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Achieving High Performance through

Information Management Services:

A Realistic Route to Capture the
Next-Generation Customer

Point of View

Many communications, entertainment power and choice. Coupled with a new

and high-tech companies have lost sight framework that recategorizes providers’
of what their customers want today links to their customers, analytical
and what they are looking for in the methods demonstrate the value of
immediate future. They are tied to using a continuous loop of fact-based
obsolete views of customer behavior insights that help achieve high
and are only now glimpsing the next- performance.
generation customer to whom the By Astrid Bohé and Prof. Michael Paetsch
Internet has granted unprecedented
Listening to Last.fm
isn’t just about
listening to music.

By telling other listeners something In sharp contrast, most established To be sure, a few communications,
about what songs you like, the Internet companies in the communications, entertainment and high-tech
radio station can connect you to other entertainment and high-tech sectors companies do understand that their
people who like what you like—and have so far not taken advantage customers expect more of them today
recommend songs from their music of these new techniques to create than simply selling hardware and
collections as well as yours. There’s a strongly differentiated products and providing basic service connections.
good chance that you’ll buy some of solutions. A glance at the websites But many are struggling to rethink
the new tracks, and maybe pick up of many mobile phone operators, for their long-held business basics. Even
some upcoming concert tickets too. example, reveals that their marketing the companies that have added
approaches are still very much about offerings to match their deep
Purchased last year by media giant
selling handsets and tariff plans—as knowledge of customer demographics
CBS, Last.fm is the world’s largest
it was a decade ago. are unsure of what to do next. For the
Internet radio network. The station is
most part, they are still stuck with a
typical of an increasing array of fast- Communications companies are
product-centric view and they are
growing new businesses that use not the only ones to miss technology-
hard-pressed to craft truly customer-
recent developments in Web-based led opportunities to win and keep
centric business models—let alone to
technologies to fundamentally reshape customers. Accenture’s High
build organizations that revolve
customer behavior. Harnessing the Performance IT studies show that
around the customer.
potential of tools such as search at most companies, end customers
engines and social networks, businesses are at the back of the queue outside
like Last.fm are transforming the the CIO’s door. Of IT application
ways in which customers socialize investments, only 28 percent were
and communicate with each other, focused on customers in the large
how they discover and compare new enterprises from the many industries
products or services, and how and that we surveyed. Not only that, but
where they purchase them. the High Performance IT research
found that customer-facing systems
In essence, companies like Last.fm
were among the IT portfolio’s poorest-
have a deep understanding of the
performing applications in terms of 1. Source: “High Performance IT 2008: There’s
differences between previous No Substitute for Substitution,” Executive
technical and business adequacy.1
generations of customers and what summary results from Accenture’s second
we’ll call next-generation customers. global IT performance research.

Their shareholders have noticed. So And we give a view of the fast-
too have new disruptive competitors— growing importance of analytics
start-ups not unlike Last.fm. as a vital tool for supporting the
customer-centric approach and
We believe that communications,
achieving high performance.
entertainment and high-tech
companies must shift their emphasis
from product excellence to creating
business capabilities that forge
tighter bonds with customers over
time, with decisions based on fact-
based analytical insights and clear
ideas of what appeals to customers’
emotions. Accenture Information
Management Services—Accenture’s
cross-industry organization that
maximizes value from a client’s
diverse information assets—offers a
strategic framework for creating new
customer value. The five levels of the
framework explain the new principles
of understanding customer behavior
and show a practical path forward,
based on new ways of managing
and applying information about
how customers actually behave—
not what they say they want.

