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وآ   ُ د اد  ا  و ا ‬

‫‪%‬ن ‪ #‬و"رق اي‬

‫ ا*ع ت '& ي ‪ -‬آ ‪',‬ر& ‬


‫‪ ً D# B  C  A‬إذا أ‪&E#‬‬

‫إن آ   أ‪  011‬ا  <‪9 :; 0‬د‪ 8‬ا‪67‬ب '‪ً ; =>?8   8' 34‬‬

‫*‪ 0‬ا‪< ;G‬ر 'ع "ق ا   'ع اار‪ .B 1‬ه‪E‬ا ا ‪ I8‬أن ‪L8‬م ُ‪,‬دات و‪'M‬ا; ا *‪ 1 0‬ق و&‪' N‬ي *‪=O 0‬‬

‫ذات ‪ :‬وهف‪ ،‬و‪ I8‬أن ‪L8‬م أد ا ا‪ R6S‬ا ‪G  M 0‬ر‪8* B1‬ن )‪ :(2003‬ا?>= وا‪ :‬وا‪. 1G‬ام ً‬

‫و >=‪ ،‬آ ‪ I8‬أن ‪ 08‬رات و'ت ا‪67‬ب و‪Z,[8‬ه ;‪ :‬ارا‪ 1‬و‪I; B 3,.8‬ء  ا ا  آ‬

‫أ‪. <O‬‬

‫‪  6‬ر‪ a ،C8‬ا‪. 1‬ام‬

‫‪ B‬ا أ‪ ً]8‬أن >'ن ادة ا     _ ‪ L‬و‪'#9‬ذة ‪' B‬اد أ‪   `  D‬أ‪ً D‬‬

‫ا *‪ 0‬و‪ 34‬أ‪M‬ب >'ن ‪. 1G‬ات ا *‪ 0‬وا‪ aM‬ا[ ة و& ‪'M‬ا; ا[' واف *‪ 0‬أ&?‪. 8 > ُ 7‬م‬

‫ا‪67‬ب آ= ارات ا'‪ 8‬دا‪ &' ًL<" .‬وآوآ‪ ،(1992) C‬ا'‪ , 4‬ا ‪. 1 E,ُ 0‬ام ا "'* أداة ‪ =L‬أ‪S‬‬

‫ا   " )ص‪.(43 .‬‬

‫اف ا ‪E C‬ا ا ‪ I8‬أن ‪'>8‬ن ? ‪< a‬دل ا*>ر واراء وا'ت ;‪ N8" B‬ا>‪6‬م أو ا>  و‪ 8‬ذ‪h‬‬

‫‪' N.‬ا‪* *' 3M‬ص  ا‪67‬ب ‪ .‬و;‪ :‬ا‪67‬ب  ذ‪ h‬أن ‪'[8‬ا ا‪. 1‬ام ه‪ iE‬ا‪,‬ص ;   وإر_ده ‬

‫و    اآ ب ا‪.‬‬


‫*‪ 0‬ام ‪ُ 2003‬آ‪ 3j‬آ< ه‪ iE‬ا‪    > B8#k a L‬ا  ‪ => E#98‬أ‪ I 1‬ا ر‪ C8‬ا[‪ S8‬وو‪.1‬‬

‫*‪ 0‬ا<ا‪ 8‬آن ;  أن & ُ‪  ً77.‬ارا‪ =?8 01‬ا'‪;'l‬ت ا ‪ 1 0‬ا‪' %‬ا و ‪ .8L I‬و‪ B‬أ‪=O‬‬

‫;= ه‪E‬ا ا‪'7. ُM m7ُ.‬ات ا  ‪:‬‬

‫‪ -1‬درا‪ 1‬ه ا ا  و`  ا  ا ‪  0* .‬ا*ع ت واه ا ر‪ B 8‬أ‪ =O‬ا ف ;‪" :‬ق‬

‫‪ 8L‬ه‪ iE‬ات و;=  ن ُ‪;'l' =,‬ت اُ‪ 0* L‬ه‪ iE‬اه وآ ‪ 8L  ,‬وأي  ‪Z‬ات رزة  ‪ *lo‬إ‪:‬‬

