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Rental Agreement (Sample)This agreement of Tenancy is made and executed at ________________ city on this ___st day of _____ 200_,

by & between ______________ ___________________ ____ _________________________ _________________________________________, herei nafter referred for to as the OWNER, and __________ __________________ _________ _____________________ ____________________________________, hereinafter referre d as the TENENT.Whereas, the Tenant has requested the Owner, to let out the prem ises bearing address: _______________________________________ __________________ __________ ______________________________________ ___________________________ i n consideration of therent hereinafter reserved and the conditions hereinafter s tated.Now this agreement witnesses as follows:1. The Tenant shall pay a monthly rent of ________ (in words _________ _______ ____ _________ ______________only) on or before ___ day of every month.2. The Tenant has deposited with Owner ________ (in words _________ _______ _______ ______ ______________only) as advance and security deposit which the Owner here by acknowledgesthe said sum shall carry no interest but refundable to the Tenant on the termination of thetenancy.3. The tenancy shall be in force for a period of eleven months from the above said date, and themonth of tenancy being the English calendar month.4. The Owner shall have the right to terminate the tenancy if the Tenant fails to p ay the rentregularly for a consecutive period of two or more months, or commits breach of any of the termsherein.5. The Tenant shall use the premises only for residential purpose and shall not use it for anyoffensive or objectionable purpose, and shall not any consent of the Owner hereby a subletunder lease or part the possession of the any whomsoever or make any alteration therein.6. The Owner shall allow the Tenant peaceful possession of any enjoyment of the pre mises duringthe continuance of tenancy provided the Tenant acts up to the terms of this agreement.7. The Tenant shall not cause any damage to the fixed fixtures on the above said pr operty. Anydamage cause shall be repaired at the cost of the Tenant.8. The Tenant shall pay electricity & ___________________ chargers separately and t he Ownershall pay the property taxes & ___________________. 9. It is hereby agreed that one month notice on either side is required for the ter mination of thetenancy.10. The tenancy shall be renewed for further period/s mutually agreed between partie s on the termsand conditions.11. After the expiry of 11 months the Tenant is herein agreed to pay ___% of increa se in theenhancement of the existing rent. Fittings Tube Lights: ____ Fans: ____ Geysers: ____ In witnesses whereof the parties hav e set their respective hands onto this agreement, of the day,the month & the yea r first above written.Witnesses:1.Owner2.Tenant