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1st Elwood Scout Group

Annual Report, 2012 - 2013

26 August 2013

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1st Elwood Scout Group 2012-13 Annual Report.doc

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August 26 2013



Welcome to the Annual Report of 1st Elwood Scouts. Its been another terrific year for our Group. The Parent Committee is delighted with the vigour of the Group a clear endorsement of the view expressed in last years Annual Report that the 1st Elwood group is now on a sustainable footing. Please enjoy reading of our successes in this past year as detailed below.

Mark Richardson, Group Parent Committee President, on behalf of the Committee

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August 26 2013



On World Scout Day (1st August), we received the news that 1st Elwood leaders had been recognised for their work in Scouting. Marlene Gale, who as Akela, has kept Cubs functioning right from its inception in late 2008, has been awarded a Silver Emu. Tony Case, who although not registered officially with 1st Elwood Scouts (rather with the Scout and Guide Sailing School) has been an invaluable member of our team in the Scout Section. He has received a Silver Koala and Mark Starcevich, our first trained Scout Leader received a Certificate of Merit. The work these people have done has been stupendous and no Award can really thank them enough for the time they have spent with the Cubs and Scouts. On your behalf I thank and congratulate them on their awards. Of course I am thrilled also to receive a Silver Koala Award! Your children happily attend Cubs and Scouts but sometimes I wonder if all parents know what really goes on in the background to make sure these nights take place. There is a lot of work behind the scenes. My job is to make sure there are enough leaders and adult support and also to complete all the paper work required to keep the Group functioning as well as keeping everyone happy! Masses of emails! To do this, I am ably supported by the Parents Committee, who despite working full time at their own jobs, also meet once a month and all take on roles, which reduce the amount of work I need to do. From September I will have Seth Willingham supporting me in my role, which will enable me to stay on as Group Leader for another year at least.

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August 26 2013

The hard-working Committee is made up of Mark Richardson (President), who with Ken Vaughan will steer the hall renovations in the correct direction. Mark has always provided a ready ear when I have needed it. Sharyn Clarke, our Treasurer, has done an amazing job dealing with the Groups finances. Her daughter has now left Cubs, but Sharyn has offered to stay on to handle hall tenant billing. Fiona Clothier will take over as Treasurer from September 2013. The finances of the Group become more complex as the years pass and the last year has been no exception. The Groups primary income source is our hall which is tenanted (due to the good work of Mark Samuel King, who also needs to make sure our tenants are happy!). Fiona and Sharyn registered all Rovers, Scouts and Cubs, an enormous task, even in a comparatively small Group such as ours. Geraldine and Matt Pepper also help with the hall, organising working bees and arranging for contractors to finish the variety of tasks needed for hall maintenance. Anthony Lucas keeps our web-site up to date, adding new photos/videos so you can see what everyone is doing. He also helped with fund-raising co-ordination for Scouts and Rovers sausage sizzles. Fiona Clothier perfected raffle ticket management for the Monster Raffle. We raised more money (over $2000) than in 2012, primarily thanks to her excellent efforts. This has been returned to the Sections to help with their programs. Emma Baxter provided much needed secretarial services and also organised all of our social activities, includeding a WELCOME TO SCOUTS PIZZA NIGHT to kick-off 2013, our annual general meeting and the posters, and advertising for the Group Family Camp in October, which I hope you will all attend. We welcome three new members to our Committee for 2013-14, Cathy Boyce, Belinda Tromp (both of whom have newly started sons in Cubs) and Ken Vaughan (whose son is in Scouts and attended the Jamboree last year). Nuala Keating, whose 3 girls attend Cubs, has offered to start up a second-hand uniform contact, something which will help new and old members of the Group. It has been an exciting and busy year for the Parents Committee. We ran a sausage sizzle for IBM families in December with 12th Caulfield Scouts. This was a huge feat of organization. The work involved made the results somewhat disappointing as numbers were low. I acknowledge the Rotary Club of Sandringham (which donated its barbecue trailer) and all others who worked on or before the day. The raffle of an electric bicycle (donated by previous Treasurer, Nick Frencken) offset some of our Scouts Jamboree costs and raised funds for other Sections.