‫ ن ُ‪ 34' =,‬ا ‪. & 0‬م ا  ‪9‬د‪E Z% =S  8‬آة ‪7L ,1‬ر أو "‪ I‬و‪. 7 0* <O‬‬

‫‪ -2‬إ‪O‬اء ا‪& < 1‬ت آ   و` ه ‪6# B‬ل ;‪L L‬ءات <_ة ‪ B‬أ‪ a  =O‬أراء ا‪67‬ب وار‪ B 1‬وا?* ‪B‬‬

‫ودرا‪  1‬ف [‪ 8‬أهاف  ا ا ‪ ،‬و‪  R9‬ا 'ى ا‪67 0‬ب ;‪  :‬ا و [‪ 8‬ا'ا‪ 3M‬ا ‪0‬‬

‫‪.  1‬م *  ا‪67‬ب ا   أ‪8‬ه ‪ B‬أ‪ 8[ =O‬و‪ 34‬ا‪ .‬و[د &  ا‪& < 1G‬ت ا'‪ 34‬ا '‪ 8‬ا ‪0‬‬

‫=  ذ‪ h‬آ‪19‬س ‪ 7?&A‬ا    )‪'O‬ردان و'& وآوآ‪  < .(1992 ،C‬ا*ع ت *‪r‬ن هف  ا‬

‫‪ 8. 0* =S 8‬أ_‪.‬ص ‪ 8‬ا‪L‬رة ;‪ :‬ا‪. 1‬ام ا و[ ‪.‬‬

‫و‪ 6‬ذ‪O =>_ :;  0 , m7. =; h‬ول ذي ‪'7#‬ط أ*‪  L‬ورأ‪'>8  1‬ن ‪#‬ر" "‪ 0<> N8‬ا‪:; ،‬‬

‫أن >'ن ا‪'7.‬ط اأ‪ I   ًL<"  1‬ا ‪:0‬‬

‫‪ -1‬ا'‪;'l‬ت ا  و ‪8L I‬‬

‫‪ -2‬ا'‪;'l‬ت ا‪  ;,‬ا‪'#9‬ذة ‬

‫‪ -3‬ا'‪ 34‬ا '‪ 8‬ا ‪ 1 0‬ا‪. 1‬ام ا  ‪9‬د‪ 8‬‬

‫‪'M -4‬ا; ا ا ‪[   1 0‬ث ا‪. 1‬ام ا  ‪ E ,‬و‪ . ُ 8' 34‬و*  ‪ 08‬أ‪ %‬ا‪ B a"L‬ه‪E‬ا اُ‪:m7.‬‬

ا ا‬ ‫ م‪/‬و  ا‬ ‫ا  ع ا‬ ‫ا  ع ا‬
‫&‪ I‬ا‪ =,‬ا]رع‬ ‫ا <  ;‪0_ = ], B‬ء ;‪#k :‬‬ ‫ا'ا‪8‬ت ا ‪ُ 0‬رس *‪> 0‬ن‬ ‫ا'ا‪8‬ت ا?‪ .‬‬

‫ ‪ Z‬ا‪ =,‬ارا‪ 01‬ا'ا‪ %‬إ‪ C# :‬و‪%‬ات‪ ،‬وآ= و‪%‬ة  >'ن ‪ # B‬دروس و ‪ 0‬ـ ‪" :8‬ا"‪.1‬‬

‫و‪'> 8‬ن آ= درس ‪&'> B‬ت ر  وأ‪#‬ى إ‪ . *l‬و*‪ 0‬ا‪Z‬ء ا ‪'L1 0‬م  ‪ 8L‬آ= ‪ B‬ه‪ iE‬ا‪ZO‬اء ‪ a‬إ;‪7‬ء ‪S‬ل‬

‫ ‪ B m‬أ‪ %‬اروس‪.‬‬

‫ا ه' و‪ 3M' 3D‬ار‪8 B 1‬ف إ‪ :‬ا‪. 1‬ام ا اُ> < *‪' 0‬ا‪ 3M‬أ‪M‬ب >'ن ‪. 1G‬ام ا *‪ 0‬ا[ ة ا'ا* ‬
 ‫ >'&ت ارس ا‬:G
ً ‫أو‬

