top industry, Im proud
of the work Quasar Energy
Group is doing, Rep. Burkley
The committee members also
stopped by Cooper Farms, in
Van Wert, where they learned
more about how the business
operates and cares for its ani-
mals and the environment.
As we look into water
quality standards, its impor-
tant to recognize examples
like Cooper Farms, which
have been in business for
decades and still respect the
environment around them,
Rep. Burkley said.
Varsity Games
of the Week
Girls Golf
Paulding 5th.......422
Paulding 10th.....499
Boys Golf
W. Trace 10th......379
Paulding 15th.....460
Wayne Trace........172
Ottawa-Glandorf .178
W. Trace 17th......402
Paulding 18th.....413
1. Wauseon ........307
2. Bryan .............325
3. Kalida ............330
4. Liberty Center .337
5. Allen East .......351
6. Tinora.............353
7. Delta..............358
8. Wayne Trace....362
9. Archbold.........362
10. Swanton.......362
11. Montpelier....362
12. Delphos Jeff. 391
13. Antwerp........397
14. Paulding.......405
15. Fairview........415
Spencerville .......187
Col. Grove...........211
Girls Golf: Antwerp and Fairview
at Ayersville; Paulding and Edon
at Hicksville
Boys Golf: Antwerp and Paulding
at Wayne Trace Inv.
Volleyball: Paulding at Van Wert;
Wayne Trace hosts Montpelier
Football: Antwerp at Ottawa Hills
(scrimmage); Paulding hosts
Edgerton (scrimmage); Wayne
Trace at Swanton (scrimmage)
Cross Country: Antwerp and
Paulding at Defiance Early Bird
Inv.; Wayne Trace at Delphos St.
Johns Inv.
Volleyball: Antwerp at Lincol-
Girls Golf: Antwerp at Tinora;
Wayne Trace hosts Delphos St.
Johns and South Adams
Boys Golf: Antwerp and Stryker
at Edon; Paulding, Crestview and
Spencerville at Delphos Jefferson
Volleyball: Paulding hosts Bryan;
Wayne Trace at North Central
Girls Golf: Antwerp at Edon;
Paulding at Tinora
Boys Golf: Paulding and Delphos
Jefferson at Allen East; Wayne
Trace hosts Ottawa-Glandorf and
Miller City
Girls JV Soccer: Paulding hosts
Cross Country: Antwerp and
Paulding at Wayne Trace Inv.
Boys JV Soccer: Paulding at De-
Volleyball: Antwerp hosts
Fayette; Wayne Trace at Continen-
Raiders, Panthers at Defiance Invitational
Wayne Trace took 10th and Paulding finished 15th in the Defi-
ance Invitational at Eagle Rock Golf Course on Monday, Aug. 12.
Wauseon won the tournament with a 316 followed by Napoleon
at 327 and Van Wert with a 342. The Raiders carded a 379 and
the Panthers posted a 460.
Corbin Linder and Alec Vest shot an 88 and 89, respectively, to
lead the red, white and blue. Chris Davis followed with a 99 while
Evan Baughman posted a 103 and Brady Stabler chipped in a 106.
Paulding was led by Ben Heilshorn at 95 and Justin Adams
posted a 105. Damon Egnor and Kaleb Becker recorded a 121 and
139, respectively.
Girls at Lincolnview
Wayne Traces Emilie Linder and Paige Rahrig finished seventh
and 10th individually in the Lincolnview Invitational at Hickory
Sticks Golf Course on Aug. 12.
Linder shot a 90 to place seventh while Rahrig carded a 94 for
10th place.
In action last week, Linder shot a 49 and Rahrig finished with
a 52 as the duo competed against Defiance and Coldwater at
Pleasant Valley Golf Course.
Lady Panthers at Inv.
Paulding competed in the Lincolnview Invitational at Hickory
Sticks Golf Course last Monday with the Lady Panthers posting
a fifth place finish at 422.
Jerika Bland and Rachel Mourey each had a 101 for the maroon
and white with Alyssa Shelmadine carding a 105. Ellie Miller also
posted a 115 for Paulding.
Paulding Invitational
Wauseon captured the Paulding Golf Invitational Thursday at
Auglaize Golf Course as the Indians carded a 307 to win the tour-
nament by 18 strokes.
Bryan took second with a 325 while Kalida was third at 330.
Locally, Wayne Trace finished eighth by posting a 362 and
Paulding placed 14th with a 405.
The Indians Clay Tefft and David Williams claimed low scores
in the tournament with a 73 and 74, respectively.
Corbin Linder was the Raiders low man with an 85 and Alec
Vest posted a 91. Other red, white and blue scorers included Luke
Miller (92), Brady Stabler (94), Evan Baughman (97) and Chris
Davis (97).
Paulding was led by Ben Heilshorn with a 92 and Justin Adams
carded a 98. Brad Crawford and Kaleb Becker chipped in scores
of 106 and 109, respectively.
WT defeats O-G
In other action, the Raiders defeated Ottawa Glandorf 172-178
at Pleasant Valley Golf Course in a dual match.
Linder posted a 41 to pace Wayne Trace with Vest adding a 42
and Stabler chipping in a 44. Miller (45), Baughman (52) and
Davis (61) completed the Raider scorers.
Raiders, Panthers at Kalida Invitational
In action at Country Acres Golf Course, Wayne Trace took 17th
and Paulding finished 18th as a team as the Raiders carded a 402
and the Panthers posted a 411.
Baughman led the red, white and blue with a 92 and Linder
carded a 96. Stabler and Vest chipped in a 104 and 110, respectively.
Heilshorn paced the maroon and white by shooting an 85. Other
Panther scorers were Crawford (100), Becker (106) and Adams
Archers nipped by 4
At Pond-A-River Golf Course, Edgerton picked up a dual
match win over Antwerp by the score of 202-206.
Jeff Coleman took medalist honors for the Archers with a 42
followed by Kyle Recker (47), Brock Taylor (57) and Jack
Godeke (60).
6A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, August 21, 2013
We Salute
(The Paulding Progress maintains
a file of birthdays and anniversaries. To
make any changes, please call our of-
fice at 419-399-4015 during business
hours, email to progress@progress -
newspaper.org, or drop us a note to
P.O. Box 180, Paulding.)
Aug. 24 Rowena Bear,
Christopher Britt, Jason
Dockery, Nathan Hartwig,
Deb Hessler, Mark Lero,
Teresa Lippi, Loraine Papp,
Isabella Schilt, Jim Sherry,
Kaye Taylor, Lois
Aug. 25 Steve Doctor,
Edward Etter, Rose Foltz,
Jennifer Klingler, Isaiah
Lawrence, Teri Logan,
George Mast, Joseph
Moreno, Cherish Porter, Roy
Schaefer, Joy Williams.
Aug. 26 Ruth Delaney,
Gerard Dobbelaere, Mary
Goings, Jane Henschen,
Charles (Tod) Mosier, Nancy
Noffsinger, Barb Searing,
Theodore Shockman, Mel
Snyder, Betty Wheeler.
Aug. 27 Allison Carna-
han, Sarah Jewel, Karamae
Klingler, Howard Stout, Al
Aug. 28 Michelle Adams,
Thomas Bussel, Chris
Fellers, Pam Gardener, Ryan
Hartwig, Alvin Henry, Hay-
den McConnell, Rose Marie
Reinhart, Ardis Smith.
Aug. 29 Teresa Bair,
Tony Graf, Daylen Hilty,
Coltin Hurd, Nevaeh Jack-
Aug. 25 John and Diane
Allensworth, Roger and
Karen Farlee, Benji and Tri-
cia Grant, Justus and Elvene
Holtsberry, Joe and Kathy
Aug. 26 James and Lyla
Kay Caris, Ray and Lupe
Contreraz, Tom and Sharon
Herr, Dennis and Susan
Knapp, Gary Jake and
Mary Ellen Morse, Larry and
Beth Offerle, Rob and Jodi
Price, Paul and Jean Reinhart.
Aug. 27 Floyd and Ann
Furrow, Bill and Ruth Snod-
MR. and MRS.
PAULDING Mr. and Mrs.
Ramiro Rodriguez will be cele-
brating 50 years of marriage on
Aug. 24.
Ramiro Rodriguez and
Bernadine Gonzalez were
united in marriage on Aug. 24,
1963, at the St. Joseph Catholic
Church in Paulding by Father
Robert Haas.
Ramiro is retired from Gen-
eral Motors following 37 years
of service. Bernadine is retired
from Sheller-Globe after 33
years of service.
They are the parents of four
children, Vince of Hilliard,
Rachel (Jerry) Thomas of
Bucyrus, and Erika (Todd)
Pease of Paulding. A son, Jerald,
is deceased.
The couple also have four
grandchildren, Justin and Kylee
Thomas and Braeden and Piper
Pease of Paulding.
They have a great-grand-
daughter, Ally Vance-Thomas.
Their children and grandchil-
dren will be hosting a party for
family and friends on Friday,
Aug. 24.
The couple are also planning
a boat trip to Tennessee next
summer with their children and
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We would like to thank everyone who was
involved the Wayne Trace NHS 5K Running For
Maddox last spring. It was an amazing experience!
Maddox is doing well and will be recommended to
the transplant team at Riley when he gains 4 more
prouds to weigh 22lbs. At that point we will begin
the matching process for his new kidney. He will
have the transplant when he weighs between
25-30 lbs. The support of this community has been
overwhelming! We want to thank you for all of
the support and prayers Maddox has received,
and we ask for continued prayers!
Thank you! Brian, Sarah and Maddox Franz
MR. and MRS. JOHN GANGER Wedding day in 1963
PAULDING Mr. and Mrs. John E.
Ganger celebrated 50 years of marriage on
June 22.
John E. Ganger and Cheryl Ann Giesken
of Paulding, were united in marriage on June
22, 1963, at the St. Joseph Catholic Church
in Paulding, by Father Ruess.
Parents of the bride were Aloysius and
Opal (Gunderman) Giesken and parents of
the groom were Lerenzie and Margaret
(Chapke) Ganger, all of Paulding. Serving as
bridesmaids were friends of the bride, Mary
Ellen Dagger and Mary Ann Gross. The
flower girl was sister of the bride, Maralyn
Giesken. Groomsmen included the grooms
brother, Roland Ganger and the brides
brother, Robert Gieske.
John retired from GM Power train in Defi-
ance, following 38 years of service. Cheryl was
a homemaker and an in-home childcare
provider for 15 years.
They are the parents of three children, John
Jr. (Dessie Diehm) of Antwerp, James, who
died in a tragic car accident in 1987, and Teresa
(Donald) Lippi of Van Wert.
The couple have seven grandchildren, John
III, Nathan and Noah Ganger and Khandiss,
Donnie, Brandon and Travis Lippi.
The couple celebrated the occasion Sunday,
Aug. 18, at a buffet-style dinner party at the
Black Swamp Bistro in Van Wert hosted by
their children and grandchildren.
MR. and MRS.
PAYNE Mr. and Mrs.
James Overmyer of Payne will
soon celebrate their 50th wed-
ding anniversary.
Jim and Carole (Wood)
Overmyer were married Sept.
7, 1963 by Pastor Marvin Biery
at the Payne Church of Christ.
He is retired from Interna-
tional Harvester and continues
to be a Harrison Township
trustee; she is a retired regis-
tered nurse from Paulding
County Hospital.
They have one son, Wade
Allen (Holly) Overmyer of
Houston, and two daughters,
Dawn Elaine (Eric) Cook of
Payne and Krista Lynne (Brad)
Volk of Grover Hill. They also
have six grandchildren: Eli and
Tanner Cook, Hannah, Libby
and Patrick Overmyer and
Campbell Volk. One grandson
is deceased.
They plan a quiet celebration
with immediate family later in
the fall.
son Williams of Middle Point
and Charles Youtsey of
Paulding have announced
their engagement and ap-
proaching marriage.
The bride elect is the
daughter of Rick and Carol
Williams of Middle Point.
She is a graduate of the Insti-
tute of Therapeutic Massage
and Ohio State Beauty Acad-
emy. She is employed by the
Ohio State Beauty Academy
and Total Reflections Day
Her fianc is the son of
Chuck and Jacky Youtsey of
Haviland. He is a graduate of
the University of Northwest-
ern Ohio. He is employed as
an inventory control analyst
at P.S.I.
The couple will repeat vows
at 4:30 p.m., Sept. 14, at the
Trinity United Methodist
Church in Van Wert.
son, Elizabeth Lassiter,
Kayleigh Sanders, Jamie
Smith Jr., Derick Vogel.
Aug. 30 Betty Bauer, Rosa
Bernal, Kaven Cohan, Dick
Dempsey, Dylan Dunakin,
Vanessa Ferris, Ben Johnson,
Brett Kauser, Sue MacDonald,
Thomas Charles Place, Grace
Reed, Audriana Ripke.
Aug. 28 Trent and Kelly
Goyings, Rob and Cathy
Gross, Tim and Rae Ann
Aug. 29 Greg and Beth
Aug. 30 Robert and Mar-
jorie Foust.
Army Pvt. Joseph R. Grimes
has graduated from basic com-
bat training at Fort Jackson,
Columbia, S.C.
Grimes is the son of Rick
and Shelly Grimes of Antwerp.
Sports preview
coming Aug. 28
Be sure to pick up a copy
of the Aug. 28 issue of the
Paulding County Progress
and get in the game with
our fall sports preview sec-
tion. This special supple-
ment will feature photos
and stories about Antwerp,
Paulding and Wayne Trace
teams. The outlooks for
high school golf, volley-
ball, football, soccer and
cross country will be fea-
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Paulding County Progress - 7A
A Penny For
Your Thoughts....
By: Nancy Whitaker
I think one of my favorite
things in the whole world is
candy. Candy is sweet, lifts the
spirits and is a tantalizing
morsel made to tickle our taste
Through the years, I have
tasted many kinds of candy and
can recall the many varieties
we used to have. When I was
little, I would go down to the
local grocery store and stand
for hours in front of the candy
counter, deciding what kind of
candy I wanted to spend my
few pennies on. Yes, back then
you could get a piece or two of
candy for a penny.
One kind of candy I have
never cared for is licorice. At
one time all licorice was black
and tasted nasty to me. My taste
buds were not tickled at all by
that strong anise flavored candy.
Licorice is very puzzling to
me, because now it comes in all
sorts of colors. In addition to
black, there is now red, green,
purple and blue. I have not tried
any of the different colors, be-
cause to me it is still licorice.
Being a fan of chocolate, as
most women are, one of my fa-
vorite candy bars has always
been Peppermint Patties. The
dark chocolate coating and the
creamy mint filling can tickle
my taste buds any day.
Of course, another chocolate
candy that we all enjoy is
homemade fudge. My mama
used to cook up a chocolatey
sugary fudge that was deli-
cious. She always had to sit on
the floor and beat the fudge
with a wooden spoon. I believe
that same recipe is still on the
Hersheys cocoa box.
Another type of candy I al-
ways liked was jaw breakers.
You could stick one in your
mouth and let it tickle your
taste buds for a very long time.
As kids we used to see who
could keep their jaw breaker in
their mouth the longest.
Do you remember those big
red paraffin lips you used to be
able to buy? I remember wear-
ing them around looking silly
and then chewing them up like
There were also these orange
whistles that were fun and were
also made out paraffin. Oh
what delightful candies.
Today, I am still like a kid
with my love of candy. My fa-
vorite candy is now sour neon
worms. I know they are some-
thing kids like, but I can eat a
pound bag in one night. It is not
unusual for friends, who know
that I love these beautiful sour
worms, to pick me up a pack-
age of them for a surprise.
One old fashioned candy
that has never tickled my taste
buds is that nasty tasting candy
called horehound. Some peo-
ple absolutely love it, but I
would much prefer to eat my
sour worms.
Personally, I miss the old
candy counters and the differ-
ent selections we used to be
able to buy. Now, that I am in
the mindset of candy, I am re-
calling Boston Baked Beans,
Kits, Laffy Taffy, maple chews,
PayDays, Milky Ways and so
many more.
By the way, do you remem-
ber the old song, Candy
Kisses Wrapped in Paper?
What is your favorite kind of
candy? Do you like sour
worms? Let me know and Ill
give you a Penny for Your
Birds of Paulding County
By Mark Holtsberry
Education specialist
Paulding SWCD
This is an article written by Homer Price, a
continuation of last weeks article.
Birds of Paulding County
By Homer Price
July 14, 1970
The woodcock will probably be the next of the
larger birds to disappear due to the predators eat-
ing the eggs and young. The wood duck was a
rare nester here for years, but they are more plen-
tiful today due in part to nesting boxes being
placed over water in lakes and ponds. On several
occasions I have seen shells of wood duck eggs
lying on the ground at the base of a tree with a
likely looking cavity higher up in the tree. Rac-
coons probably ate the eggs.
The pied-billed grebe is a rare nesting bird in
the county. On July 4, 1950 I saw an adult feed
a crayfish to two down young swimming in a
pool at the Paulding Sugar Company.
The great blue herons had several colonies in
the county a few years ago, but I am not certain
that we have a single colony today. They once
nested in the Forder Woods; there were two
colonies in two large woods in the Grover Hill
area. One woods of 160 acres has been pretty
well bulldozed while lumbermen were cutting
timber in the other. There were also two colonies
near Defiance County line as well as a little
colony of four of five nests in woods along Fla-
trock Creek east of Payne.
I once climbed 100 feet, 6 inches to look at four
nests in a tall red oak tree near Farmer, Ohio. In
pioneer days probably all of the nests were at least
100 or more feet up in large trees. Black-crowned
night herons nested with the great blues at the
Forder Woods in Crane Township.
A small colony nested in small slender trees
just outside the village limits of Antwerp. Renne
Gillen showed me a colony of five nests in a
small wood near his home in Benton Township
on May 19, 1940.
A pair of yellow-crowned night herons nested
alone in a wood (Snyder) along Flatrock Creek.
My son, William Dean Price, helped take a set
of six fresh eggs from a next May 9, 1943. The
birds built another nest a little later and hatched
at least three young. They nested for two or three
seasons and produced young but were not mo-
lested. These are rare birds in Ohio. They are
southern species.
The little green heron nest in wild plum thick-
ets along the creeks. The eggs can sometimes be
seen through the frail nests. Their eggs can
sometimes be of a handsome bluish or greenish
color as are eggs of all of the herons.
Both the black and mallard ducks have nested
in Paulding County less common than formerly.
I have found a nest of the former and have seen
young of the latter.
There are still quite a number of turkey vul-
tures or buzzards in the county, but I doubt
whether they raise many young to maturity due
to predators. I have seen many nests in hollow
logs, hollow stumps and in cavities of trees
where the entrance would be only a few feet
above the ground.
Red-tailed hawks were locally named hen
hawks. They probably were common in pioneer
days. They were rare nester for years, but were
fairly common in the 1950s and 1960s when
several nests were seen in the county. The nests
are large and very conspicuous as a rule. At pres-
ent they are again rare in the county.
Red-shouldered hawks probably were the
most plentiful hawks in pioneer days; wet woods
are their habitat where snakes, frogs and tadpoles
are abundant. During my collecting period (48
years), I have found to be rare in Paulding
County but fairly common in Allen County, Ind.,
where there were not many wetlands. They will
probably soon disappear in our county.
Marsh hawks were referred to by local resi-
dents as the new hawks. They became common
during the 1930s and became rare by 1950.
Foxes probably ate the eggs and young and some
of the breeding females. This is the only hawk
that builds its nest on the ground in this region.
An occasional pair may still nest here in some of
the larger clover fields. Brushy areas where
sedges (swale grass) and dogbane grew plenti-
fully were the usual nesting areas. Timothy and
clover fields were sometimes used, too. This
species had much to do with the lack of success
of the Hungarian partridges on our area. They
killed the young in the summer and the adults in
winter. The white patch at the base of the tail and
the low sailing flight are characteristic. My first
set of eggs was taken in Benton Township, June
13, 1917.
King rails were common summer birds in the
1920s and 1930s. They built their nests in old tile
pounds and the canals. They were about the size
of the coot (mud hen). I found several nests in
northwest Ohio. They were abundant nesters in
the Lake Erie marshes, but suddenly were gone.
No one seems to know the answer. I have not
seen one since 1948.
(Next week will feature Part 3 of Homers
1970 report.)
Please donate to the repaving project at the
park. Call 419-399-4771 for more information.
School Menus
Menus are subject to change
Week of Aug. 26
MONDAY Lunch: Chicken
nuggets, baked fries, pineapple,
milk. Plus: Salad bar.
TUESDAY Lunch: Hamburger
with cheese on bun, baked beans,
fruit, milk. Plus: salad bar.
WEDNESDAY Lunch: Mini corn
dogs, carrots, pears, milk. Plus:
Salad bar.
THURSDAY Lunch: Breaded
chicken on bun, tossed salad, apple,
FRIDAY No school, in-services.
Week of Aug. 26
MONDAY Breakfast: Pizza,
juice, fruit, milk. Lunch: Popcorn
chicken bowl, whole wheat roll or
salad bar with breadstick, fruit, milk.
TUESDAY Breakfast:
Egg bagel, juice, fruit, milk. Lunch:
Oriental chicken salad, egg roll or
sandwich on whole grain bun, oven
fries, fruit, milk.
WEDNESDAY Breakfast:
Southwest egg casserole, biscuit,
juice, fruit, milk. Lunch: Walking taco
with salsa and sour cream or top
your baked potato, fruit, milk.
THURSDAY Breakfast: Link
sausage, waffles, juice, fruit, milk.
Lunch: Pasta with meat sauce,
salad, garlic toast or pretzel with
cheese with marinara, celery with
dip, fruit, milk.
FRIDAY Breakfast: Sausage
gravy and biscuits, juice, fruit, milk.
Lunch: Salad bar with breadsticks or
cheeseburger with pickle on whole
grain bun, oven potatoes, fruit, milk.
Week of Aug. 26
Packed lunch A: Peanut butter
and jelly sandwich, vegetable,
fruit, milk.
MONDAY Breakfast: Warm
whole grain cinnamon roll, fruit, milk.
Lunch: Hamburger with whole grain
bun with tomato and lettuce, oven
potatoes, fruit, milk.
TUESDAY Breakfast: Breakfast
burrito, fruit, milk. Lunch: Chicken
strip wrap, lettuce, corn, fruit, milk.
WEDNESDAY Breakfast: Mini
maple pancakes, fruit, milk. Lunch:
Sloppy Joe with whole grain bun,
celery, California blend, fruit, milk.
THURSDAY Breakfast: Break-
fast pizza, fruit, milk. Lunch: Cheese
bread stick with marinara sauce,
green beans, fruit, milk.
FRIDAY Breakfast: Assorted ce-
reals, crackers, fruit, milk. Lunch:
Taco in a bag, lettuce, cheese, carrot
sticks, fruit, milk.
Week of Aug. 26
MONDAY Breakfast: Yogurt,
Gold fish crackers, juice, fruit, milk.
Lunch: Hamburger on whole grain
bun, carrots, vegetable choice, fruit,
milk, or hot dog on whole grain bun.
TUESDAY Breakfast: Pan-
cakes, fruit, juice, milk. Lunch: Taco
salad, lettuce, cheese, salsa, crack-
ers, refried beans, fruit, milk or
peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
crackers, Gogurt.
WEDNESDAY Breakfast:
Breakfast burrito, juice, fruit, milk.
Lunch: French toast, sausage, oven
potatoes, tomato juice, fruit, milk or
hot dog on whole grain bun.
THURSDAY Breakfast: Muffin,
string cheese, fruit, juice, milk.
Lunch: Salisbury steak, whipped po-
Rd. 171, Oakwood, OH 45873
our source for our source for our source for our source for our source for YYYour source for Your source for our source for our source for our source for our source for our source for our source for our source for our source for our source for
Seed Wheat Seed Wheat Seed Wheat Seed Wheat