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August 26 2013

Mark Richardson and I put together a second submission to gain much-needed funds for building works at the hall. (Primarily for additional storage areas, indoor toilets and disabled access). This year we were successful, gaining $45, 000 from the Victorian Government and $33, 000.00 from the Scout Association. $35,000.00 has also been budgeted for the works from 1st Elwood funds. We now require a building permit. The drawings for these works are on display, but I dont believe building works will start for a while yet. Fiona Clothier has put together a successful Volunteer Grant in partnership with Poets Grove Child-care Centre. Not only will we have a projector and screen and new outdoor furniture at the hall, but Scouts and Cubs will benefit from GPS hand held devices and patrol first-aid kits.

Scouts Bring a Friend Night, BayWAC Hall, Elwood Beach

All Sections, Rovers, Scouts and Cubs are running exciting programs, which include a number of interesting outdoor activities. Their reports are attached. Please take time to read them as much has been achieved over the year. The highlight of the year for the Group was perhaps Anzac Day at the Elwood RSL. It is unfortunate that this is the last time this will be held as the RSL has now been sold. In the true spirit of the Elwood Community, all our Sections were present and individual wreaths were laid by Cubs, Scouts and Rovers. Ruby Mumford received her Grey Wolf Award, the highest award which can be gained in Cubs. She now moves up to Scouts. Clancy Lee represented us (in 2012 and 2013) as a performer in South Metro Showtime. I also know our Rover Advisor,

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August 26 2013

Mark Rosenberg is involved in this production as Marketing Manager for Showtime. Five of our Scouts attended the Jamboree in Qld last January. We will hear about their wonderful time! I was recently very honoured to attend the presentation of Rachael Boyds Baden Powell Award. This is the highest award a Rover can attain and she will be presented with the Certificate at Government House. Rachael has also recently been awarded the WF Waters Award for Service to Rovering. I congratulate her and the Ria Warrah Rover crew for their support. We are in the process of joining with 12th Caulfield in mentoring older Scouts, who wish to continue their Scouting into Venturers (the 14-18 year age group). This step, which will eventually lead them onto Rovers stabilises the Group in the long term and may produce much needed leaders of the future. Our leadership team has expanded this year, which is exciting. Not only does this help with new ideas in the Sections, but helps to stabilise the Group. In Cubs, we have Marlene Gale and Julia Pham as trained leaders. Michael Gulliver and Owen Bolwell (Owen will move up to Scouts next year) are both in the midst of their training. These leaders are supported by adult helpers, Dale Knight, Jacqui Bridge and Anna Marinovich. In Scouts, Mark Starcevich has relinquished his Scout leader status to Andrew Crawford (in training). Mark will still be there, just not so often.

The support of Tony Case as Activity Leader is invaluable, as is Vincent Mumfords work in as adult support. I have only the greatest admiration for Section Leaders and those parents who provide Adult Support. Unfortunately, we have lost Phil Clarke and Ella Ozberk from Cubs. Phils dry sense of humour was enjoyed by all! My heartfelt admiration and thanks go to these leadership teams, who work so hard to make Cubs and Scouts such an enjoyable experience but have also been known to stand outside in the cold and wet at Elwood Market Day! I must also thank Mark Rosenberg for his somewhat hidden work as Rover Advisor, Ria Warrah Rovers and also that of Michael Rose (retiring Crew Leader).

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August 26 2013

The work of the leadership teams and the interesting and exciting programmes they produce has led to more stability within the Group. Membership has increased by 15% and the retention rate is just over 70%--a massive improvement! As I am always saying, the more parents we have involved the easier it all becomes. If you have a skill you think we can use please do not hesitate to mention it to me. I reiterate thankyou to the wonderful people who are leaders, adult support and committee members, without whom the Group could not run. My thanks go also to Michelle Grierson, our hard-working District Commissioner who is a great support. Good Scouting to you all!

