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Constituents Committee Actions

I want to thank Susan,
Rachel, Faith, Harry and Health Care Policy Committee
Carl for stopping and I am working very closely with Representative Dr. Wayne Cooper, Chairman of the
spending a few minutes Health Policy Committee. We have met with the Speaker of the House, the insurance people and
visiting and sharing their bill handlers regarding HB 357 and HB 298 .
concerns. We are continuing to share information among all individuals involved in the process.
Our goal is to pass a bill that benefits families and children.

District Activity
Special Committee on Workforce Development
We have had discussion on HJR 37 in Workforce Development Committee. HJR 37 re-
All Invited lates to protecting our right to vote by secret ballot. At this time in Missouri, a governor
April 9 at 7:30 p.m. or legislative body can change election laws. HJR 37 will move Missouri toward a Con-
stitutional Amendment to protect our secret ballot. This could also protect us from fed-
Chesterfield Govern- eral efforts to take away the secret ballot.
ment Center (off 40/64 at
During our committee meeting the union perspective was presented that this bill
Chesterfield Parkway) was about "card check" votes and union formation. As I read this bill, that is not so. We
The Chief of the FBI will have further discussion next week, but polling of rank and file union workers indicate
will be presenting a pro- a very strong majority to be FOR keeping our secret ballot.
gram on “Domestic Ter-
rorism” . Senator Eric
Schmitt will also be mak-
ing a presentation.

Susan Cunningham
and Kathy Wallace
for being among
those awarded the
Pillars of Parkway!
Faith Olliges, President of Missouri Court Reporters
Assn. visited with Rep. Allen outside the House Cham-
bers in March. (above )
Carl Trautmann representing the Hispanic Chamber of
Brunch with Sue Commerce and SCORE stopped by my office the first
The April 4 brunch had week of April. (right)
to be postponed and will
be rescheduled After speaking to a large crowd in the Capitol Ro-
tunda at the 8th Annual Disability Rights Legisla-
tive Day Wednesday, on March 25th , Represen-
tative Sue Allen met with constituent Rachel
Klaus, and another supporter of disability rights.

We are receiving replies from the 2009 Legislative Survey published in the March 11 issue of the
“West Newsmagazine”.
There is still time for you to send in your opinions to be tabulated and reported back to you. Thank you
in advance for responding.