Who really understands the next-
generation customer?
Communications, entertainment and Communications, entertainment and What customers want now
high-tech companies no longer can high-tech companies are trying to
• Communications solutions—
say with certainty what triggers their come to grips with the new customer
customers’ behavior—and customer behavior—and then gauge how to not products
behavior has changed dramatically respond accordingly. Consumer • Abundant information
in the last decade (see “What customers electronics players were the first to • The ability to share and create
want now”). These days, it is the large notice how exposed they have become • The ability to be informed, to
horizontal search engines such as in a world where the customer has compare and then choose
Google—or the social shopping sites— unprecedented power to search, inform, • Immersive participation in
that know more about customers compare, and shop products around the interesting experiences
in real time than any traditional world and around the clock. Many large • Social networking
manufacturer or service provider could retailers would now be disadvantaged • Personalized “customer of one”
ever find out using traditional market if they did not offer mechanisms that experiences online and offline
research and data mining techniques. let customers tailor their own product
• “Do it yourself” ability—being
comparisons online, create information
In this new market environment, able to self-administer
in the form of user reviews, and share it
product or service excellence will
with others using social networks such
not stop being a must-have. It will
as Facebook. Participation, sharing,
continue to be a differentiator early
creating and personalization are no
in the life cycle of a wildly popular
longer theoretical concepts; they are
product such as Apple’s iPhone. But
becoming integral to the overall
in general, it will not be sufficient
offerings that the customer expects.
to differentiate a company from
its competitors for long. Consumer electronics companies are
not the only ones wrestling with these
There’s a fine example in the digital
challenges. Ironically, communications
camera market. Canon, Nikon and
carriers—many of the very companies
Sony all produce first-rate digital
that can be credited for popularizing
single lens reflex (SLR) cameras for
Internet access and mobile phone use—
the demanding amateur. But their
appear to be among the least ready
products have attained such levels
to use the new customer behavior
of excellence that it is hard for
principles to their advantage. As
prospective customers to choose
competing networks grow more akin
between the three based on features
in coverage and quality, and as once-
or performance alone.
novel tariff plans are easily copied,
So now there is an opportunity communications providers’ offerings
to build enduring competitive are becoming less distinct from one
differentiation by moving away another—and more easily
from outstanding SLRs toward commoditized. (see “Innovative
solutions focused on the customer’s Approaches to Win the US Bundled
images. Any of those camera Pricing Game”2). Most communications
companies could forge enduring carriers certainly have customer
bonds with customers by making it relationship management (CRM)
easy for them to create and share systems in place to make sure they
their own photo albums, to sell know when to renew a contract
photos online with one click, to tag or change a tariff plan, but their
and securely store pictures online information base is for the most
for 20 years, or perhaps to be able part static.
to create a life-sized poster of a
landscape scene at the touch of
a button.

2. Source:”Innovative Approaches to Win the

US Bundled Pricing Game,” Accenture,

Unexpected competitors

As a consequence, unexpected is looking far beyond the sleekly

competitors—businesses that are not designed handheld itself to the
communications service providers— multimillion-dollar per month
have been attacking the carriers’ value services business it has created.
chains with significant success. For
example, Apple, with its iPhone, has
been the company that has reset Apple not only knows its customers’
expectations of mobile offerings, as demographics inside and out, but
did RIM before that, with its understands how those customers
BlackBerry e-mail service. think and behave, who they interact
with, and what makes them behave
Indeed, Apple exemplifies how to differently. Apple and the few others
transition from a product or basic we can legitimately say understand
service focus to a business model next-generation customers know
with the customer at the core. With that customer value equations are
its iTunes download service and iPod constantly changing. And they
players (even the case and labeling
clearly realize there are multiple
are designed as customer experiences),
“touchpoints” at which to engage
Apple has been steadily
disintermediating the music retail with customers—touchpoints that
industry. The company now has 50 change in importance as markets,
million music customers with whom technologies and competitive
it can communicate directly every circumstances change.
day; it recently surpassed Wal-Mart
to become the largest retailer of
music in the United States. And with
its enormously popular iPhone, Apple

What is forcing change now

Several factors are combining to Deep broadband penetration and Leading-edge providers
force change on communications, rising memory chip densities have are responding
entertainment and high-tech turned many more individuals into Consider the example of MyMuesli. The
companies. For instance: videographers and put more video German company allows consumers
on more websites, generating healthy to mix their perfect breakfast cereal
The Internet is ubiquitous business in Web video advertising. out of more than 100 ingredients.
No other factor has had greater Online ads in the United Kingdom That’s more than 566 trillion possible
and more sudden impact than the now attract far more spending than variations—making traditional mass-
worldwide penetration of the Internet. the combined net advertising revenues market approaches seem very
This is not the place for a detailed of top TV channels ITV1, Channel 4, outdated indeed.
discussion of how quickly broadband S4C and Five.
has marched into homes and Companies like MyMuesli have grasped
businesses worldwide; those stories Customer behavior is changing the value of the Internet for reaching
have been told already. But it is worth dramatically “markets of one.” In fact, the Internet
noting how the application of the These days, everyone with access to grants everyone direct access to
Internet is changing as a consequence the Internet has unprecedented power customers, breaking down traditional
of that penetration. to search—and new search tools are retail distribution models. Today, even
making searches faster, more accurate top luxury goods providers like Chanel,
The Internet is rapidly becoming
and more contextual than ever. At the Burberry and Hugo Boss have online
the world’s preeminent broadcasting
same time, consumers now expect to shops that give them “touchpoints”
platform—not only for conventional
be informed, with everything from directly to consumers. This new strategy
broadcasting but for one-to-one
Facebook feeds to Twitter messages is much more than an attempt to
content delivery. It seems a long way
conveying gossip as well as breaking bypass the retail channel and enhance
from the early “Web 1.0” days of
news. They also expect to be able to profitability. The objective is to make
browsing; since then, the Internet
compare, particularly for products direct contact with customers for the
has added increasingly valuable
and services they are interested in first time, to better understand and
search and e-commerce capabilities,
consuming. And they have, like never anticipate their purchasing decisions,
richly layered social networking
before, the power to shop for products and to begin building long-term
functions, and soon, an entire layer
that are personalized precisely to relationships with them.
of geographic and location-specific
their tastes.
mobile services
(see Figure 1).