Jennifer Eaton Group Leader, 1st Elwood Scout Group www.elwoodscouts.asn.au

1st Elwood Scout Group 2012-13 Annual Report.doc

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August 26 2013



1st Elwood Cubs are flourishing, as we have since we began four years ago however, we are now blessed with three new uniformed members two leader assistants, and another adult support (for communications). We ended 2012 with a full fourth term programme. Standing out was the District Billy Cart Derby, although we did not win, the Cubs had a great time. We had a most informative evening with one of our new Dads, Mike Hudson, who gave us an interesting talk on Geology. Jack Mumford and Calin Posthumus, who had their Grey Wolf presentation at the Billy Cart Derby, came to Cubs and gave an excellent talk to the Cubs on their Grey Wolf journey. Once again we went on an Elwood Historical Walk these walks are most intriguing to the Cubs and Leaders as we learn of the history of our local area. We participated in the District Sixer and Seconder 10 year old camp where the Cubs built their own raft. Following that we took the Cubs on a hike to Bushrangers Bay, near Flinders. This proved to be a big hit with the Cubs and the family members who accompanied us. The last few weeks of the term were spent preparing decorations for the Christmas tree, which was part of a display at Holy Trinity Church, St Kilda. We put together full first and second term programmes for 2013 over a weekend away at Michaels property. As we have done each year, we took part in the Leukaemia Foundations Great Shave, or as in our case, hair colour. This is something dear to the heart of Warwick (WOK). The Cubs enjoy the night and always raise money for leukaemia. A fantastic total of was raise this year $485 well done! We spent a Cub night at our hall on the beach, followed by a sleepover on the Friday night to make, decorate and fly kites. Our Cubs attended the ANZAC day service at Elwood RSL. This year we were joined by the Scouts and Rovers. Sadly this was the last service to be held at Elwood RSL.

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August 26 2013

To celebrate Mothers Day, the Cubs chose to put on a concert. This was truly amazing with the Cubs showing some otherwise hidden talents, with singing, magic and dance. The last weekend in May we went on our first Pack holiday for the year to Gilwell Park, the original home of scouting for Victoria, and while there invested five new Cubs. Our end of term two break up night was with a visiting magician, which turned out to be a big hit with the Cubs. Unfortunately at the end of term, we learned that Jean and his family will be returning to France. This really is sad news as Jean was one of our original Joeys and would have gone up to Scouts this term. We wish Jean all the best and look forward to hearing from him as he takes up his life back in France and his progress with Scouts there. Til next year.

Yours in Cubbing, Marlene Gale (Akela)

Cubs - Lunch at 2013 Badge Day

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August 26 2013



July 2012 Fantastic Race - Six keen scouts from 1st Elwood raced around town and over to Williamstown and back. 7 patrols from Bayside District competed Elwood won!

August 2012 Bushranger Bay Walk A day hike to Cape Schanck

African Drumming - A fun night at the Hall

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August 26 2013

Leadership Course run by Bayside District and with Hugh and Henry attending from Elwood. A fun and challenging weekend

September 2012 Cohen Shield at Bay Park a bit damp and muddy but a great camp nonetheless.

November 2012 4 Night Camp at Riddells Creek a wonderful camp with perfect weather, the bush house, clay sculpting and a lot of fun!

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August 26 2013

December 2012 City Camp at 2/11th Brighton Hall summer fun by the bay!

January 2013 Jamboree - Hugh, Corbin, Henry, Jack, Calin attended the 23rd Australian Scout Jamboree at Maryborough in Queensland. A great experience for Scouts attending. March 2013 Fishing Camp with 3rd Ballarat at Barwon Heads. A fishing camp but only a couple of small fish were injured!

1st Elwood Scout Group 2012-13 Annual Report.doc

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August 26 2013

May 2013 Hunger Games Camp at Riddells Creek. A good camp no one died!

June 2013 Bimbi Park Family Camp A great weekend away at Cape Otway

1st Elwood Scout Group 2012-13 Annual Report.doc

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August 26 2013

From Mark Starcevich I have opted to retire from the position of Scout Leader with 1st Elwood and would like to reflect on the time I have been involved in Scouting and the great opportunities and friendships I have experienced from my first contact in 2009. Daniel was invested as a Scout into 1st Elwood Troop in June 2009 which, at the time, was hosted by 9th Brighton with Tony Case as Scout Leader. I attended Cohen Shield in September 2009 as a parent helper and, somehow, became scout leader in 2010 and since then I remember lots of enjoyable experiences seeing the Scouts develop and enjoy themselves, Scouting is great organisation and full of great people. My thanks to all I have scouted with but in particular - Tony Case, Jenny Eaton, Marlene Gale, Mark Richardson, Vincent Mumford, Michelle Grierson and other Bayside District Scout Leaders. I also appreciated the support of scout parents and of course, the Scouts themselves. Andrew Chapman has taken on the responsibilities of Scout Leader with great enthusiasm and I would like to thank him for his involvement. From Andrew Chapman Being a Scout Leader is a privilege in itself. I am honoured to have been able to pick up the reigns from Mark who has done an excellent job running the Troop. My aim is to grow the Troop numbers, expand some horizons by doing some unique things whilst maintaining the values of Scouting throughout. Term 3 is shaping up to be a very activity based couple of months, with the District and Cohen Shield Camps not to far off. Looking forward to be an active member of the 1st Elwood Scout Troop.