Seed Wheat Seed Wheat Seed Wheat Seed Wheat Seed Wheat Seed Wheat

erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc.
oodburn, IN 46797 WWoodburn, IN 46797
20202 Notestine Road
Yerks Seed, Inc. Yerks Seed, Inc.
260-657-5127 866-657-5127
rial Results coming soon. ield T ield Trial Results coming soon. YYield T
Call us today to order your seed wheat needs.

erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc. erks Seed, Inc.
260-657-5127 866-657-5127
oodburn, IN 46797
20202 Notestine Road
rial Results coming soon.
Call us today to order your seed wheat needs.
120 W Jackson Street, Paulding, OH 45879
League Schedule
Mon. Independent League (Men's - 5 per team) @ 6:30pm starts 09/09/13
Tues. Sundowners League (Men's- 5 per team) @ 6:30pm starts 09/03/13
Wed. Ladies PM League (2 per team) @ 12:30pm starts 09/04/13
Wed. Nite Rebels (Ladies - 4 per team) @ 6:30pm starts 09/04/13
Thursday Nite Men (3 per team) @ 7pm starts 09/05/13
Saturday Youth League @ Noon starts 09/14/13
Sunday Mixed (4 per team) @ 6pm starts 09/29/13
Fall Leagues are now forming at:
12057 State Road 637 | Paulding, OH 45879
Your Komfort Is Our Koncern!
(All offers in this ad are not valid with any other offer. Cannot be combined with any other coupons or specials.)
Heating & Air Conditioning | Air Quality & Humidification |
Water Treatment Systems | Home Standby Generators | Bathroom Remodeling
Plumbing Services | Water Heaters
0% APR
A permanently installed automatic standby
generator protects your family and home
from damaging, dangerous power outages:
?24/7 automatic power protection from
?Hands free operation: no gas cans, no
extension cords
?Runs on homes existing natural gas or
LP fuel supply
See Knueve & Sons for complete program eligibility, dates, details and restrictions. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void
where prohibited. The Home Projects Visa card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Special terms apply to qualifying purchases
charged with approved credit at participating merchants. The special termsAPR will continue to apply until all qualifying purchases are paid in full.
Reduced Rate APR: Monthly payments of at least 1.75% of the purchase balance are required during the special terms period. 0%APR: The
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as a late payment fee or if you use the card for other transactions. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5.0% of the
amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Monthly payment if shown based on $xx purchase.

Offer valid on qualifying purchases by July 31, 2013.