Internet protocol (IP) ecosystem players position themselves

Communication Search & Share & create Content payment Geo business
browsing e-commerce community
Access Broadband Broadband Convergence GPS
access access & 3G

AOL Google YouTube Amazon mp3 OVI Nokia

Amazon.com Twitter Xbox Live Google Maps
Myspace.com World of Warcraft Yelp

Web 1.0 Web 2.0

Very low penetration Moderate penetration Strong increase

Rise of e-commerce High penetration
Rise of innovative but and search Very high penetration
individual services Increasing the content Mobile Internet
Rise of the social and delivery network penetration will
networking Internet of choice start to increase

Household penetration—fixed Internet North America

Figure 1: Mapping the Internet’s growing influence

Moving toward a new concept
of customer value
It is encouraging that many consumer operators and trade retailers. Nokia and Facebook, Microsoft is now
electronics companies are starting to has decided to “go direct” and is moving toward more customer-centric
sell directly to customers. Not only are currently building a delivery platform models, investing heavily in prime-time
companies like Sony and Samsung named OVI that essentially mirrors TV advertising and evaluating its own
generating solid revenue streams online Apple’s iTunes. retail store presence.
and in their new “customer experience”
retail stores, but also they are gathering Still others are moving in the right
invaluable information firsthand. direction. Microsoft, essentially an
original equipment provider since
Other communications, entertainment its founding, has not lacked
and high-tech giants are proving to opportunities through channels
be quick studies. Nokia has clearly as well established as its Internet
learned from the success of Apple, Explorer browser and with its array
seeing that Nokia’s future value and of Xbox gaming products and Zune
relevance will depend increasingly on music players. But with the growing
its ability to break with its traditional influence and rapid economic success
model of selling handsets to mobile of relative newcomers such as Google

Analytics defined:
Your customer is talking to you
Whether your customer is visiting your
websites, using her loyalty card or
logging on to your self-service portal,
increasingly she is talking directly to
the company. That means there are
many opportunities to capture and
analyze data about the customer and
her behavior.
Properly managed, analytics is a
strategic process that involves the
extensive collection and interpretation
of data across all customer
The discipline involves statistical and
quantitative analysis, explanatory and
predictive models and fact-based
management to drive decisions and
actions. Analytics helps companies to
better understand their customers
and to greatly improve and tailor
services to them.
Important analytical disciplines include:
• Descriptive analytics
• Predictive analytics
• Web analytics