‫ ارس‬L -1

‫ اارس‬3>ُ8 G w % mL* ‫ ا*>ر‬0L vُ   1‫ام رات ا‬. 1‫ ا‬a  ‫ اد‬1G‫'ع ارس وا‬l' ‫ل‬6 1‫ا‬

8‫'ع ا‬l' ‫ب‬67‫ب اه م ا‬EO :‫ل إ‬6 1G‫ف ا‬8‫ و‬، >‫= ا > أو ا‬S ‫& ج ا‬o ‫ رات‬8‫ام أ‬. 1

.‫'ع‬l'‫ا ا‬E L‫رة *  ا‬S 1  ً ‫وا;اده ذه‬

a. As a class, locate these cities on the map of Egypt:

‫هة‬L‫ ا‬/ 8‫>ر‬1o‫ا‬ / ‫'ان‬1‫أ‬ / M‫ا‬
Œ ّ?‫ _َم ا‬/ M‫اد‬ / C8'‫ا‬ /  1‫'ر‬
b. As a class, using a different color, find the following sites on the map of Egypt:
The High Dam / The Pyramids / The Valley of Kings / The Sphinx /
The Valley of Queens / Abu Simbel Temple / The Egyptian Museum

‫ ق 'ي‬1 0* ‫ة‬8‫دات ا‬,‫ ا‬8L -2

B .  I7‫'م ا‬L8 w % ، D‫ 'اد ;  أ‬B ‫'ذ‬#9 ‫ ق > 'ب و'ع‬1 0* ‫ة‬8‫ ا>ت ا‬B ‫ ;د [د‬8L

8'‫ام ارات ا‬. 1‫ *  ا‬8 ‫ة‬8; 8' B8‫ ر‬h‫ ذ‬a< 8‫ و‬،m [‫ام ا ق وا]'ن ا‬. 1 ‫ة‬8‫ ا>ت ا‬:

 >‫ رة ا‬:;Z ‫ وا آ‬3‫ ا‬0* > ‫ رة اع وا‬:; Z ‫ ا آ‬a ،=* ‫اءة ً ون‬M‫ع وآ  و‬1‫ > و‬B

: %‫ و‬B8‫<<ً = ا ر‬1 B 1‫ء اار‬7;G 2‫اث‬%A 3D' ‫ <أ‬B8‫آ هُ أن آ= ا ر‬E 8O‫ و‬.0 <‫ ا‬IO‫ ا'ا‬0*

. M‫ ا[ ة ا'ا‬0* . ُ‫ ا ا‬:‫ب إ‬M‫= أ‬,‫ ا‬0* . ‫>'ن ا ا‬

After a short stay in Sharm El Sheikh, you fly to Cairo. At the hotel, you ask a desk clerk for a brochure of
famous attractions.

a. Read the brochure and with the help of the context clues and pictures guess the meanings of the
underlined words. Write the Arabic words and their English equivalents in the table.

B al =‫ "'ل آ‬¤<8‫ و‬،¥,. = :; ‫ ام‬0 .a<‫ ا ا‬I; ‫ < ام اآ< أول‬8 !"#‫ ا‬$ % ‫هم‬
‫ن‬L‫ ا‬0* ‫'*' *ر` ; * § ام‬# h‫ ¦ ا‬9 3:; S; L‫ و‬.‫  ا‬230 0‫'ا‬% ;M ‫ع‬6l‫أ‬
.a1 ‫ا‬

N" ‫ورون‬Z ‫ا ارس‬E‫ ه‬0*‫د ا  و‬6<‫ ا‬0*  % 1 '  ‫ ا ا‬01‫ دار‬¥ ‫'م‬L8 w % ‫ة‬%'‫ ا‬0* ‫اث‬%‫ ا‬3D' ‫ >ل‬1‫ا ارس ا‬E‫ ه‬0* ‫اث‬%‫ ا‬3D‫و‬
.  % 1
‫  ًا‬73.5 0‫'ا‬% '" ¤<8‫ و‬،[‫ ا‬B ‫ة‬Z ‫ ا‬L7 ‫ ا'ل‬0‫ل أ‬S ¦
َ [
ِ &ُ ‫*) ل أ' ا ل‬
.‫ _>= إ&ن‬:; 1‫ ورأ‬،1‫ _>= أ‬:; ‫ ا'ل‬0‫ أ‬O‫ و‬،ً‫  ا‬20 ;,‫وار‬