at the PCH Auxiliary
August 27, 2013 8-4
Mindy Moats
Ribbons, Bows,
Jewelry, Bracelets,
Lapel Pins,
Head Bands
under $6.00
Ice Cream Social
St. John Lutheran Church
Sat. Aug. 24
4:30 pm - 7 pm
Ice Cream,
Sandwiches, Pies,
and Cakes
Everyone Welcome
Freewill Offering
In good times business peo-
ple want to advertise. In bad
times they have to. Learn how
your community newspaper can
help you call the Progress
today at 419-399-4015.
tatoes, gravy, bread, corn, fruit, milk
or peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
crackers, Gogurt.
FRIDAY Breakfast: Cereal or
bar, Goldfish crackers, juice, fruit,
milk. Lunch: Fish with whole grain
bun, salad, vegetable choice, fruit,
milk or peanut butter and jelly sand-
wich, crackers, Gogurt.
Week of Aug. 26
MONDAY Breakfast: Sausage
pizza. Lunch: Hot dog on bun, tator
tots, fruit. Also at Jr./Sr High: Chef
salad, salad bar with pizza sub or
grilled chicken on bun.
TUESDAY Breakfast: Egg
cheese muffin. Lunch: French toast
sticks, sausage links, hash brown,
orange juice, fruit, milk. Also at Jr/Sr
High - Chef salad, salad bar with
pizza sub or breaded chicken on
WEDNESDAY Breakfast: Mini
pancakes and sausage. Lunch: Soft
taco with meat, cheese, lettuce, re-
fried beans, fruit, milk. Also at Jr/Sr
High Chef salad, salad bar with
pizza sub or cheeseburger on bun.
THURSDAY Breakfast: Cheese
omelet, toast, juice, milk. Lunch:
Chicken Alfredo, steamed broccoli,
fruit, milk. High school: roll. Also at
Jr/Sr High - Chef salad, salad bar
and pizza sub or pork barbecue rib
on bun.
FRIDAY In service, no school.
Week of Aug. 26
Same menu as Wayne Trace; no
breakfast served.
After Hours event slated
PAULDING Make sure to mark your calendars this week
for Business After Hours. Tri-County Roofing will be having a
live band, drinks, food and more.
If youre thinking this sounds like a great party...youre right!
Come join the fun and lets NETWORK! said Paulding Chamber
of Commerce director Erica Willitizer.
The After Hours event is set for Thursday, Aug. 22. from 4:30 -
6:30 p.m. at Tri-Countys office at 13883 Road 162 north of Pauld-
Featured will be cookout-style food, soda, beer and wine pro-
vided. Live music will be presented by Mike Gomez. A 50/50 raf-
fle will be conducted and door prizes awarded.
Job fair in Lima
LIMA The Career Services
departments at Rhodes State
College and The Ohio State
University at Lima are hosting
a fall job fair on Thursday,
Aug. 29 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
The event, which is open to the
public, will be held in the Cook
Hall gymnasium.
At this time, more than 35
employers are scheduled to at-
tend. Attendees should bring
several copies of their resume
and dress professional. For
questions, please contact
Rhodes State Colleges Career
Services Department at 419-
8A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, August 21, 2013
David A. & Harvey D.
Hyman and Families
Compliments of
Tile Company
Ohio Gas
The Antwerp
Bank Company
Stabler Steam Carpet
Cleaning Service
Payne 419-263-2211
Den Herder Funeral
(419) 399-2866
Red Angel Pizza
740 Emerald Rd, Paulding,
OH 419-399-2295
Scott Variety Shop
Variety is our middlename
If you would be interested
in helping to sponsor our
church directory, please
call us at the
Paulding County Progress
at 419-399-4015. This
directory is made possible
by our advertisers!
Mara Mart
Member FDIC
The Church Directory Is Proudly Sponsored By The Following Businesses:
Paulding County Church Directory
Paulding United Methodist Church, 321 North Williams Street,
Paulding, church telephone number is 399-3591, Rev. Ben Lowell, Wor-
ship service at 9:45 a.m.; Sunday School, 11:15 a.m.; Wed. worship at
6:00pm. Our church office is located at 308 N. Main St.
Pentecostal Church of God, 601 W. Caroline St., Paulding, Elder
George Robinson, Sunday school at 10 a.m., worship service at noon,
prayer services Monday at 6 p.m. and Thursday at noon, Bible study
at 6 p.m. Tuesday.
Pioneer Christian Ministries, County Road 108 and Ohio 637, Paulding,
Rev. Chuck Oliver, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30
a.m., and Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. including a youth service on at
least three Wednesday evenings.
Rose Hill Church of God, corner of SR 637 and Charloe Trail, Paulding,
399-3113, Pastor Ron Hofacker, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday wor-
ship at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday service from 7-8 p.m. with childrens hour.
St. John Lutheran ChurchELCA, 7611 Road 87, Briceton, Pastor
Karen Stetins, church telephone number is 419-399-4962 or 419-399-2320.
Sunday worship at 8:30 a.m., Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, 601 Flat Rock Drive (P.O. Box
156), Paulding, Pastor Kare Stetins, church telephone number is 399-2320,
Sunday Worship at 10:15 a.m., Sunday school at 9 a.m.
Divine Mercy Catholic Parish, 203 W. Townline, Payne, 399-2576, Pas-
tor Very Rev. G. Allan Fillman, Masses: Saturday at 4:00 p.m.
Edgerton Wesleyan Church, 1717 Bertha St., Woodburn, (Edgerton)
Ind. 46797, Pastor Dave Dignal, church telephone number is 260-632-
4008, Sunday school at 9 a.m., childrens church at 10 a.m., worship at 10
a.m., home groups at 6 p.m., Wednesday evening services at 6:30 p.m.
(Indiana time).
Living Water Ministries, Contemporary worship service Sunday nights
at 10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m., The Well church for kids, Sunday mornings from
10-11:30 a.m. The church is currently in the process of relocating. For lo-
cation information, contact Pastor Rich Phelan, 419-263-2728.
Payne Church of Christ, 220 West Merrin Street, Payne, Pastor Mikeal
George. Sunday worship at 9:30 am. 419-263-2092; 419-574-2150 (cell).
Payne Church of the Nazarene, 509 E. Orchard St. (Ohio 500) Payne,
Pastor Mike Harper, 263-2422, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday wor-
ship at 10:30 a.m. Sunday night service at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday prayer
meeting at 7:30 p.m.
St. Jacob United Church of Christ, southwest corner of Oak and Hyman
streets, Payne, Rev. Jim Langham, 263-2763. Sunday School-9:00 am,
Church service-10:00 am.
St. James Lutheran Church NALC, West Townline Street (P.O. Box
42), Payne, 263-2129, Pastor Fred Meuter, 260-492-2581. Sunday School
at 9:00 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:00 a.m.
St. Paul United Methodist Church, (P.O. Box 154) 312 South Main
Street, Payne, Rev. David Rohrer, church telephone number is 263-2418,
parsonage telephone number is 263-2017, Sunday school at 9 a.m., Sun-
day worship at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
Editors Note: If your church doesnt have service times listed, please
contact the Paulding County Progress office to notify of Sunday service
Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m., evening worship
at 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible study at 7 p.m.
Bethel United Methodist, Forders Bridge, Cecil, Pastor Kevin Doseck
(419) 899-4153, worship service at 10:30 a.m., Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.
Bethlehem Temple Pentecostal, 818 West Jackson Street, Paulding,
399-3770, Rev. Burpo, Sunday school at 10 a.m., Sunday worship at 12
Calvary Bible Church, Ohio 111 West across from Paulding County Hos-
pital, 399-4919, elders John Mohr, 260-632-4356, Bob Fessel 419-399-
3398, Brad Sisson 419-263-3108, Don Baer 419-399-5805. Sunday school
at 9 a.m., morning worship at 10:15 a.m., Bible Study at 7 p.m. Wed.
Cecil Community Church, 203 S. Main St., Cecil. Pastor Ted Ramey.
Sun. school 10:00 am, Worship service 11:00 am, Sun. eve. 6:00 pm,
Wed. eve. 6:00 pm.
Cecil First Presbyterian Church, Main Street, Cecil, Sunday worship
at 8 a.m., Sunday school at 9 a.m.
Christian Fellowship Church, Paulding High School Auditeria, 10
a.m. Sunday. Pastor Greg Cramer.
Divine Mercy Catholic Parish, 417 N. Main, Paulding, 399-2576,
Pastor Very Rev. G. Allan Fillman, Masses: Saturday at 6 p.m.; Sunday
at 10:30 a.m.
Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1275 Emerald Road, Paulding, 419-399-
5061, Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., worship services at 10:45 a.m. and
6 p.m. Sunday and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Pastor Drew Gardner.
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1233 Emerald Road,
Paulding, 419-399-4576, Sunday school 9:00 a.m., Worship service
10:00 a.m. Interim pastor is Rev. Dr. Paul Biery.
First Presbyterian Church, 114 West Caroline Street, Paulding, 399-
2438, Rev. David Meriwether, 9:00am Sunday school, 9:15 a.m. praise
singing, 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship.
House of Love Ministries, 220 N. Williams St., Paulding. Pastor Pre-
dest (Dwayne) Richardson or Sister Brenda Richardson, 419-399-9205
or 419-796-8718, Sunday worship at 3:00 p.m. Jail Ministry, Food Min-
istry, Outreach Ministry. Overcomer Outreach - a Christian 12-steap
meeting, Sundays at 5:00 p.m.
New Beginnings Church (Church of God), Cecil, Pastor Roy Burk,
399-5041, Sunday worship at 11 a.m.
Paulding Church of Christ, East Perry Street, Paulding, Minister
Christopher Reno, 419-399-4761. Bible school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday
worship at 10:30 a.m.
Paulding Church of the Nazarene, 210 Dooley Dr., Paulding, 399-
3932, Revs. Kim and Cindy Semran, Sunday school at 9:15 a.m., Sun-
day worship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m.: Kids Summer
Jam (ages 4-4th grade), Preteen class (5th-6th grade), Teen group (7th-
12th grade), and adult service. Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.: Teen group
(7th-12th grade), adult bible study and prayer. Nursery available for all
Paulding Family Worship Center, 501 West Perry Street, Paulding,
399-3525, Rev. Monte Moore, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.
Grover Hill Church of the Nazarene, Maple and East Jackson streets,
Pastor Jonathan L. Hoagland, 587-3376, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Morn-
ing worship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday evening gospel hour at 6 p.m., Wednes-
day evening service at 7 p.m.
Grover Hill Zion United Methodist Church, corner of First and Harrison,
587-3941; Pastor Mike Waldron, 419-238-1493 or 419-233-2241 (cell). Sun-
day school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:20 a.m., nursery available
during all services.
Mandale Church of Christ in Christian Union, Ohio 66, Pastor Justin
Sterrett, 419-786-9878, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at
10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday prayer meeting at 7 p.m.
Middle Creek United Methodist Church, County Road 24, Grover Hill,
Pastor William Sherry, Sunday worship at 9 a.m., Sunday school at 10:15
a.m., Sunday evening Bible study at 7 p.m.
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, Grover Hill, County Road 151, Sun-
day school at 9:30 a.m., Pastor David Prior, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.,
Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Roselms Christian Church, Ohio 114, Pastor Gary Church, 594-2445,
Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.
Apostolic Christian Church, 12867 Road 82, Haviland, 399-5220, wor-
ship service at 10:30 a.m.
Country Chapel United Methodist Church, Haviland, 419-622-5746,
Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:15 a.m.
Latty Zion Baptist Church, Latty, Pastor Levi Collins Jr., 399-2748, Sun-
day school at 10 a.m., worship service at 11:15 a.m.
Harvest Field Pentecostal Church of God, 13625 Road 12, Scott, Pastor
Terry Martin, 419-622-2026, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday morning
worship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday Evening worship at 6:00 pm, Wednesday
evening worship at 7:00 pm, Wednesday Youth Group at 7:00 pm.
Friends United Methodist Church, Latty, Pastor Ron Johnson. Sunday
worship at 9 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study at 7 p.m.
Auglaize Chapel Church of God, rural Oakwood, 3 miles south and half
mile west on County Road 60, Pastor Stan Harmon, 594-2248, Sunday
worship at 9:00 a.m. Sunday school at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday services for
children, youth and adults at 7:00 p.m.
Melrose United Methodist Church, Melrose, 594-2076, Pastor Eileen
Kochensparger 399-5818; Sunday school 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at
10:30 a.m., Wednesday Bible study and prayer at 7:00 p.m.
Twin Oaks United Methodist Church, corner of Harmon and Second
streets, Oakwood, Pastor Eric Dailey. 419-594-2992. Sunday worship at
9:30 a.m., Sunday school at 10:45 a.m., Bible Study Wednesdays at 10:00
Prairie Chapel Bible Church, one mile east and a half-mile north of Oak-
wood on the corner of roads 104 and 209, Pastor Earl Chapman, 594-2057,
Antwerp Community Church, 704 S. Erie St., SR 49, Antwerp; Pastor
Ricky L. Grimes 419-258-2069. Bible Study Fellowship 9:30 am; Contem-
porary Worship 10:30 am, Wednesday Discipleship Study, 7:00 pm
Antwerp United Methodist Church, East River Street, Rev. Pastor Mike
Schneider, church telephone number is 258-4901, Comtemporaty service
Sunday 8:30a.m., Sunday school 9:30a.m., Traditional Service 10:30a.m.
Divine Mercy Catholic Parish, 303 S. Monroe, Antwerp. Office: 417 N.
Main, Paulding, 399-2576, Pastor Very Rev. G. Allan Fillman, Masses: Sun-
day at 8:30am.
First Baptist Church, 5482 CR 424, Pastor Todd Murray, 258-2056, Sun-
day school at 9 a.m., Sunday worship 10 a.m.; evening service 6 p.m.,
Wednesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church, 126 W. River St., Pastor Mike Pennington,
258-2864, Sunday school at 9:15 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:35 a.m.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, 2937 US 24, 258-2290. Public
talk 10 a.m. Sunday, Congregation Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School
& Service Meeting, Theocratic school 7:30 p.m. Thursday.
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Pastor Robert Becker. Sunday school at
9 a.m., Sunday worship at 10 a.m.
Riverside Christian Church, 15413 St. Rt. 49, (corner Ohio 49 and Road
192), Antwerp. 258-3895, Pastor Regan Clem.
Apostolic Christian Church, 13562 Road 147, Defiance (Junction), 399-
3121, William Schlatter, Elder, Sunday services at 10:15 a.m. and 12:30
p.m., Sunday school at 1 p.m., Wednesday services at 8 p.m.
Bethel Christian Church, Ohio 66, Defiance (Arthur), Pastor Christopher
Baker, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.
Church of Christ, corner of County Roads 166 and 191, Evangelist Lon-
nie Lambert, 399-5022, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Bible
study at 9:30 a.m. Sunday.
Junction Bible Christian Church, County Road 111, Defiance (Junction),
393-2671 or JunctionBible@copper.net, Rev. C. Joseph Fifer, Sunday
school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship follows at 10:30 a.m & Bible Study on
Wed. at 7pm.
Pleasantview Missionary Baptist Church, County Road 180, Defiance
(Junction), Rev. Alan Ray Newsome, Sunday worship at 11 a.m., evening
service at 6 p.m.; Wednesday evening services at 7 p.m.
Rock Church, SR 637, Five Span-Arthur area, Pastor Bobby Branham
393-2924, Sunday school at 10 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:45 a.m., Sunday
evening worship at 7 p.m., Wednesday evening worship at 7 p.m., Youth
Service Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Bible Baptist Church, corner of Cleveland and Perry streets, Grover Hill,
Pastor Pat Holt, 587-4021, Sunday school at 10 a.m., Sunday worship at
11 a.m., Sunday evening worship at 6 p.m.; Wednesday prayer meeting at
7 p.m.
C &Y Oil
The Paulding Progress &
Weekly Reminder
QUESTION: We have three
children, and we are look-
ing at any advice you can
give us on how we should do
money allowances in our
JIM: Some parents believe
in paying a weekly al-
lowance, and some pay their
kids for individual chores.
Others dont pay anything,
opting instead to give their
children money for purchases
based on their overall attitude
and helpfulness. Theres no
one-size-fits-all approach.
Whatever system you
adopt, its important to re-
member that one of your
major goals is to prepare your
children to live in the real
world the world of work,
taxes, charitable giving and
investments. In that world,
nobody is going to pay them
for making their beds or tak-
ing out the trash. Instead,
theyll be paid for things like
managing a group of employ-
ees, tuning up somebodys
car or selling a pair of shoes
to a demanding customer.
With that in mind, we
would suggest that kids per-
form certain tasks around the
house simply because they
are part of the family. This
might include taking care of
their own rooms, picking up
their toys, helping prepare
meals, washing their own
clothes and, yes, even taking
out the trash.
On the other hand, you
might pay your kids for
chores that demand more
time and energy, contribu-
tions to the life of the house-
hold that go beyond the call
of duty. This might include
mowing the lawn, washing
the car or, in the case of a re-
sponsible teenager, baby-sit-
ting younger siblings for an
entire Saturday afternoon.
Whether its a regular re-
sponsibility or a chore that
earns a paycheck, its im-
portant to communicate
clearly what youre looking
for in terms of the time frame
and the level of quality you
QUESTION: What do you
do when your spouse is un-
willing to compromise or
discuss issues that you dont
agree on in your marriage?
Vice President of Family
Ministries: The key is to dig
down below the surface issue
to what is actually driving
both spouses feelings of hurt.
Instead of getting stuck argu-
ing about a specific issue
(money, sex, kids, work, etc.),
or what each partner is doing
wrong, use the opportunity to
discuss what is really going
on deep inside of you.
What drives hurt and frus-
tration in marriage? Buttons.
Whenever someone says
something that hurts you or
makes you mad, it pushes
your buttons. Common but-
tons include feeling rejected,
abandoned, helpless, inade-
quate, unloved, worthless or
unimportant. All of these but-
tons are ultimately rooted in
fear. When someone pushes
your fear button, you tend to
react with unhealthy words or
actions calculated to motivate
the other person to change
and give you what you want.
For example, if you fear
being a failure, you want to
feel successful. If you fear
being rejected, you desire to
feel accepted. Most of us use
unhealthy reactions to deal
with our fear, and, as a result,
we sabotage our relation-
The key to breaking this
cycle is for you and your
spouse to first identify your
buttons, and then your reac-
tions. Remember, you can ei-
ther talk about the surface
issue, arguing about what the
By Jim Daly
other person does that hurts
or frustrates you, or you can
talk about what is really driv-
ing your hurt and frustration
your buttons.
Dont be afraid to ask an
outside party for help with
this process, if necessary.
Focus on the Family can offer
you a free counseling session
by phone and also put you in
touch with a qualified coun-
selor in your area.
5538 Road 13, Ottawa
Paulding, OH 45879
13055 Dohoney Road, Deance

