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Bio 002: Summer 2009

4 credits: class MWF 8:30-12; lab Tuesday and Thursday (AM or PM session)

Catherine “Kate” Farrell, M.S., M.Ed.

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday immediately after class in Lafayette 300
and by appointment.

We will use Biology, 8th edition by Campbell, et al.

Mastering Biology
We’ll use the text website, MasteringBio.com, for assignments and reinforcement.
Please set up an account so that you can view and complete assignments.
Course ID: SummerUVMBio2

Lab 30%
Tests 40% (Each test is 10%, except the final which is 20%)
Project 10%
Class Assignments 20% (Each is 5%, Mastering Biology, open book/open

It is my sincere hope and goal that this be a productive learning experience for all my
students as well as for me. Especially considering the brisk pace of a summer course,
please ask questions if I begin to loose you in class. I’m also available during office
hours and via email to help with questions.

Tips for Success

 Ask questions in class – it makes class more interesting for everyone
and will help you learn. I will allow 10 minutes at the beginning of each
class for questions on the last class.
 Preview chapters before class – focus on Concepts (used as section
titles) and diagrams
 Do the assignments – test questions will be no harder than these. I will
only test you on material that was covered in class (or lab for the final).
 To the degree possible, adjust your schedule to allow plenty of time for
reading and thinking about course material. Digesting new information
takes time and energy – it’s just a fact of biology.
 Form a study group – two brains are usually better than one.
 Ask questions… I’m here to help! Really!

The Rules and Reg’s

Your written work (tests and labs) must be uniquely your own. You may work
with a study buddy on labs and assignments, but unless directed otherwise, you need
to submit your own work.

Bio 2 – Schedule Summer 2009
N.B. Schedule subject to modifications announced in class or via UVM email.

Monday July 20 – Evolution Recap and setting the stage for Ecology
*If you have not studied evolution recently, skimming Ch. 22-24 is
Ch. 25 The History of Life on Earth
Ch. 26. Phylogeny and the Tree of Life

Tuesday July 21
*Pick a project group
Experience Biodiversity

Unit 8: Ecology
Wednesday July 22
Ch. 52 An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere
Ch. 53 Population Ecology

Thursday July 23
Population Ecology and Population Genetics

Friday July 24
Assignment 1 Due: Ch. 25, 26, 52, 53
Ch. 54 Community Ecology
Ch. 55 Ecosystems

Monday July 27
Ch. 56 Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology

Tuesday July 28
*Time to work on presentation in lab & get feedback from T.A.
Conservation Biology

Wednesday July 29
Test: Evolution and Intro to Ecology

Thursday July 30
Flowers and Pollination

Friday July 31
Ch. 29 Plant Diversity I: How Plants Colonized Land
Ch. 30 Plant Diversity II: The Evolution of Seed Plants
* Emphasis on life cycles

Monday August 3
Assignment 2 Due: Ch. 29, 30
Ch. 35 Plant Structure, Growth, and Development
Ch. 36 Resource Acquisition and Transport in Vascular Plants

Tuesday August 4

Wednesday August 5
Assignment 3 Due: Ch. 35, 36
Ch. 37 Soil and Plant Nutrition
Ch. 38 Angiosperm Reproduction and Biotechnology

Thursday August 6
Centennial Woods Ecological Excursion

Friday August 7
Assignment 4 Due: Ch. 37, 38
Test: Plants
Ch. 40 Basic Principles of Animal Form and Function

Monday August 10
Ch. 41 Animal Nutrition
Ch. 42 Circulation and Gas Exchange

Tuesday August 11
Animal Behavior

Wednesday August 12
Assignment 5 Due: 40, 41, 42
Ch. 51 Animal Behavior
Wrap-up and Review

Thursday August 13
Lab and Class Review

Friday August 14
Final Exam – Cumulative, includes class and lab