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MSc Application Form 2007-2009

For official use only BSc AR ET CV MO

Note Please read very carefully before completing the application form Please complete in block capitals If you need more space, please attach additional sheets marked with your name Only fully documented applications can be taken into consideration You can complete this form on-line at www.csa.wu.nl/uk Please observe the deadlines




1. Personal details
Name (official family name as used in passport) Given names Postal address City Telephone Date of birth (yyyy:mm:dd) Place of birth: City Nationality Gender Male Female Province Passport No Married Yes No Country Valid till Country Telefax E-mail

2. English language proficiency

Native language Language used in secondary school Language used in higher education English English English Other Other Other

3. Financial arrangements (non-Dutch Applicants only)

How do you plan to finance your studies at Wageningen University? Private resources (if you or your family will bear all expenses related to your study at WU) Fellowship programme; name of programme: Sponsor, please name the authority and attach supporting statements if available

4. Academic record
Educational institution (Full official name, in English)

City Degree Obtained (date) BSc in MSc in Other, please specify Specialisation (if any) Degree not yet obtained, but I expect to graduate on Grade Point Average (GPA)*


on scale** of: minimum & maximum

(* average of marks obtained during degree) (** scale used for marks at institition)

5. How did you learn about the MSc programme?

Advertisement Article, editorial press Alumnus EU office Educational Institute Education fair/exhibition Colleague or friend Embassy Internet Other

6. Please specify the programme of your choice

Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering (MAB) Animal Sciences and Aquaculture (MAS) Applied Communication Science (MCS) Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAF) Bioinformatics (MBF) Biology (MBI) Biotechnology (MBT) Earth System Science (MEA) Environmental Sciences (MES) Food Quality Management (MFQ) Food Safety (MFS) Food Technology (MFT) Forest and Nature Conservation (MFN) Geo-information Science (MGI) Hydrology and Water Quality (MHW) International Development Studies (MID) International Land and Water Management (MIL) Landscape Architecture and Planning (MLP) Leisure, Tourism and Environment (MLE) Management of Agro-ecological Knowledge and Social Change (MAK) Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MME) Meteorology and Air Quality (MMA) Molecular Sciences (MMS) Nutrition and Health (MNH) Organic Agriculture (MOA) Plant Biotechnology (MPB) Plant Sciences (MPS) Public Health and Society (MHS) Soil Science (MSS) Urban Environmental Management (MUE)

7. Exemption from internship

Do you wish to apply for exemption from your internship? yes no All MSc programmes at Wageningen University include an internship. If you think you should be exempted from this internship, please explain why:

8. Documents to be submitted (only fully-documented applications can be taken into consideration we will only start
processing your application upon receipt of ALL the required documents) Completed MSc application form Copy of BSc degree or equivalent (or certified English translation) Transcript of academic records (or certified English translation) including list of subjects and marks obtained Results of English proficiency test (if applicable) Curriculum Vitae Statement of motivation

Although not obligatory the following documents will help the Academic Committee on Admissions to better judge your application Letter of recommendation (from your professor/employer) Abstract of thesis (summary of the thesis you wrote for your BSc/MSc degree) Please note that only fully documented applications can be taken into consideration. We will only start processing your application upon receipt of all the required documents. It should furthermore be noted that some MSc programmes require additional documents. Please check the programme details for further information.

9. Declaration
I understand that Wageningen University does not accept any responsibility for such risks as loss of property, theft, accidents, illness, injury or death.

I certify that I have answered all questions truthfully and completely to the best of my knowledge