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Select a research problem and develop a structure for doing the research synopsis.
(15 marks)


Research Problem Context: (15 marks) i. You have Administrative Leadership Abilities of the college Principles/Manager of a communal organization. ii. You are associated with community health. iii. You are associated with education. iv. You are an engineer. v. You are associated with Human Resources and Development. vi. Your interest is in Literature. vii. You are associated with the field of medicine. Choose a scenario & answer the following questions: a. b.

d. Q1. Q2.

Identify Research Problem Identify the population. What is the appropriate research strategy/type to solve a problem? Which sampling design will be used to in respect to your responses in Q.2 a & b?


In your opinion, what are different necessary steps to start RESEARCH? Describe a hypothetical study that uses questionnaire, interview or observational data. What are different question to be answered in the study? How does the choice of method (questionnaire, interview, observation) relate to the question? What practical constraints, if any, are there to this method? What are the benefits of a longitudinal design over a cross-sectional design?

1. a) b) c) d) 2. a) b) c) d) 3. a) b) c) d) 4. a) b) c) d) 5. a) b) c) d) 6. a) b) c)

What is opposite of a variable? A constant An extraneous variable A dependent variable A data set Which of the following is the BEST hypothesis? Students taking formative quizzes will perform better on chapter exams than students not taking these quizzes. Taller students will have higher test scores than shorter students. Students taught in a cooperative group setting should do better than students in a traditional class. Students using laptops will do well. The following journal article would be an example of _______ research; "The benefits of florescent lighting on production in a factory setting." Applied Interview Basic Stupid The key objective of data analysis is to: Calculate statistics Understand relationships between variables Obtain the distribution of responses for each question Create tables which display the survey results The scientific method is preferred over other ways of knowing because it is more; Reliable Systematic Accurate All of the given options

The purpose of a literature review is to: Help you find out what is already known about this area. Identify any inconsistencies or gaps in the literature. Demonstrate an awareness of the theoretical context in which the current study can be located. d) Find what is already known, identify gaps demonstrate awareness. 7. a) b) c) d) A literature review requires; planning clear writing good writing All of the given option

8. Hypothesis refers to __________: a) The outcome of an experiment

b) A conclusion drawn from an experiment c) A form of bias in which the subject tries to outguess the experimenter d) A tentative statement about the relationship 9. a) b) c) d) What does it mean if two variables have a positive correlation? As one variable increases, so does the other As one variable increases, the other decreases The correlation between the two variables is 0 The correlation between the two variables is greater than 1.0

10. What is the basis of the Scientific Method? a) To test hypotheses in conditions that are condusive to its success. b) To formulate a research problem and disprove the hypothesis. c) To formulate a research problem, test the hypothesis in carefully controlled conditions that challenge the hypothesis. d) To test hypotheses and if they are disproved, they should be abandoned completely.