The role of analytics

Such moves are to be applauded, customer’s taste and Netflix’s integration of their analytics in three
for sure. But they are not sufficient inventory. Says CEO Reed Hastings: years. The fact that analytics is still a
to build solid strategic and operational “If the Starbucks secret is a smile relatively young management
foundations for long-term success in when you get your latte, ours is discipline means that it presents real
the communications, entertainment that the website adapts to the competitive advantage for the
and high-tech industries. What is individual’s taste.”4 companies that master it earliest.
needed is a systematic approach
Analytics are also at work in the
to deeply understanding the
world of sports. AC Milan, one of
characteristics and motivations
Europe’s top soccer teams, has a
of next-generation customers.
not-so-secret weapon in its Milan
In Accenture’s experience, the lab—a proprietary biomedical
communications, entertainment research center for gauging players’
and high-tech companies that truly performance and injury potential.
understand the next-generation The club considers the lab a crucial
customer are marrying information tool for improving returns on the
management to a commitment to investments it has made in its high-
achieve consistent, comprehensive and priced players. The lab tracks 60,000
varied levels of direct interactions with data points on a player (200 data
their end customers. They understand points on one jumping motion alone)
that decision making has to be sharper and analyzes the statistics to ensure
and better informed—which calls for the player’s health and fitness.
superior analytics and deeper insights
Operational performance can also be
into customer behaviors. As a
enhanced through analytics, as the
prerequisite, they take a broad view
Formula One race circuit proves. As
of the challenge across a range of
F1 drivers jostle to be first past the
customer touchpoints and channels—
checkered flag, technicians now
from the conventional web to face-
scrutinize dense streams of real-
to-face interactions in retail stores
time data that pour from hundreds
to long-term solutions only recently
of sensors on each car. It is
enabled by technology and as yet
commonplace to see trackside
unimagined by most consumers (see
engineers collecting gigabytes
“Rising levels of bonding competence”).
of data from each race, monitoring
At the heart of their efforts is their everything from engine oil pressure
application of sophisticated analytics to the stability of their cars’ chassis.
tools. Accenture’s studies show that Rapid data analysis helps managers
true high-performance businesses— decide whether a car can come into
those that consistently outperform the pit early, whether it can take on
their industry peers through multiple less fuel or whether its gearbox is
economic cycles—are 50 percent more heating up—just a few of the factors
likely to use analytics strategically where the right data at the right time
compared with the overall sample3 can help determine whether the car 3. Source: “Winning with Analytics,” Outlook
(see p. 7 sidebar: “Analytics defined: finishes the race and where it places. Journal, May 2007, http://www.accenture.com.
Your customer is talking to you”). 4. Source: Netflix quotation from Jena McGregor,
On the whole, the use of analytics “At Netflix, the Secret Sauce is Software,” Fast
Very few companies are actually using is hardly commonplace. Recent Company, October 2005, p. 50. Other Netflix
analytics as a foundation for their research by Accenture found that information comes from the company website
business strategies. For example, Netflix, while more than 57 percent of CIOs (www.netflix.com); Mark Hall, “Web Analytics Get
the movie rental company, employs a want to position business intelligence Real,” Computerworld, April 1, 2002; Timothy J.
Mullaney, “Netflix: The Mail-Order Movie House
movie-recommendation “engine” based as a core component for competitive that Clobbered Blockbuster,” Business Week
on proprietary software. Cinematch, as differentiation in three years, they Online, May 25, 2006; online at
the tool is called, analyzes customers’ have some way to go—60 percent of http://www.businessweek.com; and a telephone
choices and feedback on the movies survey respondents admit that they interview with Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt
they have rented—more than a billion do not use business intelligence for on July 7, 2006.
reviews of movies they liked, loved, competitive differentiation today.5 5. Source: “Cultivating high performance through
information management; Findings from the
hated and so on—and recommends However, there is positive movement: Accenture CIO survey 2007: Business Intelligence.”
movies in ways that optimize both the more than 76 percent of CIOs say
they are targeting enterprise-wide

Richly detailed views of customers

The communications, entertainment These leaders are also using their marketers to grasp the relevant
and high-tech leaders that are analytics tools to develop deeper information at a glance and make
applying analytics solutions are market insights and more detailed the decisions necessary to drive
starting to build up richly detailed competitive landscaping. The effects revenue. The processing speed of the
views of their customers. With of competitors’ pricing and product analytics tools provides immediate
multiple touchpoints feeding in data, attacks—simulated and real—can feedback on value outcomes. For
the analytics algorithms are helping quickly be analyzed in real time. example, the success of promotions—
the companies to understand how Importantly, the results of such online, offline and cross-promotion—
their products and services are used— analyses are filtered through graphics can be gauged in real time and the
and how they are likely to purchase engines and displayed on interactive results applied in a continuous-
and use other offerings in future. dashboards that help the marketing improvement feedback loop. And
For example, a mobile phone carrier’s managers scan and evaluate the key successful marketing campaigns can be
analytics engine might learn, based indicators and make rapid, well- rolled out globally in a very short time.
on a customer’s playing of a game informed decisions. Accenture has
on the handset, that the customer developed a convergent business
has a fondness for numerical puzzles, intelligence solution that suggests
so it initiates a text to the customer’s appropriate bundles of communications
phone with a 20 percent discount products for different customer
voucher for a soon-to-be-released segments, based on deep product-
numbers game. mix analysis and taking into account
margin optimization and product
cannibalization. The results are
displayed on a dashboard, enabling