Mark Starcevich and Andrew Chapman Scout Leaders

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August 26 2013



The end of the 2012-2013 financial year sees another positive chapter for Ria Warrah Rover Crew. The crew continues to remain active in the Rover and wider Scouting movement, and is in a stronger position than the year before. The start of the year saw the completion and reopening of our Rover den at the rear of the Scout Hall. Members wise, crew numbers remain stable, with a big focus over the coming months focusing on recruitment. We have actively participated in multiple Venturer nights and camps as well as nights with other sections such as the now infamous Scout chocolate night. We have maintained our momentum from the previous financial year and continued our fundraising efforts. Through multiple events we have raised around $2800. At the end of the financial year, the crew accounts stand at $1746.37, $716.12 higher than the end of the previous financial year. The crew has participated in the major events of the Rovering calendar, including MARB, Surfmoot, Mudbash and Hoadley Hide. The crew has also camped on multiple other occasions, mainly as a part of Rachaels BP badge work.

The crew has had positive outcomes in training and badgework. We had four members complete their Rover Basic Sectional training and three members complete their squire training to become fully invested Rovers. Chris Tagle has also recently become the chair of the Melbourne Region Rover Council.

1st Elwood Scout Group 2012-13 Annual Report.doc

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August 26 2013

Rachael Boyd must also be congratulated for obtaining her Rover Woodbeads, completing her Baden Powell Scout Award and receiving the W.F Waters award for outstanding service to the Rover section. Our Rover Adviser, Mark, also received his silver arrowhead. The crew has also reviewed its constitution and updated, serviced or replaced multiple pieces of equipment. The crews profile is going in a positive direction and I look forward to it continuing into the future. Id like to thank the group for their support and a big thank you to my fellow crew members for making it another great year. Im very proud to have been crew leader. Michael Rose Crew Leader 2012-2013 Ria Warrah Rover Crew

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August 26 2013



The Group Treasurer collates all Section and Group accounts, and under Scout Association rules, arranges for an independent audit of the finances of the Group. The audited information (Income/expenses sheet and Budget) is attached. The detailed Transactions Sheet is available on request. The 1st Elwood Group has its financial year from 1 July to 30 June. Our 2011 year was the first that a surplus was posted ($4,814.65) since the Group was restarted, and in 2012 that surplus grew to $12,418.37. However, as budgeted, there was only a small surplus in 2013 due to increased hall capital and maintenance costs, being a surplus of $515.24 (up marginally from the $101 budgeted surplus). Group financial situation: $23,503.11 in credit at start of 2012/13 year. $24,018.35 at 30 June 2013. $17,066.31 in credit at bank as at 5 August 2013. Please note that this year $8000 was transferred to a fixed interest bearing deposit account with NAB, at the prevailing rate of 4.4%. This will be rolled over on 27 August after 5 months. Improved Income. This financial year, there has been an improvement in the income of the Group by about $3,300, mainly through increased fee income and fundraising income Main Expenses. The major expenses this year have been the usual mandatory insurance costs (kids, Leaders and hall), and hall maintenance, including floor sanding. Kitchen renovation. The kitchen was given a much needed makeover during the year, with a cost of $4136 (with these costs budgeted in 2012). Hall air conditioning. As explained last year, two split system/reverse cycle air conditioning units were installed in the hall in June 2012 to the delight of the members and hall hirers at a cost of $6,248 which is included in 2013 costs (and was included in the 2013 budget). The improvement in heating the hall has certainly assisted the committee in retaining its tenants. Architecture costs/hall renovation. As you have been advised the Committee has obtained a grant of $45,000 to renovate the hall from the State Government, and Vic Scouts has agreed to contribute $33,000 in addition to that. We are then expected to contribute to contribute a further $35,000. By June 2014 we expect to only have to outlay $20,000 towards that target (in addition to paying for further drawings and permits of around $5000 (total $25,000 budgeted), with $1980 spent in early 12/13 as part of that exercise). Budget 2013-14. For the new financial year 2013-2014, the main expenses other than the above $25,000 for the hall renovation, will continue to be insurance and hall maintenance. As we are budgeting a deficiency or loss for 2014 of $9,000, the cash balance of $24,018 is then likely to fall to $15,018 by June 2014. This should then leave a sufficient buffer to cover further unbudgeted costs or lower revenues. If revenue and normal expense then continue in 2015, and only a further $10,000 is