& 1G‫ا ا‬E ‫ ُ َْف‬.‫دي‬6 ‫ ا‬0&ّS‫ن ا‬L‫ ا‬0* ¦ ُ M‫ و‬8 ‫راء‬E‫ آ  ا‬0‫ ه‬L‫ا>  ا‬ +#‫ ا‬,-.‫ا‬
B َOْ<ُ ‫َ *'ق ا‬L¬َ ُ &9‫ و<ْو آ‬،ً‫ ا‬30 ;,‫ ار‬0&‫ ا او‬B B O ‫_ ّت *'ق‬
.B 8L‫ا‬

،01‫ح ا‬34 #

‫ب‬L  ; ‫ ر'ة‬:; ‫ _ُ ت‬M‫ و‬،‫هة‬L‫ ا‬8 B 8L‫ء ا‬Z‫ ا‬0* 0'8‫ ا‬B8‫ح ا‬6D M aL 5 6 7 8‫و‬
،‫<ب‬L :7 M :B M :‫ إ‬L8 ‫ي‬E‫ ا‬:; [ aO L‫= ا‬#‫ دا‬O'8‫ و‬، 7L‫<= ا‬O B 9 '
:;  &S; ‫ ®ذن‬aِ‫ و‬. #‫  ا;ة ا‬m [‫ و‬،‫م‬#‫ ا‬Bِ i  ‫ َ>ْ?'ف  &*'رة‬M‫و‬
.‫وط‬. =>_

You spend one day in Cairo before taking the train to Aswan in Upper Egypt4. There are many attractions that
each of you is interested in seeing, so you break into three groups to go to different places. You plan to meet
back up at the train station waiting room at 7:00 pm.
Group 1 is interested in seeing the Pyramids.
Group 2 is interested in visiting the Citadel Saladin.
Group 3 is interested in going to the Egyptian Museum.
a.  Each group reads a brochure of their chosen site and jots down the answers to these questions in
Where is the attraction located?
When was it built?
Who built it?
Why was it built?
What is unique or special about the attraction?
Group 1

‫ها ت‬I‫ا‬

8[ ‫ اء‬a7 8  .‫ن‬³‫ ا‬: % ‫'دة‬O' ‫ال‬Z G 0 ‫ ا‬8L‫ ا ا‬I; B = >‫  ا‬%'‫ وه' ا‬a<‫ ا&  ا‬I; ‫ < ام اآ< أول‬8
2582 ‫ ;م‬B ; B8?;‫ و‬R6R 0‫'ا‬%  >% ‫ي‬E‫'*' ا‬# h‫> ا‬% ‫ل‬6# 0ُ &‫ون أ‬L 8 ‫ اء‬B>‫ و‬، <‫ ¦ ء ام اآ‬M'
0* ‫ ; * § اهات‬B>‫ و‬،;‫ا‬, ‫<'ر‬L‫ ا  ¦ اهات آ‬h‫ ذ‬0* .; B8?; 0‫'ا‬% i‫ ق ؤ‬1‫ ا‬M‫ و‬،‫د‬6 ‫<= ا‬M 2551 : %
.`‫ع *ر‬L‫ع و‬,#‫ و‬،'*'# R6S‫ت 'ا ¦ ا'ك ا‬O‫دي و‬6 ‫ ا‬a1 ‫ن ا‬L‫ا‬
Group II
01‫ح ا‬34 #

