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It is found that ATM facility is not in the UCBs. The study found that people dont know about the UCBs which is situated in shikaripura. It I found that the bank has limited service net work. It is found that majority of the people opened account in UCBs because of compulsion made by bank to borrow loan. The study found that most of the students do not have the awareness about facilities provided by UCBs. It I found that salary paid by the UCBs to the staff is low as compared other commercial bank. It has found that the UCBs have much concentrated on urban people. It is found that 20% of the people prefer long term loan from UCBs. The current account facility is not in the UCBs. The study fond that 08% of the people think that rate of interest in high in cooperative bank. It has fond that somesof the people thinks that facilities in not UCBs are better than any other banks. The study reveals that 12% of the people think that attitude of the staffs is non cooperative. It is found that 12% of the people think that account opening procedure is high in UCBs. The Study reveals that some of the people feels that banks are not safer than financial company. It is found that some of the people think that UCBs facility is not better than any other bank.

Suggestions Bank should provide ATM facilities to its customer. Bank need to organize new deposit mobilization campaign. Bank should simplify their rigid rule for sanctioning a loan The bank needs to improve the infrastructure facilities that it can attract more people.

Bank should give clear information about facilities of UCBs available to all the people. Bank need to concentrate much on rural people and provide credit facilities. Bank should take more care against illiterate and rural people while providing loans and other facilities. Bank need to provide current account facilities to its customers. Bank need to provide information for students to take educational loan. Bank need to concentrate on employees and increase their salary. It make them to contribute more to their work. Bank need to borrow loan at a lower rate of interest and less documentations for studies.

Conclusion. The UCBs plays vital role in resource mobilization and its efficient allocation in different sources of investment. But still in shikaripura region the bank has many problem s like, lack of awareness about the bank to the people, limited service network, and low staff s, concentrated only to the urban people. In order to over come of these problems, the bank should take steps to create awareness about the among the people, provide good service net work, appointment more staffs and concentrated to the rural people also. The bank has given an efficient service to its customers. It is also playing a significant role in fulfilling the financial needs of shikaripura region. With new deposit mobilization with good schemes for deposit mobilization and an efficient pattern of portfolio managemaent, the bank can attain higher level of growth.