1st Elwood Scout Group 2012-13 Annual Report.doc

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August 26 2013

then contributed to the hall renovation in 2015 (to the total $35,000 plus estimated fee costs), a surplus of around $6,000 would then arise again in 2015 (again be dependent on support for fund raising activities of the Group). Thanks again to our Auditor, Michael Land, who as a past Scout, has generously provided his services free of charge for the last 5 years. I wish Fiona Clothier, who will now take over from me as Treasurer, and the Committee all the best for 2014 (and I will continue to assist on an ongoing basis with the invoicing of the tenants). Sharyn Clarke 1st Elwood Group Treasurer

Auditor's Letter, 2012-2013

1st Elwood Scout Group 2012-13 Annual Report.doc

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August 26 2013

Appendix 1 -

2012-2013 Statement


Opening Balance at 1 July $11,084.74


Member fees (incl insurance) Hall Hire Grants Fundraising Other $9,678.00 $15,840.00 $0.00 $4,774.82 $2,943.00 $11,315.00 $13,985.25 $0.00 $5,826.95 $562.00


Vic Scouts - incl. insurance Hall & Maintenance Airconditioner purchase Kitchen renovation Architecture plans for hall Scout section & fundraising expenses Rover section & fundraising expenses Cub section & fundraising expenses Electricity Water Other



$7,871.76 $5,489.48 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $1,089.96 $2,440.00 $850.62 $1,360.20 $399.75 $1,315.68

$7,498.53 $2,817.07 $6,248.00 $4,136.00 $1,980.00 $1,913.44 $320.73 $2,292.12 $1,842.82 $673.70 $1,451.55


$20,817.45 $12,418.37 $23,503.11


$31,173.96 $515.24 $24,018.35

$16,018.35 $8,000.00

Comprised of cheque account and fixed term deposit with NAB at interest TOTAL FUNDS at 30 JUNE


: August 26 2013

Appendix 2 -

2013-2014 Budget
Proposed 2012/13 Actual Proposed 2012/13 2013/14
$11,315.00 $13,985.25 $5,826.95 $0.00 -$818.00 $12,500.00 $14,500.00 $6,000.00 $5,000.00 $300.00 $500.00

Fees (including insurance) Hall Hire Fundraising Grants Interest Other
$11,000.00 $16,000.00 $5,000.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00


$32,000.00 $30,309.20 $38,800.00

Vic Scouts - incl. Insurance (per member) Hall Insurance Hall Maintenace
Hall improvements (including oven, kitchen, aircon) $8,500.00 $1,200.00 $2,000.00 $11,000.00 $219.00 $2,200.00 $400.00 $2,000.00 $300.00 $800.00 $300.00 $1,980.00 $1,000.00

$6,456.00 $1,042.53 $2,598.07 $10,384.00 $219.00 $1,842.82 $673.70 $33.44 $320.73 $2,292.12 $0.00 $1,980.00 $1,451.55

$7,500.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $2,500.00 $0.00 $2,000.00 $700.00 $2,000.00 $400.00 $2,000.00 $300.00 $25,000.00 $1,400.00

Hall roof loan repayments Electricity - annual (4 x $500) Water Scout section & fundraising expenses Rover section & fundraising expenses Cub section & fundraising expenses Leader Training, Police checks, uniforms
Hall renovation



$31,899.00 $29,293.96 $47,800.00

$101.00 $1,015.24 -$9,000.00


: August 26 2013