0 ‫ ا‬1‫ ا‬aM' ‫ ذات‬0‫ وه‬،‫هة‬L‫ ا‬:; =78 ‫ي‬E‫ ا‬7L‫<= ا‬O ‫ل‬6 ‫ى‬%‫ إ‬:; ¦ M‫ أ‬M‫ و‬،8L‫هة ا‬L‫ ء ا‬%‫ أ‬%‫ أ‬0* aL B8‫ح ا‬6D M
‫ع‬6L‫ ا‬.*‫ أ‬B 0'8‫ ا‬B8‫ح ا‬6D M < ‫ و‬.‫ط‬7,‫ ا‬8‫هة و‬L‫ ا‬8 B =‫ آ‬0# :; 7  &‫ إ‬w % ،:‫ او‬O‫ ار‬B 0;*‫ود‬
،aM'‫ ا‬h‫ ذ‬0* ‫ م‬1176/‫ هـ‬572 ‫ ;م‬0* L‫ *> <ء ا‬B ‫ أول‬B8‫ح ا‬6D D‫ن ا‬7‫ وآن ا‬،:71'‫ ا'ر ا‬0* ‫ _ ت‬0 ‫ا[  ا‬
.&> L‫ ا'ة وء ا‬h :; L ¦&‫ آ‬0 ‫ ا‬L‫ وا‬O‫ م ا‬i‫'اد‬M ‫ أ‬M‫و‬
Group III

‫ي‬L‫ ا‬6M‫ا‬

‫ر‬R³‫ ا‬a I1 8 ‫ي‬E‫ وا‬0> 16>‫ "از ارة ا‬:; ،'&‫ = دور‬1‫ ر‬0&,‫_اف اس ا‬r 1897 ‫ ;م‬0[‫ اي ا‬3[ ‫ ا‬0
8 0* ¦,? ‫ اآ‬0 ‫ ا‬8L‫ ا‬8‫ر ا‬R³‫ ا‬a  3[  ‫ <ء‬0&S‫ ا‬0% ‫'ي ;<س‬8.‫ أ ا‬L‫ و‬،8[ ‫  ان ا‬0* 3[ ‫ ا‬aL8‫ و‬.8L‫ا‬
.3[ ‫زن ا‬. 0* ‫'دة‬O'‫ ا‬8R‫ ا‬a7L‫ ا‬B ‫ف‬G³‫ ·ت ا‬:‫* إ‬lo l‫ و‬8R‫ أ‬7M 3‫ أ‬150 0‫'ا‬% 3[ ‫] ا‬8‫ و‬.M‫ا‬
b.  Your group is escorted by a tour guide. Listen to a description given by the tour guide about your
attraction and add three or four new pieces of information to the notes above in Step a. Take notes in Arabic or
c.  You meet up at the station as planned, and wait for the train to Aswan. Get together with one member
from each group and tell each other about the sites you visited earlier in the day, including a description of what
you saw and any other interesting information you learned.

‫ ق 'ي‬1 0* ‫'ا; ارس‬M 8L -3

h‫ ذ‬a< 8 R .‫'ع ارس‬l' C,& 0*  D‫ 'اد ;  أ‬B ‫'ذ‬#9 0;1‫ و‬0 ‫ آ‬-& ‫ ق‬1 0* ‫'ا; ارس‬M 8L

:;‫ رة اع و‬:; Z ‫ ا آ‬a ،‫اءة‬M‫ع وآ  و‬1‫ > و‬B 8'‫ام ارات ا‬. 1‫ *  ا‬8 ‫ة‬8; 8' B8‫ر‬

8‫ب رؤ‬67 §   ‫ا‬L 1‫ ا‬L87 ;‫'ا‬L‫م ا‬Lُ ‫ و‬.‫ <دل ا'ت‬0* ‫ام ا‬. 1‫ ا‬:‫ب إ‬67 ‫دي‬º    3M‫ 'ا‬N#

Ancient Egypt was divided into two kingdoms, known as Upper and Lower Egypt. Upper Egypt is the southern part and Lower
Egypt is the northern part. The terminology derives from the flow of the Nile from the highlands of East Africa (upstream) to the
Mediterranean Sea (downstream).
B  &‫ر‬L L I7‫'م ا‬L8 R .8'[& ‫;ة‬M :‫ه إ‬8'7 R ‫ ا&ط‬iE‫ ه‬a<ُ َ َ ‫ و‬، ‫ ا> 'ب وا'ع‬-‫ ا‬0* ‫ ُ[د‬m&