t he envi r onment al l y sound r ef r i ger ant

State ID #25024
turn to the experts

Winning the Battle for a Generation

By Rick Jones
exec. director, Defiance
Area Youth for Christ
We were made to be played.
Author and Pastor David Jeremiah wrote
about the importance of living out our lives to
the fullest by the practice of what drives us the
most, our passion for life.
Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962), the world-fa-
mous violinist, earned a fortune with his con-
certs and compositions, but he generously
gave most of it away. So, when he discovered
an exquisite violin on one of his trips, he was-
nt able to buy it.
Later, having raised enough money to meet
the asking price, he returned to the seller, hoping
to purchase that beautiful instrument. To his
great dismay, it had been sold to a collector.
Kreisler made his way to the new owners
home and offered to buy the violin. The col-
lector said it had become his prized posses-
sion, and he would not sell it. Keenly
disappointed, Kreisler was about to leave
when he had an idea. Could I play the instru-
ment once more before it is consigned to si-
lence? he asked.
Permission was granted and the great virtu-
oso filled the room with such heart-moving
music that the collectors emotions were
deeply stirred. I have no right to keep that to
myself, he exclaimed. Its yours, Mr.
Kreisler. Take it into the world, and let people
hear it.
We have a message to share. Our heavenly
Father created us as exquisite instruments and
the beautiful music we are to make is the good
news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
We were made to be played. (Turning Point
Daily Devotional, 7-26-06)
For more information about the work of
Youth for Christ, you may contact Youth for
Christ at 419-782-0656, P.O. Box 111, 210
Clinton Street, Defiance, Ohio 43512, or
email to: defyfc@embarqmail.com
THE PAULDING COUNTY PROGRESS GOES TO NEW YORK Rich and Marsha Perl and their son, Jamie, with his son Blake
and his mom Mandy with her mom Linda pose with Bryce Perl and the Progress. Bryce traveled with his family and ball team from
Florida to play in the Cooperstown Youth 12 and under tournament. Congratulations to Bryce, his team made the top 16! There
were 104 teams competing in the tournament. While there, the group also visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Their source
for exclusive Paulding County news? The Paulding County Progress! Are you headed to some distant, exotic destination? Take
the Progress along with your camera and send a photo and a little information about your trip to
The Progress ...
is Paulding Countys
newspaper of record.
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Paulding County Progress - 9A
Business News
Kylee Baumle
In The
Its a small world after all
In the last few years, be-
cause of my garden writing,
Ive had the opportunity to
travel to some places Ive
never been. I get to meet
some industry professionals
as well as other backyard gar-
deners and its satisfying to
connect with others who
share this passion for grow-
We all have our small
world stories, those circum-
stances where were hun-
dreds of miles from home and
we run into someone from
our hometown, or we find out
that we have a mutual friend,
though the two of us have
never before heard of one an-
While gardening is a wide-
spread pastime for many, in
the grand scheme of things,
its a pretty small niche, espe-
cially when you consider
those who take it to a level
where it plays a part in how
they make a living.
A few years ago, I traveled
to Dallas, Texas, to attend the
Garden Writers Association
annual symposium. Though
around 500 people usually
gather for the meeting, one of
the associated events I partic-
ipated in was a dinner for
about 35 people.
As I was talking with oth-
ers there, a man noticed from
my name tag that I was from
Ohio and asked me where
specifically I lived. As I
nearly always do, I said,
Northwest Ohio, because
after all, it would be highly
unlikely that someone from
Texas would know where
Haviland was. Im lucky if
most people have even heard
of Fort Wayne.
He responded, But where
in northwest Ohio? I said,
Oh, its a little place that Im
sure youve never heard of,
Haviland. Imagine my shock
when he said, Ive been
there. I was pretty sure he
was joking, but as it turned
out, he had indeed been to
Did YOU know that your
KnockOut roses came in pots
made right here in Paulding
County? Well, neither did I.
Haviland Plastic Products
makes plastic nursery pots
and many companies use
the names of the cheeses,
Wabash Erie Canal, Charloe,
Flat Rock, Black Swamp.
Hmmm...those sounded fa-
The cheesemaker himself
was serving up samples and I
mentioned that these names
were places near where I
lived. It only took a minute
before Brian Schlatter and I
were enmeshed in a delightful
conversation where we dis-
covered we knew many of the
same people and I learned of
his business, Canal Junction
Farmstead Cheese, located in
nearby Junction.
Once again, I was many
miles away from home, and I
didnt even know what was
going on in my own back-
yard. Though were a pretty
mobile society these days,
and our world may have got-
ten larger because of the in-
ternet and social media, its
still small enough to experi-
ence the joy of what I call
divine appointments now
and then.
Read Kylees blog, Our Little
Acre, at www.ourlittleacre.com
and on Facebook at www.face-
book.com/OurLittleAcre. Con-
tact her at
Paul di ngProgres s Gar-
I was reminded of this just
last week while in Lake
County, east of Cleveland,
when once again I met some-
one whose nursery business
used the pots made in my
In July, I made a trip to
Columbus, where I attended
OFA Short Course, a horticul-
ture education and trade
show. Several fellow garden
writers and I were the guests
of the show and Experience
Columbus, the Greater
Columbus Convention and
Visitors Bureau. They treated
us to a wonderful meal at The
Seasoned Farmhouse, which
included pre-meal wine tast-
ing and appetizers.
As I was selecting some ar-
tisan cheese to try, I noticed
Weve already given away....
You could be next!
Just complete the entry blank printed at the bottom of your receipt!
By entering contest you are giving permission to use your likeness in Chief advertising and agree to receive email promotions and communications from Chief. No purchase
necessary. Send self-addressed stamped envelope to Chief Supermarket c/o Chiefs $1,000 Weekly Cash Giveaway 1340 West High Street, Suite E, Deance, OH 43512. Limit one
winner per household. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Receive an entry every time you shop; receive additional entries for every $20 spent (maximum 8 entries per shopping
trip), based on nal totals before tax and excluding Gift Cards, Money Orders, Coin Star, and Postage purchases.
in our $1,000 Weekly Cash Giveaway
Congrats to this
weeks winners:
Lewis Blosser
Angie Schmackers
Patricia Miller
Deb Wheeler
Linn Johnston
Mary Howard
Lou Ann Roberts
Joe Shouse/Paulding County Progress
Kerry Hook (center) receives recognition for his 40 years of service to the Payne EMS and Fire
Department. Presenting the plaque are EMS assistant coordinator Joe Garmyn (left) and EMS co-
ordinator Greg Bollenbacher.
NEW STAFF AT WAYNE TRACE Wayne Trace Local School District is welcoming several new
faces to its staff for the 2013-14 school year. They include, front row from left Ann Weiland -
Grover Hill music, Allyssa Alvarez - Grover Hill third grade, Katy Scarbrough - Digital Academy
aide, Alexis Ricker - Grover Hill Title I; back row Greg Leeth - JH-HS principal, Shawn Gerber -
high school history, Zach Boyer - JH-HS special education, Kara Thomas - high school English,
Jody Dunham - Payne principal, Kerry Shelton - Grover Hill paraprofessional.
CHP announces Carnahan as
new marketing coordinator
Community Health Profes-
sionals announces Jessica
Carnahan, of Oakwood, as
marketing coordinator for its
Archbold and Bryan offices.
Carnahan is a Dec. 2012
graduate of Defiance College
with a degree in graphic de-
sign. She was a marketing in-
tern with CHP-Defiance from
Dec. 2011-Apr. 2012.
I wanted to work for an
organization with great em-
ployees and a wonderful out-
look for patients and their
families, Carnahan said. My
goal is to reach out to the pub-
lic and show all the services
that CHP offers and how it can
change their lives.
Community Health Profes-
sionals is a nonprofit agency
with ten offices, providing
home health and hospice
services to patients and fami-
lies throughout northwest and
west-central Ohio.
Find more information
about home health and hos-
pice services at ComHealth-
Pro.org or on Facebook.
10A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family Health Centers of Community Memorial Hospital
208 North Columbus StreetHicksville, OH 43526Appointments call 419-542-7718
Dr. Vasavi Reddy
Accepting New Patients!
Dr. Reddy, a family medicine physician,
Family Health Centers of Community
Memorial Hospital, is currently accepting
new patients.
Dr. Reddy will also work with local industry
to promote and support Occupational Health
efforts in our surrounding communities.
Located in the Hicksville Family Health
Center, Dr. Reddy shares office space with
Laverne Miller, MD. Schedule your
appointment today by calling 419-542-7718.
Vasavi Reddy, MD
Family Medicine,
Occupational Health