Rising levels of bonding competence

But analytics tools are just that: Level 1 Level 2

tools. They cannot engender the A basic sales transaction sits at this Moving up a level, providers can
necessary “outside in” customer- end of the scale, where the customer’s consciously use competence in product
centric thinking. To help foster that loyalty to the provider is rooted almost bonding to build strong differentiation
kind of mindset, Accenture believes entirely in his or her perceptions of in design, brand and emotional
it is helpful to view the connections the features or value for money of the features into their products. Toyota’s
between provider and end customer product or service. A better product hybrid Prius car is a classic case in
in terms of a scale of increasing value from another provider, or the same point; buyers select it not only for its
delivered to the customer (see Figure product at a lower price, will quickly low fuel usage but for what its design
2). In the very simplest terms, think lure the customer away. The emphasis telegraphs about their environmental
of it as the difference between an is on a “one-off” transaction; the seller credentials. Another example of
arrive late, leave early, one-night and buyer cannot be said to have a product bonding is found in Apple’s
stay in a no-name budget motel relationship, at least not in any way iconic iPhone—a “status symbol”
and regular stays, including private that will meaningfully affect the despite well-publicized drawbacks
executive meetings, at the Four seller’s chances of selling more to that such as spotty voice reception and
Seasons hotel chain. While our scale buyer in future. So the first level of the lack of a keyboard. At this level
is by no means a blueprint for a what we call “bonding competence” of the scale, products are much
strategic realignment with next- is excellence in product building—table more difficult to replicate.
generation customers, it is a stakes for being in the market
valuable framework for starting in the first place.
the discussion. Each level of the
scale merits a closer look.

The new value engineering paradigm for the next-generation
customer in communications, entertainment and high-tech companies

Customer intimacy
Brand-building power

4 Deep customer
Touchpoint bbonding
bonding ccompetence
2 Solution bondingg
Product bonding competence competence
Excellence in competence
product building

Need for information management capabilities & customer insight

Power to differentiate & build business value

Figure 2: Five levels of bonding competence

Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

Companies can demonstrate At the next level comes competence The highest level of bonding
competence in solution bonding. There in touchpoint bonding, where the competence involves deep customer
is a classic example in the aerospace provider is able to develop and exploit bonding experiences. It helps to foster
industry, where jet-engine maker new touchpoints with its customers. excellence in managing customer
Rolls-Royce generates at least half of For example, sports apparel maker relationships and in mastering the
its corporate revenues from servicing Nike is developing shoes equipped customer agenda to significantly
many of the engines it sells. Its value with sensors and packaged with a improve the bottom line. Invoking
to airline customers is in more than low-cost radio transceiver. After a our Nike example, Level 5 might
just providing propulsion systems; workout, the “shoes” automatically involve Nike sending the customer a
Rolls helps ensure high asset transfer data about distance, pace new training plan every month based
utilization and cost containment over and other workout factors to a on the runner’s current fitness stage.
the planes’ lifetimes. Dell is pursuing computer, which could be part of a Global positioning system (GPS)
similar thinking with its new Remote handheld device such as a BlackBerry. coordinates managed by Nike might
Access service, which makes the files The display shows customized data translate into text messages about
on one Windows PC remotely such as fitness coefficients, recent sports facilities close by; social
accessible from other devices. An ideal running history, etc. If a provider has networking tools administered by
service from a personal computer visibility of the customer through Nike might see the customer’s
maker could involve an “always ready” several touchpoints—for instance, a running colleagues recommending
solution that backs up the hard disk mobile-phone carrier whose customers new exercise tracks. The system might
drive. If the drive fails, the customer use the carrier’s retail store, download dispense nutritional advice and it
receives, overnight, a complete hard ringtones from the website, and could remind the customer about
disk containing all his programs and provide monthly usage data—the gym appointments.
data, with all settings intact. carrier can develop and use a single In short, Nike gradually becomes
view of the customer across its the essential fitness coach.
channels and offerings.