.§8D =>? ًL%G 8L 8 0 ‫ ا‬8'‫;ة ا‬L‫   وا‬1‫ ا‬0 ‫;ة ا‬L‫ا‬

  % 3M‫ 'ا‬0* ‫ام ا‬. 1‫ ا‬-4

‫رة‬M I7      % >? =% 0* ‫ام ا‬. 1‫ 'ي > 'ب ف ا‬3M' 0* ‫ة‬8‫'ا; ارس ا‬M‫ آت و‬8L

D* *'8 ‫ ارس آ‬0* 8L  0 ‫'ا; ا‬L‫ام ا>ت وا‬. 1‫ ا‬0*  ‫ت‬8 3M'‫ا ا‬E‫'*ه‬8 .  8'

:; B8 ‫ ا‬0* ‫'ة‬7# =‫ أداء آ‬3M' 8 .  =* ‫اءة ً دون‬M‫ ع وآ  و‬1‫ > وا‬B 8'‫ام آ= ارات ا‬. 1G

‫ ';ت وإ;دة ?> = ا';ت‬:‫ب إ‬67‫ ا‬L :; 3M'‫ ا‬3D‫ و‬-8‫ و‬.  L87  L‫'ة ا‬7.‫أداء ا‬

.‫ وا*>رواراء‬0&‫? ا‬M‫ب <دل ا'ت و‬67 §  L87

You are with a group of linguists stationed in Kuwait. Because you have a long leave, you decide to tour the
Arab world. In this phase of the tour, you are visiting Egypt before you fly to Morocco. To make a better use of
your time, you decide to do some research about Egypt’s main attractions, hotels, services, etc. and to book a
program through a travel agency. When you go online, you find a webpage printout.
1. Divide the class into two groups:
 Group A: Scan the printout for information about visa, currency and exchange rate, credit cards used,
and banks and Government offices business hours. Take notes (in Arabic or in English) on the lines
 Group B: Scan the printout for information about the weather, appropriate clothing, means of
transportation, shopping, and other useful tips. Take notes (in Arabic or in English) on the lines below.
b.  In pairs, meet with a member from the other group and exchange the information you wrote in the
previous step. On the lines below, write at least five new pieces of information you learned from your partner.
c.  After reading the previous travel tips, the whole class consolidates the ten most important tips to
remember when visiting Egypt and posts them on a bulletin board to inform other military linguists traveling to
2. Some of you want to spend their vacation in Cairo and Hurghada. The rest of you want to spend their
vacation in Cairo and Sinai. As individuals, you decide not to spend more than $ 800 each.
a.  Scan the travel agency website for different travel programs that fit your plans.
Highlight the elements of the selected program that fit your plans to discuss with your group. These elements
should include:
 Price of the tour
 Cities included in the tour
 Number of days spent in each city
 Hotels and accommodation
 Sites, activities, and attractions
 Other information you think is useful
b.  You decide to do further search for a better deal. Call the number mentioned in the online programs.
Listen to the recorded programs and take notes (You might use the previous categories mentioned in Step a)
c. Within your group, compare the different programs and decide on one.
d.  Get together with a member form the other group and inform him/her about the vacation program that
your group decided on.
3. On your first day of the tour, the guide hands you a brochure showing some additional places to visit and
activities to do for extra fees. You have a range of $50-60 to spend.
SN: Remember that some of the activities/places are already included in your package.
a.  Each group scans the brochure for available visits/activities.
b.  Each group reads the description of the visit/activity and decides on places or activities to add to the
existing program. Fill in the program order attached to the brochure.
As both groups are visiting some of the same places in Cairo, you request one tour guide to leadt your trip in
a. At the pyramids, both groups listen to a segment of the guide’s description and take notes on the
attractions you are visiting, the descriptions of each, and any interesting information.
b. After visiting different places in Cairo, you split into two groups to visit Hurghada and Sinai.

