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NAMA : HANAFIAH BINTI TAHIR (710711-04-5392) TESL 2 (PPG AMBILAN JUN 2011) Berdasarkan satu sub topic daripada sukatan pelajaran mata pelajaran anda , rancangkan satu proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran yang akan melibatkan penggunaan beberapa media fotografi . Dalam pada itu , rancangkan (anda boleh cuba mengaplikasikan model ADDIE ) proses penghasilan media fotografi tersebut supaya ia boleh memberi impak yang baik dalam proses P & P anda. Laksanakan perancangan yang telah dibuat dalam bilik darjah.


A. ANALYSIS A few analysis were done to find out the learners environment , the learners analysis and to determine the learning goals.

i)Instructional Goals : Learners Topic : : Year 5 Bijak pupils Glorious Food (Unit 6) 3.9.3 To read and talk about the actions of people and animals in the story read 4.3.3 To complete simple instructions , texts with the missing words (with little or no guidance ) ii)Learners Objectives : Objectives : i) ii) By the end of the lesson , the pupils should be able to :

Specifications :

Read the sentences given correctly and match the sentences with the correct pictures to describe the process of making egg sandwiches , Number the sentences given according to the correct sequence to describe the process

iii)Instructional Analysis: a. Pupils talk about the process of making egg sandwich by using the photos that are shown to them through power point presentation. b. Pupils read the sentences which describe the steps in making egg sandwiches. c. Pupils rearrange the jumbled photos of the process according to the correct sequence. d. Pupils match the sentence strips to the correct photos to describe the process. e. Pupils read aloud the sentences correctly. f. Pupils do written work individually. Pupils number the sentences according to the correct sequence guided by the pictures given in the worksheets.

g. Pupils read aloud their answers.

iv)Learners Analysis : Pupils have already learnt some vocabulary about food in their previous lessons. The words are like eggs , tomatoes , bread and onions.

B. DESIGN i) Design assessment : Teacher plan and prepare the worksheets for her lesson. Worksheets should be related to the goals/objectives. Worksheets should also be clearly understandable. Create an instructional strategy : 1. Pre instructional activities: Pupils name the pictures of the food or ingredients used in the menu. (Teacher prepares pictures of bread , tomatoes, onions and eggs ) 2. Content Presentation : Pupils look at the series of photos which describe the steps in making egg sandwiches. (Teacher used close up technique to take shots on the process.) 3. Learners participation: Pupils are prompted to describe the process using their own words.Pupils match the sentences to the correct pictures.


4. Assessment : Pupils number the sentences correctly to describe the process of making egg sandwiches. 5. Follow through activity :Teacher designs enrichment and re inforcement activities for the pupils.

C. DEVELOPMENT i) Create a sample : Teacher creates some samples similar to her teaching focus / topic. Teacher discuss with her colleagues the materials that she plans to design to check whether the materials are suitable or not. Teacher also does this to improve any weaknesses in her teaching plan. ii) Develop the course material : After the teacher is satisfied with her plan , she continues to develop her teaching materials. The teacher takes shots of the process in making egg sandwiches. Conduct a run through instruction: Teacher looks thoroughly her lesson plan and the teaching materials to finalize her plan.


D. IMPLEMENTATION i) Train the master : Teacher shares her lesson plan with her colleagues so that other teachers also have the idea of what she is doing. This is important especially in emergencies matters when another teacher has to replace her class. Prepare the learners : Teacher prepares all the materials that the pupils need in their lesson or the things the pupils have to bring from home. Teacher reminds the pupils to bring along their glue to paste the pictures of the process in their exercise books. Arrange the learning space: Teacher makes sure the arrangement of the pupils desks are comfortable and suitable for her lesson. Teacher also makes sure that all the equipment that she needs like LCD , the screen and the laptop are in good condition and power in perfectly.



E. EVALUATION i) Formative Evaluation : Teacher decides what kind of formative evaluation that she would like to have, whether one to one , small group or field trip evaluation.


Summative Evaluation: Teacher conducts summative evaluation to find out whether the objectives of her lessons are achieved or not or the suitability of the teaching materials that she used to her pupils. Teacher designs a checklist / questionnaires to help her to find out any strengths or weaknesses in her lessons.