Examples of analytics at work

Help customers to focus Offer relevant products Support customers by making

Imagine a mobile-phone service Employing analytical algorithms, intelligent predictions about them
provider that tracks all incoming the mobile phone company sends its Let’s say the new customer logs on
Internet traffic; the carrier understands new customer an e-newsletter that to the carrier’s site two weeks after
how its customers engage with its features the top 10 music picks, signing up. The site’s analytics engine
website and which products they look ringtones, wallpaper, games and recognizes that customer is very
at before they buy. Knowing that most software clients of all the customers unlikely to be interested so soon in
customers visit a site several times that have the same handset. The handsets and tariffs, so it connects
before they place an order, the carrier analytics tools also track what him directly to information about
ensures that they can find previously interests our customer and helps content offerings for his phone. Now
viewed products easily without further predict the “next best” content to imagine that the customer’s contract
navigation, just as Amazon.com does. sell to him based on the purchases is up for renewal; the system will
And it can automatically measure the of customers with similar tastes—just automatically give him information
correlation between the new like Last.fm does. When content that on the top handset picks that other
customer’s clickstream patterns matches his interests becomes customers with his profile have been
and the usability of the site. available—it’s a new game, say—he choosing; he can also see community
gets a text message plus a coded feedback on the phone’s quality and
e-voucher for a discount on the three style. The site also has learned which
new games due to be released in the mobile websites are relevant for our
following three months. Our customer customer so it suggests other
pays for the new game and agrees to interesting sites with products and
be pinged when the next new games services that he may like to buy.
debut. The big marketing advantage: Imagine that he’s a camera buff:
the more relevant and tailor-made visiting an online camera store to
the offer is, the better the uptake of which the carrier’s site has referred
products and services and the more him, he purchases a new camera case
likely it is that the customer will and larger memory card. The carrier
eagerly open virtually all of his receives a fee for the site referral.
newsletters in future.

So how could analytics play out to help
communications, entertainment and high-
tech companies achieve consistently high
levels of bonding competence? Here are
some examples of analytics at work.

The carrier also allows the customer other customers with profiles similar
to purchase phone accessories at some to those of its primary targets, it
of its franchises by using PIN codes will push the relevant marketing
generated by text message; the charge information to them in real time
goes on the customer’s next monthly whenever they come in contact
bill. Not only does this create a very with any of the provider’s customer
user-friendly shopping experience, but touchpoints.
it gives the carrier a richly detailed
real-time view of the customer across One example
multiple touchpoints. Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile unit
is teaming with innovators such as
In summary, the insights created with Google in order to bring exciting
sophisticated analytics will be used to new products to its customers and to
provide the appropriate products and enable services that increase customer
service to specific customer subsets bonding as well as revenue. Knowing
at the right times and in the right that Google was soon to launch its
situations. One important point: There own G1 mobile phone as a rival to
is a major difference between familiar Apple’s iPhone, T-Mobile began
CRM systems and next-generation working with Google to integrate
analytics solutions. With conventional some of its mobile customers’ favorite
CRM systems, the approach usually features—such as the Myfaves call-list
involves selection of a product, offering—into the G1 phone and,
followed by identification of likely further, to add the T-Mobile automatic
customers from a database, and then address book update feature to the
outreach to those target customers new device.
with newsletters, etc. But when
analytics solutions are used, the
customer relationship becomes
real-time and very close to one-to-
one marketing. If the system identifies

Not long ago, communications, entertainment
and high-tech companies that found
themselves overtaken by upstart competitors
were able to catch up. No more. Fast-follower
strategies no longer work. In a Web-pervasive
world where customers have more and more
power, new ideas can easily appear, take off
and reshape entire industries before the
incumbents can mount effective responses.

It is difficult to overstate the However, getting to Level 5 High-performance

challenges facing incumbents is a journey, not an overnight
in the communications, media, destination; the good news is that for businesses—those that
entertainment and technology most players, the bulk of the moves substantially outperform
sectors. There are already wide they need to make are low-cost and their competitors over
performance gaps between the require little in the way
companies that absolutely “get” of significant reorganization or the long term and across
the next-generation customer— reallocation of resources. The tools economic, industry and
companies such as Apple and are within reach: analytics solutions leadership cycles—are
Dell—and those that really don’t. are available today. The new
Accenture fully expects those gaps customer touchpoints are easy to twice as likely as the
to widen in the next few years. identify. What’s needed now is the typical organization to
We have observed that several
initiative to act on what managers make strategic use of
already know.
communications, entertainment analytics. And they’re five
and high-tech players are hamstrung
not so much by their unwillingness
times more likely to do
to accept the need to center their so than low-performing
activities around the customer but businesses.6
by their inability to do so. Some
large corporations are so
decentralized—particularly by
geography—that it will be difficult
for them to change fast enough. 6. Source: Davenport, Thomas H. and Jeanne
G. Harris, “Competing on Analytics: The New
Science of Winning,” Harvard Business School
Press, Accenture, March 2007.

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Since 2004, Prof. Dr. Michael Paetsch

has held academic tenure for
International Marketing at the
University of Pforzheim, Germany.
Prior to this role, he spent 15 years
in senior executive positions at
leading global communications and
high-tech companies.