-  In Hurghada, (group A) listen to your tour guide give instructions about tomorrow’s
program. Take notes on the sequence of events.
5. At the end of the first week of your vacation, both groups meet at the airport before flying to Morocco. You
remember Mr. Mahmoud, your former Egyptian teacher at the Defense Language Institute. Each of
you picks a card from the duty free shop and writes to Mr. Mahmoud about his/her seven day trip in
a.  In Arabic, write to your former Egyptian teacher about your seven day trip in Egypt including the places
you visited, what you saw, what you liked most, and other interesting information.
b.  Pair up with a member from the other group and tell each other what you have done so far during your
tour in Egypt. Talk about the places you visited, with some description of the place, activities you did, the
cost, what you liked the most, and other interesting information.

‫'س‬L‫ ا‬-5

.‫ة‬%‫ آ= و‬8& 0* ً8‫ أ‬I #k ‫'س‬M‫;  و‬,‫ط ارس ا‬L ً L<" < ‫ ارس‬0* . ‫'س >ت ا‬M

 *lo‫ >'&ت ارس ا‬:ً &R

h ‫'ا;      أداء‬M ‫ام‬. 1‫   أو ا‬8' 34‫'اء آ&¦ داء و‬1 ‫اث وأهاف ارس‬%‫ ا‬3D‫ و‬-1

=S  ,"; ‫ أو‬B ُ ‫'م‬, ‫ ب‬1‫= ا‬S  ‫ أو إدراآ‬7 0* <O‫ و‬I" =S  ‫ اهاف أها* أدا‬iE‫ و>'ن ه‬.34'‫ا‬

.LS‫&ز أو اآ ب ا‬or B  ‫_'ر ا‬

Chapter Setting

You and the group of linguists continue touring the Middle East. In this phase of the trip, you visit Egypt
where you see the sights in Cairo, book train tickets, visit Aswan, take a Nile cruise to Luxor, and then return to
Cairo where you mail gifts to your family and friends. Later in the chapter, you will use the language you learn
in realistic scenarios.
1. By actively taking part in the chapter activities. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to perform
the following language tasks:
• Gather information about historical sites………..
2. The following structures will help you perform these functions:
• Present verbs in the accusative ……………

‫'ع ارس‬l' L ُ  *LR ‫ة‬E<ُ& -2

The Rosetta Stone 9‫_^ ر‬

The Rosetta Stone was found by French soldiers who were rebuilding a fort in Egypt, and it is named for the

town where it was discovered, Rashid. The Rosetta Stone has writing in the three scripts being used at the time

it was carved in 196 BC.

‫ة‬D‫ ا ا  ا‬a ‫ف‬6 #G‫ ا ? وا‬O‫ أو‬8L a  M‫ واا‬8‫ وا'ر‬8‫ ات ا‬B ‫ [ت‬-3

‫ب؟‬#‫  ا‬+1 ‫آ‬

The words for wait, in front of, friend, and look for5 in Arabic are different in some dialects.
Listen to a recording of these dialects, and pay special attention to the variations.

ْ ُ ‫ا‬ f1ْL‫^ ُ ا‬
َ ْ f‫ا‬ f
ِ ‫ا‬#‫^ ُ ا‬
َ ْ f‫ا‬ f1‫ّ ِر‬,‫^ ُ ا‬
َ ْ f‫ا‬
MSA Egyptian Iraqi Levantine

‫ْ أم _ُ<ك‬v

ِ َ &‫ ا‬،0; 8 ‫ّام _ُ<ك‬Mُ :َ 1
ْ ‫ ا‬،0; 8 ‫ آام‬vَ &‫ ا‬،0; ‫َ _ُ<ك‬% h # ،0; ْhَ
B; w ُ [91 &‫ وأ‬،‫اآ‬E¬ ‫ا‬ :; ‫دو¬ر‬% &‫اآ وأ‬E¬ ‫ا‬ 0&‫ وا‬،‫_<ك ا > ت‬ ‫ر‬j‫ وأ& َرحْ َدو‬،‫ا ْآ‬E¬ ‫ا‬
.MD‫أ‬ .[D :; ‫رَح أدور‬ .Lَ*‫ ر‬:;

Activity 7
a. Listen to four dialogues, Egyptian, Iraqi, and Levantine dialects and MSA. Indicate the dialect by checking
the correct box next to the dialogue number......