Occupational Health
Family Medicine,
, MD asavi Reddyy, MD VVasavi Reddy

Waters Insurance LLC
Bruce Ivan
1007 N. Williams St.
Paulding, OH 45879
600 South Main St.
Payne, OH 45880
Amish Contractors - Residential & Commercial
Driveways Patios Sidewalks Walls
Decorative Concrete Foundations Renovations
Room Additions Garages
Free Estimates Licensed & Insured 260-403-4231
Present this Ad for $350 OFF a stamped patio!
JC Excavating
All Your Excavating Needs
Over 10 years experience
Insured & Licensed
Clean out ponds
New ponds Driveways
Stone hauling
Free Estimates
County youths show strong at Ohio State Fair
By Staci Hiler
4-H Program Assistant
OSU Extension
Paulding County youths
had a great showing at the
2013 Ohio State Fair in
Columbus July 24-Aug. 4.
This year, 4-H had 18 differ-
ent projects representing
Paulding County at the Ohio
State Fair. Members exhib-
ited a variety of different
projects from cooking to hogs
and even rockets.
Still project participants
were selected at the county
fair during their judging to
represent the county at the
state level. Members advanc-
ing to the state level were:
Christine Clapsaddle for
her cake decorating project
Aleyah Cline for her food
and nutrition project I Spy in
the Kitchen
Noah Cline for his wood-
working project Nailing It
Jacob Klopfenstein com-
peted at the Ohio State Fair
with his Rockets Away proj-
Matthew Klopfenstein
earned a spot at the Ohio
State Fair for his Robotics
Master project, One on One
Leadership project, Work-
force Prep and as a member
of the Capitol Challenge
Estee Miller competed
with her Self-Determined
Kate Oberlin took her Ro-
botics 1 project
Julianne Roop showed off
her clothing project Sew Fun
Eric Thornell took his elec-
tricity project Magic of Elec-
At the state level, each
project is eligible for two
awards. The top 20 percent of
each category receives an
Outstanding of the Day rib-
bon and the top award is
given to the best individual
who will receive the Clock
Members receiving Out-
standing of the Day included
Aleyah Cline, Jacob Klopfen-
stein and Matthew Klopfen-
Paulding County had one
Clock Trophy winner and that
went to Matthew Klopfenstein
for his Robotics Master Proj-
Luke Spangler exhibited cat-
tle at the fair, placing third in
his class with his Shorthorn
Austin Dangler and Olivia
Cramer showed hogs during
the fair. Olivia placed third in
her class with her hog.
Jalynn Parrett showed her
goats at the Ohio State Fair,
placing third in Jr. Showman-
ship and winning Reserve
Champion Junior Percentage
Two horse exhibitors repre-
sented Paulding County: Molly
Meeker and Autumn Banks.
Autumn placed fifth in Western
Showmanship, sixth in West-
ern Horsemanship, and sixth in
Western Pleasure.
Great job to everyone at the
2013 Ohio State Fair. We are
all very proud of your accom-
plishments and for being a
great representation of Pauld-
ing County at the state level.
Aleyah Cline Outstanding of
the Day with her food and nu-
trition project I Spy in the
Jacob Klopfenstein re-
ceived Outstanding of the Day
for his Rockets Away Proj-
Matthew Klopfenstein won
Outstanding of the Day and
the Clock Trophy for his Ro-
botics Master Project.
Autumn Banks showed her
horse at the Ohio State Fair,
placingin WesternShowman-
ship, WesternHorsemanship
and Western Pleasure.
Jalynn Parrett won Reserve ChampionJunior Percentage Doe
and third Place Showmanship at the Ohio State Fair with her
Local teen on winning team in state ag competition
COLUMBUS Engaging young people in democracy was
the goal of the first ever Ohio Youth Capital Challenge. The
contest, sponsored by Ohio 4-H, Ohio FFA and the Ohio Farm
Bureau Federation brought together youth ages 14-18 from
around the state to discuss community issues and concerns then
to work together to propose policies and programs to solve the
The winning teams project was called Ohio Agricultural Ed-
ucation Development Policy. Group members were Madison
Campbell of Archbold, Britta Fenstermaker of McComb,
Matthew Klopfenstein of Haviland and Kalyn Swihart of Per-
rysburg. Each team member received a $100 scholarship.
The group advocated that Ohio students should have a basic
understanding of agriculture as it relates to food, nutrition, eco-
nomic growth for Ohio and workforce development. They pro-
posed that a basic knowledge of agriculture be included
through existing STEM education for grades K-12.
Second place went to the project Pasture to Plate, advocating
agricultural literacy.
Third place was awarded to the Community Garden project.
The team created a community garden with online plot reser-
Judges for the event were Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judy
French, Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown, and
Craig Butler, Governor Kasichs assistant policy director for
environment, energy and agriculture.
Ohio 4-H, Ohio FFA and Ohio Farm Bureau Federation co-sponsored its first Ohio Youth Capital Contest recently. The first
place teams project addressed agricultural education policy development. From left are judge Judy French, team members Britta
Fenstermaker, Madison Campbell, Kalyn Swihart and Matthew Klopfenstein and judge Craig Butler.
Cheerleading won first place at
the Huron County Fair on Tues-
day, Aug. 13. The squad mem-
bers are, front from left
seniors Jordan Elick, Treanna
Bidlack, Alexis Flores, Brittany
Jenkins, Shannon Boroff and
Mackenzie Haney; back row
Brooke Ludwig, Allie Boroff,
Courtney Mead, Jessica Offerle,
Kelsee Rittenhouse, Ally Dun-
ning, Kayla Zuber, Monique Go-
ings, Gabby Gudakunst and
Blair Ludwig. The squad is
coached by Christina Sinn,
Chrissy Landrum and Kerry Gu-
dakunst. They will be competing
again on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at
the Defiance County Fair. Earlier
this month, the cheerleading
squad also won first place in the
varsity traditional cheer division
and high point champion in their
division at the Ohio State Fair.
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Paulding County Progress - 11A
Broughton Redneck Jamboree 2013
We would like to express our sincere THANKS and APPRECIATION
to all the individuals and companies listed below that have so
graciously donated items, prizes, cash, and their time to make
the Broughton Redneck Jamboree a HUGE success.
Thank You Everyone
Also, a big thank you to
Everyone involved in the
cooking decorating, cleaning,
and volunteering!!
Herbert E. Orr
Auglaize Golf Club
Paulding Progress
Chief Supermarket
Melissa Ankney
Ebels Butcher Shop
Dairy Queen
Hollywood & Vine
Chief Supermarket
Vern Killion
MTJ Farms
Travis McGarvey
Porters Auction
Teresa Matthews
Kathy Sanderson
Teresa Matthews
Robin Dobbelaere
Charloe Store
Tony Zartman
Sharon Hicov
Jayme Jones
Nancy Zink
Niccole Gabers
Fred Piper
Jason & Jayme Landers
Dianna Clemens
The Rootbeer Stand
Martha Baughman
Dave Strait
Frank Sherry
Susan Clemens
Signature Embroidery
Integrity Ford
Foltz Insurance
Straley Insurance
Cincinnati Reds
June Porter Koenig
Jamie Clemens
JoAnn Bennett
Rhees Meats & Grocery
Ed & Carol Tempel
Brenda Crawford
Uncle Fudds
Cheryl & Dean German
Roy & Deb Klopfenstein Larry
& Beth Offerle
Scott Variety Store
Olympic Lanes
Jeanette Brown
Morgan Bland
Rhonda Smalley
Joseph Burkard
NW Ohio Trophy
Randy Farquhar
Ace Hardware
Gene Baughman
Bill Edwards
Advance Auto Parts
Jan Commers
DenHerder Funeral Home
Kauser Trucking
Grant Insurance
Kohart Surplus
Hartzog Lumber
Hometown Pizza
Mains Nursery
Marcos Pizza
Mary Porter
Don Clemens
Suzies Family Bakery
Texas Roadhouse
Roger & Sherry Flint
Phill & Judy Wells
Robert Boyd
Jamie Varner
Phills Diner
Buffalo Wild Wings
Country Times Market
Sherri Ruder
George & Karen Saxton
Judge Suzanne Rister
The Bland Families
Jake Leskow
Red Angel Pizza
Liechty Farm Rentals
Baughman Tile Company
Bypass Agronomy, LLC
John & Rita Daeger
Wagner-Meinert Inc./
Vern Sanderson
Don & Perrys Furniture, Inc.
Claudia Fickle, Auditor
NAPA Auto Parts -
Tony Burkley
Rex & Pam Gray
Housa Pizza
Lichty Farm Equipment/
John Deere
Perfect Swing Driving Range
Paulding County Senior Center
Lou Ann Wannemacher -
County Treasurer
Toledo Mud Hens Baseball
Tri-County Roofing
Topper & Rae Holtsberry
Ann Pease, Clerk of Court
RayleCom Communications
Linda Renner/Dough Folks
Malice MMA/Rob Majors
Judge Tiffany Reighter
Schlatters Custom Pumping
Lynne Laney
Aaron & Megan Matthews
Charity Moore & The Big
Ugly Boys
The Matthews Families
Eric and Dawn Cook
We apologize for any omis-
sions of any individual or com-
pany who may have donated.
The writings of Gene Stratton-Porter
berlost Swamp that she wrote
One of her best friends was a
lady named Mrs. Snow. When I
was a child, Mrs. Snow was still
alive, a good friend of my
grandmothers and used to give
me candy stored in the Ball jars
surrounding her rocker when
we visited her.
These days, Acres, Inc. and
the Department of Natural Re-
sources is in the process of
restoring over 4,000 acres of
The Limberlost in my home
Theres not a day goes by
that is not inspired at some
point by the writing and phi-
losophy of an author who was
referred to in her time as the
first woman botanist in
This month is a special
birthday celebration for Gene
Stratton-Porter, who was born
150 years ago in a big farm
house beside a little brick
church pastored by her father,
Rev. Mark Stratton, along a
country road in Huntington
County, Ind., north of Lagro.
These days, the little hamlet
is famous for preservation of
a lock that once served the
Wabash and Erie Canal,
which also made its way
through Antwerp to Junction.
Stratton-Porter met the
love of her heart, Charles
Porter, at a chautauqua in
Rome City, Ind. and they
moved to a primitive swamp
area known as The Limber-
lost, an area very similar to
the Black Swamp area of
northwest Ohio.
Uniquely, Porter became so
engrossed in the swamp and
its natural beauty that daily,
she put on heavy clothing,
grabbed an old box camera
she had purchased, and
fought her way through
grasses taller than her to pho-
tograph animal and plant
beauty of the swamp.
She would then return to her
home, a huge log cabin home,
and recorded her finds.
As time progressed, Porter
began to write books, originally
intended for children, but soon
to be enjoyed by all. Master-
pieces such as, Girl of the Lim-
berlost, Freckles, Laddie
and many other gained her na-
tional prominence. Followers of
Porter not only read her writ-
ings, but also purchased cam-
eras and trekked into their own
wilderness to photograph pic-
tures and make notes about their
heartfelt feelings of the creation.
As she aged, so did her inter-
pretation of allegories from na-
ture and their application to the
human life experience. The
Harvester presented the story
of a man who became endeared
to women because of his con-
siderate treatment and under-
standing of their hearts. Keeper
of the Bees provided a keen in-
sight in Gods creation and the
patterns of creation observable
around us.
But perhaps my favorite book
of all, which may not shock
those who know me, is, The
Song of the Cardinal. And the
book is even more endearing to
me because it was written about
cardinals close to where I was
raised, my spiritual heart as it
You see, Gene Stratton-
Porters log house is located two
blocks from where I attended
school in Geneva, Ind. The
Rainbow Bottom where I used
to hike and fish with my father
was the part of the great Lim-
area. In one such area that is al-
ready on its way to recovery, I
walk two miles at a time with
camera tucked in my hand. I
take pictures and post them on
Facebook and write stories
about the restoring land.
A little over a week ago, I had
one of the greatest privileges of
my life. Gene Stratton-Porters
great-granddaughter, Monica
Meehan Berg, from California
and two close generational
cousins visited the area of their
famous ancestor. We went out
for lunch and had a discussion
about the land as I know it now
and as she knew it.
To my surprise, when I
posted that event on Facebook,
one of our well-known leaders
in Paulding County wrote a note
to me and said, I love her writ-
ings, would you do a column
about her in the Progress?
So Kim Sutton, this ones for
you, and thank you for sharing
the love of my life, The Song
of the Cardinal.
Antwerp Schools
realize savings
ANTWERP The scheduled Antwerp School Board meeting
was held on Wednesday, Aug. 7. Electric savings, bus routes, and
teaching contracts were highlighted during the meeting.
Kristine Stuart, school treasurer, shared with the board of a
$20,000 savings due to changing electric companies. The savings
was for an entire year compared to the previous year. Stuart went
on to inform the Board of the small increase of $.0007 per kilowatt
hour for 2014.
Board member Mark Ryan suggested the school look at other
area schools to see what they pay per kilowatt hour per square foot
as a comparison.
Pat Ross, Antwerp superintendent, shared information concerning
the change in bus routes. A new single bus route will be implemented
this year. An informational meeting with bus drivers, staff, and par-
ents was held on Thursday, Aug. 8 to detail the single bus route and
to answer any concerns and questions.
Newly hired elementary principal Tim Manz informed the board
of increased enrollment in both the preschool and kindergarten with
preschool having a waiting list.
Middle school/high school principal Michael Bute shared that
middle school students could pick up their schedules on Aug. 14-16.
High School students could pick up their schedules from Aug. 12-
16. A faculty orientation was held Monday, Aug. 19.
Staff changes and teaching contracts for the 2013-14 school year
A one-year, half-day contract for Harla Long at the middle
school as a language arts and math teacher with an addition of
one-quarter day in order for long to serve as a Title teacher for
second and third grade.
Alexandria Gillis as a long-term Spanish substitute for the
school year, a change from a long term sub to full-time once
she obtains her teaching license.
A one-year contract for Cathy Barnett as a part-time tech-
nology coordinator.
Kathy Jones, Deb Ricard and Michael Schmidt were ap-
proved from part-time to full-time custodians effective August
In other business, the board:
Passed a resolution to change bus stops where needed due
to the new routing plan;
Approved a $500 stipend for non-teaching employees;
Learned the school parking lot has been completed;
Approved the 2013-14 non-certified and administrative
salary schedules at zero percent base increase; and
Okayed several overnight student trips.
Board members Anita Bok was approved as delegate and
Dennis Recker as alternate for the November gathering of the
Ohio School Boards Association convention.
will hold its fourth annual Strides for Scholarships 5K race and kids quarter-mile race. For
every child who enters, 10 and under, their name goes into a drawing for a new bike, one girls
bike and one boys bike. Pictured here are Chloe Cicero and Luke Parrett with the winning bikes.
For the second year, this 5K has a superhero theme entrants can dress up to run. There will
also be prizes for the best costume. Also pictured are runners, Emily Cicero and Greg Parrett.
New this year are cash prizes for the top three male and female overall places. Entry forms are
available at the hospital or go to pauldingcountyhospital.com, click on the PCH Foundation Tab
and scroll to the bottom of the page and download the race form. For more information, call
Melanie at 419-399-1127.
By Lisa McClure
Paulding County Area Foundation
The first day of school is fast approaching.
As for my home, this will be the last- first
day of school. Many seniors, including
my daughter, will be experiencing their
final year of high school, as well as filling
out college applications and ap-
plying for scholarships.
Scholarships are an integral
part of the college search
process and can be confusing
and overwhelming. There are many different
scholarships available.
Institutional scholarships are offered by a
specific college or university a student plans
to attend. State and federal scholarships are
based on race, religion, nationality and ability
to pay.
While other scholarships such as govern-
ment-backed, offered by the armed forces, re-
quire military time served.
The largest pool are private scholarships of-
fered by businesses or individuals that want to
educate students in a certain field, those look-
ing to groom their next generation of lead-
ers and/or those seeking to aid
disadvantaged students. With college
costs on the rise, competition can be
Paulding County Area
Foundation administers sev-
eral scholarship funds. In past
years, the foundation has of-
fered scholarships to several students seeking
a higher education. These scholarships are
made possible by generous supporters of our
youth in Paulding County.
Your business or family can also be a sup-
porter. For further information on how a schol-
arship can be set up, please contact the
Paulding County Area Foundation at 419-399-
8296 or visit the office at 101 E. Perry Street,
in Paulding.
Scholarships = Bright Futures
Your County. Your Newspaper.
Paulding County Progress
Paulding County Progress
Exclusive Paulding County News
Your County. Your Newspaper. Your County.
Paulding County Paulding County
Exclusive Paulding County News
Your County. Your Newspaper.
Paulding County Progress
Paulding County Progress
Exclusive Paulding County News
Paulding County Progress
Paulding County Progress
Exclusive Paulding County News
Your County.
Paulding County Paulding County
Exclusive Paulding County News
Serving Northwest Ohio
Roll-off containers available, Commercial
and Residential Clean-up

