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From the Pastor’s Desk crafts and teaching those who attend are so

much better off. They will retain these

My Dear People: spiritual concepts for many years.

Few of us want an “early death” and most of Monday I will have minor eye surgery on the
do not want to live in a retirement home or lids to aid peripheral vision. It is painless
nursing home. We don’t want to live on this except for the embarrassment of walking
earth without our independence. Certainly around with two black eyes. No, it will not be
most of us don’t want to lose most of our Susan Sertell who did it as she waits
minds while our bodies are still here. impatiently for this column on Friday
Theresa Cusimano is 103 and might be the morning, but the eye surgeon who thinks it
oldest member of our parish. She lives at should be done. As one of my employee
Town Village with limited “assisted living.” friends said, rather bravely, that if I come
Theresa’s nephew, Sam Cusimano, lives back from the surgeon with my wrinkles she
nearby and visits frequently. Sam’s wife has will know I did not go in for cosmetic surgery.
an aunt, Marie LaSusa, who is in the same If you see me next Sunday, no violence. Just
complex, on another floor down the hall. So the surgeon who wanted to complete her job
Donna and Sam can tell you all about Town on the one eye and give better vision to the
Village. other. Pray that she doesn’t open the eyes
too much so that I can’t close them at all.
What is amazing is that Sam’s aunt at 103
has kept her mind just as clear as ever. I Please remember those who are really sick
anointed both ladies this past week. I will and are looking for God through medical
never forget Marie LaSusa telling me ten science to heal them.
times, if not twelve times,
Also, share with me the relearning of the
“Thank you for bringing me lessons from the nursing homes.
Jesus in the Eucharist.”
1.) As much trouble as we might have to
Another lady in the same complex told me get to Mass, there are those who
how much she longs to go to Mass. Since would give their eye teeth to come to
she walks with a walker and there are others Mass again.
in this retirement home that drive to Mass, 2.) If you are at home sick or aged and
she begged them for a ride. Four refused someone brings you Jesus in the
her. It made me grateful to the Knights of Eucharist, be profuse in thanking
Columbus who bring a bus load to Mass from them… it is good to be appreciated.
different places. Town Village is close to St. 3.) When we are old and arthritic it will
Peters and the people drive the short surprise us how little we will feel like
distance there for Mass. I pray: praying and indeed how little we will
pray. The Scriptures tells us to pray
“Lord, deliver me from a retirement now:
home and not being able to celebrate
Mass for months at a time.” “Today is the day of salvation.”

We are looking forward to a successful

Vacation Bible School starting Monday With prayers and blessings,
because Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton and her many Father Muller
adult and teenaged helpers have training
from previous years as well as their
goodness to serve our very young people in
knowledge of biblical themes. With music,
Our Lady of Grace Guild will meet on
Tuesday, June 9 at 11:30 at Dale’s in
MASS INTENTIONS ____________________________________
Monday, June 8 Pete Ragusa
Special Int. Sr. Barbara DeMoranville Get your donations
Tuesday, June 9 Donors to OLS School Foundation
Special Int. Jody Coombs
ready!! We are now
Wednesday, June 10 Joseph Painter accepting donations for
Sheila Brown Trash and Treasure.
Thursday, June 11 Special Intention Donations may be left at
Anna Ippolito the gym doors. If
Friday, June 12 Sheila Brown
Charles Woods
donating electrical items,
Saturday, June 13 Michael Dubruiel please put a note on
Josephine Sicola them indicating if they
Sunday, June 14 People of the Parish are in working order.
John Poticny Also, we can still use volunteers especially if
you have a truck or can help with picking up
large items. For information about donations
or volunteering, please call Melanie Falconer
PRAY FOR VOCATIONS at 945-8341 or 281-9695.
Are you being called to live in community? Call on
the Trinity to help you discern. (2 Corinthians 13:11-
13) Please pray that the grace of the Father, Son
and Holy Spirit direct all who serve the Church.
This ad is sponsored by the Serra Club.