‫ام ا و<دل ا'ت واراء‬. 1‫ ا‬I7 8  M 0ّ % 3M' -4

At the Post Office

Scenario: You bought some gifts in Egypt and you go to the post office to mail
them to your family.
Preparation and practice: With a partner, practice asking the post office clerk for
a box, cost, time of delivery, type of mail (express, regular, overnight), insurance,
etc. Example:
 Package = 6 kg. Needs to be delivered in a week to 10 days to Chicago, IL
USA cost: 250 Egyptian Pounds + insurance 50 LE.
 Package = 2 kg. needs to be delivered in 2 days – Seattle, WA, USA – cost
300 Egyptian Pounds, insurance is included in the total cost.
Role play: Go to the post office and ask the post office clerk (role-played by your
teacher) to send another package.
Listening task for other students: While you are listening, fill in the grid below
with the size of the parcel, the weight, the destination, the cost and any difficulties
your classmate is facing. ……….

_‫'رة و‬R9 ‫'ال‬M‫ أ‬-5

"‫ اهات‬iE‫ ه‬M B  ; =

ّ 7 ‫ن‬Z‫ ا‬Bِ ً&M ‫ أر'ن‬،‫'د‬O 8 "
When Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, his pride was expressed through his famous quote:
“Soldats! Du haut de ces Pyramides, quarante siècles nous contemplent”
(Soldiers! From the top of these Pyramids, forty centuries are looking at us)

  I 1‫ ا‬¥< ‫'ات ا  وه‬7.  ;‫دة و‬8‫ ز‬:; Z ‫ ا آ‬a B8‫  أداء ا ر‬, ‫ آ‬:; ‫ب‬67 ‫ إر_دات‬-6

m‫= أدوات ا‬S B8‫  أداء ا ر‬j ُ 0 ‫وادوات ا‬

C8‫ اد  ر‬1G‫  ا‬, ‫'ل آ‬% §&‫ و‬B8 ‫  أداء ا‬, ‫ آ‬:; B 1‫ ت ر‬O' -7

 While the student is asking to send the parcel, you might want to include a very simple complication, e.g;
- The parcel is overweight, but can be delivered for extra fee……..

 ‫  دة ا‬1‫ب * ى ا‬67‫ ا‬88 0‫ ذا‬L -8

You have read the objectives for this chapter on page ( ). Have you been successful in performing the
functions and tasks listed below? Indicate this by checking either yes or no.
Function / Task / Awareness Yes No
• I can inquire about booking a trip.  
 > ‫اءة و   > و‬L  =S B8 ‫ أداء‬0* '7‫ § &'ع ارة )ارات( ا‬l'  ‫ت‬6; ‫ام‬. 1‫ ا‬-9

,ُ‫ 'رة آ و‬%? ¦M'‫ ا‬B [8 : % mL* ‫دات‬,ُ‫'ا; ا َآ‬M ¥ ‫ام‬. 1‫ ا‬-10

=<M B 8L  0 ‫'ا; ا ا‬M ‫ام‬. 1‫ إ;دة ا‬-11

‫'ع ارس‬l' B;  *l‫ 'ت إ‬:; ‫  ا['ل‬8 w %  ‫ ا?<> ا‬:; aM‫ 'ا‬:‫_رة إ‬o‫ ا‬-12

For more information, go to http://www.alhewar.net/Basket/sleiman_empowering_arab_americans.htm

‫ ارس‬.& 0* B8‫= ا ر‬% ‫ ح‬, -13

 ‫ا‬E&‫  وا‬L  ‫ب‬67‫ ا‬I% ‫ل‬6 1‫'ب ف ا‬1[‫ام ا وا‬. 1  &‫ أب ا> و‬-14

When you click the Start button, you will hear a number and a color. Click on the correct
number and color from the wheel.


Larson-Freeman, D. (2003). Teaching language: From grammar to grammaring. Boston: Thomson/Heinle.

Long, M. H., & Crookes, G. (1992). Three approaches to task-based language teaching. TESO Quarterly,

26(1), 27-56.



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