Exempted Village
54 thru 65
Call 419-238-9733
Bill - Cash paid -
Van Wert Manor, a 100
bed rehab and skilled
nursing Iacility in Van
Wert, Ohio is seeking
a Iull-time Registered
Nurse to join our team!
We oIIer an excellent
culture with a strong
compensation and
beneft package. II you
are interested, Please
fll out application
and contact:
Van Wert Manor
Attn: Administrator,
160 Fox Road Van
Wert, Ohio 45891,
Fax 419-238-6696
or administrator
M.L. Zehr Construction
The quality of our work speaks for itself and
will remain long after.
Metal Frame Buildings
Pole Barns
Commercial & Residential,
30+ years experience
Free Estimates
25720 Notestine Rd., Woodburn, IN 46797
(260) 433-5628 Mon.-Fri. 6:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Peer Support Director
Westwood Behavioral Health Center has a
position opening for an individual to work
with a consumer run board to direct opera-
tions of the Challenged Higher Clubhouse.
Required experience working with individu-
als with mental health and/or substance
use disorders, and their families. The can-
didate needs to be highly organized, cre-
ative and posses strong communication
skills. The position is responsible for the de-
velopment and management of the Center's
budget, organizing social/recreational activ-
ities, and working with in the community to
promote the Center and its mission. A bach-
elor's degree is required in a social science
field, Master's Degree and licensure pre-
ferred. Deadline for submission of resumes
is August 21. Please send resume to:
Chief Executive Officer
Westwood Behavioral Health Center, Inc.
1158 Westwood Drive
Van Wert, Ohio 45891
An equal opportunity employer and an equal
provider of services
A contract agency of the Tri County Alcohol,
Drug Addiction and Mental Health
Services Board serving
Van Wert, Mercer, & Paulding Counties.
To see nice color pictures & interior shots of properties offered
by Gorrell Bros. go to: www.gorrellbros-paulding.com
Multiple Listing
Call Gorrells to get your home sold TODAY!
#1571 12688 Farmer
Mark Rd...Mark Center.
Nice 1.5 story 3 bdrm
home on 2 acres, many
updates throughout, lg.
older barn w/ single car
garage. $109,000 Call
Joe Den Herder.
#1530 Sprawling 3 bdrm,
2 bath home, fw/newer
roof & family room, C/A,
- agent owned - 726 Tom
Tim Dr., Pldg. - Call
Don Gorrell 399-7699
#1590 - Building Lots
available in Paulding &
Defiance w/city water &
sewer. Call Don Gorrell
$117,000 3 bdrm, 2 bath,
w/ sunroom. Sellers are
relocation & say sell! 817
Meadowbrook Paulding.
Call Don Gorrell 419-
#1580 Great architectur-
al lines, manicured lawn,
3 bdrm, 2 full bath, 1,380
sq. ft., family room,
newer countertop, sink &
appliances in kitchen.
Paulding. $89,900. Call
Sandra/ Tamyra 419-
#1578 Pristine inside
& out!! 3 bdrm, 2 bath,
C/A, stainless steel
appliances, in the
beautiful new kitchen
w/Kraft Maid cabinets,
extra detached garage,
manifold water lines,
Paulding. $132,000
Call Sandra/ Tamyra
#1568 Riverfront! 4
bdrm, 2 bath home on
1.78 ac. 2 miles E of
Antwerp. Lg. rear deck,
in-ground pool & pond;
huge family room, clean
basement, manibloc
water lines. Call
Sandra/ Tamyra 419-
506-1015 $119,900.
#1565 4 bdrm, 2 bath
ranch home. 2100 sq.
ft., oak kitchen, family
room, game room
w/wet bar, rear patio &
hot tub. 1+ acre w/river
access. $139,900. Call
Sandra/ Tamyra 419-
#1587 - 3 or 4 bdrms,,
fenced backyard w/up-
ground 24 pool!
Tasteful decor, pleas-
ant kitchen. $74,900,
Paulding Call Sandra/
Tamyra 419-506-1015
Sat., Aug. 31 - 10:00A.M.
LOCATION:Gorrell Bros. Auction Facility
1201 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH
Antiques - Glassware - Toys
Clean Household - Crafts - Related
Antiques & Collectibles including Oak Buffet w/
mirror .... Oak secretary..... Oak 5 drawer chest of
drawers w/ mirror..... Oak 3 drawer chest..... Large
wood doll house..... Wicker stand..... Childs wicker
chair..... Oak glass front book case ....Old oak tool type
chest..... Mantel clock & other clocks..... 2 Oak rock-
ing chairs ..... AMF hook and ladder pedal car firetruck
#505..... Western Flyer Tricycles and other Bicycles &
Toys..... Johnny Lightening & Bionic Woman lunch
boxes & games, puzzles & books ... Metal and other
toys including toy farm equipment ...... Marx 490 Train
Set..... Contents of one room of craft items, CD's, toys,
comic books, etc., etc., etc. - still boxing and moving
..... Clean Household including Microwave oven.....
Nice 3 pc double bedroom suite..... Double size bed.....
Wood desk..... Metal shelving..... Bedding..... Towels
Area rugs..... Matching sofa, love seat & side chair.....
Lamps and lights..... Step ladder & stools .... Pots,
pans, dishes, kitchen items..... Games .... Puzzles .....
Jewelry..... Figurines & Collectibles..... Books....Much,
Much More - partial listing
Shop & Hand Tools Guns - Related
27+- guns including Remington 12 ga. Model 1100;
Mossburg 12 ga. Model 9200 shotgun; Winchester 12
ga. Model 1893; Charles Daly Semi Auto 12 ga (KBI);
H & R Model 1908 Hopkins & Allen 12 ga; H & R 10
ga. Model 176; Worthington Arms 16 ga.; (2) Old single
shot 12 ga w/ no markings; Remington Speed master
.22 cal Model 552; Sears Roebuck .22 cal Model 25;
Victor 38 cal S & W revolver; Russian Balkal 12 ga;
Stevens .22 cal Model 49 revolver; Germany Mauser
shotgun; Anschutz .22 cal model 1000; Brazil Mfg 12
ga model 58 shotgun; Marksman BB gun; antique .32
cal single shot rifle w/ hex barrell; Clerke .22 cal re-
volver .... Hopkins & Allen .32 cal. Revolver; S & W 9
mm Model 6904 semi automatic pistol; Taurus 9 mm
Model PT92AF semiautomatic pistol; Liberty Arms Ar-
malike .22 cal semi automatic rifle...... (guns sell be-
ginning at approximately 10:30 A.M.) 4 duck decoys,
Marksman Model 1702 BB gun...... Fishing tackle;
camping items and much more...... 2+ Flatbed Wagons
full of tools and related items such as nuts, bolts,
screws, etc...... screw drivers, hammers, sockets, ad-
justable wrenches, etc., etc...... power tools...... rakes,
shovels, garden tools, etc...... Kennedy tool box...... 1996
Dodge Caravan (higher mileage & needs repair)......
1979 Dodge pickup truck, snow commander, needs re-
pair...... Partial listing ..... Inspection: Fri. Aug. 30th
from 3 P.M. to 5 P.M. and beginning at 8:30 A.M. on the
day of the auction Terms: Cash, approved check day,
VISA, Master Card or Discover Card...... Seller:
Dorothy Edens Estate, Stanley M. Searing Admin
WWA, Pldg Co. Probate Crt Case 20131043, James
M. Sponseller, Attorney -and - Nicholas V. Gerschutz
Estate, Pldg Co. Probate Crt Cse 20111106 and Donna
J. Gerschutz Estate, Pldg Co. Probate Crt Case
20111107, Brian Gerschutz, Commissioner, James M.
Sponseller, Attorney - and other consignors...... Other-
Consignors...... Gorrell Bros. Auctioneers - Don Gor-
rell, Larry Gorrell, Matthew Bowers, Aaron Timm,
Sandra Mickelson, Nolan Shisler
Real Estate Auction
3 BR Country Home
1 Mi. Northeast of Paulding
Thurs., Aug. 22nd @ 6:00 pm
Location: 13771 Rd. 162, Paulding. OH - 1 mi
north of Paulding. OH on Rt. 127 to Rd. 162; then
east on Rd. 162 for 1 1/2 mi...... 1,648+- sq. ft.
home recently updated------ 2 car attached
garage and 2,500+- sq. ft. pole barn .... 2 +- acres
with pond Originally listed for sale for over
$200,000 ------ minimum bid is $137,000
talk to your banker and be ready to bid and
buy!!!!!!! Visit our web site @ www.gorrellbros-
paulding.com..... Terms: $5,000 earnest money;
closing on or before Sept. 22..... Seller: Tri
County Roofing Inc.... Don Gorrell Sale Mgr;
Larry D. Gorrell, Broker - Aaron Timm,
Joseph Barker, Sandra Mickelson, Nolan
Shisler Auctioneers
Sat., Aug. 24 - 10:00A.M.
LOCATION:Gorrell Bros. Auction Facility
1201 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH
Antiques - Glassware - Related
Old toy tractors..Steel toy truck..Games .... Puz-
zles..Horse & Other figurines..Automatic Adver-
tising Display..Neon Clock..Oil Lamps
..Marbles..Pocket Knives..Watches..Jewelry
..Belt Buckles .... Silverware set..Danbury Mint Fig-
urines & Collectibles..Many books of varied ages and
topics including children's books ..Crocks..Old Joe
Bank .... Candy Container .... Pink Depression Glass
..Hull vase .... Hens on Nest.... Purple Slag Glass Chick-
ens..Blue Glass Pitcher .... Glass Basket .... Punch
Bowl Sets .... Singer Cast Iron Harness Sewing Ma-
chine..Fishing Tackle .... Kitchen Utensils .... Milk
glass ... Silver plate butter..Zither .... Oak Parlor table
.... Oak hall tree .... 2 pc Cupboard .... Many Norman
Rockwell Collectible Items & Danbury Mint Items ....
Piano Rolls .... Fenton Glass .... Newer Collector dolls
.... Danish Modern Chairs..Matchbox toys..2 Wag-
ons full of household..Over 100 salt and pepper shak-
ers..Glass bells..Much, Much More - partial listing
Joule Laser & Medical Equipment
Contents Of A Medical Doctor's Office including
Joule Laser - Sciton Joule Model 200-240 Modular
Platform, 220 VAC, 30A, Broadband Articulated De-
livery Arm, 1084-nm Module: Nd; YAG Laser & 1319-
nm Module: Nd: YAG laser & First Contour TRL
Module: 2940 nm Er YAG Laser SN 11,696-24608
(new in 2009)..Zimmer Syner-Cool Chiller; SN
796603 ..Cart with Wells Johnson Hercules Model
4715MS-12T-B20 Aspirator; Escort II monitor..2
Exam Beds From The Office & Other Related Items
From Basement & Storage..Medical sterilizer w/ UV
towel warmer..Plume Safe smoke evacuation sys-
tem..Tuttnauer 2340M Sterilizer ..Schuco-Vac
Model 5130 suction machine..Exam Lights..SS
Cabinet..New Medical Supplies..2 Office desks
..Office chairs and furniture..Leather couch.. -
Seller Bruce C. French, Trustee in Case 13-30450 U.S.
Bankruptcy Court, Northern District Of Ohio, Western
Old MG Parts & Shop Tools
Flatbed Wagon full of Mostly Older MG parts (some
appear to be Circa 1935) including brake lines & parts,
head lamps, engine mount bolts, coils, mirrors, springs,
wheel caps, carburetor, etc., etc. - view auction zip, our
web site or call the office for photos..Nice Shop &
Hand Tools - Flatbed wagons of tools, etc. including
Chicago Pneumatic Air Sander; Air Compressor parts;
Socket Sets; Screw Drivers; Hammers; Pipe & Other
Wrenches; Pliers; Bar Clamps; Grinder Wheels; Shov-
els; Dado 6" saw blades; Drill bit sets; Automotive elec-
trical supplies; Heavy soldering gun; Porter Cable jig
saw; Heater; Lincoln grease gun; Snap On Wrench sets;
Torque wrenches; Makita circular and reciprocating
saws; Craftsman sander; Belt sander; Timing light; 2
Craftsman upright tool boxes with bottom and top & 1
upright bottom tool box; Metal cabinet; Partial listing
..Inspection Of Medical Equipment and MG parts be-
ginning Mon., Aug. 18 from 12:00 noon until 4:00 P.M.
with inspection of all items on Fri., Aug. 23 from 12:00
noon to 5 P.M..Terms: Cash, approved check day,
VISA, Master Card or Discover Card..Seller: Bruce
C. French, Trustee - and - Wayne Riggs Family - and
- Other Consignors..Gorrell Bros. Auctioneers -
Don Gorrell, Larry Gorrell, Matthew Bowers, Aaron
Timm, Sandra Mickelson, Nolan Shisler
100 East Jackson St., Paulding, Ohio
Carolyn Straley @ 419-769-1352 or 419-399-3721,
Matt Straley @ 419-785-5161 or Rudy Straley @ 419-769-8996
for information concerning buying, qualifying for loan or selling
10+ ACRES: 3 bedroom 2
bath home with a 3rd bath
space in the full basement
thats studded, insulated and
ready to finish. The great room
has a fireplace and large win-
dows overlooking the pond.
Theres also central heat and
air, extra electric service for
future uses and more for you to
see. Located on Road 176 in
the Antwerp School District.
3 BEDROOM one story home
and attached garage, located
on Helen Street in Paulding.
3 BEDROOM, 1 1/2 baths,
attached garage and a stor-
age shed out back located in
Paulding. #347
3 BEDROOM 1.5 bath home
basement, attached 24 x 28
garage and a 12x12 storage
building. Location is in
Paulding on West Perry St.
JOHN HERZIG. 11833 Road
132 near the Paulding
Hospital. The 2800 sq. ft. 3
bedroom, 3 bath home and a
1200+ sq. ft. attached garage
for vehicle and storage space
has many features for those
who appreciate quality. The lot
measures 2.555 acres with a
pond that's behind the home.
Also, there's more acreage
available. Listing #344
Paulding- 3 bedroom 2 bath
home 13 years of age with
1500 feet of living area,
equipped kitchen and central
air. #316
3 BEDROOM 1 1/2 bath
home in Paulding with new
central air & heat, easy care
low maintenance exterior and
a 24x30' modern garage.
2 BUI LDI NG SITES; a 2.296
acre parcel and a 1.928 acre
parcel near the Paulding
Hospital. #348 & #349
132) on the NE Corner of
Perry and Coupland Streets
in Paulding. #350
3 BEDROOM, ranch style
home having central air,
large living dining room com-
bination, separate laundry
and a 2 car garage located
on a corner lot in Paulding.
3 OR 4 BEDROOM, 2 bath
home with lots of rooms,
basement and a 30x65'
garage/storage building
located in Paulding. #339
"A FRAME" 2 bedrooms up,
1 down, large attached 24 x
40 garage and large rear
yard. #345
3 BEDROOM, 1 1/2 bath home,
fireplace, attached garage and
a 16x24' storage building, all
on 1.5 shaded acres. Location
is west of Antwerp. #325
Donald K. Foltz, II - Broker: 106 N. Williams St. Paulding
www.foltzrealty.com 419-399-2347
REALTORS: Tim Boss 419-769-0823, Maurie Wannemacher 419-769-9090
Christine Hartman 419-506-1017
#2839 NEW
LISITNG! 7980 Road
87: 3BR., 2Ba., home
w/2 car attached
garage. Also a 640 sq.
ft. area that could be
finished into efficiency
apt. with own door.
$64,900 Call Don
CHECK OUR NEW WEBSITE @ foltzrealty.com
209 N. Williams St.,
Paudling: OWN
NESS!! Turn Key op-
eration. Real Estate,
Restaurant Equip-
ment, Inventory and
D1-D2 Liquor License.
Dont miss this oppor-
tunity to be your own
boss. Building has
been recently remod-
eled. See our website
for interior pics.
$119,900 Call Don
#2837 212 East Bai-
ley St., Payne, OH:
This home has re-
placement windows,
newer roof, 3 Brs. with
walk in closets, 2 full
baths, vinyl fencing &
fish pond with foun-
tain. $55,900 Call
#2836 1459 SR 114
Payne, OH. Beautiful
1976 sq. ft. home of-
fers 3 BR, 2 1/2 baths
on 3.3 acres w/horse
barn and fenced in
pasture. Master bath
i n c l u d e s
in closet. Beautiful
must see home just
15 min from Ft. Wayne
and Van Wert.
$225,000 - Call Mau-
#2831 5788 SR 500
Payne: Very nice
home. Many features
including carpeting,
roof, siding and cup-
boards less than 5 yrs.
old. 3 BR, 1 BA, at-
tached 24x24 garage
& 12x16 utility building.
Call Maurie $79,900
#2835 Make Offer!
15953 SR 111 Pauld-
ing: Beautiful lot, 4BR,
1 3/4 Ba. Home with 2
car attached & 2 car
detached garage.
Nice wooded area for
enjoying nature. Call
Maurie $119,900
2,000+- sq. ft. brick, 3 BR, ranch style home, with living room, 1 1/2 baths, laundry,
large kitchen & dining area with an approximate 400+- sq. ft area that was Don's
office - plus more - beautiful hardwood floors in much of the house - Don &
Dorothy built the house around 1966 & it has had one family occupy it........all sets
on an approximate 66 ft. x 132 ft. corner lot talk to your banker and be ready to
bid and buy!!!!!!! A Gorrell Bros. Representative will be at the property for the
open inspections or call the office...... Don't come the day after the auction and say
"If I knew that was all it was going to bring I would have been there to buy" not
all spruced up for the auction - investors and speculators are welcome.
Open Inspection
Fri., Aug. 23 from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M.
Or call the office..... Auctioneer's Note: Furniture, antiques, glass-
ware, household, tools, guns, & contents of the house sell on Sat,
Aug. 31 at 10:00 A.M. at Gorrell Bros. Auction Facility -
watch this paper for ad or call the office at 419-399-4066 or visit our web site
@ www.gorrellbros-paulding.com ..... Real Estate Terms: $3,000 earnest
money on the day of auction upon the signing of the purchase agreement; bal-
ance due at closing on or before Sept. 30, upon delivery of Deed and Certificate
of Title. All statements made day of auction from the auction block takes prece-
dence over prior printed matter.... Seller: Dorothy Edens Estate, Stanley M.
Searing Admin WWA, Pldg Co. Probate Crt Case 20131043, James M.
Sponseller, Attorney ...... Don Gorrell Sale Mgr; Larry D. Gorrell, Broker -
Aaron Timm, Joseph Barker, Sandra Mickelson, Nolan Shisler Auctioneers
Real Estate
Fri., Aug. 30 @
5:00 P.M.
626 N. Cherry St., Paulding


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+nqns: 29
o.1u 1m Lx1
+Jmns:ro:on nlJnq +llen co. IorqronnJs
22o corroll RJ I:. 1oyne