God must be in our Sacrament

for it to be a good Sign for the OLS Church is looking for talented musicians
world to see. The next who would like to participate in a September
Worldwide Marriage concert dedicated to raising money for poor
Encounter Weekend is August children in Ukraine and Honduras. We are
21-23 in Huntsville, AL. Dates inviting middle school, high school and
fill fast, early registration is recommended. college students who can play classical and
For more information visit our website at: hymnal music level 5 and up. For
wwmealabama.org or call (800) 540-WWME registration and information please call
(9963). Alexandra Naylor at
981-2773 or 871-8121

Blessed Sacrament Parish will celebrate its

feast day of Corpus Christi on Sunday, June The Birmingham Diocese Cursillo
14. Bishop Robert J. Baker will celebrate Movement announces its monthly School of
Holy Mass at 9 a.m. and will lead the outdoor Leaders will be held on Saturday, June 13, at
Eucharistic procession. A reception will Holy Spirit Parish Hall in Tuscaloosa. The
follow in the parish hall. meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude
at 11:45 a.m. with a visit to the Blessed
Sacrament. The doctrinal talk, given by
Lost-Rosary very special, has different color Sister Therese Haydel, O.S.B., will be the
decades. If found please call the Church second part of her presentation on the Love
Office at 871-8121. Letters of Saint Paul. Butch Musso will
discuss "How to Write a Rollo" as the
technique talk. ALL Cursillistas are urged to
If you are interested in Tuesday, June 16 at 7:00 PM. For more
cooking or serving for information, please visit our web site at
First Light Homeless http://olslatin.blogspot.com.
Shelter this fall please
send your email address
to Leslie Bentley: lwbentley@bellsouth.net. Finding Spirituality in the Church Today:
Email will be our primary form of Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat, August 3-9
communication once a list of addresses is This week-long silent retreat will emphasize
compiled. key ideas and a basic review of daily
____________________________________ practices for observing a lifestyle of healthy
spirituality. It is important to think and live as
John Carroll Catholic High School is people who seek an understanding of the
currently accepting resumes for the following Christian faith as it continues to evolve
positions: Learning Support Specialist; Band through the centuries. An opportunity for
Director; Physics/Chemistry; European and “refueling” as a contemplative person
World History; and Theology. All qualified engaged in the real world can bring a
candidates should send a resume, college renewed vision of hope. Father Frank
transcript, and Alabama teacher certification Muscolino is the Presenter. He has been a
to Charlie McGrath, Assistant Principal, priest for 41 years in the Diocese of
cmcgrath@jcchs.org. Birmingham and received his Theology
No phone calls please. degree from the University of San Francisco.
_______________________________________ He is also certified in Bowen Family Systems
Theory and Therapy from the Georgetown
The Chapel needs Family Center. Fee: $330 (includes a $60 no-
permanent Committed refundable deposit) To register or for more
Adorers for: information, please call 334-855-4474 or
email at: btsrmsbt@aol.com. You may also
Monday at 11:00 PM (To visit www.msbt.org/mis_btsr.htm
Share Hour)
Friday at 1:00 PM (To Share Hour)
Friday at 11:00 AM (Vacant)
Saturday at 5:00 PM (Vacant)
Sunday at 11:00 AM (To Share Hour)

Our goal is to have at least 2 people on each

hour. These are the hours needed, but do
select an hour that best fits your schedule.
Please call Ida Wilker at 933-2281 or Mary
Claire Brouillette at 871-2909.
A "Holy Hour" of Adoration has been
approved by the Church and enriched
with copious indulgences! (Pope Pius XI
- 1922 to 1939)

Latin Study Groups

Two Latin study groups will soon begin
meeting at Our Lady of Sorrows. An
introductory study group will begin on
Monday, June 15 at 6:30 PM. An
intermediate-level group will begin on