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How to use EXCEL for your Symbols and Descriptions in RS Logix 500

Many times enough the worst part about starting a new RS Logix 500 PLC project is typing in all the descriptions and symbols for all your bits and I/O. Luckily there is an easy way to go about doing this monotonous task. I use EXCEL to wiz through this busy work. I've created an EXCEL template file that you can download here. Once you've downloaded the EXCEL file you can kind of see how the template layout works.


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The rows are formatted to the maximum width of characters that RS Logix will allow. Simply type in the address, bits, timer files or whatever memory files you want to include for a description. Make sure you include a symbol for your description. Use under scores for spaces with your symbol names you create. Learning to use symbols to program will save you a ton of time in programming because it's easier to remember the symbol name "RUNNING" rather than B3:1/3 means "running". More about symbol programming in another article. One EXCEL trick that I use quite often is the AUTO FILL feature. That's where I just type the first address and drag down to auto fill the rest of the address in the card rack.

Once you've created your excel sheet. It's now time to save the excel sheet as a CSV format. The database import tool in RS Logix is designed to accept a CSV file that you create.

In Excel, click on File Save As.

Choose CSV (Comma Delimited). Type a file name for your CSV file.

Now start RS Logix, and click on Tools, Database, ASCII Import.

Change the option to CSV.

Find your file name you saved earlier, make sure you have CLOSED Excel by now, otherwise you will get a can't open file error, because Excel still has the file open in the background.

Once your file is imported, click on the database, address/symbol in the tree viewer. We need to delete just a little bit of trash the template file imported into your database.

What you are looking for is the header columns from the excel template. These get imported also so it's just best if we delete these. Delete these extra database entries by clicking and highlighting the row and simply hitting delete. Once you have cleaned up your database, you should be ready to start programming! Download the EXCEL Template File. Winzip Required.

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Comments(View All Comments / Add Comment) Why Excel?

If you don't export the column headers then RSLogix won't try to import them (as garbage). RSLogix is importing a CSV file "plain ASCII" so the font is irrelevant. In fact, Excel is also irrelevant (except to open the posted file). Russell Williams [2007-02-25]

RSLogix 500 Professional

Don't you need RSLogix 500 Professional to edit the database? Robert Sivell [2004-11-18]

Fixed Width Font

Courier should be a fixed width font. Hester [2004-04-17]

You mean Excel?

You mean setting a limit within a cell with the Excel template? Chris Elston [2003-12-01]

Fixed Width Font

A fixed width font would work better for keeping the field widths within the limits. Jim [2003-11-26]

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