, - : i
800.424.2324 1 www.halderman.com
BLS# jRR-11267
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1leose coll jor specc loco:ons Jrec:ons.
Biii Iarie: 2o0.982.81s1 ]on Rosen: 2o0.1+0.18+o
(... |j .| ;..i..i. ;..
HRES IN Auct. Lic. #AC69200019
Auctioneer: Chad Metzger,
IN Auct. Lic. #AU10200057
Pet Grooming
Large & Small
We do them all
Cats &
*Bathing, Nails,
Glands & Grooming
Phone: 419-399-3389
12A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, August 21, 2013
JUST PHONE 419-399-4015
plastic, can deliver 260-493-
0805. 49p4
CHARMING - 3 bdrm, 1 bath
home with basement and 2 1/2
car detached garage. Located
on a wonderfully landscaped
1 acre lot. Great starter home.
$59,900. 780 Third St, Latty.
419-238-1353. 52c2
3 BDRM HOME with 2 car de-
tached garage on a big double
lot asking $20,000. 419-263-
2524. 52p2
HOME. $130,000. 907 Coun-
tryview Dr., Paulding, OH
45879. Call after 6pm. 419-
399-3167. 49p4
MALL, 108 W. Main Street,
Van Wert (419) 238-3362,
30+ Dealers. Closed Tues-
days. Buy & Sell. 27ctf
PLUMBING - Free Estimates.
4 1 9 - 7 8 6 - 8 7 5 2 .
Kevin.Manz@Yahoo.com 46ctf
supply 419-399-4941. Free
estimate for roofing of all
kind. See or call Rex. 45ctf
STRUCTION: Windows, light
electrical, drywall, siding,
doors and more. Call Al for
your repair or construction
needs. 419-506-2102 51ctf
RENT: 4 bdrms., 1 bath, on
approx 3 acres, central air
and heat. Wayne Trace
School District. $500 deposit,
$500 per month. No inside
pets. Non smokers. Utilities
not included. References re-
quired. 419-506-1014 or
419-406-0061. 52p3
Paulding. $365 deposit &
lease reqd. No pets. 419-
399-5106. 52p2
HOUSE - 5 MILES from GH.
419-587-3560. 52p1
4 BDRM HOUSE in rural
Grover Hill area. $600 mo +
$600 deposit. 419-587-
3384. 52c2
downtown Paulding.
$450/$450. 419-594-
2485 51p2
FOR RENT in Paulding and
Defiance. Please call Jodi at
419-399-2419 for more details.
IN PAULDING - Whispering
Pines - 2 bdrm. Call 419-670-
4655 or 419-399-2419 47ctf
TER: Now renting storage
units. Different sizes available.
Call 419-399-2419 for info.18ctf
MENTS. Deposit & lease re-
quired. No pets. Please call
Straley Apts. at 419-399-
4444 or 419-399-3721 35ctf
UNITS. Located at south side
of Paulding on US 127. Various
sizes. Please call 419-399-
4444 or 419-399-3721 20ctf
PANY has immediate open-
ings for full-time General
Laborers and CDL Class B
Truck Drivers. Applicants
must be reliable and able to
lift up to 75 pounds. Please
apply within at 8516 Twp.
Rd. 137, Paulding, Oh. 52c3
Maintenance Department is
currently hiring for a Full Time
Technician. For more informa-
tion, please visit www.pauld-
ingswcd.org or call (419)
399-4771. 52c2
MEDICAL Staffing Now Hiring
Sanitation; Maintenance; As-
sembly; Packing; RN; LPN;
Hurry time is running out CNA
Classes starting August 26
apply today! Accepting online
www.rremployment.com or
call 419-232-2008.
INGCommunity in Defiance is
looking for a strong LPN dedi-
cated to providing great care
to our residents! If you have
strong clinical skills and the
desire to work with a friendly
group of seniors, we are look-
ing for you! We offer a com-
petitive wage for top
performers, as well as many
other great benefits. Send
your resume to Ruthann Bair:
GlennPark of Defiance 2429
William A Diehl Ct. Defiance,
OH 43512 rbair@chancel-
lorhealth.com 52c1
EMPLOYEE - Real Estate
Department. Accuracy and at-
tention to detail a must. Previ-
ous experience helpful. EOE.
Please send resume to: Clau-
dia Fickel, Paulding County
Auditor, 115 N. Williams St.,
Paulding, OH 45879. clau-
4 party plus - 17536 RD. 232.
Clothes - newborns to adult
(many name brands) riding
toys, furniture, flat top range,
ATVs and riding gear, 4x4
Jeep Laredo, Sozy Coupes
with trailers, 55 gal aquarium
with oak cabinet. WELL
AUG. 24, 9AM-5PM. Young
womens, mens, purses,
shoes, household, home
decor and lots of misc. 5114
PAYNE 52p1
AUG. 22, 23, 24; 9AM-5PM.
14996 RD. 23, ANTWERP.
21 self-propelled lawn
mower, 26 mans bicycle,
power tools, fishing rods,
childs 7-drawer dresser &
night stand, household
items, Christmas decorations
& misc.. 52p1
Multi-family - 232 WEST ST.
8AM-5PM. SAT. 8AM-1PM.
Tupperware, womens
scrubs, clean comforter set,
golf clubs, misc. clothes, col-
lectibles, misc. tools. 52p1
7:30 - 11:30AM, Saturdays
8AM - noon. Senior Nutrition
Coupons and WIC coupons
accepted. 50c4
If interested in a FREE KJV
Bible or childrens story
Bible, please contact 419-
786-9309. We welcome loca-
tions interested in helping to
distribute Bibles. 52k1
for sale on Helen St. in Pauld-
ing. $4000. 972-891-2350. 50ctf
6 ACRE LOT, 1.5 mi west of
Arthur. (22782 SR 637)
$21,900 - $500 down, $249
mo; 3 ACRE LOT 3 miles
south of Sherwood (county Rd
115) $11,900 - $500 down,
$149 mo. 828-884-6627. 49ctf
Charter Bus Tours Sept. 17-
21Wash. DC--$599 Annual
tour Sept. 24-Oct. 310 day
New England Color Tour--
$1,799Lots of New experi-
ences!! Oct. 4-6Mackinaw
City & Island--$379. Oct. 7-
10Twilight River Boat on
Mississippi--$699; 2014Jan.
8-26Ft. Myer Beach, Fla.--
$2, 699; 2014--6/30-7/2
AlaskaCall for flier (Our 25th
year) Call for new fliers Eve-
lyns Excursions 419-737-
2055, 877-771-4401, Ivah
Lotahamer 399-2386 52c2
3 BDRM, 1 1 /2 BATH
RANCH HOME. Great loca-
tion, 735 Tom Tim Dr., near
school & park. Lg. backyard
overlooking pond & forest.
Home includes lg. eat-in
kitchen, lg. family room, living
room & den. $130,000. Call
419-576-7758 to tour. 51ktf
DING RINGat McDonalds in
Butler, IN on 8-4-13, around
lunch time, in their parking
lot. 419-786-8394. 51k2
KNIVES, postcards, OLD
toys, jewelry, watches,
stamps, estates. Austin White
419-399-3353 52c6
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Paulding County Progress - 13A
adba Foltz Realty
106 N. Williams St. Paulding, Ohio
Phone 419-769-9090
"Call Us, We're The Other Guys"
6 P.M. Wed. Night August 28, 2013 Wed. Night 6 P.M.
LOCATION: CR 123 Broughton Ohio
Watch for the Auction Arrows
6 P.M. ----- WEDNESDAY NIGHT ----- 6 P.M.
"19.39 Acres Farm Land"
Auction to be held at P.C.S. & W. Nature
Center Fair Ground Road
TERMS: Buyer to sign Purchase Agreement, Prop-
erty Disclosure, Sellers Affidavit. Buyers to pay:
$5,000 down auction day, balance at Closing on or
before September 28, 2013, upon delivery of War-
ranty Deed, Certificate of Title. Seller to Pay all Real
Estate Taxes, Pro-Rated to Day of Closing, All Docu-
ments Prepared by Bob Young, Attorney for Seller.
All Statements made day of Auction take precedence
over all printed matter. Call the Auctioneers at
419-769-9090 or 419-399-2347. Ask for Maurie
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is good productive
farmland, and it shows, farmed by a professional farmer.
Buyer to receive possession of said property upon har-
vesting of the growing crops. Come walk over the prop-
erty, have your finances in order by day of auction and be
ready to bid and buy! Sold with confirmation of Seller.
OWNER: Heriberto R. Gonzalez,
Guadalupe M. Gonzalez
"Call Us-We're the Other Guys"
106 N. Williams Street Paulding, Ohio 45879
Maurice Wannemacher-Jeff Strahley-Kevin Anspach
adba Foltz Realty
106 N. Williams St. Paulding, Ohio
Phone 419-769-9090
"Call Us, We're The Other Guys"
6 P.M. Thur. Night August 29, 2013 Thur. Night 6 P.M.
LOCATION: CR 132 (Behind Hospital) Paulding, Ohio
(Also own driveway out to SR 500)
Watch for the Auction Arrows
6 P.M. ----- THURSDAY NIGHT ----- 6 P.M.
"42.652 Acres Farm Land" To Be Sold in 3 Parcels
NOTE: 13.787 Acres has City water and City Sewer
Perfect for Housing Development
Parcel #1 = 13.787 Acres
Parcel #2 = 28.865 Acres
Parcel #3 = 42.652 Acres
#3 = Combination of Parcels #1 and #2
"Auction to be held at P. C. S & W Nature Center, Fair
Ground Road"
TERMS: Buyer to sign Purchase Agreement, Property Disclosure,
Sellers Affidavit, We will be selling this property in 3 Parcels. Buyers
to pay: $2,500 down on Parcel #1 and $5,000 down on Parcel #2 and
$6,000 down on Parcel #3 auction day, balance at Closing on or be-
fore September 29, 2013, upon delivery of Warranty Deed, Certifi-
cate of title. Seller to Pay all Real Estate Taxes, Pro-Rated to Day of
Closing, All Documents Prepared by Suzanne Rister, Attorney for
Seller. All Statements made day of Auction take precedence over all
printed matter. Call the Auctioneers at 419-769-9090 or 419-399-
2347. Ask for Maurie
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is good productive farmland, and it
shows, farmed by a professional farmer. We will be selling this prop-
erty in 3 Parcels. Buyer to receive possession of said property upon
harvesting of the growing crops. Come look over the property, have
your finances in order by day of auction and be ready to bid and buy!
Sold with confirmation of Seller.
OWNER: Brooks Pendergrast, James Pendergrast Jr.,
Donna Knippen, Shelly Jo Howell, David Pendergrast,
Sheila Lewis
"Call Us-We're the Other Guys"
106 N. Williams Street Paulding, Ohio 45879 Auctioneers:
Maurice Wannemacher-Jeff Strahley-Kevin Anspach
JD 4010 tractor; (2) JD 8300 tractors; JD 9870 STS
combine; JD 635F grain platform: JD 608C- 8 row
corn head; JD 855/mower; JD 1790 planter; JD
8650 tractor; Farmall 460 diesel; Oliver parts trac-
tor; JD Worksite Gator; Vac Boss 4066/PTO; (6) Kill
Bros. 385 wagons; Krause 35 soil nisher; Unver-
ferth 35 rolling harrow; Westeld 100-61 auger; J
& M header transporter; DMI 3250 Nutri-Placer/ 15
row w/ Hiniker controls; AC forklift 193 lift; Mc-
Farlane 30 reel disk; Arts Way 24 land plane; Red-
ball 690 sprayer/120; (trucks) 1990 -1999 2005
International Eagles; 3406E Cat; 435ST Cummins;
444 Cummins; (2) older Chevy diesel pickups; Ford
E350 service truck; (5) 53 x 102 wide Dry Van
semi-trailers; 48 Tarasport lowboy; Bobcat 34 grain
trailer; 30 Agritrailer; much/many farm/ shop tools;
LOADER provided on site;lunch provided/restrooms/
parking w/ golf cart shuttle provided
TERMS: Cash or check w/ accompanying nancial
commitment letterprior to sale would be appreci-
ated. E-mail to: wstraley@straleyrealty.com; pos-
session/removal of items upon settlement
SELLERS: Robert C. Nofer Estate; Van Wert County,
OH Probate Case # 2011-1152; Dana J. Nofer Estate;
Van Wert County, OH Probate Case # 2013-1090;
Dixie L. Nofer, Administratrix for both; Mr. Charles
Koch, Attorney for both Estates; Van Wert, OH
8A A00I0
9 AM-Sat., Aug. 24-9 AM
419-238-9733 800-727-2021
419 w rvin
an wert, 0
LOCATION: 13764 Van Wert Willshire Road, Ohio
City, OH 45874 in Van Wert County, NW Ohio be-
tween Lima, OH and Decatur, IN
See StraleyRealty.com or Auctionzip.com for
complete descriptive list, order of sale and
numerous pictures
Auction Managers: Richard Miller 419-438-3308;
William B. Priest 419-786-9440
Garage Sale
232 West St. Payne
Thurs. & Fri. 8-5, Sat. 8-1
FABRIC, Sewing notions,
Sewing machines, Instructional
books/sewing, Picture frames,
Tupperware, Garden com-
poster, Womens scrubs XL va-
riety colors/styles, Girls clothes
newborn to 18 months, Adult
clothes misc sizes, Maternity
clothes, Golf clubs, Queen
comforter sets, Plastic storage
drawers, CDs, CD racks, Maga-
zine holders, Tablecloths, Tup-
perware, Misc tools, Collectible
tins, Metal signs, Deep fryer,
Cookware set, Alarm clocks,
Treadmill.....and MORE!!
Full-time (36 hour/week) position in our ER. ICU or
ER experienced preferred. CPR certification required;
ACLS, PALS, TNCC preferred or must be willing to ob-
tain within six months. Excellent oral and written
communication skills required for this 7pm - 7:30
am position with an every other weekend rotation.
Send completed application from our website
www.mercyweb.org/defiance and resume to: Human
Resources, Mercy Defiance Hospital, P.O. Box 218,
Defiance, OH 43512.
AUGLAIZE Fire Dept. 419-
393-4445. 52k2
See LEGALS page 14A
complete text of this or-
dinance may be obtained
at the office of the Clerk
by appointment. 419-
399-2644. 52c2
Resolution 1284-13 was
passed by Paulding Vil-
lage Council on August
5, 2013, and goes into ef-
fect and shall be in force
immediately. The sum-
mary of this legislation is
as follows:
Copies of the full text of
this legislation may be
obtained at the Finance
Director's Office,
116 South Main Street,
between the hours of
8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Monday through
Melissa S. Tope,
Finance Director 52c2
The Village of Paulding
will be accepting sealed
bids for the sale of the
following described real
estate, to-wit:
Inlot Number One Hun-
dred Eighty-nine (189)
in the Original Plat of
the Village of Paulding,
Paulding County, Ohio,
save and except the
Northwest Quarter (1/4)
of said Lot; more partic-
ularly described as fol-
Beginning at the North-
west corner of said Inlot
Number One Hundred
Eighty-nine (189), run-
ning thence East on the
North line of said Lot,
Sixty-six (66) feet;
thence South on a line
parallel with the West
line of said Lot, Thirty-
three (33) feet; thence
West on a line parallel
with the aforesaid North
line, Sixty-six (66) feet;
thence South on a line
parallel with the West
line of said lot, Thirty-
three (33) feet; thence
West on a line parallel
with the aforesaid North
line, Sixty-Six feet (66)
to the West line of said
Lot; thence North on
said West line, Thirty-
three (33) feet to the
place of beginning.
Together with all the ap-
purtenances and heredi-
taments thereunto
Parcel No.: 30-24S-064-
The real estate being
sold is the former
"Barnes Hotel" property
and is located at 110
South Williams Street,
Paulding, Ohio.
All bids must be placed
in a sealed envelope and
be identified as "BID
ERTY" and received
by the Finance Director,
Village of Paulding, 116
South Main Street,
Paulding, Ohio 45879
by 12:00 P.M. (Noon)
on Wednesday, August
28, 2013, at which time
they will be opened and
The real estate is to be
sold and conveyed to
the highest bidder by
quit claim deed on the
following terms:
1. Bids must be in a
minimum amount of
2. Ten percent (10%)
of the purchase price
to be deposited with
the bid by certified
check, and the balance
to be paid to the Fi-
nance Director of the
Village of Paulding
within thirty (30) days
after the acceptance of
the bid by the Council
of the Village.
3. The successful bid-
der for the property
must agree, in writing,
to comply with all or-
dinances of the Village
of Paulding, Ohio, that
pertain to possible uses
for said real estate.
The Village of Paulding
reserves the right to ac-
cept or reject any and all
Please contact Harry
Wiebe, Village Admin-
istrator, at 419-399-
2806 with any
questions. 48c5
Lou Ann Wan-
nemacher, Paulding
County Treasurer
William A. Carpen-
ter., Et. Al.,
Case No. CI-13-118
JUDGE: Tiffany
1290 Road 65, Scott,
Ohio 45886
Please take notice that a
complaint has been
filed in the above-cap-
tioned action against
you seeking a foreclo-
sure of tax liens and a
public sale of real prop-
08-01 of the Village of
This resolution is con-
cerning the John W.
Oberdier property, lots 6
and 7 in the Rixsom
South Addition. The
complete text of this res-
olution may be obtained
at the office of the Clerk
by appointment. 419-
08-01 of the Village of
Latty. AN ORDI-
erty owned by
to pay delinquent real
estate taxes owed by
The real property in
question is situated in
the Township of Blue
Creek, County of
Paulding, and the State
of Ohio and more fully
described as follows:
Situated in the Town-
ship of Blue Creek,
County of Paulding
and State of Ohio, to-
wit: A parcel of land
being situated in the
East half (1/2) of the
Southwest Quarter
(1/4) of Section Thirty-
One (31), TIN, R2E,
Blue Creek Township,
Paulding County,
Ohio, and which is
more particularly de-
scribed as follows:
Commencing at the
Southwest corner of
the East Half (1/2) of
the Southwest Quar-
ter (1/4) of said Sec-
tion Thirty-One (31);
thence North
000'East, (assumed
bearing for the pur-
poses of this descrip-
tion) on
the West
line of the East (1/2) of
the Southwest Quar-
ter (1/4) of said Sec-
tion and the centerline
of Township Road No.
65, one thousand
eighty-three and sixty-
one hundredths
(1683.61) feet to the
point of beginning;
thence North 0000'
East on the said West
line of the East half
(1/2) of the Southwest
Quarter (1/4) of Sec-
tion Thirty-one (31)
and the centerline of
Township Road No.
65, two hundred
twenty and zero hun-
dredths (220.00) feet
to a point; thence
South 8900' East, one
hundred fifty-two and
zero hundredths
(152.00) feet to an iron
pin; thence South
0000' West, two hun-
dred twenty and zero
hundredths (220.00)
feet to an iron pin;
thence North 8900'
West, one hundred
fifty-two and zero
hundredths (152.00)
feet to the point of be-
ginning. Containing
0.768 acres of land,
more or less, but sub-
ject to all legal high-
ways and easements
apparent or of record.
Said premises are fur-
ther subject to restric-
tions and/or
ordinances of record
or apparent. Survey of
said premises was pre-
pared by Paul J. West-
Property Address:
1290 Road 65, Scott,
Ohio 45886 Parcel
You are required to an-
swer in the above-cap-
tioned cause
twenty-eight (28) days
after the last publication
hereof, or a default
judgment seeking sale
of you real estate will
be sought. Your answer
should be filed with the
Clerk of Courts, Court-
house, 115 N. Williams
St., Paulding, Ohio
Ann Pease, Clerk
Court of Common
Paulding, County, Ohio
Respectively submitted,
Joseph R. Burkard
Paulding County, Ohio
Prosecuting Attorney
112 1/2 N. Water St.
Paulding, Ohio 45879
419-399-8270 50c3
The Paulding County
Board of Commission-
ers seeks proposals to
provide services of ren-
ovations to the Job and
Family Services located
at 252 Dooley Drive,
Paulding, OH 45879.
The successful
provider(s) will need to
be familiar with and
00' 80 A w F08I08 0IL 00
00M 0 Francis FURNITURE

