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A-Expert/Innovators/Explorers Research is substantive, multiple sources, books, refereed journal articles, newspaper clips, blo s, ma a!ine articles and other credible sources used comparativel", anal"ticall" and criticall"# $ou compare and contrast and demonstrate a command of the topic on A%% assi nments# &ore refereed, peer reviewed sources, some online, most traditional books, etc# Reads extensivel" Gets out of comfort !one Applies what is learned accuratel" 'hares expertise in class and in online forums A%(A$' prepared for class, participates in and leads class discussions (ork is exceptional and demonstrates learnin be"ond rote memori!ation and in-class instruction Is an Intentional %earner )assionate (ell or ani!ed, be innin , middle and end *ree of pla iarism, work is ori inal Goes be"ond what was assi ned, finds other relevant information and makes deliberate connections Innovative and creative makes connections that are not obvious and presents them in an intri uin wa"

&eets deadline +ompletes A%% assi nments *ree of rammatical, spellin and other such errors *ollowed assi nment instructions ,his standard is consistent on A%% assi nments

--'pecialist/Earl" Adopters/.pinion %eaders Research is above avera e /oes some comparin , contrastin and anal"sis on &.', assi nments Reads moderatel" Remains in comfort !one +omes prepared for class most of the time, leads some class discussions, participates more often than not &akes connections sometimes and is able to appl" some of what is learned Active %earner, but not alwa"s intentional and deliberate 0as sources, some refereed, some online (ell or ani!ed, be innin , middle and end on assi nments *ree of pla iarism, work is ori inal &eets deadline *ollowed assi nment instructions

+ompletes &.', assi nments *ew rammatical, spellin and other such errors 'hows command on SOME but not all assi nments

+-Generalist/Earl" &ajorit"/*ollowers /emonstrates command of topic based on rote memori!ation and in-class discussions 1nowle eable about one area, does not appl" what has been learned Reads occasionall" )repared for class sometimes, rarel" leads class discussions &inimal +lass )articipation 'ituational %earner, inconsistent )assive &inimal research, few sources, most online sources &akes most deadlines *ree of pla iarism +ompletes '.&E assi nments /oes not read the assi nments or follow instructions 'ome rammatical, spellin and other errors 'hows command on ONE, if an" assi nments

$our time and effort do 2., earn rades# Results earn rades# If "ou sta" up all ni ht, that is a personal choice not a re3uirement# $our time mana ement skills are 2., m" concern# $our education is# ,herefore, remove emotion and provide sound empirical evidence# ,he rade "ou receive is the rade $.4 earned# /o not impress me, impress "ourself# +hallen e "ourself to en a e and enjo" the learnin experience#