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During the Paulding County Fairs junior fair livestock auction in
June, several individuals and businesses indicated they would be
donating $1,000 or more each toward the new barns to be built on
the fairgrounds. Here, committee member Mike Kauser thanks Rob
Kesler of Kesler Brothers LLC for his donation. Current commit-
ments toward the project totals are nearing $100,000. Costs of the
project are expected to be around $250,000.
continued frompage 13A
Chief Supermarkets
awards personal cookout
prize to Paulding shopper
permarkets announced the
grand prize winner of the
Treat Your Grill Right contest
recently held at all Chief lo-
cations. Marlene Smazenko,
Paulding, won a cookout for
herself and 20 friends.
The Chief Smokehouse On
The Road team manned the
cookout for Marlene and her
friends on Thursday, Aug. 15.
The menu for Marlenes per-
sonal cookout included Chief
Premium Quality Meats all
natural ribs, ribeye steak, bacon
and cheddar beef gourmet slid-
ers, Chief Smokehouse ched-
dar bratwurst, FreshMarket
pasta salad and baked beans.
Each Chief location also
awarded a second place prize
winner with a grill and meat
grill pack.
The grill packs included
Chief Premium Quality Meats
ribeye steaks, gourmet burgers,
chicken and beef kabobs, and
Chief Smokehouse stadium
Agenda approved
at WT meeting
HAVILAND The Wayne Trace School board met Aug. 12
when many items were approved in the consent agenda.
Each building principal gave their reports followed by the super-
intendents report.
Superintendent Steve Arnold reported about the possible use of
Title 1 funds to support extra tutoring for K-2 students.
He also noted that the WTHS Athletic Boosters have pledged to
provide funding for asphalt work around the track and football field.
In the consent agenda the following was approved:
amended the principals contract of Jody Dunham.
offered a one-year supplemental contract to Matt Noggle for
head baseball coach.
approved Jack Baumle, Zach Gerber and Steve Sinn as volun-
teer football coaches.
accepted $16,000 from Athletic Boosters for asphalt.
offered Ann Wieland a one-year limited contract as a music
teacher at WTGH.
approved a one-year limited contract for Kara Beers as a Title I
teacher at Divine Mercy.
offered an extended leave of absence under FLMA to Zachary
The next meeting will be held on Sept. 9.
DOCUMENT 00020 -
The Village of Paulding
will receive sealed bids
for the construction of
Dooley Drive Improve-
Bids will be received at
the office of the Village
of Paulding, 116 S.
Main Street, Paulding,
Ohio, until 12:00 p.m.
(noon, local time), Au-
gust 29, 2013, at which
time and place bids will
be opened publicly and
read aloud. Bids re-
ceived after 12:00 p.m.
(noon, local time) will
be returned unopened.
Bids will be received on
a unit price basis as out-
lined in the bid docu-
Dooley Drive Improve-
ments includes the
pavement improve-
ments to approximately
2,000 LF of the street
from Williams St. (US
127) to Emerald Rd.
Bids must be signed and
submitted on the sepa-
rate bidding forms in-
cluded in the Bidding
Documents, sealed in
the provided envelope,
and shall be accompa-
nied by either a Bid
Guaranty Bond in the
amount of 100% of the
Bid amount or by a cer-
tified check, cashier's
check, or letter of credit
on a solvent bank in the
amount of not less than
10% of the amount of
the Bid, subject to con-
ditions provided in the
Instructions to Bidders.
Bid security, furnished
in Bond form, shall be
issued by a Surety Com-
pany or Corporation li-
censed in the State of
Ohio to provide said
surety. The successful
Bidder will be required
to furnish a satisfactory
Performance Bond in
the amount of 100% of
the Bid.
All contractors and sub-
contractors involved
with the project will, to
the extent practicable,
use Ohio products, ma-
terials, services, and
labor in the implemen-
tation of their project.
Additionally, contractor
compliance with the
equal employment op-
portunity requirements
of Ohio Administrative
Code Chapter 123, the
Governor's Executive
Order of 1972, and
Governor's Executive
Order 84-9 shall be re-
Attention of bidders is
called to all of the re-
quirements contained in
this bid packet, particu-
larly to the State of Ohio
prevailing wage rates,
various insurance re-
quirements, and various
equal employment op-
portunity provisions.
The bidding documents,
which include drawings,
specifications and blank
bid forms, may be ex-
amined and obtained at
the office of
Fanning/Howey Associ-
ates, Inc., 1200 Irmscher
Boulevard, Celina,
Ohio, 45822. Bidders
may obtain copies of the
documents for $30.00
for each complete set of
documents. These doc-
uments will be shipped
at the bidder's expense
for an additional ship-
ping fee. Non-refund-
able checks are to be
payable to
Fanning/Howey Associ-
ates, Inc. BIDS WILL
The owner reserves the
right to reject each and
every bid and to waive
informalities, irregulari-
ties and errors in the
bidding to the extent
permitted by law.
No bidder may with-
draw his bid within 60
days after the actual date
of the opening thereof.
published once a week
for six (6) successive
weeks, the date of the
last publication will be
on Sept. 18, 2013, and
the 28 days for answer
will commence on that
Dated: Aug. 14, 2013
Ann E. Pease, Clerk
Common Pleas Court
of Paulding County,
ESQ. (#0008420)
125 N. Water Street
Paulding, OH 45879
Attorney for Plaintiff
Auditors Sale of Real
Revised Code, Sec.
The land, lot, part of
lot, in the County of
Paulding, State of
Ohio, forfeited to the
State for the non-pay-
ment of taxes, together
with the taxes, assess-
ments, charges, penal-
ties, interest, and costs
charged on them,
agreeable to law, and
the date on which this
land, lot, and part of lot
will be offered for sale,
are contained and de-
scribed in the follow-
ing list:
To be offered for sale
beginning at 10:00
A.M. on Friday, the
30th day of August,
2013, and continue
from day to day there-
after, at the Paulding
County Auditors Of-
fice, in the Courthouse,
Paulding, Ohio on
which property of the
amount of $3,493.04 is
currently owed for
taxes, with assess-
ments, charges, penal-
ties, interest, and costs:
Situated in the Vil-
lage of Antwerp,
County of Paulding
and State of Ohio and
known as: Parcel No.
1241S00700 Lot
Number Seven (7) of
the Wabash and Erie
Canal Addition, lo-
cated in the Village of
Antwerp, County of
Paulding, and the
State of Ohio
To be offered for sale
beginning at 10:10
A.M. on Friday, the
30th day of August,
2013, and continue
from day to day there-
after, at the Paulding
County Auditors Of-
fice, in the Courthouse,
Paulding, Ohio on
which property of the
amount of $3,493.04 is
currently owed for
taxes, with assess-
ments, charges, penal-
ties, interest, and costs:
Situated in the Village
of Antwerp, County of
Paulding and State of
Ohio and known as:
Parcel No. 1241S00800
Lot Number Eight (8)
of the Wabash and
Erie Canal Addition,
located in the Village
of Antwerp, County of
Paulding, and the
State of Ohio
Notice is hereby given
to all concerned, that if
the taxes, assessments,
changes, penalties, in-
terest, and cost charged
on the list are not paid
into the county treas-
ury and the county
treasurers receipt pro-
duced for the payment,
before the date men-
tioned in this notice for
the sale, each tract, lot,
and part of lot, so for-
feited, on which the
taxes, assessments,
charges, penalties, in-
terest, and costs, and
that the sale will be ad-
journed from day to
day until each tract, lot
and part of lot speci-
fied in the list has been
disposed of, or offered
for sale.
If the tract, lot or part
of lot, so forfeited, is
sold for an amount that
is less than the amount
of the delinquent taxes,
assessments, charges,
penalties, and interest
against it, the court, in
a separate order, may
enter a deficiency
judgment against the
last owner of record of
the tract, lot, or part of
lot, before its forfeiture
to the state, for the
amount, of the differ-
ence; if that owner of
record is a corporation,
the court may enter the
deficiency judgment
against the stockholder
holding a majority of
the corporations stock.
Public Notice is hereby
given that all such real
property to be sold at
public auction may be
subject to federal tax
lien that may not be
extinguished by the
sale, and purchasers or
any such real property
are urged to search the
federal tax lien index
that is kept by the
county recorder to de-
termine notice of a fed-
eral tax lien has been
filed with respect to
any such property.
Signed August 9, 2013
Claudia J. Fickel
Paulding County
51c2 Auditor
The following applica-
tions and/or verified
complaints were re-
ceived, and the following
draft, proposed and final
actions were issued, by
the Ohio Environmental
Protection Agency (Ohio
EPA) last week. The
complete public notice
including additional in-
structions for submitting
comments, requesting in-
formation or a public
hearing, or filing an ap-
peal may be obtained at:
actions.aspx or Hearing
Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W.
Town St. P.O. Box 1049,
Columbus, Ohio 43216.
Ph: 614-644-2129 email:
: 937560
This final action not
preceded by proposed ac-
tion and is appealable to
ERAC. Sanitary Sewers,
Pump Station & Force
Main For Woodbridge
Campground at 8656
Road 137
4915 US 127 HAVI-
: 938283
This final action not
preceded by proposed ac-
tion and is appealable to
PLAN NO: 938283
: A0048429
administrative modifica-
tion - updated emissions
information for polyester
resin casting and gelcoat.
have substantial experi-
ence in internal renova-
Provider will need to
Experience, including
number of installations
Number of renovations
Locations of above ren-
List of references
Proof of staffing to
complete project in a
timely manner
Detailed budget of pro-
posed project.
Proposals need to be
delivered to Paulding
County Department of
Job and Family Serv-
ices, 303 W. Harrison
St., Paulding, OH
45879, no later than
4:00 pm September 2,
To schedule a time to
review the proposed
project or for any ques-
tions regarding this
proposal, contact
Paulding County De-
partment of Job and
Family Services 419-
399-3756 51c3
Case No. CI 13 094
To: Charlie Smith,
address unknown
Please take notice that
a Complaint has been
filed in the above-cap-
tioned action against
you seeking the title to
the following de-
scribed property:
A 2006 Harley David-
son Ultra Classic mo-
torcycle (VIN
You are required to an-
swer the Complaint
within 28 days after
the publication of this
Notice, which will be
14A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, August 21, 2013